40 Ways Pumpkins Make Fall Decor Pop

Trista - October 30, 2019

Everyone loves the fall season. It is the only time of the year when gardens covered in withered leaves and chilly winds can bring joy to your heart. However, fall is not only a season, but it is also an emotion, marking the beginning of the festive season.

The onset of autumn makes one nostalgic of how they celebrated their Thanksgiving and Halloween as kids. It is time to be with near and dear ones. So, why not double the joy of this season with some pumpkin-themed décor? Read along to discover some quick yet stunning ways in which pumpkins can make your fall décor stand out.

Credit: Country Living

Chalk Painted Pumpkins

We know that your love for the good-old pumpkin in the fall season can never die down. However, the shades of pumpkin may get quite monotonous, and you might want to bring in some more elegant shades in your décor.

Well, the coolest point about pumpkins is that they are your canvas to paint and style. So, no matter whether you love their natural orange or want them to be white and blue this season, take out your brush and paint. Using chalk paint for the fall pumpkins is an incredible idea because that will keep their rustic look intact, and it is entirely non-toxic.

Painting pumpkins can take decorating to the next level. Shutterstock.

Masked Pumpkins

Speaking of bringing your décor to live, how about using some pumpkins to do so? Yes, all you have to do is, tap on your painting skills and paint facial features on the pumpkins. Since there is no end to the number of colors you can use, let your creativity flow.

However, if you are not as good with paint and brush, you can always bring to surface your origami skills for making masks for your pumpkins. They can be scary for Halloween, or the fun ones that kids would love when they visit you for dinner.

A white pumpkin display with dried flowers. Credit: Pixabay

Say It with a Pumpkin

If you’ve got a knack for words and want to reflect it with the pumpkins on your porch, then there is no better way to do this than letting your pumpkins do all the talking. Create texts that reflect the vibe of Thanksgiving and Halloween or fall itself and incorporate them on your chalk-painted pumpkins.

Since everyone is not as good with writing on pumpkin-shaped canvases, and the ones who are, might not have enough time; you can always have tattoo papers printed. They are a fun way to write on pumpkins and do not take up all your time.

A Merry Halloween! Credit: Pixabay

Pumpkin Art

In ancient times, walls full of paintings and art pieces were considered a sign of prosperity. But, now that we are all in a race to go minimalistic with everyday décor, the festive season doesn’t have to follow these rules. You can go as extravagant, yet frugal on the decorations as you like.

One of the simplest ways to incorporate alluring art into your décor is to download free pumpkin art posters online. They look great on the walls and the mantelpiece. You do not even have to spend on having them framed, as you can support them with thick cardboard pieces and hang.

Add flare to the entrance of your home. Shutterstock.

Pumpkins for Entrance

Since you are letting in all the fall positivity this season, it is only fair that the entrance of your house reflects so. For this, all you have to do is, incorporate some big and small pumpkins in the porch decorations.

You can carve some hollow pumpkins into jack-o-lanterns and place them near the flower topiaries on either side of the door. Or, you can garnish the staircase with gourds of different colors and sizes to depict the versatility of fall harvest.

You can find unique pumpkin colors. Shutterstock.

Malachite Pumpkins

If you like your pumpkin décor to reflect a little more sophistication, you can take up a sponge, your favorite greens and oranges, and get painting. The watercolors will get absorbed into the vegetable pretty quickly, giving them a more luxurious effect than usual.

Moreover, since it is you who is doing all the painting, you don’t have to rely on someone else for the color. You can make your own shades and make sure that the ones you are painting the pumpkins with match the entire décor of your house.

Beautifully painted pumpkins. Credit: Pixabay

Colorful White Pumpkins

Since we are speaking of painting the gourds in preferred watercolors, it is only fair to give acrylics their fair chance too. Yes, not only do acrylics get embossed on the pumpkins, they leave enough room for making patterns and designs with the help of a brush that cannot be done otherwise.

You can pick up your favorite oil paint or acrylic into a brush and keep going. But before that, make sure that you cover the pumpkin with a primarily white coat so that it doesn’t eat up the entire color. Complete the look by pasting some flowers.

A collection of pumpkins make your home decor festive. Credit: Pixabay

Black and White Pumpkins

Now that we have seen how white pumpkins can be made colorful don’t remain under the illusion that it is all that you can do to your fall décor. Another quite popular variety of pumpkins is bold black and white pumpkins. The level of sophistication they bring to your décor cannot be beaten by anything else.

However, if you are not able to find black and white pumpkins in your vicinity, you can always paint your regular pumpkins white and create back accents on them. Well, their adaptability is the reason why they are the season’s favorite.

Cute jack-o-lanterns. Shutterstock.

Pumpkin Displays

To make your pumpkin-themed décor more interactive, what you can do is, tell a story with your pumpkins. Yes, you can bring together some carved pumpkins with expressions on them along with a chalkboard or two to do the talking for them.

For an enhanced effect, you can create various displays around the same story all throughout your house. Not only will the kids love to decipher the entire story with the help of visual cues, but the adults will also come forth with an idea or two, too.

Pumpkins make great flower pots. Shutterstock.

Pumpkin Flowers

When working with the mighty-gourd, that is, pumpkins; people often forget that another nature’s element, they can integrate into their décor, is pumpkin flowers. You can find them in perfect shades of yellow and orange to retain your décor’s rustic feel.

You can add the pumpkin flowers in a vase with popping orange mums and sunflowers to make it look more festive. Do not forget to add some mini-pumpkins around the vase for giving some limelight to the star of the décor – pumpkins.

A yummy pumpkin treat. Credit: Pexels

Pumpkin Bowls

No matter whether you are planning to make pumpkin soup or tomato soup to your guests, wouldn’t it be incredible if you serve them in pumpkin bowls? No, you are not required to invest a fortune in expensive pots for just one meal.

For making festive, pumpkin-shaped bowls, all you have to do is – hit the local farmers’ market and buy some mini-pumpkins. Once you have the pumpkins, you can carve out their flesh to make the pumpkin soup, and use the shell to fill the soup. Your guests will love this touch of hospitality on your end.

Dogs dressed as ghosts for Halloween with a jack-o-latern. Credit: Pexels


No matter how old a tradition it is, some things never lose their significance. So, there is no reason why your home should not have some Jack-o-lanterns in place this Halloween. They look amazingly well with no matter what décor scheme you are going with and can be placed anywhere from indoors to in the backyard.

With the invention of artificial lightings, you don’t have to have them enlighten with yellow because you can have them glow up white, blue, and red.

Pumpkin Man

If every winter deserves a Snowman than there is no reason why autumn should not have its own Pumpkin Man. Moreover, creating a pumpkin man is so easy. All you have to do is, take out your witch costume from the previous Halloween and top it on a pumpkin head. Also, to give the pumpkin head some height, create a pumpkin belly with a bigger pumpkin.

Well, you know the drill well when it comes to adding facial features to the pumpkin head – carve out the pump and make mouth and eyes on the head. Surround the display with some winter foliage for a better appeal.

Try to think outside of the pumpkin this year for a cool carving. Credit: Pixabay

Carved Pumpkins

Since you have a skilled hand, there is no reason why your fall décor should not reflect the same. For this, all you need to do is, take the sharpest knife you can get your hands upon and get carving.

Now that your pumpkin is your canvas, you can go ahead and carve anything that is up your alley on it. Whether it is intricate fall leaf designs or Jack-o-lanterns’ features, you’ve got the talent to create that. For making the process easier, you can draw the details on your pumpkin first and begin with carving the inside details first.

A clock made out of an autumn gourd. Credit: Pexels

Pumpkin Clock

If it is fall time already, it is Pumpkin-o-clock already. So, how do you feel about incorporating a clock into your pumpkin? Well, you can either invest in a pumpkin clock that you find in the market or show some reverse engineering skills by adding a clock to your pumpkin.

For making a pumpkin clock at home, all you have to do is, carve a hole in the front of the pumpkin and use a clock mechanism to turn it into a clock. Add numbers on the clock in a random fashion to give it a goofy feel.

A fancy plate set for autumn. Credit: Pixabay

Sophisticated Accents

If you have invested a lot of time and effort in creating a sophisticated décor, but it is not looking autumn-y enough, then you need some pumpkins. However, not all pumpkins would go well with the level of sophistication you’ve brought into your living room and dining table. So, what you can do to repair the damage is to make the pumpkins sophisticated too.

Yes, you can paint your pumpkins in more subtle and elegant colors and add some gold accents to them. The gold accents will go well with any décor and are workable with pumpkins of all sizes.

A lovely fall display. Credit: Pexels

Autumn Harvest

The main reason to celebrate autumn as the season of joy is not only because it brings in the holiday season, but also because it is the harvest season. This is the time of the year when ripe pumpkins, gourds, sunflowers, apples, corns, and a lot more floods the streets and shops with their aroma.

So, it is only fair that you add all these elements of the harvest to your décor and arrange them on your mantelpiece with the help of a basket and some foliage.

Stick some pumpkin prints in a frame to give a more minimalist and subtle fall look. Shutterstock.

Pumpkin Wall Art

Don’t let your walls remain empty this festive season when every other part of your house is gleaming with joy. For bringing some life to your walls, you can order some interactive wall stickers. They are inexpensive and look neat when placed on the walls.

Moreover, with the incredible variety of wall stickers available in the online and offline stores, you will have a plethora of options to choose from. They are easy to install at the advent of the fall and take off when the season bids goodbye.

Cute pumpkin mugs. Credit: Pixabay

Mugs and More

There is no better way to serve the season’s favorite pumpkin spiced latte to your guests than serving them in some pumpkin-shaped mugs. Unlike the bowls, these mugs are inexpensive, and since you cannot make them at home, you should better buy some if you plan to use them.

Making mugs for hot beverages at home may be risky for your guests, then again, when you invest in some this fall, you can use them all year long. Yes, you can use these mugs to lure your kids into having milk and have your coffee in them every once in a while.

Pumpkins lining pathways. Shutterstock.

Pumpkin Paths

If you are adamant about keeping your home décor minimalistic with little décor, you can always incorporate some elements of it on the pathway to sharing the festive feels with the passers-by. Keep some flowery plants outside your house or yard with a couple of pumpkins complementing the ensemble.

What would be better is that you crave these pumpkins out with some festive faces or the fun ones to bring a smile on others’ faces? This is quite a simple idea to have the festive feel in your décor even before the guests enter your home.

Using pumpkins and Jack-o-lanterns in the yard can be a cute addition. Shutterstock.

Play with Pumpkins in the Yard

Whether it is the backyard or the front yard, when the kids arrive, they will use these spaces to create some Halloween mischief with their cousins. Well, that is the fun part about Halloween, isn’t it? Therefore, you need your yard to be decorated too.

For sprinkling the shades of autumn in the backyard, you can create a heap of all the withered leaves and place a Jack-o-Lantern on the top. This will do most of the job for you. If you want to go a little further, you can incorporate small and bog lanterns across the garden too.

Baskets of pumpkins are a great accent in any room. Shutterstock.

Basket Full of Pumpkins Big and Small

Speaking of decorating the yard with some pumpkins, one way you can make them an attraction of your décor is to add different varieties of them in a knitted basket. Neither does the basket have to be fancy, nor the pumpkins.

You can mix and match the variety of gourds you find in this season and fabricate the old basket you found in a garage sale to make this décor a success. To add to the fall feel, you can also surround the basket with some special autumn foliage that your guests, young and old, would love.

Pumpkin string lights. Shutterstock.

Pumpkin Lights

Pumpkin-shaped lights were innovated for the very purpose of adding some bling to your fall décor. So, it will not be fair if you don’t incorporate them into your décor. Not only will these lights bring life to your home at dark Halloween hours, but the passers-by and guests will love them.

Moreover, pumpkin lights are quite inexpensive and less tedious alternatives to jack-o-lanterns. Also, you do not have to think about what you will do with the leftover pulp if you do not have a taste for it. Not to forget, you can use them over and over again.

Focusing on the fall mantelpiece can make or break the center of a room. Shutterstock.

Mantelpiece Decorations

Since the chilly winds have already started to blow, yours and your guests’ favorite spot in the house would be the fireplace. So, it is only prudent to decorate the mantelpiece to your best capacity as it is, once again, about to become the focal point.

For making the mantelpiece the center of attraction, you can top it up with some pumpkin art, foliage in pumpkin-shaped vases, and some chalk painted pumpkins. Do not forget to adorn the fireplace with a pumpkin banner along with pluck-cards for your guests to write their Thanksgiving messages upon.

Pumpkin pie is a lovely and tasty decoration. Shutterstock.

Pumpkin Pie

If you are a fan of the autumn season just for the incredible pies you get to devour, you’re not alone. Millions of people in the world are crazy about the delicious pumpkin pies, so are your guests. So, why invest so much time in figuring out the décor when you can simply show your culinary genius in the kitchen and make a sensational pumpkin pie?

Once you are done making the pie, it is your responsibility to place it on the window sill to cool down so that the entire neighborhood is drenched in the scent of pumpkin spice.

Jars of seeds and nuts make beautiful seasonal kitchen decor. Shutterstock.

Pumpkin Seed Jars

When it comes to pumpkins, you cannot miss out on the most nutritious and nutty-licious aspect of these gourds- their seeds. Not only do they taste incredible, but they also look great in a jar too. Even though they can be a little expensive, the nutritional value they come with overpowers all. You can add some pumpkin seeds in your kids’ lunchbox, and they will love it.

Apart from that, you can create jars of pumpkin seeds and place them on the dinner table for your guests to devour as a snack when you are enjoying some light conversation over coffee.

Your table display might include some yummy pumpkin soup. Shutterstock.

Pumpkin Soup

Another autumn food that will keep you healthy all autumn long is the good-old pumpkin soup. Not only it overflows with nutritional value, but it is also an autumn favorite among kids and elders alike. Furthermore, you can always innovate in the way you will be serving the soup.

You can either use rustic colors for table runners and mats to give your table setting a rustic feel or have cutlery that reminds everyone of the romance of winter and spring going on outside.

Imagine the pumpkin possibilities. Credit: Pexels

Mini Concrete Pumpkin

What’s better than having a pumpkin centerpiece on your dinner table? Well, a concrete pumpkin painted in your favorite autumn hues. It is not often that pumpkins make it to your dinner tables. However, when they do, they deserve their share of attention.

If you are not a fan of having big pumpkins on your table, you can find their miniature versions. It can be tough for some people to have mini pumpkins available in their vicinity, so you can use the silicone moulds to make your own pumpkins.

Fall Garden display. Shutterstock.

Garden Autumn Display

If you are planning to give that park bench in your garden some festive feels, then all you need is lots of autumn foliage and discarded pots. You can reuse the containers as old and rustic additions to your fresh autumn harvest.

When it comes to arranging the foliage, you can place purple, orange, and yellow mums into the flower pots, followed by adding multiple vegetable baskets into the ensemble. You can add anything and everything you can get your hands upon this season into the basket. Remember, the star of the show has to be a happy pumpkin.


Festive Signs or Mats

Since you are looking up ways to level up your décor game here, then it would be a safety hazard to assume that you are going to invest in some festive signs as well. Whether you are having them printed at your convenience, or buying them from the local supermarket, it would be a plus is your festive signs have pumpkins on them.

Pumpkins are, without a doubt, the kings of autumn, and it would not be difficult for you to find some alluring options with pumpkins illustrated on them.

If you can’t make your own scarecrow for the yard, print a design and decorate your front door instead. Shutterstock.

Pumpkin Scarecrow

No. You don’t have to be a farmer to be able to incorporate a scarecrow in your backyard to ward off the evil spirits. All you need is a yard big enough to accommodate the scarecrow and a carved pumpkin head.

Once you have accumulated everything you need to build a scarecrow and know where exactly you want it to stand, you can check out some incredible tutorials to make scarecrows on the internet and create the ones that you believe won’t scare the children away. Also, you can fill in the pumpkins next to scarecrow with candies to depict what you’re actually protecting.


Pumpkin Centerpieces

If you have furniture in your garden, then they are an excellent opportunity to have your garden décor look incredibly chic. All you need is some pumpkins in all sizes and colors to place them on the garden table. You can add a bonsai next to them so that the décor doesn’t look too monotonous.

Not only is it good to have pumpkins as a part of the décor since they signify autumn, but they are also considered auspicious as garden decorations. They have been long associated with Halloween legends, making them a must-have for your garden.

Enjoy some pumpkin treats with your guests this holiday! Credit: Pixabay

Pumpkin Treats

If not anything else, you can always make some pumpkin-shaped candies for the kids that come to your place for trick and treating. You don’t have to be a culinary expert for making pumpkin candies with white chocolate and orange food coloring.

Get your hands upon some pumpkin-shaped silicon moulds or make stripes on an orange candy ball to make it look like a pumpkin. You can also use a chocolate cone to create eyes, nose, and mouth on the candies to make them look more fun than earlier. These homemade candies will make the kids forget the ones they get in the store.

If you don’t want to worry about a pumpkin decomposing, try a felt one. Credit: Pexels

Fabric Pumpkins

Whether it is the pillows, mattresses, rugs, or throw blankets, you can have pumpkins designed on any of them. However, the most popular of them all are the pumpkin-shaped pillows, which you can use some orange fabric to create on your own. So, bring out the skilled seams-tress or seams-ter in you and get stitching!

If you are not as skilled in stitching, you can always have a tailor do it for you. All you will need is the fabric you love and some cotton to fluff the pillow with.

A simple wire basket and an assortment of pumpkins make a great display. Credit: Pexels

Gourd Wall

You can invest in a wall installation such as in the picture and use it to make a gourd wall. Stuff it with some winter foliage and top it with a mixed variety of gourds that you find in the farmers’ market. The hay at the bottom will ensure that the gourds don’t fall off and are visible from the top.

Try to install this display on the garage wall or the one that is facing the yard for a more dramatic look. If not gourds, you can complete this display with some corn cobs and flowers.

A pumpkin candle holder has the perfect glow. Credit: Pexels

Wooden Pumpkin Candles

Wooden décor, primarily, highlights the efforts that you have put in making your house look chic. However, it can be a lot of work, and more prominent wooden decorations can be quite expensive. Therefore, we would advise you to invest in smaller wooden pieces such as candle holders from the local departmental store.

The pumpkin-shaped candle holders will allow you to incorporate fall produce into your décor and also help you keep the tables illuminated when it is dark. Moreover, the light from the candle that reflects from the cavities of the holder will draw a beautiful, Instagram-worthy pattern on the tablescape.

A light show is a great way to celebrate the holidays. Credit: Pexels

Hologram Pumpkins

If you are planning to go big on your Halloween décor, then there is no stopping you from installing apparatus that reflects your favorite pumpkins at your house. Even though this decoration is only worth its salt at nights, but their on-so-scary appeal will make up for everything.

The kids that will come at your place trick n’ treating will be surprised with how scary pumpkin spirits have haunted the house. Also, you might save a couple of candies as they would be nice enough with you not to take more than one.

H-A-Double L-O-W-Double E-N Spells Halloween. Credit: Pixabay

Pumpkin Banners

Since it is not possible to spell everything out on one pumpkin when you are carving with a novice hand, you can always create an ensemble of pumpkins and cut them letter by letter. Then, you can tie all the pumpkins with a string and place them on the ground to look like a pumpkin banner.

We did not ask you to hang them because even the pumpkin shells are heavy and can fall off in a jiffy when left to hang. However, you can create lettered-lanterns and place them in such a manner that they spell out Halloween.

Put some dry ice in a jack-o-latern for a spooky effect. Credit: Pexels

A Smoky Pumpkin

Now that all the TV programs have made you aware of dry ice or liquid nitrogen, you can use it to create the most incredible effects from a pumpkin. All you need to do is, carve a pumpkin out with knives and give some space for the gas to fly out. Now, you can place the dry ice into the pumpkin for the smoky effect.

Even though it can be quite a tedious job to handle the dry ice (which has to be kept away from kids!), the effect it will create will undoubtedly add a cherry on your décor cake.


Jack-O-Lantern Jars

Now that you have planned a candy extravaganza for the kids that will visit your hour for trick n’ treat, it will be added fun to place the candies into pumpkin-shaped jars. Not only has candy holders, but you can also use these jars to hold anything from a candle to some seasonal foliage.

The earthen jars available in the market may be big and not painted the way you want. However, you can always paint them in shades of autumn you like and visit a pottery shop to have them customized (in terms of size and shapes) according to your requirements.