40 Minimalist Style Ideas for the Perfect Dorm Room

Trista - April 17, 2019

Transforming your small dorm room into a place that feels like a home is not an easy task to accomplish. You want to reflect your sense of style without overburdening your room with too much stuff because the square footage is lacking, to say the least. The minimalist style is usually the best option for most dorm rooms because small touches show your personality without spending too much money. College students don’t have much cash, especially for home decor! Check out these awesome minimalist ideas, and you’ll adore your new dorm room in no time.



1. The Bare Necessities

You need a spot for your clothes, an area for your studies, and a place to lay your head. That’s it. You’re in college so create a cozy space where you can get work done and then rest afterward. Just because the room is small doesn’t mean it has to feel cramped.


2. Add Color with Green Plants

The chances are good that your dorm room walls are white. Choose a neutral palette to decorate your dorm room and spice it up with natural green plants. It will make your room look clean while still adding color to keep it interesting. Besides that, having plants around can be beneficial for many reasons!


3. Decorate with Storage Crates

Standard wooden crates can make for great storage of dirty shoes, bags, and other things you want to keep out of the way. Stack them on different sides to create unique geometric shapes that can break up the monotony of the room. Nobody said being minimalist meant you couldn’t go rustic.


4. You’re Never Too Young to Play With Shapes

Break up the monotony of the room by adding some playful shapes. Get a globe lantern to hang from your ceiling or attach a few colorful storage cubes to one wall. Wa-la! You went from plain to personal in the most minimalist way possible.


5. Display your Jewelry

You wear jewelry, and you need to keep it organized. However, you don’t want a big ole box taking up space. Let your jewelry become the focal point of the room by hanging it all from a simple branch. Please attach it to the wall and use the many branches to put your necklaces and bracelets on display. Not only will it keep your chains from tangling or getting lost, but using what you have to create a style is a minimalist’s dream.


6. Get Quirky with Cork Boards

Save your walls and add your photos and art pieces to a sheet of cork board instead. This handy design is both practical and aesthetic depending on how you decorate it. Tack up your calendar and reminders too so that you don’t miss your deadlines.


7. De-clutter Every Now and Again

From tons of books and papers to dirty clothes and leftover pizza boxes, living in a college dorm can get a little messy. You should really designate a weekly day or monthly time to tidy. Donate things you don’t need anymore instead of letting them take up space in your dorm room. Not staying on top of this task will ruin the entire minimalist aesthetic you are trying to achieve.


8. Avoid Saying Yes to Free Stuff

It can be easy to say yes to free hats, sweatshirts, and posters but avoid this at all costs. You’ll only end up with more stuff in your room that you really don’t need. As a result, you will clutter your walls and closet. You might not even put them up or wear them anyway, which is a big no-no for the minimalist style.


9. Pop Some Tags

Don’t be afraid to shop for used items of furniture. Getting the newest furniture and home decor can end up costing way more than thrift shops. Also, you can find some one-of-a-kind pieces that are brand new. Shop around with your roommates, and you will find the perfect decor while building lasting friendships.


10. Pick Just One Theme

If you really want to show off your personality, pick a singular theme that reflects your sense of style. Is music your thing? Include some guitar picks, drum sticks, records, or album covers into your decor. Maybe you are into peacocks, owls, or some other animal. Do some brainstorming, and the ideas will come to life.


11. Look to the Future with Lucite Furniture

To really complete the minimalist look, consider Lucite furniture. It’s a hard, clear plastic that is completely see-through. It can give your dorm room a beautiful futuristic look while being extremely practical.


12. Hang It Up

Skip table frames and other things that only take up space on your desk or dresser. Instead, go for wall hangings. Not only will it save you surface space, but they are more interesting when on display this way. If you can’t find one you like, just go for a simple string of lights on some hooks for a wonderful glow. There are a plethora of hanging materials for dorm rooms that won’t damage the walls.


13. Doodle Away

In this day and age, most of your photos are online. Instead of hanging up pictures, you can always make one-of-a-kind artwork instead. Buy a canvas and splash some paint on it, or doodle on some pieces of paper to tack to the wall by your bed. Make your room uniquely yours with a pop of color or pencil drawing.


14. Stash Away Stuff with Under-Bed Storage

To maintain the minimalist look of your dorm, consider adding storage under your bed. A simple set of drawers can store extra clothes, books, or other oddities you want to keep hidden. This design type is perfect when being minimalistic is easier said than done.


15. Stay Simple

You need storage, but don’t it doesn’t need to be complicated. Shelves in a simple shape or color will be all that you need to add some dimension while maintaining the minimal look. You might think some of the pieces aren’t innovative enough, but put them altogether and they are both functional and stylish.


16. College is for Multitasking

Hopefully, your dorm room is more than a hole in the wall. If so, try to construct an area that can be both used as a desk and a window seat. This design tip will give you more room to work with and a lovely seating arrangement that you can use when you’re done working.


17. Personal Decor for a Personal Touch

If you have many photos lying around, why not add them to a wall in a fun and unique way? Arranging them into a shape or just organizing them by color can really make a difference to your walls. You’ll enjoy sharing your old memories with new friends, and taking more pictures with them in it!


18. There’s Something Satisfying About Symmetry

Finding a balance of symmetry on your walls can be very pleasing to the eye. Buy two of everything to complete this look, from pillows to photo frames. Feel free to hit up thrift stores and clearance aisles to save money. You’ll feel overwhelming satisfied with the nearly effortless result.


19. Express Yourself with Shelves

These simple shelves can’t hold a lot of weight but are also the ideal way to show off your collectible figures or potted plants. The lines of the shelves along with the cords will break up your white walls so that they don’t look so dull.


20. Give Your Bed the Lift It Deserves

Create more floor space by lifting your bed. Make sure it is secure and place your desk underneath. You are literally using one area for two purposes. (Again with the multitasking.) You will adore this cozy place to study and can decorate it with your favorite pictures for motivation.


21. Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

Having a few simple mirrors on the walls will definitely brighten up your door room. It will also make the room look much bigger than it really is and reflect the wonderful colors of your decor. Not only that but a mirror with clean lines instead of a large frame will only enhance the minimalistic look of the space.


22. Say It With One Big Print

Since you most likely can’t paint your walls, add bright graphics to make a statement. Make it the focus of the room when paired with a neutral theme. It will definitely be a conversation piece.


23. Not Mono, Monochromatic

Choosing one color palette to work with is not only simple, but it will make your room look less cluttered and more enjoyable. It will look put-together, and the room will feel more inviting. Use textures to add differentiation to the room such as a fake fur throw or a patterned pillow.


24. Pick a Color Scheme

If you desire for vibrant things in a small space in your room, stick to your big pieces in your neutral color scheme and add smaller items that are brightly colored. Your dorm room doesn’t have to be boring if you know how to dress it up right.


25. Make Bedding the Focal Point

If nothing else, you need a pillow and a blanket when you go to college. Keep the rest of your decor away and focus on a beautiful comforter set instead. Having a fun pattern on your duvet can really bring the room together and add some character. All you have to do is make your bed, and your design is done.


26. Angle your Furniture

It may feel compulsory to have everything line up against the walls, but this will actually make your room look more stark and awkward. Rather, angle chairs and tables at the corners for a more natural, lived-in feel. If you don’t like it, go back to the old-fashioned way.


27. Use your Windowsill

Don’t be afraid to decorate your windowsill with your personal belongings. This simple design tip will make your dorm room feel more homey, especially if your bed is by the window. Placing one or two special items is the ideal way to put your favorite things on display without killing the minimalist vibe.


28. Show Off Those Legs

You probably have never thought of this design tip, but try to find furniture that has exposed legs. This little trick will make your dorm room seem much larger than it really is and you won’t have to worry about dressing your furniture up too much.


29. Keep It On the Down Low

Why not go for furniture that’s low and on the ground? Instead of hanging up paintings, place them on the floor so that they look like an organized museum piece. Having everything lower will make your ceiling feel that much higher.


30. Nobody’s Perfect

Minimalist doesn’t mean that everything has to be in a neat, trimmed line. Allow your dorm room to feel lived-in by creating odd angles. Pillows shouldn’t have to be arranged perfectly either nor does your duvet have to be tucked in just right. If anything, just don’t let your bed look slovenly.


31. Would You Use Wood?

Wood furniture adds a deep, earthy tone that compliments neutral decorations very nicely. It’s simple, classic, and easy to get. And if you get bored with it, you can always paint it to match the rest of your decor. Go ahead and add some warmth in your dorm room with small wood pieces.


32. Daydream in Your Daybed

You probably can’t have a queen or even full-size bed in your dorm room. However, it would help if you went for a daybed instead of a twin. It’s much smaller and is very tempting to lounge on after a very hard day. They take up less space, which means more room for your other stuff.


33. Go for the Gold

Gold and white can either be gaudy or minimal — there is no in between! (Okay, maybe a little, but that is not the point.) Instead of a bright pop of color, there is something special about mixing gold and white or even a pale pink. It can add a level of sophistication to any room. Try silver or another metal if gold isn’t your favorite.


34. Create Drama — Only with the Decor!

Putting up a simplistic picture can add some color, but splitting it up into three separate pieces creates even more of a statement piece. You can space the three parts further apart to add more balance to a wall.


35. The Illuminati

Having great lighting will help you stay on task. A sleek, arched light will provide illumination that can be turned and swiveled in any direction that you need. This design is great for any dorm room, especially a minimalist style.


36. Hello, World!

If you cannot decorate your walls in your dorm room, why not decorate your windows instead? Forgot those second-grade window clings of Christmas characters; there are beautiful window clings that you can hang up that will instantly dress up the space. Moreover, with the light coming in, everything in your dorm room will be hit with a splash of color.


37. Create A Chandelier

A minimalist but romantic lighting option is to hang some lights from a large hoop in the center of your room. It’s transcendent mood lighting and perfect for those nights when you just want to wind down after an intense study session.


38. Can It Be a Canopy?

The swooping lines of the canopy not only break up the monotony of your color scheme but can also add a romantic flair to your bed. It’s a simple, affordable option to either purchase or make yourself. Besides that, the canopy is easy to take down when you’re ready to move out.


39. Brighten Up with LED Strip Lighting

If you want to turn up then turn on the LED strip lighting. You can conveniently stick these lights anywhere you want. They provide excellent illumination and a bunch of fun. A few brands even come with a little remote so you can change the colors to suit your mood.


40. Use a Metal Bed Frame

If you aren’t forced to sleep in a built-in bunk bed, then consider this style for your minimalistic dorm room. Going for a metal bed frame is not only easier to move around than wood, but it also looks more streamlined. The curves of the metal create a polished look to a room. If you don’t like the color, metal is easy to paint. That way, you can make the place your own with a statement bed frame.