40 Home Office Designs to Create a Stylish Workspace

Trista - April 3, 2019

37. Extended Desk

A desk that wraps around the wall not only gives you ample room to complete your work, but it doubles as extra surface space for another part of your home. The extra-long desk will also draw the two rooms together so that it feels like one cohesive space.

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38. Overlapping Layers

Instead of everything being set on their own plane, eating up space, overlap the layers to create a geometric mishmash of storage, desk, and shelves. This kind of layout will draw the eyes all over the room while still keeping your belongings on hand.


39. Double the Workspace

If you’re sharing a home office with another person, account for all the space you’ll need, as well as the different storage and workspace needs of the individual. This concept allows both of you to work together in the same space without crowding each other for light or supplies. Keep things white makes it appear sleek and clean, too.


40. To Wood or Not to Wood

Instead of just wood paneling, an wooden accent wall will invoke a sense of authority and professionalism like this one seen here. Cover the wall from the floor to the ceiling and add a few small plants to keep the “nature” theme going. Throw in a red chair for some extra boss-like flair.