40 Fabulous Ways To Update Bedroom Decor

Trista - June 8, 2019

You want your bedroom to feel cozy; it is your escape from the outside world of responsibilities, and one of your favorite things to do is to snuggle under the covers for a quick nap. Likewise, you want a quiet place to lie down with a book and let the hours melt away. Decorating your bedroom requires a delicate balance between making it uniquely yours and not overburdening it with too much decor. We’ve made the process simpler for you by compiling a list of unique ideas you can use to jump start the scheme you want.



1. A Fun Headboard

An upholstered headboard can really bring a lot of style to your bedroom, and the soft fuzzy fabric will minimize you hitting your head against them when your alarm jolts you awake in the morning. It makes your bed look like it belongs to royalty while still providing a unique spin on decor that not many people have considered.


2. Modern Canopy

Not all canopies have to be romantic, frilly, and covered in lace. This unique spin on the canopy is metal and reflective, a minimal version that compliments the rest of the decor perfectly. It doesn’t get in the way or distract; instead, it adds a modern touch to the room by reflecting the colors that are already there.


3. Neutral Tones with Textures

Sometimes it’s easier to just go with one neutral color to take care of everything. That makes it easier to coordinate and keeps your room looking cool. However, that can get kind of boring; instead, change things up by playing with textures in the same color. Your bedroom will look more robust that way.


4. Outdoor Elements

If you have a large and open bedroom, don’t be afraid to bring some of the outdoors inside. The natural elements of the raffia and seashells can give a bedroom a beach-like feel and will make a smoother transition if the structure of your home has a balcony attached to your bedroom. You’ll feel more connected to nature, and your bedroom will appear airier.


5. Large Artwork on the Floor

Instead of trying to find a space on your wall, finding studs, and making sure it’s hung correctly, make your bedroom look like an art museum storage area by just leaning them up against the wall. This design is an excellent idea for especially large pieces, as you can still show them off without a lot of the effort.


6. Hang a Patterned Rug Over your Bed

If you don’t have a fabulous headboard, you can hang a patterned rug above your bed instead. The textures will definitely draw the eye, and it could look a lot better against your wall than on the floor as a rug. Go with a rug that contrasts nicely against your bedroom walls for a great look.


7. A Wall Divider

Wall dividers are usually used in large rooms to separate one function from another. However, you can make your bedroom look more fabulous by attaching them to your walls and creating the appearance of an overly-large headboard instead. You can go with a similar color to what the room already has or a contrasting color to make it stand out more.


8. Chalkboard Wall

Chalkboard paint has made its way into every other room of your home, so why should your bedroom feel left out? Get a bucket of chalkboard paint, and you’ll have more fun doodling before bed or leaving a romantic message for your partner before you leave for work. Alternatively, for the artist in you, you can create beautiful chalk pieces that would make jaws drop.


9. Dramatic Curtains

For a room that doesn’t have a lot going for it, adding some “out of this world curtains can really make the room pop. These curtains take in the colors of both the wall and the blue from the bed to create a look that can’t be beaten. Their unique shape also makes this bedroom stand out from the rest, letting in a lot of light during the day, and blocking out the streetlights at night.


10. Consider a Daybed

This bedroom design is only a good choice if you’re a single person in your home. Having a daybed takes up a lot less space and is easier to move around. That gives you more real estate to work with if you’re intending on adding more decor to your bedroom.


11. Layered Bedding

Sloping levels on your bed, with cushions and blankets, can make your bed look a lot more comfortable without being cluttered. Starting by your headboard, layer your pillows first and then a decorative pillow before you get to your sheets to make your bed appear inviting. Finish things off with a nice, low bench by the foot of your bed to continue that slope.


12. Unique Lighting Options

How can you read in bed if you only have one overhead light? Provide yourself with more options by adding a dimmer switch, adding track lighting, or even adding a chandelier to your ceiling. The more lighting options you have, the better you can set the mood for various activities.


13. Stay Within the Scale

Decorating your bedroom doesn’t mean that you should go beyond the limits of the space. Take into account the size of every space that you’re using and go for decor that is respectively suitable for each one. For example, this narrow space for the side table is not going to work well with a large, fat lamp. Instead, a tall, skinny lamp fits best and adds even more height to the headboard.


14. Non-Family Photos

It’s nice to have photos of your family around your home, but more and more people are leaning away from having emotionally-charged pictures in the bedroom. Go for elegant photos of people you don’t know or are faceless in nature to dress up your room without keeping you up at night with thoughts about your family.


15. Balance Light and Dark

Having some dark colors in the bedroom can add some sexy mystery to the decor, but it’s essential that it not be too heavy-handed. Balance the dark with some light so that the walls of your bedroom feel less imposing and claustrophobic.


16. Unique Storage Options

Dressers are great, but a simple trunk at the foot of your bed can serve the same function. It provides you with the space you need and can double as a low table for other home decor you want to keep in the room.


17. Daring Wallpaper

Don’t be afraid to go bold with your wallpaper choices, especially on one accent wall. An excellent selection of wallpaper will draw together the other elements you have in your room to create one complete look for your bedroom. Try different swatches at first to see what kind of look you can create with varying patterns of wallpaper.


18. Be Whimsical

On the other side of daring, allow your bedroom to be playful as well. Your bedroom is the place where you go to unwind and feel relaxed, so if playful fun is what helps, then so be it. Contrast pretty blues with creams and tans, and don’t be afraid to go a little overboard with the puffiness of your furniture, as long as you have the space to do so.


19. Layered Rug

Put your bed on the spotlight by adding an area rug underneath it. It will provide you with a lovely warm surface to step on when you’re getting out of bed, and if you already have carpet, it will separate your bed from the rest of the room’s decor. A thick, plush may work best, but it could end up being a trap for dust bunnies.


20. Bedroom Work Space

A lot of people recommend that you won’t work in your bedroom, as it can be a source of stress. However, if you don’t have much space in your home to work with, it isn’t a bad idea. Designate a specific area of your bedroom that is for work and keep it as far from your bed as possible; that way you won’t give into the comforts of your blankets when you should be working.


21. Vertical Space

Make use of the vertical space in your bedroom by adding some high shelving. Not only will this give you a space for more decor, but it will make your bedroom look more lived in as well. Add your favorite books, some framed photos, or any knickknacks you have lying around that need a space of their own.


22. Settle on a Theme

Having a cohesive theme for your bedroom, no matter how eclectic it may seem, will give you a good starting point. You can decorate around this idea, looking for items that fit the aesthetic you desire. A theme will make it easier for you to stick with particular decor instead of being indecisive about how you want your bedroom to look.


23. Less Can Be More

Minimalism can be one of the most effortless looks to achieve, and all it requires is letting go. Get rid of the clutter in your bedroom and keep everything clean and straightforward. Go for neutral colors that make it easy to decorate with and choose materials with minimal or straightforward patterns on them. You’ll be surprised at just how much bigger your bedroom will look.


24. Bed Alcove

An alcove for your bed is one of the best ways of making your bed feel romantic and cozy. Some inward construction may be necessary, meaning that you may lose some space, but for the completed look, it may be worth it. You’ll feel tucked away in your own little world, warm and safe.


25. Painting Exposed Brick

The texture of brick provides any bedroom with a little flair for the rustic. Some paint can dress it up so that it goes with the rest of your decor if you’re not interested in keeping brick’s naturally red color. The idea is simple yet effective, so don’t break down those brick walls if your foundation already has it.


26. Faux Concrete

You can bring some drama to the room by applying textured grey paint to your walls (or just one wall as an accent, if you like). The look of bare concrete has become a trend in recent years, with people looking for more “industrial” aesthetics to their bedrooms. A bucket of pain also costs less than constructing everything out of concrete too, so once you get tired of the look, you can always change it.


27. Right Number of Throw Pillows

Too little and your bed can look scant; too many, and you’re struggling to get them off the bed and make room for yourself. Now you have a pile of pillows on the ground, making a mess. The right number is dependent on the size of your bed; you should find a good amount between two and six throw pillows to put on your bed.


28. Keep it Tech-Free

Decorate your bedroom with keeping it tech-free in mind — the only thing your plugs should be used for our lamps and nothing else. You can keep your phone chargers and TVs out of the bedroom to create a quieter space with no distractions. You’ll come to appreciate how much more quickly you get to sleep at night without all of these devices in your room.


29. Seating Arrangements

Add some seating to your bedroom so that you have somewhere to relax that isn’t your bed. Maybe you need to get your shoes on, or you just want a place to sit and read the morning paper. This lounging seat doesn’t take up much space and provides precisely the surface you need to sit or lay out your clothes for the day when the temptation to get back into bed is too strong.


30. Go Curtainless

Instead of going for statement curtains, consider removing the drapes altogether. Enjoy brighter, more spacious windows and let in even more light. You’ll benefit from this more if you move your bed under these windows too. Then you’ll have more light for reading, and be able to rise and shine instead of oversleeping.


31. Floating Side Table

If you only have a few things you want to keep next to your bed, getting a floating shelf instead to keep your stuff. It won’t take up much space, and you’ll still have room underneath to store other things you may need to stay close.


32. Softer Lighting

Make your bedroom more romantic with lanterns instead of conventional lamps. Place battery-operated tea lights inside to create a beautiful ambiance that makes it easy for you to fall asleep — all of the romance without any of the fire hazard.


33. Bedroom Ottoman

Ottomans are very versatile, especially in the bedroom. They can be a footrest, a seat, or a side table, depending on your need. Keep magazines on them, place your favorite coat, or rest your lamp when you need extra lighting near your bed.


34. A Book Nook

Built-in shelves, bookcases, and under-the-bed drawers can create the ultimate fantasy for any librarian. There’s no reason you can’t construct your entire wall out of shelves just for books. Just keep in mind that you may have to downgrade your collection if you can’t find a space for them all, so you’ll have to be a bit choosy.


35. Nothing Wrong with Wicker

Wicker is light and durable. It also has a lasting finish that brings warmth to any patio. So why not bring all those benefits into your bedroom? Wicker furniture isn’t just meant for outdoors anymore and can be a great natural element to incorporate into your decor.


36. A Touch of Gold

Having a monotone decor can look quite professional, but you can make it look more expensive by adding some gold accents to the room. The clean, polished look of metal will make it look like you spent a lot of money without actually breaking your wallet.


37. Distressed Decor

You may not collect expensive antiques, but you can make your furniture look that way. Distressed is now the “new black” when it comes to interior design. You can either purchase pieces already treated or you can go through the process yourself. Strip an old dresser of some paint and sand it down first before you can start the process. There are plenty of online tutorials to talk you through the process.


38. Mirrored Effect

Go for symmetry if you don’t want to go through the process of completely decorating an entire room. Making one side be an exact mirror of the other creates quite a soothing effect on the mind because of how visually appealing symmetry is. Uniformity also conveys that there’s a place for everything and everything is in its place.


39. Classic Furniture

When push comes to shove, nothing is more comfortable than going with classic styles of furniture. An iron bed frame and a simple white side table do the trick, can go with any decor, and have clean lines that make your bedroom look neat. Not every decor has to be fancy.


40. Be As Bright as Possible

Be daring and go with bold color choices you wouldn’t usually make. Bright colors with a monotone scheme are actually quite fun to pull off and will definitely make a statement. With the vibrant color, this furniture looks more expensive than it really is, and is a stark contrast for the blue art deco-style wallpaper of the bedroom.