35 Summer Landscaping Tips for the Best Lawn

Trista - July 7, 2019
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34. Attract Beneficial Insects

While many of the items on this list have dealt with how to avoid insect pests, there are actually several insects that are beneficial to gardens. Praying Mantis and Ladybugs are two incredibly helpful insects that help keep your garden safe by eating problematic bugs like aphids.

Some garden catalogs offer to ship Praying Mantis egg sacs and live Ladybugs directly to your door for introduction into your garden. Yarrow, Angelica, Cosmos, and many other flowers are attractive to both Mantis and Ladybugs; they will help make your garden home to beneficial predatory insects.

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35. Keep Up With Succession Planting

Succession planting is a popular and productive method of vegetable gardening in which crops are carefully timed and planted both to keep producing throughout the season as well as encouraging plants to grow at the peak times for their heat and water requirements.

To try out succession planting in your own garden, a simple method is to pull spent beans towards the middle to end of the summer and replace them with peas or another cool-weather crop. There are many guides online for how best to follow succession planting in your specific USDA zone and climate.