40+ Nearly Perfect Instagram Photos That Were Hilariously Ruined

James Loftus - July 19, 2021

It shouldn’t be a secret nowadays that the photos that influencers upload are not 100% real. Anyone can demonstrate anything they want behind a screen – people use Photoshop, filters and the “beautify” tool to create a version of them that is not real. While this is often overlooked, some people have grown weary of the unrealistic versions they see of “influencers.” Discover all these people who were discovered using Photoshop too much or who were the victims of someone who ruined their photo in the funniest way possible!

The “Strongest” Dude

The thing is, it’s understandable why someone would want to showcase their strength on social media. The only problem is that real strength takes work – and if you’re going to fake it with photoshop you better pay attention to the details.

Reddit / mr_kord

However, this individual failed to conceal the mirror reflection in the background, revealing the poor quality of their editing.

Was it Necessary to Include the Starbucks Logo?

Starbucks has been successful in their marketing campaigns for several years, even persuading individuals in countries without a Starbucks to crave a cup of their divine coffee.

Reddit / joanoa

For some unexplained reason, this young woman thought she had to photoshop a Starbucks logo on the coffee she is holding, but sadly, it didn’t go so well.

A Surprise Guest

After getting engaged this couple hired a professional photographer to document the perfect moment. During the midst of this celebration, comedian Dave Chapelle unexpectedly appeared in the photo shoot, adding to the excitement.

Reddit / Tommeh92

Soon after, the picture went unsurprisingly viral on Reddit, getting some 90,000 upvotes in just a day.

The Fence Was Always There

We all enjoy viewing magnificent travel photos on social media, particularly since travel has become a distant dream lately. But this guy went a little bit too far. In a series of photos where he appears to be in different places around the world, it was the fence in his backyard that eventually gave it away.

Reddit / Purple_Llamas

Individuals started to observe that the fence was consistently present, exposing his falsehood.

A Rookie Mistake

There are some fundamental principles in photo editing that can assist in producing a flawlessly edited picture. But as we’ve learned (and will continue learning), many people don’t necessarily do their research before posting a picture with “a touch” here and there.

Reddit / DanteMarlvin

Thus, when this young woman shared an adorable photo of herself, the reflection on the adjacent window exposed her true appearance.

A Visit from Free Willy

What could possibly enhance a photo more than a whale photobombing it? During a boat trip with their family, these two women chose to capture the moment with a selfie, only to be photobombed by a magnificent guest.

Reddit / vanillapopcorn

Out of nowhere, a whale leaped just as the photo was taken, producing an incredible moment now cherished forever.

You Do What You Gotta Do for That Fame

It was discovered that some women in LA rent studio spaces resembling private jets solely for the purpose of posting “cool” and glamorous pictures of themselves.

Reddit / smooniie

When this person found out about the number of fake photos that are probably circulating online, they just lost it and had to post an entire rant about it.

The Best “Photobomb” In A Wedding Photo

Another photobomb that could have not been more welcome for a lovely couple. During their wedding photoshoot, actor Jason Momoa unexpectedly made an appearance, resulting in one of the most unforgettable wedding pictures ever captured.

Reddit / FenrirIII

He came through with a trident and poked the couple as they burst out laughing.

The Angle Says It All

Again, folks, just refrain from believing everything you may see on social media. Angles play a crucial role, particularly when celebrities opt to avoid the use of Photoshop. Nowadays, pictures don’t necessarily have to be edited or photoshopped in order to be unrealistic.


All it takes is discovering which angles flatter one’s appearance the most to fabricate a completely false version of oneself.

Stop Fooling Us

We’re not going to lie, it’s really hard to understand the reason behind this decision to photoshop in this instance.


It’s a bit strange, but it happened – a Ferrari logo was randomly photoshopped onto the steering wheel of a car that she wasn’t even driving.

The Editing Went a Bit Overboard

This photo had such great potential, and to be completely honest, the guy isn’t that difficult to look at in the first place, so why so much editing?


Instead of sharing a candid photo capturing a relaxed moment, the man opted to heavily utilize the teeth whitening feature, resulting in teeth that are excessively white and shiny, perhaps even the most dazzling on the internet.

Look at the Difference!

The situation has escalated to a point where certain individuals are sharing pictures of themselves that portray them as entirely distinct individuals.


Ethan Klein, a YouTuber, began creating videos that reveal Instagram users who engage in such behavior, and to remind young people to stop believing everything they see on social media. He claims: “I can’t get over the difference! Don’t believe what you see on Instagram folks.”

Does a Hike Really Count If You Didn’t Bring a Dog Along?

To be frank, if you embarked on a scenic hike and failed to share a picture of yourself at the summit on social media, can you even say you hiked at all? To this person’s luck, her picture was additionally enhanced with a whole lot of cuteness when her dog decided she had to be in the picture too.

Reddit / haziqz

Therefore, just as the photo was about to be taken, the husky made a sudden appearance and flashed a smile for the camera.

The Perfect Bikini Shot

The individual in the photo isn’t an entirely different person, but the angle she decided to utilize in the picture she shared somewhat distorts the image.


And well, there is absolutely nothing wrong with choosing to share the angles that enhance our best features. The situation becomes slightly problematic when such content is all we encounter online.

Next Time, Erase the Filter Name

Filters have taken the world by storm for quite some time now, and while they can be incredibly enjoyable, they also produce distorted versions of reality. The trend has become so widespread that individuals are now paying to alter their appearances to resemble their preferred filters.

Reddit / littleccasglock

Unfortunately, this girl forgot to erase the name of her filter when she tried to convince her followers that her eyes were turning from grey to green naturally. Looking up you can clearly see, “Colored Lenses by luxelenses.”

Was it Really Necessary?

Another embarrassing photoshopped situation that just seems to be so unnecessary. The lady shared a photo of a tidy and adorable breakfast-in-a-robe morning scenario, but it appears as though her breakfast hadn’t yet been served.

Reddit / FaceInTheSpace

So instead, she took a picture of a breakfast plate and literally pasted it into her picture, creating this disaster we see here.

A Brilliant Idea

Once more, the mental health implications of idealized selfies posted by celebrities and influencers on social media are significant. While some people have begun taking it seriously, others have brushed away the very urgent need to do something about it.

Reddit / MajorOooooof

According to this individual, a new legislation proposed in the UK aims to mandate that celebrities disclose when they share edited content.

What Happened to Her Hand?

It’s essential for people to review their photoshopped images regularly, as even a minor flaw can expose the entire reality.


After that, no matter how stunning the picture is, once one finds out it’s photoshopped that person’s credibility is gone.

The Cat Couldn’t Care Less

We are all aware of how sly cats can be, and many of them do whatever they please. Unsurprisingly, this cat is no different. While the bride and groom were taking their wedding photos, their picture wasn’t unexpectedly interrupted by a celebrity star, but rather by this feline.

Reddit / Bergfried

Instead, the cat decided that he needed to be a part of that picture in order to make their day – and that’s exactly what he did.

It’s a Fact, Cats Hate Weddings

Here goes another one of a cat that wasn’t going to let that photo be snapped without the grace of his face. But he didn’t just want to be a part of the photo.

Reddit / KingOnKeys

The cat wanted to exhibit its complete face, so that the delighted couple could forever recollect the day when a feline decided to join in their wedding pictures.

Not the Most Romantic Photo

Well, that’s definitely an interesting way of ruining a random couple’s photo. This couple opted for a charming kissing snapshot by leaning out of their respective car windows, but they failed to notice the presence of two guys in the back.

Reddit / BadderthanyOu

Both guys chose to pee exactly when the couple kissed and the photo was snapped. Now they’re stuck with this lovely picture.

That Was a Bit Unnecessary

Now, this is something new. Reportedly, this Instagram user was caught photoshopping the same cloud into her photographs, and nobody can quite comprehend the motive behind it.

Reddit / your-missing-mom

Two things are possible here. Either she holds an immense fondness for that particular cloud formation and decided that it must feature in all her travel pictures, or perhaps the places depicted in her pictures are all artificially created via photo editing software.

Not Nature Can Escape

Even Mother Nature isn’t immune to being disgracefully photoshopped to appear more vibrant. The two photos below show a picture of a blue and purple stunning lake next to how the lake actually looks like (which is stunning on its own).

Reddit / _-_ FanGirl _-_

A man is seen sitting next to the lake in an unedited image, which essentially serves as proof that the person who posted the image on the left resorted to some extreme editing.

There Are Many More Out There

It may be hard to believe, but it is surprisingly common for people to add clouds via photoshop to their pictures on Instagram. Apparently, they give the photos a bit of a dreamy upgrade, resulting in tons of people resorting to stock photos and clouds every single day to be added to their Instagram posts.

Reddit / Snugglepuff1

That is certainly something we never thought we’d be writing about.

Drake Was Right There

On a regular evening, this guy went out for dinner with his family. In the midst of it all, they decided to take a group photo, unaware that it would become one of their most cherished memories.

Reddit / moneyor2

Only when they took a look at the photo later that evening, did they realize that Drake was chilling right next to them!

What Happened to Her Foot?

There appears to be some extremely awkward editing in this picture that once noticed, cannot be ignored. The woman’s foot seems unnaturally tiny, making it difficult to comprehend how such a thing occurred.

Reddit / wine4cats

Was it on purpose? Was it the angle? Or was it just an honest mistake, which accidentally became the height of this cute photo?

The Look on the Waiter’s Face!

This is one of the most incredibly awkward sceneries that involve children. This waiter had quite the unfortunate moment as he was bringing food to his table!

Reddit / sarkytyke

The photograph captured the moment when a child unexpectedly punched the waiter in the crotch, leaving him completely caught off guard.

Well, That’s Just Terrifying

While some individuals struggle with their editing skills, others take it to a level that is beyond words to describe. This woman posted a picture of herself that couldn’t look less like her real face.

Reddit / chiiisai

Her excessive use of Photoshop resulted in her face becoming unrecognizable to even her closest friends and family. Despite this, she maintained that the altered image was real.

Striking a Pose

The art of posing may come naturally to some, but it can be a real struggle to some people out there, this girl included. As she was attempting to strike her best pose, a guy in the background couldn’t resist mimicking her stance.

Reddit / OliveOliveo

She ended up with a hilarious picture that we hope she took well.

The Other Horse Looks Annoyed

There is always that one quirky friend that can’t see a photo being taken without making a funny face. This picture suggests that horses may also experience such moments, where one of them playfully mimics the other.

Reddit / atlcollie

However, as anticipated, there is always a friend who fails to find it amusing. No matter what though, this is easily one of the cutest horse photos we’ve ever seen.

Is This really Her mugshot?

It’s evident that people have no boundaries when it comes to the types of images, they choose to manipulate using Photoshop, including mugshots. Someone had the brilliant idea of taking this mugshot and editing this woman’s everything, so it would become one of those viral mugshots.

Reddit / iamtomisbehave151

We’re uncertain if this person has their priorities in order, given their unclear intentions.

Keeping Things Real

Firstly, it must be stated that she is stunning, regardless of what she chooses to put on her face. However, in a society where many individuals strive to be someone they’re not, it’s truly refreshing to witness someone being authentic.

Reddit / __wild_wonder__

To break the norm, this girl decided to put a photo of herself without any make-up and photoshop it next to one with the entire face production.

Couldn’t be further from Reality

Although we may be amused by the various ways in which these photos have failed, it’s challenging to disregard the potential hazards of scrolling through social media. Though some accounts are definitely authentic, others couldn’t be further from reality (in a really unhealthy way).


Let this be a reminder for all of us not to take everything we come across on social media at face value.

It’s All About the Pose

Not everyone tries to lie about who they truly are on social media though. In recent times, influencers have become increasingly conscious of the perils of creating unrealistic social media accounts and have made a concerted effort to keep things as authentic as possible.


For this person, it was all about the angle, the makeup, and well, a tiny bit of photoshop.

“Magazines Are an Illusion”

It’s not just Instagram users who manipulate their pictures online to give the impression of being closer to “perfection” than others. Celebrities do it too on a daily basis, and many rarely admit it.

Instagram reality

And while they do it themselves, oftentimes, the decisions to hide any perceived “imperfections” on their bodies or faces are made by the influencers’ managers and producers. They ensure that their clients always appear flawless.

Skin Is Not Perfect

Have you ever pondered why celebrities never seem to have acne? It turns out that they actually do, but they either conceal it flawlessly or undergo harsh treatments to ensure that it never surfaces.

Instagram reality

Nevertheless, there are many disadvantages that may come with keeping one’s image so clean and flawless all the time. In fact, it must be exhausting.

Instagram Vs Reality

Well, folks, there are actually people who have made it their purpose to create “Instagram vs reality” videos and posts just so people get a good dose of reality on a daily basis.


As we select who to follow on social media, it’s becoming more and more common for individuals to share unfiltered glimpses into their lives. In fact, it might have even become a trend to keep things real.

One Would Anticipate Better Photoshop Skills

No matter how famous they become, celebrities are still ordinary people, just like each one of us. And even though celebrities like Khloe Kardashian have tried to create brands to be more inclusive and break down barriers in Hollywood, even they give in to the photoshop rabbit hole.


One would assume that the work would be executed more proficiently.

That’s Way Too Much

Some pictures are photoshopped to a level that may actually start giving others trust issues. How are we supposed to know what is real and what isn’t anymore? Admittedly, there are times when certain giveaways such as makeup, angles, and poses are noticeable.


However, some individuals have become so skilled in the art of deception that it’s becoming more challenging to discern what is real and what is not.

“Am I Not the Cutest?”

Something about llamas is just too cute for this earth. Their perfectly asymmetrical faces give the impression of a constant smile, warming the heart of anyone who looks at them. So, when this llama unexpectedly photobombed a picture of the view of Machu Picchu from above, the fortunate photographer was left in complete amazement.

Reddit / Gishu

Now, they will always have a photo of a llama posing perfectly above Machu Picchu.

And We’re Back to Khloe Kardashian

For those who have been following the Kardashians for a while, or at least keeping up with the family through social media, Khloe Kardashian’s transformation came as a surprise, given that it was unexpected.

Instagram reality

Even though the reality star has tried to keep things real here and there, we continue to learn that even she is not exempt from the wonders of photoshop.

The Queen of Social Media

It is widely known that Kylie Jenner has undergone extensive cosmetic procedures on her body. The social media pro has come under fire several times for procedures she has done, but never as much as that one time that she decided to get lip fillers.

Instagram reality

This picture suggests that there may be something off about the fillers used by Kylie Jenner.

Coachella, The Instagram Farm

There’s something undeniably heartbreaking about this picture. It’s likely that most of us have heard of Coachella. That huge music and arts festival that counts with the presence of some of the most known Instagram and Hollywood stars.

Instagram reality

However, this picture makes it evident that the thrill of the moment is not enjoyed by many people, as they spend a significant amount of their time seeking content.

Instagramers Are Ruining California’s Spring

Instagram users are willing to make considerable efforts to capture the perfect shot, regardless of its authenticity. They may even go as far as altering nature itself to capture the quintessential colorful California spring photo.

Instagram reality

When someone started posting photos of this specific spot during California’s super bloom, others followed along and ended up killing hundreds of plants.

Kylie Jenner On the Same Day

Prior to Kylie Jenner undergoing any cosmetic “enhancements,” she already had a passion for experimenting with makeup and posing at different angles on social media. For example, the picture on the left was taken on the same day as the picture on the right-hand side, but it actually looks like we’re looking at two different people.


It seems highly likely that a significant amount of photoshop was utilized in this case.

Bye Bye Eyebrows

That’s quite an awkward situation. The girl put in a lot of effort to upload a stunning photoshopped image of herself, but she failed to verify if everything was in the correct position.


When she noticed that her eyebrow was poking through her hat in the posted picture, it became apparent that there were hardly any authentic elements in the image.

More Than a Few Distortions

Here we go again with a photoshop rookie mistake. As previously discussed, there are several factors that should be verified when publishing a photoshopped image. While most people won’t notice it if the picture is slightly edited, it is almost impossible to unsee that many angles that just don’t match.


For instance, if we consider the Colosseum and the fence in the background, how could they be so distorted?

Portrait of Melania Trump

It’s understandable that the First Lady would strive for a flawless White House portrait, particularly after years of establishing an impeccable image. But even Melania Trump is human and is prone to having some fine lines here and there.


Although her portrait cleverly concealed it, an alternative angle of the photograph exposed every unwanted line in her smile.

Leg Days Have to Get Better

We’ve heard countless jokes about muscular individuals who neglect or intentionally overlook the importance of training their legs with the same level of dedication as they do for the rest of their body.


Well, it seems like this person either loves that body shape, or she went a little overboard with the photoshopping situation. To appear more natural, she may have required slightly larger calves.

And We Go Back to Khloe … Again

There are so many things that are unsettling about this picture. The before-and-after pictures are so dissimilar that once again, it’s difficult to fathom how people are capable of distorting their images to this extent.


While we are aware that celebrity pictures are almost never left untouched, this level of photoshop is just an entirely different one. Despite everything, we still appreciate Khloe’s effort to maintain authenticity every now and then.