40 Chic Patios that Are What Dreams Are Made of

Trista - August 2, 2019

Having a great patio that you can spend your entire day is a luxury most people dream about, especially when they are stuck inside during the cold months. Constructing that ideal patio also seems like a concept that’s out of most people’s budget.

However, this article is designed to demonstrate that a luxurious and comfortable patio doesn’t have to be out of reach. With just a few simple design ideas, you can have a chic patio of your very own.



1. Shady Patio

This attached pergola-style patio adds just enough shade to keep you cool while still giving you your daily amount of vitamin D. What’s excellent about pergolas is that they are magnificent structures to grow viney plants on to increase the amount of shade and privacy you get.

Add some comfortable seating arrangements too, and you have a space you’ll never want to leave. This chic patio area is excellent for a quiet breakfast by yourself or entertaining friends for lunch.


2. Keep It In the Corner

Sometimes the best patios are the ones tucked away in the corner. This lovely patio does not have a lot going on, but it looks enchanting in the best way possible. The flooring is a beautiful choice for that distressed look, and the pure white seating keeps everything looking clean and crisp.

Using a splash of bold color is also a great idea, and the choice of red is one of the most daring. Keeping the surrounding greenery simple also makes this place unobtrusive so that it feels bigger than what it is.


3. Taste of the Plains

This simple look is straightforward to achieve, although the process of making it isn’t that simple. Brickwork and timber make up the basis of this patio, where the wooden beams are pocketed into the brickwork of the home so that you don’t see the connections.

The patio practically glows in all the ambient lighting that you can’t help but be drawn to it. The angled couch provides a lovely space for conversation, or just lounging with a book.


4. Southern Belle

Even with all the paint in the world, what’s really going to make your patio stick out is the seating, and you couldn’t go more romantic than these majestic blue and white pieces. They speak of the Southern Belle, preparing iced tea for her guests as they sit around in poufy dresses.

The chairs look expensive without actually being pricey, which leaves you with more money in your pocket. The light color of this blue also brings an airy and light feel to the decor.


5. Fabric Shades

A pergola is lovely, but nothing is nicer than having fabric shades that you can take down and clean whenever you need. It’s a romantic touch with an element of practicality if you want your patio always looking its best.

The great thing about this kind of shade is that you can remove it when you want your sunlight for your event. Go for fabric or color choices that match your style or go with your decor. Either way, it’s going to bring a modern touch to your patio.


6. Back to Nature

One way to make your patio is to feel more comfortable is to bring more nature into the area. This patio features mini vegetable gardens and greenhouses that add a nice touch of color while still being functional.

The organic shape of the lampshade overhead helps to make this space feel more natural and woodsy, like a secret garden from a fairy tale. The simple, colorful seating doesn’t detract from the decor either with the charming spring colors.


7. Au Natural Breakfast Patio

Maybe what you’re looking for is something cozier, for just you and your spouse. A small breakfast table with a few chairs could be precisely what you’re looking for on your chic patio.

The rustic wood-barrel table and flagstone ground make this the perfect way to enjoy a small meal and a few drinks with your pleasant company. The sparse decor doesn’t detract from the beautiful view either.


8. Corrugated Steel

This covered patio has a very construction-like feel to it while still being stylish. Not exactly a smooth look to pull off, but with the right architect in mind, this look can be quite classic.

The covered corrugated awning provides you with shade when you need it or when you don’t. The simple wood furniture reflects a minimalist yet the organic style of this patio, making this space very flexible for whatever event you have in mind.


9. Patio-Slash-Balcony

If you have a sloping backyard, then having a patio on the back of your house could make for a delightful view. Forget about tables and chairs, just include some lounging seats, and you’ll feel like you’re at the beach.

The additional floor lighting along with the patio and the steps make it easy for you and your guests to make their way around with tripping after the sun sets. This setting is an attractive patio for just conversation or getting away from your house chores.


10. Brick By Brick

A patio doesn’t always have to subject you to the elements. This brick-covered patio does the trick of still giving you access to the outdoors while still protecting you from the rain. The deep rich red tones of the brick are very warming and inviting.

For that truly rustic look, use decor that’s untreated wood. Choose darker colors to make the area feel warmer and more welcoming. The recessed lighting will provide illumination without being too glaring.


11. Sectioned Patio

With just the clever use of some patterned tiles, you can section off the seating area of your patio for a unique look. Adding a simple potted plant can also dress up the area too to add some color.

Seating should be kept as simple as possible with this choice of tile as you don’t want the area to become too busy. You’re out here to relax, not get a headache from all the patterns and colors around the area.

https://www.bjornwallander.com/ https://www.architecturaldigest.com/

12. All Seating

Why scramble for seats when you can have an entire spot that can fit everyone? A simple wooden bench back against the wall frees up a lot of space for tables, and you can include some colorful cushions to brighten the space.

The grey stone walls create a neutral palette to work with so that any color scheme you use will work. Hanging lights creates a pleasant ambiance too, complimenting the rustic feel of everything else.

https://www.timbeddow.com/ https://www.architecturaldigest.com/

13. Dramatic Curtains

Not all patios have to be surrounded by walls or a pergola. You can create the privacy you need with some hung fabric curtains. They’ll look very dramatic in the breeze, or you can tie them back to keep them out of the way.

Constructing your patio around a fruit tree is also a great idea as it provides color as well as fragrant scents in the air. You can save some money on your grocery bill just the same thanks to the fresh, available fruit.

https://www.simonwatson.com/ https://www.architecturaldigest.com/

14. Rustic Red

This style of a patio is reminiscent of ancient Italy, so who wouldn’t want to relax out here with a glass of wine? The day bed also doubles as a couch if you have other company over. Using an outdoor fireplace ensures that everyone is warm and comfortable.

The choice of concrete as the material gives this patio a rustic look that keeps the polish away. The untreated wood at the top also contributes to this look, as well as the sparse greenery. It looks like a secret place that’s been found rather than a patio attached to a home.

http://www.nikolaskoenig.com/ https://www.architecturaldigest.com/

15. Dining Party

Forget a table for two; why not a table for nine or ten? If you’re the kind of person who loves hosting parties, then this style of the patio is perfect for you. A long bench on either side of long tables makes an ideal setting for having all of your friends over.

Having tall trees on either side of the table also provides some great shade when the sun is being particularly brutal that day. Moreover, if you’re in the mood for a themed party, they can be dressed up too to complete the look.

https://www.pieterestersohn.com/ https://www.architecturaldigest.com/

16. Minimalist and Gravel

Many people prefer to have their patios attached to their houses, but nothing’s wrong with having a detached patio. It can set it apart from everything else so that it can shine on its own.

This choice of simple seating perfectly complements the dark gravel, which in itself is much different from the light stonework near the house. Having a fire pit makes this the perfect spot to catch up on some warmth after the sun goes down.

https://www.simonwatson.com/ https://www.architecturaldigest.com/

17. Moroccan Tile

Sometimes simple is best. Add a clay tiled floor to any patio, and it’s going to grab some attention. The minimal seating style is comfortable, and the addition of the clay pots brings out more of that reddish color that serves as the palette for everything else.

The patterned table is also an excellent addition without being overwhelming. Pure white fabrics balance these out so that the entire patio isn’t overpowering.

https://www.thomasloof.com/ https://www.architecturaldigest.com/

18. Wooden Living Room

Take the living room outside and make it as natural as possible. The scooped-out shape of the seating arrangement is unique, and the tall pergola overhead adds some rigidity and straight lines to all those curves.

The addition of several small cushions ensures that everyone is comfortable. The small fire pit will provide some added warmth too on those chillier nights.

https://francescolagnese.com/ https://www.architecturaldigest.com/

19. Giant Swing Beds

Skip the tables and chairs and give your guests somewhere to lounge around all day. Instead of porch swings, add hanging beds to your patio to enjoy a comfy way to enjoy a breezy day.

These swing beds have enough space to fit several people, or you can use one as an entire couch for your belongings if you want some time alone. The fun spring colors definitely brighten these, too.


20. Mood Lighting

When the sun goes down, that doesn’t mean that the entertainment has to stop. Add some string lights to your patio can create a beautiful and romantic lighting scheme that doesn’t cost much money.

Outdoor lights also come in LED versions so that they last a pretty long time and are still weatherproof. If you really want to set the mood, consider getting colored lights or LEDs that allow you to change the hue with a remote.

http://www.nikolaskoenig.com/ https://www.architecturaldigest.com/

21. Tucked Away Patio

The beautiful secret nature of this patio would be a pleasant sight to come home to no matter what day. The flagstone walkway with grass and moss creeping up between them makes this patio appear as if it was lost to time.

Lining the rest of the walkway with shrubbery and trees keeps this area fresh, and the sparse pergola overhead makes an excellent place for some flowering potted plants. Metal seats are super simple to keep clean and contrast with the bright orange and pink fabrics of the bench. Hanging lanterns match the chairs too in completing this look.

http://www.simonupton.com/ https://www.architecturaldigest.com/

22. Whimsical Seating

Dress up your large porch with a magnificent day bed that colorful and whimsical. Curl up here with a book or take a quick nap after doing yard work all day. Either way, you’ll enjoy sneaking away to this spot.

The use of bright colors makes this stand out from the surrounding brickwork. The “canopy” also gives this day bed a sense of style, as it belongs in a fairy tale.


23. Concrete Jungle

Simple stone and concrete don’t have to look sparse and dull, as long as it’s done correctly. It can actually look quite clean and polished. The material is known to withstand weather conditions, so there’s no need for concern.

The addition of the wooden walls keeps the greenery away while still allowing some of it to peek over the top, like an untamed jungle. The string lights overhead are also minimal at best, providing you with illumination without being distracting.

https://www.bjornwallander.com/ https://www.architecturaldigest.com/

24. Majestic Courtyard

Who wouldn’t want to come home to a courtyard-slash-patio like this? The tall, slatted ceiling lets in just enough light for you to chase those winter doldrums away and allow in a cool breeze during the summer.

The patterns on the chairs also reflect this texture of stripes which contrasts well with the plain white walls. The pendant lights are an excellent addition as well, providing you with as much light as you need for the occasion.

https://www.simonwatson.com/ https://www.architecturaldigest.com/

25. Elegant Courtyard

This elegant but straightforward courtyard checks off a lot of boxes when it comes to having an open space to relax. Nothing is distracting about this aesthetic, with metal chairs and a day bed for relaxing purposes.

The jewel-toned tables add the color this decor needs, which also match the blue of the shutters. The tall walls of plants also provide you with privacy while keeping the area fresh.


26. Fire Bowl

Who needs a paved courtyard when the crushed stone will do just as good, if not better? Plant some chairs here, some outdoor ottomans, and a fire bowl to complete the look.

The stone wall in the background provides privacy but doesn’t wholly wall you in with its low height. This chic patio is a great place to toast some marshmallows while having a fun conversation.


27. A Taste of the Cabana

Who doesn’t love a tropical vacation? You can add a flavor of the Caribbean to your home with this thatched roof ensemble. It’s known to withstand the elements despite how it looks.

Having this look on a raised patio also provides a beautiful view and opens it up to some gentle wind. Add some wooden benches and tables to add more of that attractive wood grain to your patio.

https://www.pieterestersohn.com/ https://www.architecturaldigest.com/

28. Patio with a View

Entertainment on a balcony-patio like this will definitely draw a crowd. The pergola adds just the right amount of shade too. Get ready for the endless compliments thanks to this chic patio.

The separated seating means that your guests can have their own conversations if they need to. The added stone bench on the lawn provides even more privacy if the crowd is feeling like too much for you.

https://www.rogerdaviesphotography.com/ https://www.architecturaldigest.com/

29. Outdoor Lounge

Do you prefer starlit dinner, afternoon tea, or a cozy fireplace? The choice is up to you how you want to enjoy this intimate space, though you may have a hard time choosing. This patio is set up with comfort in mind and is set down from the rest of the home with the mini-staircase.

The decor itself isn’t a lot. The unique structure of the chairs stands out, with the large-weaved pattern complimenting the smaller weave in the other chairs.


30. Blue and White Tiled Patio

Blue and white are known for being very beachy colors, so bring the peace and tranquility of the ocean to your patio. The starburst pattern of the tiled wall is the right choice, as it adds character without being too bold to hurt your eyes.

The area rug sets the seated area apart from the dining area so that people can choose where to sit. The blue and white are continued in the patterns of the cushions as well so that the whole area feels “together.”

https://www.rogerdaviesphotography.com/ https://www.architecturaldigest.com/

31. Rooftop Retreat

This rooftop terrace makes the perfect getaway after a long day at work or being at the beach. Its simple decor adds color without being too much, and the colors chosen reflect the rooftops and ocean in the background.

Dark weaved textures add even more aesthetic to this beach look. A few flora here and there incorporate some nature into this patio as well.

https://www.pieterestersohn.com/ https://www.architecturaldigest.com/

32. Casual Attire

Another rooftop patio, the choice of colors and patterns definitely give this patio a business-like appearance while still being casual. Blue and brown are excellent, soothing colors to have together, especially with the cityscape as the backdrop for this majestic view.

The large seats are perfect for someone who wants to lounge or share the space with that special someone. Alternatively, you can stretch out on the couch all by yourself if you wish.

https://www.instagram.com/miguelfloresvianna/ https://www.architecturaldigest.com/

33. Urban Staycation

Vacations are great, but staycations are affordable. An even better choice is when you can feel like you’re away from home without being away from home. This classic patio has all of the right elements in mind, with a vintage table and chairs. The overhead red awning provides a great deal of shade too.

The double doors open up into this chic patio, blending the two areas seamlessly together. The addition of some potted plants keep the space bright, and having it along the edge of the balcony provides you with some privacy.

https://www.rogerdaviesphotography.com/ https://www.architecturaldigest.com/

34. Minimalist Patio

Dressing up your patio can feel fun, but there’s nothing wrong with going simple. These rustic white benches and table are perfect for that picnic feel or just having a glass of wine. It’s unobtrusive and private at the same time.

Moreover, the reason this area doesn’t need much decoration is because of the lovely view of the bamboo garden. Bamboo is pretty versatile and is excellent for creating privacy. The only other decor to this area is the spiral pendant lights overhead. It’s a unique touch for a nice outdoor space.


35. Backyard Patio

A simple raised patio can serve as a terrific spot for your guests. These chairs couldn’t match the siding of this home anymore, and the pleasant touch of hydrangeas spruces everything up.

The dark wood table is a perfect contrast for the light wood and stands out as its own piece. This awesome backyard patio is an excellent place for breakfast or a late dinner, with those wall sconces turned on, of course.

https://www.condenast.com/ https://www.architecturaldigest.com/

36. Contemporary Style

Ivy-covered walls give this patio a secret garden feel. Large umbrellas provide much shade, and the seating arrangement allows for a private conversation. The short steps blend this patio perfectly into the lawn if anyone’s up for a game of badminton.

The three sets of double doors can be opened up to allow your guests to drift in and out for a seamless transition. Set up your food inside buffet-style and you can dine while enjoying people’s company.


37. Patio Bar

Entertain your guests with a few drinks. Set them up with some high bar stools and get the margaritas going. Having a fresh lemon tree nearby will provide you with all the garnishes you need too.

This marble-style countertop is perfect for adding some class to your patio as well as being a smooth surface to clean. The bold choice of patterned tiles also contrasts nicely with the brickwork for a pop that definitely screams fun.


38. Patio Fire Pit

There is no need for construction when all you need are some planks of wood and ground gravel. Set up the perfect fire pit near the lake in your backyard, and you have a fantastic area for conversation and winding down after a long day of fishing.

Include some comfortable lounge chairs and small tables for drinks, and get that fire going. It’s a low-maintenance “patio” that doesn’t need anything else fancy.


39. Intricate Tiles

If you’re out of ideas for decor, you can always dress up the area of your patio with some decorative tiles. These are eye-catching and give you some idea of what kind of decor to add to create a beautiful aesthetic.

The best idea is to use neutral-toned furniture to create some balance. You don’t want to make your guests dizzy with too many overwhelming patterns.


40. Surrounded by Ivy

Brick walls are perfect for that urban feel, but you can soften them up with some ivy. It muffles the walls too, but make sure you get ivy that’s not going to destroy the brickwork underneath.

This choice of furniture compliments all that green too. A single palm tree provides some shade, and those plush cushions are so inviting, you may never want to leave. You will adore your chic patio area!