50 Clutter Free Gift Ideas for the Friend Who Values an Experience

By Shannon
50 Clutter Free Gift Ideas for the Friend Who Values an Experience

In 2020, minimalism has become a huge trend. A lot of people are trying their best to have a clutter-free home that is only filled with the things that we truly love. However, this makes it a little bit harder to give someone a gift for the holidays or a birthday. If we know that someone doesn’t want a lot of clutter in their home, how can we give them a gift to remember us by? The solution is actually simple, and it will create more memories than ever before. The best way to give a clutter-free gift is by paying for an experience that the two of you can share together.  Here are 50 clutter-free gift ideas that you can give to nearly anyone on your list.

Going through a guided tour can help give you a new perspective of a city. Credit: Shutterstock

50. A Guided City Tour

You may think that you know your nearest city like the back of your hand, but you would be surprised to see just how many hidden treasures there are in plain sight. Paying for a guided city tour is a great way to get the perspective of an expert. They will point out historic landmarks, and tell stories that you never knew about a city. Tours are usually also geared towards a certain topic. For example, you can go on ghost tours, war landmarks, beer tasting tours, and so much more. This is also perfect if you are planning to travel with your friend, and you want to celebrate your fandom together. For example, in London, you could visit all about the locations of where Jack the Ripper murdered his victims, and another with all the film locations for the Harry Potter movies.