40 Thanksgiving Decor Ideas That Will Make Everyone Feel Welcome

Trista - October 28, 2019

We know that you love to host the entire family for Thanksgiving every year and do everything possible for your guests to feel cozy as soon as they enter your house. Well, it is fall already, and they deserve some warming up with your gestures and decor. So, here are some easy and inexpensive decor ideas you can use this season to make your home look welcoming as ever.

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Plaid Away

There is no mystery about the fact that Thanksgiving is a lot about plaid. So, why not make them a part of your decor this year and dress your table in it?

All you have to do is get some plaid fabric and get stitching. With some necessary stitching skills and imagination, you can create the most attractive table coves, place settings, and plaid runners to make your table stand out. Moreover, since it is the fall season, you should include pumpkins in your decor. So, how about making plaid covers for some mini gourds and placing them on the table alongside your cutlery?

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DIY Concrete Pumpkins

Pumpkins are undoubtedly the life of the fall season. Therefore, your decor every fall has to be adorned with these tiny gourds every year. However, if you feel that buying pumpkins for decor is just a waste, then you can make your own concrete pumpkins.

For making concrete pumpkins, all you have to do is get your hands upon silicon molds and fill them up with concrete. Once your pumpkins are ready and ripe, you can paint them with your favorite hues of fall. Also, you do not have to stick to the same shade. So, keep experimenting every year.

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Wooden Cake Stand

We know that every year, you spend hours baking the delicious dessert that everyone in the family loves. However, it is seldom able to make it on their Instagram due to the lack of presentation. No matter how much you garnish it, it’s so lip-smacking that it is gone in seconds. Therefore, you need to do something else to have it on the table even before your guests arrive.

For presenting your cake as the star of the show, you can use a neatly cut, flat wooden log. It will not only hold your dessert for the guests, but the rustic feel of fall will remain intact.

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Turkey-Shaped Balloons

No matter what you say, Thanksgiving is not accomplished unless there is some turkey had by every guest. However, turkey doesn’t have to limit itself as the star of your dinner table as it can become a part of your decor too. Yes, simply blow some balloons, especially the ones that look like they are turkey legs.

If the turkey leg balloons do not seem enough, you can always add some more balloons to the ensemble with Thanksgiving phrases on them or the ones that are dressed in hues of autumn, and you’re through!

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Name Your Slice

Pumpkin is the produce of the season, and it is only fair to serve it to your guests in the form of an enticing pie. However, it is not all that you can do with it. You can use the pumpkin-pie-shaped cardholders to communicate with your guests where they are supposed to sit.

Not only will the place cards act as an incredible addition to your decor, but when you fill these boxes with candies and other goodies, your guests will love them more. Do not forget the mention the names of people on top, else the very purpose of place cards will be lost.

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Pumpkin Place Cards

If you are not a huge fan of using pumpkin pie place cards, you can always use the tiny pumpkins to create them. You can either buy pumpkins from the local farmers, market to use as place cards, or you can make your own with some silicone molds. If you use the right material, you can make shallow pumpkins that can be cut into halves to be used as boxes.

When you have pumpkin shaped boxes for place cards, you know the drill- fill them up with fall candies and nuts for your guests. Now add the name of your guest on top of the stem and make them feel welcome.

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Thankful Wall Art

If blank canvases are your friends and you have the knack of creating magic with them, then there is no way they shouldn’t be a part of your Thanksgiving decor. All you need to do is, bring in some canvases and frame them with the help of discarded wooden boxes. You can paint the frame with the color of your choice.

Once you have readied your canvas, all that is left is to sketch your favorite Thanksgiving quote on it. You can either liven up the painting with brush-strokes or make your masterpiece with the help of markers.

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Thanksgiving Pumpkin

When you have everything for the coming Thanksgiving dinner sorted, but the centerpiece is still a mystery, you can use the good-old pumpkin as the star of the table. If you think that your table is too sophisticated to use a Jack-o-lantern as a centerpiece, you can always paint your pumpkin in a more sophisticated shade.

No matter what the theme of your decor is, a pumpkin dressed in off-white shade will lure your guests incredibly well. Now, you can add some faux flowers on top of it and complete the look with a thankful phrase inscribed on it in gold.

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Give Thanks Banner

Since you have spent so much on collecting the pumpkins, foliage, candle stands, and cutlery that will go well with your Thanksgiving theme, there is no harm in saving some in decor. Yes, one of the cheapest decoration ideas for any holiday coming your way is banners.

You can simply cut your favorite phrase, shapes, or more with the help of stencils and attach them with a string, coming together as a banner. Now it is up to you whether you want to place the banner on top of the mantelpiece of any other wall of your house. Throw in some flowers and leaves if you want.

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Acorn Favors on the Gratitude Tree

Thanksgiving dinner is all about spending quality time with family and friends. All it needs is an ensemble of grateful hearts dining together. So, instead of wasting your rainy-day money on decor, you can do simple things such as creating a gratitude tree.

For making the gratitude tree, you can combine some autumn branches in a put and adorn it with paper cut-outs of maple leaves. Now, what will make your guests go gaga are the acorn favors you add to the tree. You can fill them up with lip balms, candies, and nuts you love.

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Candle Wreath

It is quite easy to forget the coffee table that lies in the corner when you have a huge dining table to decorate. However, the empty coffee table needs its share of attention too for your decor to be perfect. Plus, it is one piece of furniture that is going to nurture some of the best parts of a conversation, so you would want to do something here too.

Since these are small furniture pieces, an arrangement of candles surrounded by miniature wreaths will do the trick. It is quite easy to make wreaths, and even easier when you are making miniature versions of the dry flowered ones.

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Pumpkin Ice Bucket

Since you are considering using pumpkins as a part of your decor but want it to be a bit more sophisticated, how about adding some gold accents on it? Yes, you can paint the pumpkin in the shades that match your elegant decor perfectly and add some glamour to it with some calligraphy in gold

Now that you are using this elegant pumpkin, how about bringing it to use and making an ice bucket out of it? For this, all you have to do is, hollow the pumpkin, and it is ready to hold your drinks and ice for you.

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Wheat Cloches

Autumn is the season to be grateful not only because you get to celebrate Thanksgiving and Halloween in this season, but also because it is the harvest season. The air, in this season, smells of fresh produce and pumpkin spice. So, you should add some of this harvest as a part of your decor too.

For creating a wheat harvest display, you can invert some wheat sheaves into long cloches. Now, place these cloches upside-down on plates or cake stands, if that’s what you are opting for. Add some more props such as rustic candlesticks to your display to complete it.

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Thanksgiving Printables

If you are not a fan of adding too elaborate pieces into your decor, you can alter the decor of your home to go well with the theme. For instance, you can replace the pictures in some photo frames with free Thanksgiving printables you find online.

Moreover, this is an incredible opportunity to bring the available photo frames into use and add some printables in them. You can place these photo frames on walls, on the coffee table, or wherever you choose. We would recommend placing the frames somewhere instead of drilling extra holes in the wall for them.

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Menu on the Pumpkin

There is no getting away with the gourd of the season- pumpkin when it is Thanksgiving. So, if you are looking for an innovative idea to highlight your menu this year, all you have to do you, get a pumpkin. Well, that’s not all but half the battle is won already.

Now, you can paint the pumpkin black or in any other dark shade you believe will let the chalk show. Get working with the chalk and jot down the entire menu, or its highlights, on the pumpkin. Like in a restaurant, people love to know what they are eating beforehand.

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Gilded Fruit Centerpiece

A fruit every day is a must-have for any dining table. So, how about bringing that food to the dining table in the form of a centerpiece? Well, you can create a subtle and sophisticated centerpiece with the help of artificial pomegranates. Simply paint the in copper or cover them with copper leaves.

Not only will this artificial fruit make an incredible centerpiece, but it will also last you a lifetime.
For making the process of covering the pomegranates easier, you can insert a skewer into them and hold them up until they dry.

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A Basket Wreath

If you love to adorn your mantelpiece with wreaths every time you are feeling festive, then why let Thanksgiving be an exception? You can create simple, yet elegant Thanksgiving wreath baskets for your mantelpiece and other walls by just adding some beautiful, dried flowers to an old basket.

Not only will the basket make your furniture look rustic, the foliage you add to it will remind them of autumn outside. Now you can write something that you want to say to your family, or the universe, on the basket. Make sure that you use a visible color.

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Spice Tin Arrangements

If your kitchen has lots of empty spice tins that you are looking to recycle, then there is no better way to refashion them than using them as Thanksgiving decor items. All you need is that the containers, tins, or packs you are planning to have lots of autumn colors on them like reds, orange, golden, and yellow.

When you have collected a fair amount of autumn-colored containers, you can plant your favorite foliage into them. No matter what the size of the box is, you can arrange them together to make a display holding your favorite sunflowers.

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Signs That Say Give Thanks

Now that you know that printables can make excellent and inexpensive decor ideas, you can use them to keep the spirit of Thanksgiving alive in your home. Place them in your frames or let them hang as a part of your banner on the mantelpiece.

A “Give Thanks” sign will not only accentuate the decor, but it will also add some more aesthetic appeal to the objects that surround it. Yes, if you have lots of fluffy miniature pumpkins or the ones that you made out of concrete, lying around. You can use the frame to place them on a table and bring the display together.

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Corn Husk Wreath

Now that you know that it is the fall produce that is the star of the show during Thanksgiving, then there is no way you should miss out on its elements for Thanksgiving. One way you can make your wall worth extra points on efforts is by making a corn husk wreath.

For making a corn husk wreath, buy three straw wreath rings of different diameters. Now, by using a hot glue gun, keep pasting the corn husks around each circle. Once you have created all the three rings, arrange them behind each other to create a sunflower-like pattern.

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Autumn Victory

Autumn is made unique by the fiery shades that are brought along by the cold winds. Now, you can either dwell upon the irony or take advantage of the situation for your fall decor. Yes, you can use all the foliage you can get your hands upon this autumn to create a master centerpiece for your dinner table.

For making the centerpiece, all you need is an old, rustic trophy and a lot of orange mums, sunflowers, and foliage in colors — red, orange, yellow, brown, golden, and purple — to keep the spirit of autumn alive. Arrange the foliage into the trophy, and your centerpiece is ready.

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Welcome Greetings

For those who love to have guests over, it is quite easy to understand the importance of having a greeting right outside the door. It makes the guests feel at home. Therefore, if you are new to hosting, you can use this simple idea to come across as more inviting.

Take out an old, preferably metal tray out of your collection and paint the inside with black chalkboard paint. Once the paint dries up, add some personal touch to it by writing a greeting for a visitor. You can use leaf garlands to adorn it further.

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Autumnal Place Setting

Since you are hosting a variety of guests, you would not want to go through the hassle of having to tell everyone where to sit. Therefore, you can use place cards to inform your guests. The place cards can be made incredibly creative by adding a special token for your guests in each of them.

You can use tiny boxes with your guests’ names on them. For filling up the boxes, you can create your own acorn candles. For this, fill some acorn caps with candle wax and add a wick to the top. Painting them will only make them more adorable.

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Kids Table

While ages are spent in organizing the table where adults are going to eat, you cannot miss out on decorating the kids’ table. The most adorable thing that we can suggest you with the kids’ table is the tablecloth itself. You can roll out a craft paper on top of the table and craw the plate’s positions on them.

Also, using simple craft paper with the kids’ names on them will make them feel important. You can elaborate the table more by adding little crayon baskets for kids as centerpieces.

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Horseshoe Wreath

If you are a fan of wreaths and want them everywhere in the decor, then why not make some for the chairs too? Yes, you can use wheat sheaves to make stunning horseshoe wreaths for your dinner table chairs. All you have to do is, use half a straw wreath ring and bring its ends closer. Now that you have a horseshoe-shaped ring, you can create the wreath.

For creating the wreath, use a hot glue gun to stick wheat sheaves to the ring and keep on overlapping one over another so that the wreath appears full. Once you have added sheaves to both sides of the wreath, complete the look with a satin bow and add them to your chairs.

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Pine Cone Door Hanging

Pumpkins, wheat sheaves, orange mums, corn, and all sort of gourds bring the thanksgiving season to life. However, the list doesn’t end here. You know what else goes pretty well with fall decor, Pine Cones. Yes, you can make stunning decor for your front door and porch with some pine cone decor ideas.

For making a wall hanging for your front door, all you need is – some pine cones and satin ribbons. Make sure that the color of the fabric goes well with that of your door, and they are broad enough to hold pine cones. Now you can tie the pine cones with the ribbons and make a bunt to place on the door or window.

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Fall Mantle

No matter what your idea of Thanksgiving decor is, it will remain incomplete unless you incorporate your favorite items on the mantelpiece. The best part about decorating the mantelpiece is that you can go versatile with its decor. So, everything from the concrete pumpkins, leaf banners, Thanksgiving signs, fall foliage, to dried wreath can be placed here.

However, in the pursuit of adding everything on the mantelpiece, make sure that you don’t make it look overcrowded or shabby. Going minimalistic is the theme of the year, so abide by it and let your creativity show.

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Chalked Painted Pumpkins

If you have invested in some paint to color the furniture in fall shades, why not use some of it to paint the pumpkins too? Yes, all you have to do is, buy some big and small gourds of different sizes and let the brush do its job. Moreover, you can make your own big pumpkins with papier-mâché if you do not want to color perfectly good produce.

Now, you can arrange these adorable pumpkins in your yard or near the porch for the guests to see. Make sure that the stem is colored differently for a better appeal and add a discarded cardboard box to the ensemble to bring it together.

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Thanksgiving Leaf Art

Since you are looking into options to buy faux flowers, leaves, and trees for the fall season, why not adorn the trees with some Thankful Tree Leaves? You can print the designs off the net and incorporate them into your tree. Also, you can customize them and write something close to your heat on them for your guests to read. Or, you can leave some blank leaves for your guests to write on.
As we are all so grateful for the lives we have been bestowed with, and there is no better way to expose it than through elements of nature.

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Book Pumpkin

If you are an avid reader who loves to spend hours in the world that authors create, then there is no reason why this shouldn’t be a part of your decor. After all, if your home doesn’t reflect your persona, then there is no use of all the effort. So, for reflecting you through your decor, create pumpkins out of books.

Well, with book pumpkins, we do not mean that you have to destroy an entire bookshelf full to make pumpkins, but you can use a few that you can do away with. Do not forget to color the edges orange for effect.

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Fall Luminaries from Mason Jars

Mason jars are the decor musts of the year 2019, and their trend is going to last for the entire century it seems. After all, they are adorable with their design and extremely useful. One use that you can make out of these mason jars is using them as Thanksgiving decorations.

All you have to do is cover the mason jars in your favorite fall colors. You can either use colored paper to cover the jars or apply spray paint on them. Whatever you do, you can use a maple leaf stencil to let your candle peek through the jar.

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Pumpkin Bucket Centerpieces

If you are looking forward to leveling up your decor game this Thanksgiving, then you can do it all for cheap with dollar plastic store pumpkin buckets. Well, they are not elegant enough, to begin with, but you can always make them so with the help of some pearl gold spray paint.

The gold paint will not only add accents of gold into your decor; it will help you create an incredible centerpiece for your dining table. You can use your concrete pumpkins here too. Just add gold accents to everything or cover them in gold spray paint also.

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Fall Greeting for the Couch

Chilly winds start blowing as soon as autumn call upon us. Therefore, when your guests arrive at your place, they would love to see a cozy porch setting, welcoming them with a Thanksgiving greeting. For creating a comfy corner on the outdoors of your house, you can place a garden bench on the deck in the yard or the porch and elaborate it.

Use a fall greetings pillow, a cute pumpkin in a basket, a warm throw blanket, and the softest rug you can find around your house to complete the decor. Apart from that, you can add more pieces.

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Fall Mason Jar Vases

We know that your love for Mason Jars, which comes in different shapes and sizes, is real. Therefore, you should not shy away from using them as a part of your decor everywhere. You can either convert them into peek-a-boo lamps or paint them with some fall shades to make flower vases.

Using off-white color and similar shades will help you accentuate the orange, yellow, orange, and brown hues of the fall foliage you are going to place in the Mason jar vases. Also, you can use golden paint and draw a fall message on them for more effect.

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Pomegranate Centerpieces

Whether or not you love to eat them, pomegranates are nothing less than the signature fruits of the fall season. And as delicious as they are in taste, they make incredible Thanksgiving centerpieces too. For making pomegranate centerpieces, all you have to do is, pick out some pomegranate branches from the local farmers’ market and bring them home.

Do not forget to buy some fall foliage such as dried leaves and branches from the market to add them to the pomegranates. Now that you have everything ready, you can arrange the fruit and foliage into the vases and use them to beautify your table.

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Thanksgiving Tree

Thanksgiving is one occasion on which every heart is filled with gratitude for everything life has given us, whether it is the material possessions or the people that surround us. Different people are grateful for different things. So, how about knowing your guests a little more and make them write what they are thankful for?

You can provide your guests with tiny tokens to write what all they are thankful for and then use those tokens to decorate the fall tree that adorns your coffee table. Do not forget your answers beforehand so that the tree looks ornamented already.

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Stamped Cocktail Napkins

If you have more planned for your Thanksgiving dinner than just a meal, such as a cocktail party, then you can stamp the napkins with some theme based designs. It is a sophisticated yet straightforward way of bringing fall feels to the table without spending much time.

However, if you are too busy to do that too, you can always have the kids help in stamping the napkins. Not only will they feel more involved, but you will also be done with the task too. You can either use different colors to stamp different designs of stick to the good ole black ink.

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Gourd Candlesticks

We cannot emphasize enough on how imperative gourds and pumpkins are to your Thanksgiving decor. Plus, they are inexpensive additions that you can make to your decor that your guests will undoubtedly love.

For making mini gourds a part of your centerpiece, all you have to do is, stack the on top of each other and hollow them from the center. Now that they are hollowed, you can place a candle directly into the hole. Make sure that you leave the bottom of the below gourd intact so that the wax doesn’t ruin your table runners.

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Sweet Send Off

When we talk of Thanksgiving traditions, one of them no host can do without is giving the leftovers to the guests so that they can enjoy the delicious food for another day. However, the mismatched Tupperware containers might not look as appealing to your guests.

Therefore, we would advise you to invest some time in creating customized Thanksgiving carry bags. You can either draw on the ones you already have or make them out of paper on your own. They will conceal all your containers and can be used by your guests for running errands too.

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Homespun Joys

Well, it might take some effort to create some homespun Thanksgiving magic. However, you can only imagine how beautiful it will make your home look when the guests arrive. You can use the letters of Thanksgiving to make napkins for your dinner table. Also, you can print out some messages to surrounding your white pillar candles.

Make sure that every piece you place on the tablescape is visible from both sides and follow one color scheme. Otherwise, despite all your efforts, it will look shabby. Also, put candles in such a manner that they are not near your maple-leaf runners.