40 Valuable Antiques That May Be Hiding In the Attic

By Shannon
40 Valuable Antiques That May Be Hiding In the Attic

Almost everyone in the good old USA has a lot of excess stuff in their attic or barn. Maybe you inherited things when you grandparents passed away, or your parents gave you a box of your childhood toys. No matter what your circumstances may be, you could potentially have a fortune waiting in your attic as we speak. Here are some examples of hidden treasures that are worth a lot of money.

Star Wars lunch boxes are highly collectable. Credit: Shutterstock

40. Collectable Lunch Boxes

Years ago, lunch boxes were made of tin, rather than plastic. Kids could show off their favorite characters to their friends when they went to school. Considering that kids are rough with most things they own, many of these lunch boxes got destroyed over the years, or they are at least missing the original thermos. So if you ever come across a fully intact lunch box and thermos combo, you may be able to sell it for at least $50 to $100.

The Superman lunch box is one of the most expensive that was ever sold. Credit: History

The most expensive vintage lunch box ever sold was of Superman fighting a robot, which was distributed by Universal Studios in 1954. According to experts, this is worth $13,000. This is the most valuable lunch box in the world. So if you find one, make sure you bring it to your nearest auction!