40 Pool House Designs That Feel Like a Home Away From Home

Trista - July 16, 2019

Having a pool house can definitely feel like you’re on a vacation away from home, all without leaving your yard. However, the importance of producing the perfect getaway is all in the design. You want to create a space that is both entertaining yet comfortable, while still being stylish.

Chances are good that you don’t have acres of land either to build a considerable pool house with an extraordinary amount of square footage. In order to design the perfect pool house for you and your family, check out these 40 awesome pool house designs. Your summer vacation will go by way too fast!



1. Curtain Call

This luxurious pool house is simple, classic, yet elegant. The inclusion of furniture out in the open creates a space where people can relax with some refreshing drinks, or you can just bask in the cool shade and watch the world pass by you.

Give yourself some privacy by adding curtains to the changing area of your pool house. No one wants to accidentally get spied on when they’re in the middle of putting on their swimsuits, so get some thick curtains so that they can feel safe. The added skylights provide even more sunlight to the interior, so there’s no fumbling around for the light switch in the dark.


2. Keep the Lights On

A great pool house should have good lighting, no matter what time of day it is. You should have various light settings so that you can switch between them throughout the day to create the right mood.

Bright lights should be used for the daytime and softer ambient light during evening hours. The slatted walls offer you a great view of the outdoors while you’re having tea or dinner. They also provide you with clarity to the interior as well so that you can see where everyone is at for safety reasons.


3. Mini Patio

Your home can have a patio or porch in the front of your house, so why not by your pool house, too? Place some chairs and a small table there so that you have a beautiful place to relax that’s poolside but still private. It gives those inside some privacy for changing too.

The patio closes off the angles of the pool house so well so that you can conveniently get from one part to the other without having to walk around the yard.


4. Angles and Greenery

There’s nothing wrong with adding some plants around your pool house to bring in some nature. In fact, the luscious green will do wonderfully against those cool blues you have going on. Moreover, don’t be afraid to play with angles when designing the original shape of your pool house. You want to utilize as much of the space around your pool as possible.

The hanging light over the seated area provides excellent illumination for you to read and mirrors the round table underneath. Sturdy wood walls make for a great place to put up some shelves for all of your cocktail ingredients if you’re feeling a little thirsty.


5. Comfy Seating

Get seats and couches where everyone will love to lounge and quite possibly never get back up! Spending the time to find comfortable furniture will be an investment, as you’re more likely to use them than avoid them to find better seating inside.

The soft muted grey-blue colors create an air of relaxation, which is lovely after a strenuous swim. Create some symmetry with twin lamps, and break up the monotony with a piece of modern art on the wall.


6. Stick With Stone

When choosing materials to build your pool house, you should know that stone is always a great choice. Just ask the three little pigs! It’s durable, comes in many colors, and provides that river appearance to the overall aesthetic of your pool area. The cool grays also work wonderfully with any color paint you decide to use.

Stone also lasts a really long time because it can withstand so much weather changes throughout the year. However, be sure to check it periodically to ensure there aren’t any cracks or chips that can lead to the structure of your pool house being compromised.


7. Barn-Style Swimming

You could go for the more rustic look of a barn-style pool house. The faded wood and simple roof provide you with much space to work with, as well as many opportunities for decor choices that reflect your sense of style.

Choosing not to stain your wood can give it that distressed look that many people are going for nowadays. However, this leaves the wood open and prone to woodpeckers and burrowing insects, so you’ll want to keep an eye on it.


8. Literal Shower Curtain

Having a dripping curtain of water can add an enchanting effect to any pool. It also creates a delightful illusion of a curtain to your pool house. The colorful lights emphasize this feature even more, forming a unique look that will leave your guests amazed.

The simplicity of the dripping water also contrasts nicely against the dark red ceilings and clean lines of the interior. A beautiful installation like this one can be a bit pricey, but the visual is definitely worth it.


9. Retractable Walls

Privacy is critical in the area around a pool house, but you still want to be able to have access to the outdoors. These retractable walls solve both problems, as they work like blinds.

They can be withdrawn all the way to the ceiling to create an open space, or they can be lowered to the ground for complete privacy. The walls are made from natural materials that won’t warp over time and can be easily recycled if they do happen to break.


10. Wooden and Simple

Sometimes, wood is all you need to make a nice pool house look amazing. The deep warm tones of the wood grain play nicely against the crystal blue of the pool, creating a peaceful dynamic that anyone would enjoy.

Bringing that wood into the interior will create a cohesive look, which is a great idea; it makes the space look clean and luxurious. The embedded lighting creates taller-looking ceilings, and a simple couch provides the perfect place to sit and relax while you watch everyone else swimming in your pool.


11. A Tiny Home

Are you still undecided as to how to build your pool house? Why not just make it look like a tiny home? There’s nothing wrong with that, and many people even love the look of it. If you really want to wow people, you could make it look like a smaller replica of your own home.

The slate shingles and potted plants on either side of the front door dress this pool house up with an air of sophistication that would make anyone feel comfortable to stay there.


12. A Splash of Color

The interior of this space is quite open, granting access to anyone who wants to come in. Cream-colored curtains are ideal for privacy, and a large television on one wall can serve as hours of entertainment when you’re feeling a bit bored.

Don’t be afraid to go with bold colors when you’re painting the inside of your pool house. The brighter, the better because you want it to be a reflection of summery fun. Try vibrant colors for cushions as well, and keep your furniture and walls a neutral color for balance.


13. Small and Cozy

Pool houses can be small and still look great. This simple structure of dark wood and glass is quite striking, yet there isn’t a lot of complexity to it. It matches well with the seating and fire pit that are close by too, incorporating similar geometric shapes to create one cohesive theme.

This pool house is perfectly tucked away in one corner of the backyard so as not to be intrusive to the other elements at play. It is all you need to enjoy the pool throughout the summer!


14. Modern Pool House

This pool house may look a little stark, but the dark black paint makes it look very modern and clean. Sometimes less is more, and with such minimal decor, the area is pretty flexible for whatever color scheme you desire.

Going with black makes this pool house less than imposing, and actually blends into the environment around it rather than standing out like a sore thumb. Black isn’t very popular for exteriors, but you may want to give this one a try.


15. Utilize All of the Space

Nothing is more annoying than not having enough space for all your pool equipment. However, you can take care of that problem by adding a crawl space above your pool house where everything can be kept out of the way.

The ladder at the back grants easy access to your pool skimmers, pool noodles, or whatever you have lying around that keeps getting in the way. Your yard will thank you for storing your stuff somewhere else, as it will look tidier and much more extensive.


16. Durable Flooring

Since your pool house is going to be near the pool, there’s going to be a lot of water involved. Forego wooden floors or any absorbent material, as your floors won’t last very long.

Instead, choose concrete, cement, or tiles; these surfaces are easy to dry with a towel or a mop if you leave a water trail behind you. Also, choose a floor that has texture so that your wet feet don’t easily slip on the surface.


17. Spare No Expense

To really make your pool house stick out, you should employ the design tips you’d use to decorate if this were the front door of your home. Incorporate elements you have around your home’s exterior already to transition everything together into one coherent theme.

Simple is always best too, as you don’t want to create a pool house entrance that’s too busy and gives everyone looking at it a headache.


18. Colorful Awnings

Your pool house will shine yet remain cool thanks to these beautiful awnings. Include awnings so you can provide shade to those who want to get out of the sun. They can be folded back when you want to let more light in, and are resistant to fading.

They’re pretty weatherproof too, so you’re not going to need to replace them very often. Bright awnings with neutral tones give the place a summery feel, and it doesn’t hurt to look for awnings that match your sun umbrellas too.


19. Open Air

If you’re not great at coming up with a design scheme for your pool house, it’s essential that you keep one critical thing in mind: keep the space open. You don’t want your pool house to feel like a mess. This clutter will only add to the stress you’re trying to escape.

Large open windows and a large entryway can help to create this vast space, as well as getting minimal furniture that isn’t too bulky. Bring some of the outdoors inside also with a neat potted plant.


20. Provide Entertainment

Not all of your guests are going to enjoy swimming (or even knows how to swim), so it wouldn’t hurt to provide some alternative means of entertainment. A game room inside your pool house works wonders at keeping the mood light while still rousing those competitive streaks.

You can provide anything from table tennis to board games to keep everyone busy, just as long as you have ample space to store it all. Stock a nearby fridge with some beverages and keep some snacks close by to fulfill those cravings after a hearty game of Scrabble.


21. Farmhouse Pool House

If you can’t build outward, why not go up? The pool house design allows you and your friends to have a relaxing time upstairs while the party is going on downstairs. This taller-than-average pool house makes it easy for people to pair off and have separate conversations.

The outdoor staircase makes it easy for you to get between the floors too so that you won’t have to force your way through company downstairs. Easy access with a lot of space and warm lighting makes this pool house an excellent choice for those who like to entertain.


22. Caribbean Flavor

Raffia light covers and hardwood structure takes you away from the bustling city life and whisks you away to white sandy beaches and tropical blue oceans.

The thatched roof complements this look, providing a water-proof shelter that isn’t going to wear away easily over time. Some stringed lights and a few cocktails would make this pool house absolutely perfect for an evening party or just a quiet dinner with your family.


23. Garden-Variety Roof

If you want your pool house to look natural, you could transform it into a garden of its very own! It’s not hard to have succulents, and other flowering plants grow atop your roof. Not only that, but this pool house design will definitely add some brilliant colors to the area.

The green on top goes well with the brick and wood of this pool house’s structure, pulling in some elements of the surrounding nature to keep this design clean and fresh.


24. Cute Cottage

Not all pool houses have to look like modern. This cute cottage-style is very charming and adds an element of whimsy to any backyard. The simple furniture doesn’t detract from the sweet simplicity of it all.

Moreover, even if you’re not ready to get out of the pool, you can swim right up and continue your conversation with those who are in the shade. The white-picket-fence feel is also introduced to this pool house to mirror the fencing going around the property.


25. Glass House

There’s nothing like transparency when all of the walls of your pool house are made from glass. Just be careful not to throw any stones! This structure lets in much natural light so that you don’t have to worry about illumination until the sun goes down.

The vaulted ceiling provides a lot of room and breathing space, and the modern minimalist interior allows for easy decoration to more accurately reflect your sense of style.


26. Housing Around

Why have your pool next to your pool house when you can have it inside? This pool house design is quite tall and extended to accommodate the entirety of the pool itself. That means not having to deal with getting cold once you get out of the water.

Also, having the structure around it means that you can go for a swim when it’s raining. Now you have no excuse not to get some cardio in when the weather is terrible.


27. Hip to be Square

Despite the hard lines of this pool house, the warm colors and lighting are quite inviting. The red contrasts nicely with the blue of the pool’s water, creating a color balance where one isn’t overwhelming the other.

The simple furniture doesn’t detract from the style of the pool house either. Scattered lanterns along the steps are easy to move around so you can illuminate precisely the areas you need to see when there’s no more sunlight.


28. Concrete Cabana

If you have a small pool, you need a small pool house to match. This cube of a place is quite minimal in structure and design but serves its purpose well. The stark white concrete is complemented by the dark lines of the sliding glass doors and the wood interior wall.

Low furniture keeps the minimalist theme going, though the black and white photo on the back wall adds some much-needed character to break up the monotony of all these lines.


29. Hidden Garden Pool House

Tuck this place away in your backyard if you really want some privacy. This pool house design takes the other idea of letting greenery grow on the roof of your pool house to the extreme.

Climbing vines cover almost the entirety of the structure, providing shade to the windows and keeping the interior generally cool. Just be careful with the kind of vines you choose, as some of them can tear the structure apart.


30. A Touch of Class

This pool house design is quite elegant in both structure and decor. The lovely addition of what we can only guess is Neptune’s bust with some fish on the roof conjures images of oceans and storms summoned by the Roman god’s anger.

Hopefully, none of that will be happening in this crystal clear pool. It has a very ancient Rome feel, with pillars and straight lines that keep everything in its place. The warm lighting, both inside and outside, illuminates the essential parts to play off certain angles and makes this pool house look like an old school bathhouse.


31. Light a Fire

This simple setting does wonders for all of the elements coming into play in this pool house’s structure. The focal point of the pool house design is clearly the stone fireplace. Not only does it look amazing, but it is practical for keeping warm after the sun sets as well as roasting some marshmallows.

The wooden pergola provides a shady area where you can dine with family and friends. Small waterfalls tumbling into the pool create a lovely white noise that fosters a sense of peace in the troubled mind. The pool house is so close that even if you keep swimming, your conversations don’t have to end.


32. Small and Cozy

This pool house design definitely looks like a home away from home. The climbing ivy is a nice touch as it completely covers one wall, and the angled roof ensures that no rain is going to overflow your pool any time soon.

It also serves the purpose of providing shelter, so that when it does rain, you don’t have to worry about being splashed. The simple banisters separate the sitting area from the pool, and the glass doors and walls allow for a lot of transparency and sunlight to come through.


33. Added Bar

Are you celebrating a birthday? Who doesn’t want to have a pool party? Take a dip in the water and celebrate with a few drinks at the bar! The U-shaped pool makes it easy for anyone to get in and out, and the high bar with added bar stools means you can celebrate any time.

There’s also a smaller sitting area in front of a fireplace for those who want a quieter time to themselves. With everything at your disposal in this pool house, you’ll never have a reason to leave.


34. No Walls to Speak Of

The openness of this pool house is very inviting. You can slip right out of the pool into a dry towel and take a seat to dive into some hot food. There are three separate seating areas for privacy, or you could lounge in the separated Jacuzzi to let those tired muscles relax.

The pendulum lighting and ceiling fans will light everything up and keep you cool respectively so that you can be comfortable no matter what the weather is outside.


35. Flair for the European

This pool house looks like it belongs in the English countryside. It could also be mistaken for in-law accommodations, with its fancy stone and dark grey shingles.

The triple doors match the triple arches at the front of the structure. Not only that, but the round bushes and topiaries contrast well with all the sharp lines and angles. A simple couch and chair suffice for the poolside, though there are other sitting areas on either side for lounging or snacking purposes.


36. Asian Inspiration

Similar to the rice paper walls of Japan, this structure has such a clean and crisp appearance. Translucent walls practically glow from the interior lights, allowing for some light to come through and illuminate the areas around the pool.

The simple wood walls and furniture continue this minimalist theme, and the small garden to one side provides much character to the otherwise immaculate space.


37. Feeling Victorian

Although this pool house is attached to the main house, it still has a character all of its own to be considered a separate space. The beautiful railings and curlicues at the top near the eaves practically beg for iced tea to be served.

Awnings provide some shade, but you can also seek shelter in the covered porches with their comfortable seating. All of this fancy, detailed work doesn’t require there to be any more decor to the rest of the pool area.


38. Going Au-Natural

You’ll be surprised to learn that all of these timber beams are held together without any nails or metal. Talk about reducing your carbon footprint! The practicality of these building practices leads to exposed structures that are definitely conversation pieces.

The beautiful arches invite you to take a seat, where you can enjoy the cool breeze and some lively conversation with your peers. There are changing rooms on either side too so that you can slip into that bathing suit and dive right into those refreshing waters.


39. Greenhouse Glass

Incorporate the look of a greenhouse into your pool house with lots of glass and decorative woodwork. The glass roof is an especially nice touch to let in more air and provide a beautiful backdrop of rain against the glass on a cloudy day.

There’s plenty of seating inside, but there’s also a sauna could step into and sweat away all that mad mojo. The upper level has a bar for you to get a quick drink, which you can get to from a central spiral staircase.


40. Just a Room

It looks like this pool house consists of a single room, but it has a lot of personality going for it. Where the interior is quite small, the exterior of the pool house is quite sprawling.

The pavilion is equipped with lounging chairs you can stretch out on, or you can take that lounging to the poolside. Steps separate the two areas from each other, and the clever use of grey stone with white concrete creates a tremendous visual contrast that speaks of elegance.