40 Southwestern Style Ideas for the Home

By Trista
40 Southwestern Style Ideas for the Home

Southwestern home decor has a staggering abundance of natural beauty and Indigenous culture to pull from when creating an inviting home space. The majestic desert vistas of the region, with their rich, vivid sunsets, windswept rock, and shapely cacti provide a great deal of inspiration.

The Indigenous cultures of the Southwestern United States and northern Mexico have also contributed a wide variety of patterns and motifs that compliment the style. This natural and cultural beauty is reflected in the vibrant, warm hues of walls and textiles, the distinctive patterns on tile and cloth from Indigenous cultures, and even with quirky, unique accents like taxidermy from the desert itself.



1. Desert Tones

Naturally, given the gorgeous desert surroundings of the American Southwest, desert tones are incredibly popular for walls, draperies, bedding, and more. Think bleached bone, warm sand, sandstorms, and more. Any warm, rich tone that evokes the natural majesty of the desert landscape.

Pops of turquoise, cactus green, and mirage blue can add to the desert theme while still incorporating bolder pops of color. For the truly bold decorator, turn to the terra cotta reds of the desert or even the vivid sunset blues, golds, and purples to create a dramatic look.