40 Trendy Landscaping and Gardening Ideas for the Summer

By Trista
40 Trendy Landscaping and Gardening Ideas for the Summer

Summer is an exciting time, full of possibility, and DIY projects. Your yard is a blank slate, just waiting to be crafted into a welcoming outdoor living space. For your summer yard projects, consider tackling a wide range of ideas ranging from bringing back traditional materials and indigenous plants to high-tech water and climate control and electric tools.

No matter your taste and style, there is a sustainable, pollinator-friendly landscaping idea that will make your yard an oasis this summer. Pergolas and water or fire features can add the much-needed finishing touch, while food or dye gardens can provide fuel for additional summer hobbies. Read on for 40 hot trends in 2019 landscaping.


Stabilizer Landscapes

1. Natural Materials

For quite a while, blingy artificial materials were all the rage for lavish outdoor spaces. With continually growing awareness of climate change and its impacts, more renewable natural resources are seeing a massive surge in popularity. Once eschewed “plain” materials like gravel, river rock, stone, wood mulch, reclaimed wood, and more are all being widely used in dramatic and beautiful new ways in modern landscaping projects.

To introduce this concept to your space, try some natural stone pavers leading to a deck or secluded seating area. A reclaimed wood greenhouse, planting station, or pergola would be another beautiful way to incorporate natural materials.