Ways to Decorate the Apartment Without Losing a Security Deposit

Shannon Quinn - May 12, 2019
Furniture with long legs helps to give the illusion of space in a small apartment. Credit: Shutterstock

4. Do Tricks to Make the Apartment Feel Bigger

Sometimes, all your apartment needs is to feel a bit bigger than it does already in order for you to feel better about the space. There are a lot of optical illusions that you can use in order to trick your eye into believing that the space is bigger than it actually is. Here at Home Addict, we have already come out with an article called How to Create the Illusion of Space in a Small Apartment. Check that out after reading this list! 

When planning a makeover, choose a color story to work with. Credit: Shutterstock

3. Choose a color scheme, and stick with it

A lot of people who rent an apartment make the mistake of choosing furniture and accessories that they can afford in the moment. It might be a hodgepodge of things that they have collected over the years. A lot of these things don’t necessarily match the other. Instead of throwing a bunch of random things together, try to decorate your apartment with a color scheme. Make sure the curtains, accessories, and paint all match your color story.

If you make a Pinteret board, you can find inspiration from other apartment dwellers. Credit: Shutterstock

2. Find Your Inspiration From Other Renters

Before you get started on an apartment makeover, figure out what will work in your space. Find photographs of apartments and houses that inspire you, and choose the elements that can be incorporated into your space without losing your security deposit. Pinterest is a great way for you to create a mood board beforehand. Once you know your inspiration, it makes decorating your apartment so much easier.

Even if you can’t do everything you dream of immediately, you can still plan for the future. Credit: Shutterstock

1. Don’t Get Yourself Down if You Can’t Do Everything

Last but not least, don’t get discouraged if you can’t do something you want to do in the apartment without losing your security deposit. Instead of letting it get you down, make it a goal. If you want to be a homeowner someday, start saving for that down payment right now. Make a vision board of all of your goals for this new house, and try to manifest that into reality. Some day, you can look back at the years you spent living in an apartment and feel grateful that you finally get to live in the home of your dreams.