40 Chic Patios that Are What Dreams Are Made of

By Trista
40 Chic Patios that Are What Dreams Are Made of

Having a great patio that you can spend your entire day is a luxury most people dream about, especially when they are stuck inside during the cold months. Constructing that ideal patio also seems like a concept that’s out of most people’s budget.

However, this article is designed to demonstrate that a luxurious and comfortable patio doesn’t have to be out of reach. With just a few simple design ideas, you can have a chic patio of your very own.



1. Shady Patio

This attached pergola-style patio adds just enough shade to keep you cool while still giving you your daily amount of vitamin D. What’s excellent about pergolas is that they are magnificent structures to grow viney plants on to increase the amount of shade and privacy you get.

Add some comfortable seating arrangements too, and you have a space you’ll never want to leave. This chic patio area is excellent for a quiet breakfast by yourself or entertaining friends for lunch.