40 Ways Pumpkins Make Fall Decor Pop

By Trista
40 Ways Pumpkins Make Fall Decor Pop

Everyone loves the fall season. It is the only time of the year when gardens covered in withered leaves and chilly winds can bring joy to your heart. However, fall is not only a season, but it is also an emotion, marking the beginning of the festive season. 

The onset of autumn makes one nostalgic of how they celebrated their Thanksgiving and Halloween as kids. It is time to be with near and dear ones. So, why not double the joy of this season with some pumpkin-themed décor? Read along to discover some quick yet stunning ways in which pumpkins can make your fall décor stand out. 

Credit: Country Living

Chalk Painted Pumpkins

We know that your love for the good-old pumpkin in the fall season can never die down. However, the shades of pumpkin may get quite monotonous, and you might want to bring in some more elegant shades in your décor. 

Well, the coolest point about pumpkins is that they are your canvas to paint and style. So, no matter whether you love their natural orange or want them to be white and blue this season, take out your brush and paint. Using chalk paint for the fall pumpkins is an incredible idea because that will keep their rustic look intact, and it is entirely non-toxic.