40 Pool House Designs That Feel Like a Home Away From Home

By Trista
40 Pool House Designs That Feel Like a Home Away From Home

Having a pool house can definitely feel like you’re on a vacation away from home, all without leaving your yard. However, the importance of producing the perfect getaway is all in the design. You want to create a space that is both entertaining yet comfortable, while still being stylish.

Chances are good that you don’t have acres of land either to build a considerable pool house with an extraordinary amount of square footage. In order to design the perfect pool house for you and your family, check out these 40 awesome pool house designs. Your summer vacation will go by way too fast!



1. Curtain Call

This luxurious pool house is simple, classic, yet elegant. The inclusion of furniture out in the open creates a space where people can relax with some refreshing drinks, or you can just bask in the cool shade and watch the world pass by you.

Give yourself some privacy by adding curtains to the changing area of your pool house. No one wants to accidentally get spied on when they’re in the middle of putting on their swimsuits, so get some thick curtains so that they can feel safe. The added skylights provide even more sunlight to the interior, so there’s no fumbling around for the light switch in the dark.