40 DIY Home Decor Ideas that Will Transform a Plain House into a Cozy Abode

Trista - May 31, 2019

Whether your home is big or small, one thing is for sure: it should always be comfortable! You can create the perfect space in any room thanks to these cozy home decor ideas. These DIY home projects won’t take a long time or cost you a fortune. However, the result will have you feeling warm and fuzzy. From rainy mornings to chilly nights, you will love these special touches for your home.



1. DIY Pet Art

For the dog enthusiast, this project is a walk in the park and will show off your love for your four-legged friend. The metal circles are just silvery placemats, and all you have to do is trace and paint the silhouettes onto them, which you can find plenty of online. Hang them up, and you’ve dressed up your walls with art by yours truly.


2. String Art

String art looks complicated, but it’s actually quite easy. Pick a color of thread that goes with the decor of your room, hammer some nails to a piece of board and start making art! You may want to look up some tutorials online so that you can figure out the placement of pins to create a particular design.


3. Book Planters

Do you have some old books lying around that you’re not reading anymore? You can put them to good use by turning them into planters. Hollow out a large number of pages, add some sandy soil, and plant a succulent. It doesn’t require a lot of water so you won’t have to worry about your pages getting very soggy.


4. Spiral Lamp

This intricate design is enchanting, but it’s a lot easier to build than you think. All you need are a lot of dowels, some hot glue, a lamp kit, and some patience. Create squares with the dowels and start gluing them together in this spiral pattern to achieve the look!


5. Bamboo Pendulum Lights

These geometric wooden lights will brighten any room with minimal effort. Instead of going out and spending much money on a light fixture already made, you can make your own that only costs a fraction of the price. Strip a bamboo roman shade of its bamboo slats and start gluing them together in this orb shape. The great thing about this project is that you could do it several times and no two lights will ever look the same.


6. Large Chunky Blanket

Pick your favorite color of chunky yarn and start knitting! Don’t think that this project involves giant knitting needles either; you’re going to be using your arms and hands to complete this project. Be patient when “knitting” as you’re not going to get everything right the first time.


7. Hand-Painted Wall

For those who are a little more artistic, you can create a great look by applying some paint to your wall. Create a beautiful mural of gradient colors to add depth. This incredible mountain scene is a nice touch, and the shift from darker to lighter colors makes it easy for you to coordinate the rest of your room with these tones.


8. Polaroid Wall

Put your loose photos on display by creating a wall just for them. Trim images you may have into squares and attach them to evenly-cut blocks of wood. Get some painter’s tape to create a layout for your wall so that everything’s lined up, and then simply attach everything.


9. Lace-Looking Mugs

Plain mugs can be boring to look at, but you can give them new life by gluing some lace to the outside. They’ll look much fancier and more romantic, and there’s really no way to do it wrong. Try out different pieces of lace in different arrangements on your porcelain to see which looks you enjoy the most.


10. Asymmetrical Storage

Forget about shelves and cupboards that are rigid; stack some storage boxes on top of each other to create your “cupboard.” You’ll have a place for everything, so no more struggling to discover a spot to store it all. Also, when you get tired of this arrangement, move them around to achieve a new look.


11. Upgrade a Dresser

You can dress up your plain dresser with some paint and new pull knobs. A beautiful sheen of gold on these drawers creates a diamond pattern and makes it look elegant and expensive. The complimentary knobs also take this dresser to a new level but don’t feel like you have to stick with this design. Try out other metallic as well to go with the decor of your room.


12. Tree Limb Clothing Rack

Don’t hide your clothes away in your closet; put them on display in the most natural way. Use a simple tree limb to both add a natural look to any room and to hang your clothes and jewelry on. Add a smaller twig for your handbags as well, or even your shoes!


13. Repurposed Windows for Storage

Old window frames are usually thrown away. However, have you considered that you can use them to create a great side table with storage? Attach the frames together, add some chicken wire, and strap on some painted legs. Wa-la! You have a fantastic, rustic cupboard you’ll be proud to display in any room.


14. Embroidery Hoop Frames

Frames on their own can be expensive. Instead of shelling out a lot of money, you could go for the more whimsical look by placing your favorite images into embroidery hoops. They come in many sizes so you’ll find the right one to fit any picture you have.


15. Rustic Picture Frames

Do you have old fencing material lying around in your garage? Cut them down, glue them together, and add a weathered look to them. Attach some burlap to a piece of foam board and attach a few pictures to create a rustic frame that is out of this world.


16. Wallpaper on a Lamp Shade

You have a big piece of wallpaper left over, and you spent too much money on the whole thing to throw it away. Did you know you can use it to dress up that dull lamp? Just stick the wallpaper to the shade, and you have a sophisticated piece that looks quite expensive.


17. Mason Jar Portraits

Give up on pictures frames; they’re predictable and boring. Instead, dress up your lovely photos with this must-have rustic decor: Mason jars. The curved surface allows you to view the picture from more angles than a frame ever could. Besides that, it adds the perfect touch of country to your room.


18. DIY Photo Board

With only a frame, some wires, and tiny clothespins, you can create a neat photo board to keep by your work desk or over your couch. This unique way of displaying your photos is simple and minimalist in nature so that even if you have a small space, it will really brighten up a room. It is a fast and easy DIY home decor project that will instantly make your house feel more like home.


19. Painted Cushion Cases

Do you want home decor that catches everyone’s eye? Drop the search and paint your own cushions instead. You don’t have to be the perfect artist, select some colors from the decor of your room and try some patterns out. You could surprise yourself with just how well you do.


20. DIY Wall Art

Take those artistic talents you used in painting those cushion cases and apply them to the canvas as well. Creating your own wall art can be quite liberating, and it’s a piece of work you can be proud of too. If you don’t want to display it in your living room for your guests to see, feel free to hang it up in your master bath or walk-in closet for a homier feel.


21. Decorative Vases

Wine bottles and glass jars are a great way to show off flowers from your garden, but you can spruce them up even more by adding some paint to them. Going with light colors will make the room brighter, or you could have several different vases to hold different flowers from each season of the year.


22. Pallet Mug Rack

Pallets are some of the most under-recycled objects, yet they can be used in many decoration ideas. Clean one off and add some paint and hooks to create a coffee mug rack for all the ones you have taking up space in your cupboards. It will make the corner of your kitchen feel like your very own coffee shop.


23. Mason Jar Votive

As mentioned, Mason jars are also an excellent tool for that rustic look in your home. You can use them as is, add some frosted lettering or design on each one, or use acrylic paints to dress them up. Then add some filler and tea lights, and your coffee table will be absolutely lit quite literally.


24. Twine-Wrapped Bottles

Glass bottles are pretty flexible as decorations for just about anything. Wrap twine around their bases and pluck a few local flowers from your garden. Before you know it, you have a lovely centerpiece for your deck table outside. Alternatively, bring them inside to spruce up a nice shelf with some color and floral arrangements.


25. Wood Slice Chalkboard

Cover a slice of wood with some chalkboard paint, and you can write an inspirational message to yourself or for your guests to read. On the other hand, use your new chalkboard as a place to put memos or notes for the rest of your family. The possibilities for this idea are limitless.


26. Embroidery Hoop Mirror

The embroidery hoop makes a comeback with this creative idea. It’s the perfect decor idea for the crafty person who loves needlepoint. Spray some metallic paint on the circle that fits the dimensions of a round mirror. Attach a drawer pull at the top to serve as your mount for your hook.


27. Heart Photo Collage

Another great idea for all of those small photos you have lying around is to create a collage out of them. Get a beautiful frame and arrange them in the shape of a heart. It’s a fun DIY project that will definitely impress your friends and transform your dull space into a cozy home.


28. Heart Photo Collage Part 2

Alternatively, you could arrange your photos into the shape of a heart on your wall. You can go by theme or use pictures from several settings to show off different events over the years. Or you can arrange them in a completely different shape if another is more suitable for your decor. The sky is the limit with this DIY home decor project!


29. Washi Tape Collage

Hooks can be annoying to put into your walls: you have to use a stud finder and make sure that everything’s all straight. Or you could make it easier for yourself and use washi tape instead. It’s a colorful paper-like tape that comes in a broad array of designs and colors that will beautify your photos and any room.


30. Hanging Yarn Art

Are you looking for a simple yet meditative craft project to add some color to your room? This hanging yarn art is effortless to do, and you can alter it in any way you like to incorporate your favorite colors. You could go with the colors of your country’s flag, go professional with strictly black and white, or add completely random colors for a crazy aesthetic.


31. DIY Wooden Mail Sorter

Having all of your bills and junk mail lying around makes it difficult to keep your home neat. Keep everything where it should be with this mail sorter you can build yourself with just a few pieces of wood and some hooks.


32. Entryway Bench

Build a beautiful bench near the entryway of your home with just a few planks of wood and some stain. It can be a great place to sit when you’re putting on your shoes to head out, or you can place some framed pictures on them as a low shelf.


33. Ironing Board Welcome Sign

A vintage ironing board is a great way to welcome guests into your home, especially if you’ve been itching for company for a while. Stencil some neat letters onto the wood and age them for a more antique look. Its rustic appearance makes your home look inviting and cozy.


34. Mason Jar Sconces

Adding some soft lighting options to your home can’t be easy. This easy DIY project takes out all of the work while leaving you with a romantic look you’ll want to turn on again and again. A simple string of lights in a hung mason jar can do the trick, or you can rig up some light bulbs in each one so that they can turn on with a wall switch.


35. Tree Trunk Coffee Tables

Recycle the fallen wood of the outdoors and turn them into mini coffee tables that you can use in your living room area. You may just need to sand down the tops and bottoms to make them level, but otherwise, there isn’t much work to do to them otherwise.


36. Coffee Filter Pom-Poms

Whether it’s for a party or you want to add something whimsical to your decor, these coffee filter pompoms are very easy to make, so easy that you might end up filling your entire home with them. This DIY home decor project is a great recycling idea for those coffee filters you might have lying around that aren’t getting used.


37. Tree Branch Chandelier

Just a random tree branch from your yard and a string of Christmas lights can be all the chandelier you need for the holidays. This rustic take on a classic look is definitely different, and you can always switch out your tree branch for another one to create unique shapes and lighting arrangements from year to year.


38. Photo Ladder

Having a ladder in your bathroom to serve as storage is excellent, but having a more rustic ladder can be a great place to pin up your photos and portraits. Add some hooks to support your photos between the rungs and people will be impressed by this homey display.


39. Book Side Table

Having a whole bunch of textbooks leftover from college can really put a damper on your bookshelves. Make them look more official by stacking them together to create a unique side table for your living room. People will try to get a glimpse as to the construction and material of your awesome end tables.


40. Cork Lamp

A roll of cork can go a long way. Getting a lamp kit can transform a simple roll of cork into a great lighting opportunity, and you also have a great place to pin up messages and photos of the family — lighting and display all in one. Turn it on when you get home to relax after a long day at work and make sure you pin up that reminder for tomorrow!