30 Ways to Incorporate Minimalist Kitchen Designs

By Trista
30 Ways to Incorporate Minimalist Kitchen Designs

Minimalism continues to be on trend, especially for kitchens — picture beautiful, serene white subway tile backsplashes, monochromatic cabinetry with clean lines and simple hardware. Uncluttered countertops are a must, as are bright finishes, metallic finishes, and simple, clean lines.

Add visual interest with interesting textures and finishes as opposed to clutter and decor pieces. Look to Nordic design for modern minimalism, or adapt your favorite design style with a minimalist twist. When done well, minimalism can have a truly timeless look that will be a rewarding remodel for years to come. Read on for 30 ideas to incorporate into your planning for a minimalist kitchen.


Kitchen and Bath Classics

1. Clear Countertop

The first item on the list is probably the most challenging for all of us. It is second nature for most Americans to fill up their countertops with countless gadgets, gizmos, coffee makers, and more that eventually take over the entire space and make for a distracting, unsightly eye line as soon as you enter the kitchen.

The first, and most important, step in making a minimalist kitchen is to clear off your counters completely. Store the essential gadgets in easy to reach shelves or drawers. If an item doesn’t spark joy, donate it to a thrift store or local swap group. A clean, sparkling countertop draws the eye throughout your kitchen and is the perfect canvas for more advanced minimalist design.