40 Home Office Designs to Create a Stylish Workspace

Trista - April 3, 2019
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17. Lighten Up

Do you want an easy and cost-effective way to light up your home office? Consider adding LED lighting to your shelves or desk. They’re simple to attach and remove. Besides, many LED lighting have color-changing options that are fun, and you won’t break your wallet getting a few.


18. Breathe Better with Plants

Having some green in your workspace not only adds color but can also be beneficial for your health. During the day, plants are photosynthesizing, removing carbon dioxide from the air, and releasing oxygen. It’s essentially an all-natural air purifier for your home office.

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19. Even More Green Spaces

Why stick with one plant when you could have an entire yard? Place your home office in front of a large window that looks into your yard or garden. Alternatively, you could bring a nature-themed mural inside to bring some of Mother Nature indoors with you. Include hanging plants as well as potted options with some colorful flowers for an enchanting look. Catcus plants like Aloe does not require a lot of sunlight or water if you don’t have a green thumb.


20. Show Off Your Prized Possessions

Adding a wall of shelves to place your achievements, trophies, or awards can be a real motivational tool. Work can be stressful and boring, but by having your favorite things on display will remind you of everything you’ve accomplished up to this point.

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21. It Takes Two

Just because you have a home office doesn’t mean that you have to work alone. Add another chair to your workspace so that another person can work alongside you, whether it’s separate or on the same project.


22. Make a Personal Gallery

Create a wall with your favorite art pieces on it. Art is inspirational, so having these pieces near you could spark some creativity in your work. On the other hand, it could just be a funny picture that makes you laugh every now and again. Either way, it makes your home office a personal workspace.


23. A Unique Desk Chair

Spice up the room by finding a unique work chair that stands out. It could be a strange shape or a lovely color. Just be sure that whatever you pick, it’s also very comfortable to sit on.

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24. Get Ready For Compliments

Bring stunning shades together on opposite sides of the color wheel to create a statement room. These are called complementary colors. Examples include blue and orange or red and green. The bright, vibrant shades will definitely make things pop and stand out more, and it will make your workspace look fun and inviting.


25. Create a Cohesive Theme

Match the office furniture you have in the room to other pieces, such as the wall color or the texture of the floor. You want everything to tie together so that it feels like an official workspace. Take the plunge and you will love the end result.


26. Books Galore

If you’ve got many books, then get extend your shelves to keep it all organized. Having open storage is better than having to throw them all into boxes to take up space in your basement. It doesn’t hurt to show off just how many books you have, especially in your home office.

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27. Go All Out

Instead of contrasting pieces or only matching with one aspect of your room, you could make it all blend. Match your work furniture with the color of the wall, and paint your shelves the same shade, too. Don’t be afraid to create your home office in an open part of your house.


28. A Splash of Color

If your office is mostly white, you can spruce it up with some trims of color. Pain the inner edges of your shelves and the area under your desk. Find some other decor pieces to add that have this same tone, too. It will make your home office look radiant, and prevent it from being too dull.


29. High and Mighty

If you don’t have the space for storage around your desk, consider adding a high shelf to keep some of your things for you. All you’d need is a plank of wood cut to the width of the home office and then appropriately attached to the walls.


30. Work in the Bedroom

Do you live in a studio? Why not use the back shelf on the headboard of your desk as a workspace? Again, this is an excellent idea for those who don’t have much room in their homes. If you love tiny living, this is a perfect way to maximize the use of your square footage.

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31. Just Brick

Exposed brick has an authentic feel of working. From rustic to industrial, you can make this workspace your own. If you want some color, paint the brick. It’s easy to add some hooks to hang up other decorations and dress up the walls.


32. More Texture

Texture has been discussed before, but why not cover all of your office walls in it? Pinstripes, plaid, whatever tickles your fancy that isn’t too distracting. Adding a little busy-ness to the look of a room can keep your mind active while you work.


33. Wooden Wall

If you have some leftover wood from making your floors, add it to your wall as a backsplash behind your desk. It will tie the room together, and may even add a little soundproofing if it’s thick enough. This design is ideal if you like a rustic chic look.


34. Custom Storage

Buying storage units to add to your office is good, but creating your own from scratch to work with your workspace will indeed make it yours. Perhaps kitchen cupboards might even work above your workspace. It doesn’t hurt to experiment to see what will work in your home office.


35. Love an L-Shaped Desk

Nothing quite says your the boss like an L-shaped desk. Besides, it provides you with a lot of space if you’re a very busy person with lots of paperwork. Having an L-shaped desk means that you can also move around within your home office especially if you have a large window nearby and need to avoid the glare.


36. Adding Decals

Adhesive decals are easy to put up on walls and they come in a plethora of styles and themes. From butterflies and birds to whimsical swirls or symbols of city life, decals can really transform any home office. Breathe a little life into your workspace with decals.


37. Extended Desk

A desk that wraps around the wall not only gives you ample room to complete your work, but it doubles as extra surface space for another part of your home. The extra-long desk will also draw the two rooms together so that it feels like one cohesive space.

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38. Overlapping Layers

Instead of everything being set on their own plane, eating up space, overlap the layers to create a geometric mishmash of storage, desk, and shelves. This kind of layout will draw the eyes all over the room while still keeping your belongings on hand.


39. Double the Workspace

If you’re sharing a home office with another person, account for all the space you’ll need, as well as the different storage and workspace needs of the individual. This concept allows both of you to work together in the same space without crowding each other for light or supplies. Keep things white makes it appear sleek and clean, too.


40. To Wood or Not to Wood

Instead of just wood paneling, an wooden accent wall will invoke a sense of authority and professionalism like this one seen here. Cover the wall from the floor to the ceiling and add a few small plants to keep the “nature” theme going. Throw in a red chair for some extra boss-like flair.