Certain toy trucks can sell for a lot of money. Credit: Shutterstock

39. Toy Cars and Trucks

No matter how much technology changes, little boys will still love playing with toy trucks. These comes in all shapes and sizes, from as small as a Hot Wheel car to a large Barbie camper van. Popular Mechanics has an extensive list with some examples of rare toy cars that have sold for a pretty penny. One of their examples is the Hotwheels 1969 prototype VW “Beach Bomb”. This goes for $70,000 to avid collectors who want to get their hands on this rare toy.

Cast iron toys are almost always valuable. Credit: Shutterstock

Don’t forget about those vintage metal trucks. While searching on eBay, we found a 1923 Vintage Arcade International Harvester Dump Truck listed for $2,000. Even some of the vintage metal Tonka Trucks, which are more commonly found in people’s attics, will still sell between $50 to $100.