40 Way to Give a Home Bohemian Flair

By Trista
40 Way to Give a Home Bohemian Flair

Finding a unique style to decorate your home in can feel like you’re lost in a paint bucket. You want to try out one style, and it just doesn’t seem to work out. Not to mention that it can get a little pricey to keep trying out different things. Even though you adore a classic look, you want character beyond a stark white. Giving your home a Bohemian flair can really take your home to a cozy, yet chic level.

Hopefully, if you’re still feeling open-minded, you may want to consider the Bohemian style. It’s free and flowy; unique and rich with so many colors that you won’t have a problem making your home feel bright. It’s more than just crochet! Here are just a few ideas to get you started.


Credit: http://mauramcevoy.com/House Beautiful

1. This Bed Arrangement gives your home the Bohemian flair

Don’t be afraid to pull out all the stops when it comes to your bedroom. Go with bright colors, add tassels, and go with prints to pull everything together. Just be mindful not to go too overboard, as you don’t your bedroom to give you a headache.

The aim of introducing Bohemian items to the bedroom is to make it feel cozy and homey. Make it a room you enjoy spending time in other than sleeping.