40 Ways to Decorate With Succulents, Even Without a Green Thumb

By Trista
40 Ways to Decorate With Succulents, Even Without a Green Thumb

Succulents are beautiful, diverse, and easy to care for house plants that can be used in countless ways to decorate in any style. They are widely available at hardware stores, grocery stores, and garden centers, in colors, styles, and textures that can be paired with virtually any item to create a stunning decor piece. The vast majority of succulents favor well-draining, airy soil with minimal watering needed and a preference for bright light. As long as over-watering is avoided, succulents are extraordinarily hardy and difficult to kill. They don’t mind shallow planting, which allows for a diverse range of planting conditions.


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1. Bowl Terrariums

A popular, fresh way of displaying succulents is by using a bowl terrarium. Bowl terrariums are clean, modern options for displaying plants, especially when paired with a fascinating industrial planting medium like clay planting beads. Look for spiky, symmetrical succulents like Haworthia or Crassula varieties for an architectural look. For a more bohemian style, consider glass beads and more delicate plants like air plants, from the Tillandsia family. One note: don’t add fish to bowl terrariums, as they are not large enough environments!