40 Way to Give a Home Bohemian Flair

Trista - September 3, 2019

Finding a unique style to decorate your home in can feel like you’re lost in a paint bucket. You want to try out one style, and it just doesn’t seem to work out. Not to mention that it can get a little pricey to keep trying out different things. Even though you adore a classic look, you want character beyond a stark white. Giving your home a Bohemian flair can really take your home to a cozy, yet chic level.

Hopefully, if you’re still feeling open-minded, you may want to consider the Bohemian style. It’s free and flowy; unique and rich with so many colors that you won’t have a problem making your home feel bright. It’s more than just crochet! Here are just a few ideas to get you started.


Credit: http://mauramcevoy.com/House Beautiful

1. This Bed Arrangement gives your home the Bohemian flair

Don’t be afraid to pull out all the stops when it comes to your bedroom. Go with bright colors, add tassels, and go with prints to pull everything together. Just be mindful not to go too overboard, as you don’t your bedroom to give you a headache.

The aim of introducing Bohemian items to the bedroom is to make it feel cozy and homey. Make it a room you enjoy spending time in other than sleeping.

Credit: https://www.trevortondro.com/House Beautiful

2. More Flair for the Bathroom

It doesn’t matter if your bathroom is big or small; you use it everyday, so it should be at least somewhat a pleasant space. Although you want a bathroom to look clean, having it pure white can be too stark and boring. Dress it up easily and quickly with just a few pieces on the walls.

The inclusion of lovely cushions on a bench gives you somewhere to sit while you dry off your feet or brush your teeth. Keeping your spare towels in a woven basket also adds to the aesthetic. These few touches will transform the area quicker than you can say Bohemian.

Credit: http://davidtsay.com/House Beautiful

3. Getting the Blues Isn’t Bad

Let the blues come out to play and add some lovely jewel tones to your home. The Bohemian aesthetic of deep vibrant colors brings some character to this room.

Despite having many colors within the various patterns of the cushions and throws, the unifying blue create a cohesive look to the entire living room. The contrasting red of the rug makes those blues shine even more.

Credit: http://www.williamabranowicz.com/House Beautiful

4. Outdoor Patio with a Theme

Please keep it simple but interesting with these fantastic pillows. The textiles are amazing, soft on the skin, and full of patterns to keep the eyes moving.

In the Indonesian style, you’ll have no problems making this kind of look go with any decor you already have on your porch. Including it brings an air of relaxation, and even goes well with any rustic pieces you have.

Credit: http://mauramcevoy.com/House Beautiful

5. A Dining Room to have in your Home full of Bohemian Flair

As we said earlier with blues, it can be a very bright color and what better place to use it than in the dining room. Blue is known to make people feel more alert and awake, which is made even more accessible with those lovely, large windows.

The inclusion of a few plants into this area also keeps it calm and nurturing. You can choose to go with real plants or fake ones; either way, you’ll like how they look.

Credit: https://bohemianlifestyles.com

6. Clashing Colorful Living Room

If you want to go real bohemian, don’t be afraid to throw in a little chaos. Despite the examples mentioned above, not everything has to match. Combine the practical with accessories that have flair.

Make neutral colors pop by adding some bright colors and patterns. A patterned rug makes the couch and ottoman stand out even more. Mix and match and move things around to see what works.

Credit: https://bohemianlifestyles.com

7. A Couch to Lounge On

When you want a functional space to relax, it can be a problem figuring out how to decorate it. You don’t want it to be bland, but you also don’t want to overburden it with details.

That’s why the Bohemian style is the perfect fit. You don’t need a lot, and it already has plenty of patterns and colors to make the space rich with personality.

Credit: https://bohemianlifestyles.com

8. An Enticing Entryway

There’s no better way to come home than to have a cozy sight to greet you. Beautiful green plants, a cozy rug, and patterned runners on the stairs brings an air of relaxation to any foyer.

The hanging lamp and mirror have that rustic, natural feel that also seems to go well with the Bohemian aesthetic. The different rugs also separate the dining room from the living room without the need to physically separate them from each other.

Credit: https://bohemianlifestyles.com

9. A Clean and Uncluttered Sitting Room

Everyone deserves a space in their home where they can go and unwind after a long day at work. Heck, you might even want to crash their first thing in the morning with a cup of coffee and your emails. Even simple, velveteen couches like these could use some sprucing up, and what better way to do that than with some interesting cushions.

If you think the colors alone are a bit drab, throw in a Bohemian rug and the rustic coffee tables; these couches can stand out on their own. However, you won’t be standing for long thanks to this cozy setup.

Credit: https://annieschlechter.com/House Beautiful

10. Bright and Cheerful Corner

Sometimes you want to sit back in the corner of your living room and read. A charming, neat area tucked away from everything else. However, if you have a small apartment, then getting a new couch may not be viable.

That’s why you should consider a rope swing. It adds to the Bohemian look you’re going for and hanging it from the ceiling means that you can show off even more of your fancy, colorful rugs.

Credit: https://annieschlechter.com/House Beautiful

11. Fresh and Fun Living Room

Don’t be afraid of patterns; they can be a bit busy, but knowing how to balance them properly with other solid colors in your room will work out for the best.

Don’t be afraid of certain textiles either. Most Bohemian fabrics are designed to be versatile and withstand a lot of use. It’s not like silk where you have to exercise care around it. Just kick back and relax in your living room, put your feet up on the couch, and enjoy the atmosphere of your living room.

Credit: http://petermurdockphoto.com/House Beautiful

12. Tea Time for Friends

A nice Turkish rug can really pull a look together. The faded blues and greens are mirrors in the colors of the throws and pillows to create one cohesive setting for your gossip time.

Adding a vase of flowers in the middle is also a nice touch, and the patterned plate on the wall is a nice attraction to have as well. The chaotic patterns on the “stained glass” table is definitely a conversation piece.

Credit: https://bohemianlifestyles.com

13. An Entertainment Ensemble of Color

If you choose not to go with patterns, it doesn’t mean that your space isn’t Bohemian. The right choice of colors can make the difference for you, as long as the rest of the area is neutral.

Go for bright, jewel tones when it comes to the cushions on your couch. Pick some wall decor that’s organic yet colorful at the same time. Include some green plants to the area to give it a more relaxed feel.

Credit: https://bohemianlifestyles.com

14. Bohemian Neutral and Wood

Not everything has to be absolutely bright and colorful, especially if that throws off the overall atmosphere of your home. You can go neutral, but you have to invest more time into picking the right pieces.

Where you can’t go with bright colors, choose simple patterns instead. The patterned rug reflects the crisscross pattern of the hanging lantern, as do a few of the cushions on the couch.

Credit: https://bohemianlifestyles.com

15. Rainbows for the Mind

This colorful bedroom is simply to die for. It could work for a young teenager or the adult who’s a child at heart. The rug is a perfect choice to pull together all the colors of the room, from the ottoman to the hanging accessories to the throw on the seat.

The fact that the walls are also kept one color allows each piece to shine. The small colorful figurines on the window sill contrast nicely with all of that white.

Credit: https://bohemianlifestyles.com

16. Dark and Romantic Front Room

Bright and cheery is one way to do it, but all of these colors go really well with a dark brown overtone. From the wooden table to the rug, the bright adds a nice contrast to it all. The large open windows also let in much light so that the dark wood doesn’t feel imposing.

Of course, the tall green plants make the room feel more significant than it is. They add height to the ceilings, as do the rope hangers along the back wall.

Credit: https://bohemianlifestyles.com

17. Reflections of Relaxation

The large mirror is a great way to make the room feel larger and also casts ambient light around the room to make it brighter.

Keeping all of the furniture close to the ground continues that effect of taller ceilings. It also gives room to those hanging plants to grow without getting tangled up in your hair. The simple choice of neutral furniture, along with the colorful cushions and patterned rug, pulls the whole look together.

Credit: http://mauramcevoy.com/

18. Subtle Black and White Bathroom

Now here’s taking the neutral tone to the extreme, but not in a wrong way. The black and white make for a clean but interesting bathroom. The patterned tiled floor with a swirling design works well with the swirls of the fancy wooden chair.

Bringing those colors up in the wallpaper was also a good choice, especially with the palm frond design. It gives this entire bathroom a very clean and cut look.

Credit: http://davidtsay.com/House Beautiful

19. Bohemian Bedroom with a View

This is a bedroom fit for a king or queen of any aesthetic. The large bed with the throw is a perfect choice. The horizontal stripes give the illusion of a wider bed, and the colorful pompoms reflect the colors of the painting in the background.

Just outside the sliding glass door is an attractive outdoor patio, also sporting more Bohemian flare. The bright colors are a nice contrast to the generally-neutral tone of the indoors.

Credit: http://www.williamabranowicz.com/House Beautiful

20. Of the Floral Persuasion

A charming guestroom can make all of the difference in the world. You want it to be comfortable but not boring. You want it to have character.

And this room has that design feature. Lots of colors with a patterned headboard definitely give this a taste of ethnicity. The addition of a short gold table in the corner provides some vibrant color without being overly bright. In fact, it adds some sophistication to the entire room.

Credit: https://www.ryanliebe.com/House Beautiful

21. Getting the Dining Room in Order

A sweet arrangement for dinner will get the conversation going. A few beautiful throws on the backs of these dark wooden chairs, a lovely table runner, and some exciting table decor definitely spice up the setting.

Most Bohemian fabrics can withstand being used on a table and can handle being washed in the washing machine if you happen to get stains on them. They don’t need to be handled too carefully.

Credit: https://www.victoriapearson.com/House Beautiful

22. Relax with a Comforting Meal

Maybe a meal at the dining room table is not in the cars for you, but that doesn’t mean that you should skip a meal. Having a small sitting area near to the kitchen may be the casual dining experience you’re looking for.

The wall tapestry and patterned rug bring some warmth to the room, and the lucite rocking chair is an unexpected item that actually goes well. Also, don’t forget the gold accents; the room wouldn’t work without it.

Credit: https://www.victoriapearson.com/House Beautiful

23. Bedroom Loft of Dreams

A hideaway bedroom int he attic can shine just as well as any other room in the house. Use this as a daybed to read your magazines with a cup of tea or make it your main bedroom for a single home.

Either way, dressing it up with plenty of colors brightens it up and makes the small space very cozy. The wallpaper brings the “fancy” to the area while the hanging star light overhead will make this space feel like a dream when the sunsets.

Credit: https://bohemianlifestyles.com

24. A Red Room to Boast About

There’s nothing shy about this living room and kitchen! Red is a bold color to choose, but this is done so well that you’ll want to spend all of your time here.

Along with the red of the walls, there are also bright accents and light fixtures to mute the red a little bit. The printed rugs bring some balance to the floor too, drawing the eyes away from the intense colors and down to the floor.

Credit: https://bohemianlifestyles.com

25. Simple Gold Accents make your Bohemian style shine

As with the bathroom that was shown earlier, black and white may be all you’re looking for when it comes to decor. However, this living room is a little different, as it has some fancy gold to make the space shine.

Woven baskets on the wall and the geometric shapes give the space a unique but sophisticated feel. It’s both fun and business-like, making it versatile for just about any event.

Credit: https://bohemianlifestyles.com

26. Green with Character

This living room is quite chic and has plenty of personality. All of the green makes it feel quite natural and plays off the darker tones of the room, such as the rug and throw.

The cute face on the cushion is very cheeky, and the full-length mirror not only opens up the room but gives you the means to check out your outfit before you step outside. The ivy wrapped around it draws the mirror into the aesthetic of the space so that it fits perfectly.

Credit: https://bohemianlifestyles.com

27. More Blues Than You Know What to do With

Several different, beautiful pieces are brought together to create this unique space. This blue rug is quite marvelous and captures the tones of the walls as well as the cushions.

The hanging chandelier plays off the different geometric shapes that are scattered about the room. It’s perfectly balanced with the asymmetrical shape of the wooden table and the organic feel of the potted plant.

Credit: https://bohemianlifestyles.com

28. A Reading Room To Be Proud Of

This front room has quite a unique feel and style to it. It’s a collection of very different pieces put together without any specific part more attention-grabbing than the other.

The overall color scheme focuses on the teal-blue color, from the table and stools to the small pocket shelves on the wall. Yellow, an opposing color, brings balance to this room too with its warm tones.

Credit: https://bohemianlifestyles.com

29. Dark Tones for a Boho Living Room

Light colors are pleasant for a room, but you can be daring with some dark colors that border on being black. The patterned rug has an excellent ethnic style to it, as do the patterned cushions.

The deep green of the couch is almost emerald-like and sets the overall jewel-tone of the entire room. The gold chandelier in the foreground adds some nice contrast and sophistication to the area.

Credit: https://bohemianlifestyles.com

30. Neutral and Relaxing can also embody the Bohemian look

You may not be sure where the Bohemian is in this room, but it’s there. Not everything has to be bright and dazzling. You can find it in the tassels on the cushions, the throws, and the pattern on the ottoman.

This is definitely a great example of how you can keep the colors toned down but still keep everything Bohemian. This room has a solid basis of sophistication while still being fun and relaxing.

Credit: https://bohemianlifestyles.com

31. Plants Everywhere is a Bohemian must have

There’s nothing more Bohemian than including Mother Nature throughout your home. From ferns and palms to small potted plants on the table. Please don’t ignore that pot with the face painted on it either; that’s Bohemian!

All of this green is a nice contrast for the orange rug and red tones of the cushions and sofa. The silver pendulum light casts a careful reflection of the entire room so that you can truly see how all these colors work together.

Credit: https://www.ericpiasecki.com/

32. Portraits For Posterity create a Cultured Bohemian Look

These framed portraits add personality, with their vibrant colors. The purple and green can be found throughout the rest of the room as well.

Patterned cushions and the table create some interest against the bold, flat colors of the couch and chair. The curtains are the same way, with ribbons of green throughout it, and, of course, the inclusion of a potted plant adds some air to the room.

Credit: http://dwangphoto.com/

33. Vibrant Pink and Purple, Oh My!

Bring a living room to life with these bright colors. The sofa is a lovely purple velvet that will comfort your body after a hard day of work.

The bright blue chair stands out on his own but doesn’t overshadow the dark grey lampshades on either side of the couch. The eclectic piece of artwork draws all of the colors together, especially the ones in the couch cushions.

Credit: https://www.douglasfriedman.net/

34. An Office for the Boho Business-Minded

This sophisticated home office is rich with so much color that you may think it is all a bit distracting. However, greens and blues have proven to be soothing colors while still allowing you to concentrate.

The purples are a nice contrasting touch too, and the tiger prints around the room provide that pop of pattern that this room needs.

Credit: Credit: http://www.ricardolabougle.com/

35. Pump up the Bohemian Flair Glam

Blue and orange, two contrasting colors, come together to create a unique atmosphere for your living room. It seems quite eclectic, but it goes along very well.

The simple pattern of the rug is a balancing feature for the designs on the chairs and the art on the walls. The pure white globular table also comes down all these patterns and colors to bring everything together.


36. Outdoor Patio With Just a Hint of Bohemian

Mostly neutral colors and some simple seating may be all you’re looking for. Just a few cushions here and there can still bring the style without everything becoming too complicated.

Being outdoors also helps, as you want fabrics that can withstand the weather. Bohemian materials are perfect for that too and go very well with the woven textures on the chairs.

Credit: https://www.ericpiasecki.com/

37. Red Patterns Everywhere

You wouldn’t think to match the couch with the walls, thinking that they would get lost against each other, but this look works. The placement of the busy cushions also breaks up the monotony of the pattern.

The simple rug and the white frames cool down this look a bit so that it’s not too overbearing on the eyes. Although the framed pictures are full of color, they’re less busy than the rest of the decor so that there’s some balance.

Credit: http://mikkelvang.com/

38. The Perfect Randomness

Blue and gold are some of the richest colors to use as decor, and they’re even more beautiful when put together. This new wallpaper is very eclectic, especially with the deep orange of the lanterns. Their shape is reflected in the small potted plant on the table, and the plot ties everything into the color of the couch.

The gold accents on the wall add an antique feel to the setting and give you something to look at as you sit and wait on this lovely plush couch.

Credit: http://www.simonupton.com/

39. Floral From Ceiling to Floor

This sitting area has some style that you won’t find anywhere else. The gorgeous bold wallpaper is a busy contrast to those stark white bird sculptures that look ready to come to life.

That yellow also continues into the floor with the large floral patterns, and the green connects well with the stripes of this lovely couch. Add some large puffy flowers to a vase for a nice contrast.

Credit: http://www.ricardolabougle.com/

40. A Taste of the Sahara

There’s nothing wrong with a little taste of the largest continent in the world. The large zebra-print rug is a conversation piece, and the small table is reminiscent of a congo drum.

The large palm fronds also bring a lot of aesthetic to this area. Additionally, the overall gold and warm brown tones go well with the teal wall behind the shelves. You can also see in the above picture, that glass table reflects all the colors of the room so that they’re all brought together in one space.