50 Dangerous Household Items

By Shannon
50 Dangerous Household Items

Home is the one place in the world where we should feel safe. When we get home from a long day at work, we want to have peace of mind that everyone should be happy and healthy. Unfortunately, there are plenty of dangers lurking in your living space that can lead to bad health, injury, or even death. Here at Home Addict, we want to tell you some of the top dangerous items in your home you should consider to stop using immediately.

Air Fresheners my cause respiratory issues and lead to cancer. Credit: Shutterstock

50. Air Fresheners

Almost everyone has a can of air freshener in their home, especially in the bathroom. No one likes a stinky room to linger for too long. According to Web MD, breathing in air conditioners has been linked to lung damage. A chemical called 1,4-DCB is contained in both moth balls and air fresheners. Sometimes, if you have too much, the chemical can make its way into your blood stream Scientists test people with high levels of 1,4-DCB in their blood and found that they were more likely to have  lung issues, and some eventually lead to lung cancer.