35 Clever Home Renovation Ideas

Trista - March 31, 2019

Does your home have a one-of-a-kind feature that makes it stand out from the rest? You want something innovative yet practical in your home that will make everyone’s jaws drop. However, where do you start? Check out these cool home improvement ideas; hopefully, they will jumpstart your creative side so that you can find that wow factor for your home. Some of these home renovation ideas might not work at your place, but others will be amazing additions, and you’ll be grateful for the change!

Everyone will be impressed when they see your car rising from the ground upwards! idealpark.com

35. One-of-a-Kind Parking

No one can steal your car if they can’t find it. Moreover, it’s also a great way to keep your car safe from the elements. Installing this garage lift into your yard may be a bit tricky, but you’ll steal the attention of everyone around you when they see your car rising from a hidden floor in the ground. It’s also a fantastic investment if you don’t have much parking space near your home and you don’t want to take up lovely grass space with parked cars.

Investing in a smart toilet might be quite costly but it is completely worth the price with all the gadgets. gstatic.com

34. Smart Toilet

Stumbling into the dark at night when you need to go can lead to some unfortunate accidents. However, with the power of technology and your smartphone, you can have a toilet that lifts the seat for you and even warm up so that you don’t have a chilly bum! With a touch of a few buttons on your app, you can have the perfect porcelain throne that’s ready to receive you, complete with music if you like. These toilets are quite pricey but are worth every penny of your money spent.

If you find yourself throwing away half-used old items because you dump them in the back of a cupboard – you need this feature in your home. Credit: elitereaders.com

33. Slide Cupboards

Cupboards in kitchens are a practical idea, but that’s only until you forget about the things stored at the very back of them. That could be food, or it could be useful items for your home. The way to avoid this is to install slide-out cupboards in your kitchen instead of the normal open cupboards. By pulling out the drawers and compartments completely, you will be able to see everything you have. It works particularly well for items such as sauces, condiments, and also cooking spices.

Adding a staircase slide will add an element of quirkiness to your home interior design and a lot of fun too. twistedsifter.com

32. Staircase Slide

Sometimes, going up and down the stairs can be a chore. Channel the inner kid in you, and you could be swept off your feet with the staircase slide. Even more fun with spiral staircases! It also gives your kids a chance to experience a little joy without having to go outside, especially if it’s raining out. It’s a brilliant feature to add to your home, especially if you like quirky home interiors. You should probably also get a typical set of stairs just if the slide doesn’t take your fancy on any day.

A stepping drawer is a perfect solution for hard-to-reach places or parents who don’t want stepping stools around their home. Credit: elitereaders.com

31. Stepping Drawer

Do you have a little one who needs a stepping stool to reach the sink in the bathroom? Or do you find yourself stretching for things in the kitchen and want a stepping stool? Say goodbye to the stepping stool and hello to the stepping drawer. This genius home renovation idea allows you to pull out a step from the bottom of a cabinet to stand on. It provides that little extra bit of height you or your kids might need to live your lives without worry. This small change to your home will make a big difference.

Instead of a normal wooden dining room table, get this beautiful statement log table for entertaining. boredpanda.com

30. Log Table

The rustic look can attract the “inner lumberjack” in anyone and provides a sense of comfort and homeliness that will make you want to spend more time at home. This wood log table is made from a single tree split in half and, depending on how you want to dress it up, can make a spectacular centerpiece for your dining room. It’s easy to keep clean too. Just be careful with the splinters. It puts a spin on the more ordinary wooden dining table and will be a great talking point for all your dinner parties.

Use stained-glass windows to take your home from contemporary to interesting and traditional. homeandgardendesignideas.com

29. DIY Stained-Glass Windows

Transform a hallway with a splash of color quickly with large adhesives. These stick-on applicants can be placed on your windows or doors! They’re easy to hang up and remove when you get tired of them, but it’s hardly likely that you will. They can add a romantic atmosphere, or they can provide you with the privacy you’ve been looking for if you have nosy neighbors. Stained-glass windows add an authentic feel to any home, and this could be a great way to transform your home from contemporary to traditional.

This renovation is perfect for homes situated in frequently snowed in areas; you’ll never get stuck on your driveway again! csnpavers.com

28. Heated Driveway

Are you sick of snow always slowing down your trip to work? Don’t want to get out and shovel? Save time and your back by getting a practical heated driveway! Just by adding a little wiring under the pavement and hooking it all up correctly, you can have a heated driveway that will keep the snow away so you can get to work faster and have little to no slush on your boots. Heated floors in your home are astounding, but heated driveways will change your life if you live in an area with regular snowfall.

Bring the outside in and find a place in your home to hang a hammock where you can relax and read a good book. Pinterest

27. Ceiling Hammock

Hammocks have been shown to help people nod off easier. It provides a gentle swaying motion and doesn’t place any pressure points on your body so that you can relax peacefully. However, instead of going outside to lie in your hammock, why not bring the hammock inside? With some supportive netting and some well-placed hooks in the walls, you can have an indoor bed that you’ll love for lounging, reading, or napping. Not everyone has the perfect tree outside to hang your hammock from, but you might have some lovely spots inside your home.

Use up an empty wall to build-in your wine storage compartments between your kitchen and dining area. Credit: ebay.com

26. Wine Storage

Looking for a place to store all your wine, but you can’t afford a wine cellar yet? Just add your wine bottles to a dividing wall. Use up this dead space by adding in built-in wine holding compartments. This concept is the most beautiful addition for a wall between a kitchen and dining area. You can fill this up with all your favorite bottles of wine that you can access with ease and have them on display as well. This home renovation won’t even cost you a lot, but it will add a lot of character to this area.

Enjoy a game of table tennis with or without a partner by creating a table tennis door in your home. odditymall.com

25. Table Tennis Door

Are you eager for a bit of fun? Skip going down to the basement to play everyone’s favorite game and transform a door! Just swivel it on its hinges, and you can start playing a decent set of table tennis. Just be sure to put it back into place when you’re done, or someone’s going to have a hard time going through the doorway. This idea is also a great way to keep yourself entertained if you don’t have a regular table tennis partner on call. Table tennis is a great game to play, and you can do it with or without a partner this way!

This idea is a very clever use of space, especially in smaller homes, and doesn’t have many storage options. inhabitat.com/

24. Staircase Drawers

There’s no such thing as too much storage; these drawers will help you keep your shoes out of the way. Installing drawers on stairs is an ingenious way of hiding everything you need exactly where you need them. Add some absorbent material to the bottom, and you can stop the spread of dirt and grime all over your beautiful floors. It’s also great if your staircase is right at the entry point of your home – simply slip them off and into the drawer before walking through the rest of the house.

Create more room for you and your children by installing fold away beds in the guest room and kids’ rooms. Credit: elitereaders.com

23. Murphy Beds

Do you have a spare room that only gets used occasionally for guests? Would you like this room to be a multi-purpose space, but you find that the bed is just taking up all the room? Well, you need fold-away beds! These beds simply fold up and away into compartments built into the walls. You can fold them down when you have guests over, but for the rest of the time, you can have a clear and open space. This reno also works well in smaller kids’ rooms to have plenty of room to play when they aren’t napping.

Use the space under your staircase by turning into a little pet home with dog beds and all their favorite toys. Pinterest

22. Built-In Dog House

Sometimes your pooch needs to get away from the world and needs a place to feel safe. By carving out a small niche — usually under the stairs — and adding the dog bed and favorite toys, your furry friend can have a quiet and comfortable place to take a nap, especially during thunderstorms or unfamiliar guests. It is also a very underutilized space in people’s homes, and this conversion is just the cutest. If you have kids, you’ll probably find they enjoy this hiding spot as well. The whole family will enjoy this home renovation idea.

Add drawers under the stairs to help you store things without putting them in boxes or having them around your home. Pinterest

21. Drawers Under the Stairs

Alternatively, you can create an even larger space for drawers that can hold your more oversized items, such as umbrellas and coats. You can also keep towels there to dry yourself off if you get caught in the rain. Utilizing all of that space under the stairs can afford you with a lot of storage space that you never thought possible before. This reno can store almost anything – from kids’ toys to winter clothes – the options are endless with this addition to your home. Keeping things under the staircase is becoming a prevalent trend in homes.

Smart keys are amazing especially if you are someone who loses their keys quite frequently. shawnstarrcustomhomes.com

20. Smart Key

Having a key ring with a bunch of jingling keys on it is not only noisy, but it takes up much space in your pocket or purse. And don’t even get started on how often you’ve lost your keys or don’t remember what locks they fit. Instead, invest in smart access, an app on your phone that unlocks your door. It’s hassle-free, and it means only you can get in. Keyless locks are becoming the rage as you’ll never have to worry about rifling through a stack of keys to get into your home ever again.

Make your home the coolest place by installing a secret bookshelf door that leads onto your home office. Credit: lightersideofrealestate.com

19. The Bookshelf Door

If you want to turn your home into the coolest place ever – you have to have a secret bookshelf door. This renovation could be the perfect entrance to your home office, and no one will disturb you because they won’t even know there is an office behind it! You’ll need some proper renovation done on your home for this one, but having that secret room will make all the construction worth it. Place all your favorite books on the wall and be ready to transport to a whole new world behind the wall.

Turn your shower into the best place to sing along to your favorite songs with a showerhead speaker. amazon.com

18. Showerhead Speaker

Everyone loves singing to their favorite songs while they’re in the shower, so why not take the music to you instead of wrapping up your mp3 player in a plastic bag? Adding speakers to your showerhead will bring you your tunes while you wash that pesky shampoo out of your hair. Most of them connect wirelessly via Bluetooth to your mp3 player, so there’s no need to bring that in the shower with you too. Instead of adding a separate shower speaker, this combines all the fun into one piece of technology.

Watch these tiles turn into something magical when they feel hot or cold water — your guests will be amazed. thisiswhyimbroke.com

17. Heat Sensing Tile

Want a shower that stands out from the rest? You may think that an all-black bathroom is too depressing and gothic but wait until you see what these tiles can do. Turn on your shower and watch the magic! Hot water will transform the color of these tiles into various shades, showing just how hot or cold they are. Also, when the shower’s off, the walls go back to being black. It’s like a magic trick! You’ve probably seen this technology being used on mugs, and now you can have it in your bathroom!

Go bright and bold with this night sky wall mural instead of painting a wall in a color. muralswallpaper.com

16. Night Sky Wall

Forget about going to the planetarium to see the stars; you can bring the stars home to you. These incredible murals can add so much detail and color to a room that will leave your jaw on the floor. They work incredibly well if you have a child who loves everything about outer space. Instead of just painting a wall, make it a bold statement with this night sky wall. You can pick what type of sky you want to show and complement it with beautiful furniture. It is a great home renovation idea for those who love space.

A magnetic wall could be the ultimate addition to a kids room or a home office where you need to keep notes on the wall. Credit: Shutterstock

15. Magnetic Walls

Magnetic storage is becoming the latest trend for storing items like spices in your kitchens, but have you ever thought about integrating this concept into your home elsewhere? Have a magnetic wall installed that can support magnetic shelves and anything else you want up on the wall! That could be such a fun idea to have in a kids room where they can stick up magnets and other items to the wall. Their friends will be amazed when they come over for a playdate. It could also be instrumental in a home office to keep notes on the wall.

This awesome tub might be best in the owner’s bath. hearstapps.com

14. Transparent Bathtub

Nothing is more relaxing than a beautiful bathtub; you can lose yourself in for an hour or two. Add to the fact that you can see to the bottom, and you’ve got the perfect bathtub for you. Porcelain is out, and glass is in, which is much easier to keep clean. Imagine how beautiful a bubble bath would look in a transparent tub like this! It is different, and people who enjoy unique items will love to have this bathtub in their home. This home renovation would be worth it when you’re in there relaxing.

Have fun with these invisible bookshelves in your lounge or study and make the most of your favorite novels. amazon.com

13. Invisible Bookshelves

Your friends may think your home is made of magic when they walk in and see books floating in the air. However, it’s no illusion or wave of a wand; these minimal shelves use your book’s inner flap as support and hide the details of the hook itself to generate the illusion of floating. This reno is such a beautiful addition to any home of a book lover, and you can make shelves out of these floating books. You could place flowers or plants on top of them or even consider using some candles to make the room feel romantic and different.

Make recycling so much easier when cooking by installing countertop trash and recycling chutes into your kitchen. Credit: acmehowto.com

12. Countertop Trash And Recycling Chutes

Sorting between the trash and recycling options while you’re preparing and cooking a meal can be quite difficult, and it usually just ends up all together in the regular trash. You can change this by installing countertop chutes for both your trash and recycling. Put these in a position where you like to prepare food and simply push the trash through the different chutes while busy working. This reno is the most convenient thing you could add to your kitchen, and your recycling service will thank you for the effort as well.

Bring back the mid-century trend into your home by adding a sunken living room to the middle of it. donpedrobrooklyn.net

11. Sunken Living Room

The living room is the happening place to be when it comes to conversation and feeling comfortable. You can increase that feeling by having a sunken living room, where the floor creates the walls around you. It can make your conversations feel more private, too, and be a space where you can feel separated from the world to do your own thing. This reno is quite a mid-century style that seems to be coming back into fashion. You will notice that this upgrade makes it a very cozy environment.

If you have an indoor cat, this is the perfect way to keep them stimulated and having fun all day long. Pinterest

10. Cat Skyways

You have a place for Fido to feel calm, but what about your cat? Having high shelves and hanging walkways around your home can help your cat feel like the king of his castle. Your four-legged friend can strut his stuff wherever he wants. It also allows him to get whatever exercise he needs while not being underfoot all the time. This reno will keep your cat thoroughly entertained and hopefully encourage them not to scratch at your couch when you can’t be there to play with them. It is also an excellent idea for indoor cats to help stimulate them.

Have the ultimate relaxing shower by installing a tiled lounger chair in this space to soak up the steam. Credit: pinterest.com

9. Shower Lounge Chair

Do you ever find yourself standing in the shower wishing you could lie down and enjoy all the steam and the hot water? Well, with a shower lounge chair, you can! No more plastic stools for you – this is a custom built lounger chair for your shower. You can start to relax on this and sit in the steam for ages. It’s creating your own steam and relaxation room. If you love going to spas and enjoying feeling pampered, this home renovation is calling your name. There are lots of different designs to choose from as well!

Fold out your balcony when you want to enjoy some outdoor time and fold it away when you don’t need it. dornob.com

8. Foldable Balcony

Balconies can be challenging to maintain with all the beating they take from the weather. However, this foldable and transforming keeps it out of the way, and it looks entirely like a window! With just a gentle push, a window box slowly folds over into glass-covered support where you can sit and take in all the fresh air. Then when you’re done, fold it back in again. It’s as simple as that. This idea is such a brilliant piece of engineering genius, and having it in your home will give you the chance to have an extra outdoor spot when you need it.

Turn your island drawers into a fridge so that you can easily access all the ingredients you need when cooking. homedit.com

7. Island Fridge

Maybe you need a smaller fridge for your smaller items that you need on hand while you’re cooking. Just install a mini-fridge into your kitchen island, and all your problems are taken care of just like that. You can keep your fresh produce here and your drinks so that they’re not taking up any space in your larger fridge, and you can reach for them while you’re making dinner. This idea is a great way to use up drawer space smartly if you don’t need it for pots and pans. It is also very convenient to have it in your arms when you are busy cooking.

This reno is an excellent alternative to a dishwasher if you don’t have one as it cleans plates very well. Credit: Shutterstock.

6. Kitchen Sink Jets

If you don’t have a dishwasher in your kitchen, you could instead install jets into your kitchen sink. This concept will come in handy if you have the challenge of washing pots and pans after individual meals. The power from the jets will help to clean off the residue on plates. This reno is also a good option if you have a dishwasher in the pantry area and only a sink in your kitchen. It can help to ease the load of the dishwasher quite substantially. It will also give all your glasses a very good powerwash after a dinner party without worrying about scratches in the dishwasher.

Get these installed in rooms that get harsh sunlight during the day so you can just press the remote button to fix this issue. theshadeshop.net

5. Remote Shades

You’re sitting on your couch, reading your favorite book when the sun has moved across the sky to shine right into your eyes. You don’t want to get up because you’re comfortable, so instead, all you have to do is reach the remote. Remote-controlled shades are an easy way to shield your sun from the harmful rays while still being able to relax in your favorite spot. These are perfect for rooms where the sunlight can sometimes be quite harsh, and you just need it to be toned down a bit.

Enjoy this whimsical bed in your home or in your child’s playroom as a place for afternoon naps. inhabitat.com

4. Birds Nest Bed

Making the bed can be a chore, so why not throw away the whole bed? This new version of a sleeping bed has no rules in regards to pillows or comforters. Just get into whatever position you like and snuggle in for the night or a quick nap. Its whimsical look will also draw you in and be a cute addition to your decor. This renovation is a lovely idea for a kids’ playroom or even adults who love the comfort level this bird’s nest bed provides them with. It is the ultimate place to curl up and relax.

Enjoy the warmth from a fireplace that serves both your bedroom and your suite bathroom. Credit: Pinterest

3. A Double-Sided Fireplace

If you have a wall between your bathroom and bedroom, you should install a double-sided fireplace right there. Both rooms will be able to benefit from the heat, and it will look incredible too. This feature will help warm up the space and bring down your heating bill quite a lot. It also adds a whole new atmosphere to the space. If you already have a fireplace in your bedroom, find out if you can simply extend this into the bathroom idea without having to install a brand new version of it.

Add LED lighting to your home that you can customize the color of and enjoy them for a very long time. mgohandyman.co.uk

2. LED Lighting

Technology has taken lighting to a whole new level. You can choose the color of your lights, whether you want your lighting to fade from one color into the next, and even the lights themselves are constructed into different shapes to fit into tighter-to-fit places. LED lighting can change a room’s mood, the lights are very bright, and they’re designed to last for a very long time so they won’t need replacing. LED lights are also a great idea to line your passageways for nighttime walkabouts to the kitchen or bathroom.

This simple change to your drawers will clear the clutter from all countertop areas around your home. Credit: Shutterstock

1. Add Outlets In Your Drawers

Adding outlets into drawers is the best way to keep clutter and mess off of your countertops. This renovation is a fantastic addition to rooms all over your home. Image this in your dresser room where you no longer need to leave your hair styling tools lying on your dressing table. Or, think about your kitchen where you can plug your toaster into the drawer and just slide it away when you are finished toasting your morning bread. Outlets in drawers will change the way you live in your home, and it won’t take much to get this sorted either.

Some of the ideas mentioned above can get a little pricey and may take long installation times, but these epic designs can be worth it if you want to add some flair to your home. However, exercise some caution with your budget because you shouldn’t invest in a renovation project if you cannot keep your house anymore. Nevertheless, it is always nice to dream how you would spend lottery winnings, right?