39 Mind Blowing Architectural Designs

By Trista
39 Mind Blowing Architectural Designs

It isn’t easy to make your place stand out from the rest. Looking for that wow factor can be challenging to do without making your home look over the top. Thankfully, we’ve provided a list of some of the most fantastic ideas you can use so that your guests’ jaws will drop. Many of these designs may be unobtainable now because of space or financial reasons; however, they can still spark some creativity in how you want to transform your house into a dream home.



1. Lowered Living Room

A place to entertain your guests is great, but a lowered living room is even more fantastic. The second level makes the area feel more cozy and private. The kind of living room also gives you more space to work with, as all of your chairs and couches are in their own area.