40 Inexpensive Decor Items for People Who Spend All Their Money on Bills

Trista - April 12, 2019

Paying rent every month takes a significant portion of your income. With the rest of your money, you’re likely making car payments, buying groceries, and getting things for your kids. That doesn’t leave you with a lot left over to make your place look nice.

However, there are some affordable options that you can use to brighten up your little space that look more valuable than they really are. Even just splurging a tiny bit on one item each month will transform your room into a home you can be proud to show off once in a while.



1. Orb Accent Lamp

A great addition to any room if you want great illumination. It’s a timeless look that will last a long time and doesn’t interfere with your decor in a distracting way. Get two and place them on either side of your couch; you’ll love the look.


2. Metallic Throw Pillow

When in doubt, why not add some shimmer to the room? Adding just a touch of gold, silver, or bronze can really add some refinement to your couch. Fine metallics will compliment the other colors you already have in the room; for example, you can mix pink and gold or blue and silver.


3. Geometric Wire Frames

These simple yet elegant frames are a great way to show off your favorite moments. Not only will the metallic color make them shine, but the 3-D effect creates quite the illusion. They can be placed on a desk or shelf, or be mounted to the wall to make them really stand out — literally!


4. Pink Light Bulbs

This design idea sounds like a cheap tactic, but you would be surprised at the difference that this makes. Add one to your lamp or in your overhead lighting, and you’ll have a beautiful rosy color glowing around the room. Getting two bulbs costs just under twenty bucks and they’ll last you a very long time. If pink isn’t your thing, try a different hue to change the atmosphere of the room.


5. Herringbone Throw

Add a nice pattern to your couch with this handy herringbone throw. The contrast of white and blue, as well as the lovely white fringe, will draw attention to your furniture. It’s also soft and snuggly warm, which is perfect for those chilly nights in front of the TV.


6. Minimalist Wooden Hooks

Do you need a great place to keep your coats? These simplistic wooden hooks can spruce up the entryway and keep your jackets in check instead of throwing them onto the back of the couch. They’re pretty affordable and super easy to install.


7. Wall Decals

These shiny decals are just stickers that you can peel off and stick in any arrangement that you like on your wall. The shimmery gold color also adds a beautiful aesthetic to any room. Apply the decals anywhere you want to breathe some life back into the space.


8. Decorative Window Film

These easy stickers can be cut to the size of any window and will diffuse any harsh light coming in. The window films will also offer you some privacy while you work without having to pull down your blinds. They come in a range of geometric patterns and colors so you can find the one that’s right for you.


9. Faux Sheepskin Rug

Never overlook the changes one rug can make. This simple rug will add some style to your living room, and it’s unbelievably soft under your feet. Alternatively, you could put one down next to your bed so that your feet can receive a warm surprise when you get out of bed in the morning.


10. Macrame Hanging Mirror

Go for that beach house look with this fabulous mirror. The macrame rope is a natural yet effective way to add some patterns to your wall without having to do anything drastic. Hang it up near your door or in your living room to bounce a little light around the area.


11. Mini Vases

You may not have a garden, but that doesn’t mean you can’t bring the outdoors inside. These mini vases can be added to any shelf, and you can place small bundles of flowers in them to add some color to your home. Mix and match them or get contrasting colors to make a vibrant statement.


12. Key and Mail Organizer

Keep everything where you need them with this handy wall addition. Equipped with slots and hooks, you can store your bills where it’s easy to find them and keep all of your keys in plain sight without taking up counter space.


13. Rolling Kitchen Cart

Do you have a tiny kitchen space? Maybe there aren’t enough cupboards or counters. Wheel in this cart laden with goodies. The sleek stainless steel design is easy to keep clean and looks great all on its own. You no longer have to try to balance plates and glasses in your arms when guests are over either!


14. Storage Ottoman

Lean back in your favorite couch and rest your feet on this modern ottoman. Your back and knees will thank you. It also serves the dual purpose of storing other items too, such as throws, coats, pillows, and books. This stylish ottoman keeps your living room clutter to a minimum in the easiest way possible.


15. Agate Coasters

Spice up your coffee table with these absolutely beautiful coasters. The vibrant blue color is to die for, and your guests won’t be able to help but use them. Good thing too, you don’t need them ruining your coffee table with their sweaty drinks. Win-win!


16. Gem Handles

Keep the geode theme going with these beautiful gem cabinet pulls to your cupboards or drawers in your kitchen. You can also add them to your bathroom, or really anywhere you want some jewel tones. They’ll look remarkable in any lighting; it’s an affordable and unique way to dress up your cabinet and cupboard doors.


17. Wooden Desk Lamp

The simplicity of a swivel lamp is stylish for any room. Going with natural wood is a callback to nature and adds some organic patterns to any room. The ability to swivel the lamp head in any direction you need is also great motivation to keep working, long after the sun has gone.


18. Garment Rack

Do you need some way to keep your clothes organized when your closet is already full? Add a garment rack, and you won’t have to worry anymore. It’s a great way also to hold your outfit from the night before; that way, you won’t waste time getting ready in the morning.


19. Wall Prints

Hanging up art to your walls is the perfect yet inexpensive way to dress up the place. Go for a theme or just get prints that speak to you. You’ll appreciate having some beautiful pieces to not only adorn the walls but to discuss with your company.


20. Marbled Anything

Marble seems to exude an air of sophistication, but the actual stuff is quite expensive. Instead, go for home accessories with marble prints on them. It will dress up your place quite nicely without having to spend a fortune.


21. Storage End Table

Having an apartment means that you don’t have much space to work with, so it’s a great idea to expand your storage options. Consider an end table with a basket underneath where you can keep your purse, throws, or magazines.


22. Jewelry Organizer

This simple accessory is a great way to keep your jewelry so that it doesn’t get lost in the bottom of a drawer. Keep your earrings, rings, and bracelets in plain sight in a flashy organizer you would be silly not to show off.


23. Gold Geometric Lamp

To keep the same theme going, this geometric gold lamp is an excellent addition to any side table in your living room. It’s a pretty small lamp so you may want to consider getting two or three to bring a nice glow to your room.


24. Minimalist Bookshelf

This simple metal bookshelf is a great place to store your books without taking up a lot of space. Add a potted plant and show off what you’ve been reading to your guests. Not an avid reader? Use the shelves as storage for your other items.


25. Geometric Plant Stand

Keeping a plan indoors is a great way to add some nature, but planters by themselves can be boring. Getting a plant stand highlights the greenery in your home and elevates them from your table so that you won’t get any moisture buildup at the bottom of your planter.


26. Rock Salt Lamp

It seems kind of cliche to add one of these to your home given how popular they are, but the warm, soft glow from the pink rock will definitely make a room more welcoming. It’s an all-natural substance, so it doesn’t need extensive cleaning or taking care of; just a light dusting is enough. Refrain from wanting to lick this lamp, however.


27. Woven Baskets

Another great way to add an outdoorsy, beachy feel to your home is with woven furniture. Woven baskets make great storage containers for anything you have lying around your house. Likewise, they can be used as wastepaper baskets if you need them. They’re quite versatile.


28. Welcome Mat

Even if you’re living in an apartment building, that doesn’t mean you can’t welcome people into your home. A funny doormat can say a lot about you, and you can get that pesky dirt off your shoes before you step inside.


29. Area Rugs

Dress up that living room with a beautiful area rug, whether you have carpet or not. The differing texture will add character to your space and highlight the center of your room. Place one in front of the couch or under your coffee table; experiment with placement to see what works best.


30. A Clock That Pops

You need an affordable clock that tells the time and says a statement. A bright, colorful clock that compliments your style will be perfect. Don’t be afraid to go big and bold because well, you’re already home.


31. Macrame Hanging Shelf

Shelves of any kind are great for extra storage; a hanging shelf like this one is unique and will undoubtedly draw the eye to it. Be careful with how many things you place on it; there is a weight limit on this one so keep your options light.


32. Strings of Lights

If you’re lucky enough to have a window seat in your apartment, you can dress up the windows with some pretty lights. Add some gauzy curtains, and you’ll have a very romantic for reading books or gazing at stars. String lights aren’t expensive either, so mix and match different colors to get the perfect mood lighting you desire.


33. Marble Adhesive Paper

Remember how we said get marble-anything? Now you can marbleize anything you already have in your home. This easy-to-use contact paper can be applied to tables, garbage cans, the counters in your bathroom, or anything you think needs a touch of class. Cut to the perfect size, peel the back off, and stick it on. It’s just that easy.


34. Accent Chair

Get an accent chair (i.e., a different color than the rest of your living room), and everything else will shine. Be sure you get one that’s comfortable too. You don’t want your guests sitting on the floor instead. Try out a few and see which colors or patterns compliment the style of your apartment well.


35. Decorative Wall Shelf

Your shelves don’t have to be made of dull wood. Consider shelving that goes outside the norm to bring some character to your apartment. Also, you’ll have even more storage that you can appreciate when the clutter is starting to get to you.


36. Bathroom Organizer

This simple shelving unit stands over your toilet, making it an excellent choice for those who have tiny bathrooms. Add extra rolls of toilet paper, hand towels, a potted plant or two, and you’ve taken care of all of your bathroom storage needs. That means more floor space for you to get around without bumping into everything in your bathroom.


37. Coffee Table Storage

A great coffee table adds a lot of charisma to a room, but getting one with an added shelf underneath proves you with extra storage for magazines or other containers. You can even add a few vases and decorative pieces to bring some color to your living room.


38. TV Stand and Entertainment Center

Keep all of your Blu-rays and video games organized in a handy unit that won’t take up too much space. A television stand is an ideal way to keep your game console, DVD player, and TV together in a compact package.


39. Add More Mirrors

You probably already know that hanging up mirrors will make the room appear bigger, right? Well, have you ever considered how much a mirror costs? You can find inexpensive ones anywhere! The larger, the better, just as long as you don’t go overboard with the size.


40. Smaller Couch

It can be very tempting to go for those big couches and oversized chairs, but your space and wallet will suffer for it. A smaller sofa means more floor space for you to work with — and money in your pocket!