35 Refreshing Pool House Decor Ideas That Will Really Make a Splash

Trista - July 10, 2019

A pool house is a great place to have some privacy when you’re changing before and after a swim. However, it can become a bit of an eyesore with its bland shape and tiny perimeter. With just a few steps, you can transform your pool house from a changing room into a showstopper. Here are 35 of the most stylish decor ideas for your pool house to make it fun no matter what the square footage.


1. Repurposed Flamingo Planter

This planter would be cute for flowers, but it serves an even better purpose of holding cold drinks. Place this flamingo near your pool house so that you can grab a quick drink after you’ve changed. You or your guests are going to want some way to re-hydrate yourselves while swimming all day in the sun.

Just pour some ice over the cans or bottles in order to chill your favorite beverage. Also, who doesn’t like having a whimsical flamingo as part of the decor around their pool? Just the sight of it makes you want to sip on a cocktail during the summer.


2. Seaglass Decor

Having summer all year round doesn’t mean you can’t get into the Christmas spirit. This frosted sea glass Christmas tree is wonderful and goes with any decor. It also has a nice beachy feel to it that’s perfect for any pool house.

You can have this on its own, or you can surround it with more sea glass and starfish on a table to finish the look off. The turquoise color of this glass tree also goes with any decor you may already have near your pool house.


3. Beach Terrarium

When you can’t get to the beach, bring the beach to you. With just a simple bowl, you can add sand and small decorations to recreate the perfect beach scene. It will look lovely on any table and definitely brings that summery feel to any decor, no matter the time of year.

If you’re feeling exceptionally creative, you can change up the scene throughout the year to reflect the changing seasons or just to have something new for your guests to look at in the pool house.

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4. Rope Shelf with Boat Cleat Hangers

Any decent pool house needs some storage space for those books you want to read after a good swim. This simple-to-make shelf uses rope, a 2×4, and some boat cleats as hangers. It’s an easy look to achieve and is very effective at keeping your smaller items out of the way.

This pool house decor also a great way to recycle extra pieces of wood and rope you may have lying around. Feel free to attach several to one wall to increase your space for decor.


5. A Coffee Nook

It can feel a little chilly after a swim, so why not warm yourself up with this cute coffee nook inside your pool house. Dress up an old dresser to look like a coffee shop and include your favorite warm beverages and some mugs.

Your guests will appreciate this, and the warm coffee will have them up, and running to get back to work after having fun in your pool.


6. PVC Towel Rack

Harness the power of the sun by installing this PVC drying rack. You can keep it out of the way when it’s not being used and pull it down when you’ve got a bunch of towels to dry.
This pool house decor saves a lot on your electricity bills during the summer by allowing the power of the sun and the wind to dry your towels for you. You can attach this to any wall of your pool house or a nearby fence for secure storage.


7. Wooden Plank Wallpaper

Not everyone has the patience to repaint their pool house to look like a beach cabana so that you can achieve the same look with this distressed wallpaper. Affix it to any surface to recreate that beach look without having to worry about salty air.

Moreover, if you do get tired of the look eventually, it’s easy to remove instead of having to buy more paint to cover it all up. Besides, you won’t have to worry about the risk of splinters at the bottom of your feet.


8. Fishing Reel Toilet Paper Holder

Recycling is the best way to create a unique look in any room of your home, and the same can be said for your pool house. This fishing reel makes a great holder for your toilet paper, and still adds an aquatic theme to the bathroom decor of your pool house.

Couple this paper holder with some friendly fish hooks on the wall to hang your towels on, and you’ll appeal to anyone who’s a fan of fishing. Fishing reels are pretty easy to find in antique shops or at garage sales if you want to find one for cheap.


9. Rustic Rope Trash Bin

You want somewhere to throw your trash instead of having to go all the way back inside your home. However, you also want something that goes with your theme. You can kill two birds with one stone by getting some rope and hot gluing it to your wastepaper basket.

No one will be the wiser that you made this all by yourself, and it’s a project that looks great in any room. You’ll feel proud of the look you’ve created once the job is done.


10. Nautical Pilings

Driftwood can look quite pleasing, but if you’re not close to the beach, you don’t want to spend much money having to buy some at the store. Instead, discover some sturdy pieces of plastic and cover them with some fancy contact paper that reflects grain; you can create the look of driftwood without much effort.

Strap them together with some dried reeds or twine to keep them together and make them look even more authentic. The great thing about this “driftwood” is that it can be placed pretty much anywhere around your pool house and still look good.


11. Rustic Wall Decor

Recycling old pallets is the in-thing nowadays, so you can put one to good use by painting a beach scene on the slats. It doesn’t have to be perfect; in fact, the less perfect it is, the better. Then once it’s dry, lean it against the wall of your pool house to show it off.
You can recreate a photo of your favorite beach scene or pull an image from the internet that you enjoy. After that, paint your little heart out!


12. Seaglass Seahorse

Sea glass has that wonderfully frosty looks that are very easy on the eyes. Moreover, no two pieces look exactly the same. That’s what makes this piece of wall art fun to make; the possibilities are endless as to what shapes you can make from the parts you have.

Experiment with them to build a sea-related form that works well with your decor. There’s really no way to do this wrong since the contours of the sea glass are pretty flexible to create any image you have in your mind.


13. Privacy Divider

If you want to give your guests some privacy while they’re changing, it doesn’t take more than an old window and several bags of glass beads. Make sure to clean the glass beforehand before attaching them, as they won’t stick very well to dirty glass.

Now you have a great way to let light in your pool house while sparing your guests their privacy. If you’re feeling creative, you can create a mosaic image with different colors of glass beads for an even more fun divider that everyone can appreciate.


14. Towel Fish Hooks

To continue with the nautical theme, these fish hooks make great hangers for towels and bathrobes. It’s not advised that you use real fish hooks, as they can be quite sharp and actually ruin your towels as well as your fingers.

Going authentic, in this regard, is going to be more of a burden to deal with than just buying fish hook decor from a store online.


15. Fish Scale Tiles

For washing off after a dip in the pool, you want to create a shower you can remember. So what’s better than these fish scale tiles? The jewel tones and patterns to the tile make them look like they’re underwater.

These are definitely on the pricier side of decor you may want to add to your pool house, and it does take much time to install; however, it’s definitely worth it for this beautiful look.


16. Nautical Colors

The easiest way to decorate your pool house is to go with anything that has nautical colors to it. That means deep blues and whites as contrasting colors or turquoises for a beachy look.

Towels, benches, storage bins, you name it. If it’s blue, get it in every shade that you can find. The color blue is said to have a calming effect on the mind too, so help your guests to relax while they’re changing after a long swim.


17. Themed Clock

No one wants to leave late, so add a nice themed clock to the wall of your pool house so that everyone knows what time it is. Create your own pool house themed clock from some pallet wood, sand dollars, and some clock parts to make it authentically yours.

You can even get your kids to help along too. The next time you’re at the beach, look for a few things that would make interesting things to add to a nautical clock, such as sand dollars, starfish, sea glass, or even the discarded shell of a hermit crab.


18. Surfboard Shower

Washing off after a swim is always good for the health of your skin and your hair. It’s best to have a shower beforehand too in order to get all the sweat off your body.

This lovely surfboard-shaped outdoor shower definitely gets the job done, and the fantastic use of gems and glass provides a nice splash of color that reflects the sunlight nicely. You’ll have to hook the water up to this yourself, however, so it may be better if you have a professional on hand to install it for you.


19. Swim Gear Organizer

Your pool house is going to accumulate a lot of stuff, so you don’t want it scattered all over the place. Instead, set up handy shelving and bins so that everything has its place.

Get a plastic container for all your sunscreen and goggles, and add a plastic crate for the wet towels that need to go in the wash. Place your organizer near a socket so that a hairdryer can be plugged in for your guests to dry their hair. Your pool house will look neater with these organizing tools in place.


20. Jute Rope Rug

Standing on the bare floor of your pool house can leave puddles behind. But with these jute rope rugs, they’ll absorb that water like nobody’s business. It’s effortless to make this pool house decor on your own. This rug is so durable you won’t have to replace them for years.

Place one outside by the front door of your pool house so that guests can clean their shoes off before stepping inside. Alternatively, give them somewhere to stand so that their bare feet aren’t against the cold hard floor while they’re getting changed.


21. Mason Jar Lanterns

Mason jars are all the rage this year in terms of decor, as they’re very versatile and can be decorated in any way you want. This frosted application to the glass creates a warm glow when a candle is placed inside.

Tie some raffia and add some sand dollars to it, and you have a lovely lantern that you can use to light up the inside of your pool house at night. You can even dip the bottoms of your mason jars in some colored sand for that added beach effect.


22. Rope Lettering

This pool house decor idea is an easy project to pull off on your own if you have a decent length of rope and a lot of glue. Soak your rope, and you can write whatever word you like before leaving it to harden and dry. Then place it up on any wall, and you’ll be proud of what you created!

Your guests will ooh and aah every time they see it, so get ready for the questions about where you got it. If you spill the secret that you made it yourself, don’t be surprised if they ask you to make you one for them too.


23. Funny Welcoming Sign

Welcome your guests with some laughter. Establish what the rules are for your pool with a little fun mixed in the announcement. This silly pool house decor idea will let them know what is and isn’t allowed as well inform them that you have a sense of humor.

You can buy one or paint your own sign with any colors and font that you like. On the other hand, you can print your funny sign and apply it to a piece of wood for some durability. Just don’t forget to laminate it to make your sign waterproof.


24. Day Bed Napping

Swimming can be hard work, so instead of going all the way inside to get a cat nap, pop over to your pool house. A day bed is a fantastic addition if you need to catch some zzz’s or just want to relax with a book for a few hours.

Choose light colors as well as light cotton materials so that they won’t feel too heavy against your skin. Hanging this enchanting canopy also provides that added privacy or blocking out the sun if it gets too bright.


25. Add a Spa

Having tired, exhausted muscles for the day is not anyone’s idea of fun. Let the pain melt away by adding a Jacuzzi and some comfortable seats for relaxing.

All of those jet bubbles against your skin will feel wonderful so that you may never want to leave. If you really want the full spa treatment, combine some essential oils or bath salts to fill the air with some incredible aromas that will leave you feeling completely relaxed.


26. Artsy Mirror

Having a mirror in your pool house area is a great way to make the space brighter with some reflected ambient light. However, instead of just a simple mirror, go for one that’s more avant-garde and outside the box — the more unique, the better.

And if you haven’t noticed the patterns on these pillows mirror the circles of the mirror, creating a cohesive theme that pulls all the elements of this pool house together.


27. Slip-Proof and Water Resistant

No matter what kind of seating you buy, want to get materials that are waterproof or at least water-resistant. Your furniture will last longer and won’t fade from all that chlorine from your pool.

Also, you want to create a textured ground in your pool house to minimize the chances of slipping. Many accidents happen around pools and wet floors, so make it safer for everyone who’s using your pool by creating a slip-proof ground beneath their feet.


28. Sunscreen Storage Tub

A great way to keep all your sunscreen in one place while still maintaining aesthetic is to get a galvanized tub. They’re great for holding ice and cold drinks, but they also make a great universal storage tool for keeping those smaller items together, like these bottles of sunscreen.

The great thing about galvanized steel is that it’s not likely to rust, so there’s no need to worry about wear and tear. Another thing is that it’s effortless to keep clean, especially if any of the sunscreen leaks into the bottom of it.


29. Pool Toy Storage

With all the toys and tools you have lying around the pool, chances are good that you need some organization to keep them all out of the way.

By nailing a pallet to your fence and painting a friendly, bright color to it, you have a great place to store your towel to dry, your pool noodles, and whatever you have lying around that needs to be put away. Add your pool skimmers as well, and you won’t have to worry about tripping on anything lying on the ground ever again.

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30. Locker Storage

Going to the public pool is something people look forward to during the summer. You can recreate that feeling by adding lockers to your pool house that can be used for storage. It also helps everyone keep their stuff separated from each other so that there’s no confusion.

Metal lockers are also pretty easy to decorate with paint, stickers, or decals to add even more vibrant patterns to the interior of your pool house. Add a lifeguard’s float to complete this look.


31. Fence Art

Nothing’s wrong with dressing up your fence a little bit by adding fishing nets and plastic sea creatures to a few hooks on your fence if you want a unique beach look. There’s no right or wrong way to do it either, so you’ll have fun wrangling your net into a position you’ll like.

Moreover, when you get tired of the look, it’s pretty easy to take down and replace with something else. It’s so versatile that it can be used anywhere, not just on your fence.


32. Flip-Flop Hooks

Need to hang up bathrobes or towels? These cute flip-flop hooks will make it easy for you to keep them out of the way, and they’re color-coded so everyone can remember which one’s theirs.

This beach house decor project is one you can even complete yourself if you’re handy with a jigsaw. Cutting out the shapes of the flip-flops are the hardest part of the whole thing. Then attach them to some pallet boards, add some hooks, and give them a little splash of color to make them stand out.


33. Log Holder for Towels

Log holders are great for keeping by the fireplace when you need to throw another one into your chimney fire. However, they also work pretty well for storing a large number of towels by the pool for everyone’s use.

Just roll your towels up, shove them in, and they’ll stay right in place until you need them. Also, when you need to take the towels inside, there’s no need to wrestle with a tangled bundle of them. Feel free to simply pick the whole thing up and carry it inside.


34. Flip-Flop Shutters

Contrasting shutters can make your pool house shine, but these flip-flop shutters will make it stand out. These fun and funky shutters definitely scream summer, and you can paint them in any color you like, with any design you want.

Do you want polka dots? Sure. How about some plaid — why not? This beach house decor project is customizable to your tastes. Add some rope to simulate a flip-flop’s plastic things for an even more authentic look.


35. Towel Rack

A simple rack with some bright paint can work wonders at keeping your towels out of the way. The crisp yet elegant lines of the hat rack aren’t imposing, and it won’t take up a lot of space in your pool house.

If you have a towel rack in your pool house already, consider upgrading it to reflect the overall theme of your space. By adding some of the same colors or motifs, you will enhance your pool house decor during a weekend DIY project.