50 Steps to Transforming Space at Home

Trista - April 3, 2019

Changing the decor of your home doesn’t have to be a struggle you face alone. All it takes is finding a little inspiration. Bringing your home decor ideas to life doesn’t have to break your wallet or take a long time to complete either. Here are 50 easy design ideas you can use to transform your home into something new that is uniquely you.

Accent pillows and random throw pillows can set the mood of a room. studioashby.com

50. Change your Throw Pillows

Sometimes all you need is a small change to make the room look much different. Your throw pillows may have collected dust, have gotten a little threadbare, or you’re just sick of the color scheme. Changing them out will do you a world of good and may even brighten up the room for the better. You can do this by adding new colors or designs into your room. Of course, you don’t need to buy brand new pillows; you can always repurpose your old ones with new fabric. You might even change the shape of your cushions, such as adding a heart or star.

When choosing new throw pillows, you want to make sure they coordinate with the room’s color scheme (unless you’re painting that, too). Start by choosing a solid color, then layer patterned pillows of different shapes, sizes, and colors on top. The materials you choose can also have an impact; textures speak volumes in room design! Cotton and linens are casual and comfy, while silks and velvets bring a luxe, glamorous vibe to the room. Keep in mind that throw pillows are mainly accent elements, so they don’t have to match the room perfectly!

Talk about a conversation piece for the company to notice! petermurdockphoto.com

49. Decorate your Powder Room

You might think that a small space that doesn’t need much sprucing up but showing it some love with decorations can make it shine. The powder room is the spot your guests will use most often when they’re over, so it doesn’t hurt to brighten it up with a fresh coat of paint and some artwork. You can add some bold florals, daring red, or give your powder room a modern farmhouse look. Another popular look for many places is rustic or modern. Finally, you might want to consider a blue marble look or even get a little inspiration from another country.

A bathroom refresh is a great project because it can be done quickly and doesn’t cost a fortune. A coat of paint for a small area is inexpensive and can drastically change the space. You can opt for a boldly patterned wallpaper and accented hardware like doorknobs and faucets if you are extra daring. If you’d prefer, go for a neutral wall and pops of color. Then, you can opt for a fun shower curtain and towel sets instead. If you’re going all out, consider a striking tile pattern to anchor your choices!

Have you ever considered decorating the entryway in this manner? paulraeside.com

48. Redo your Entryway

One of the most notable areas in your home is the entryway; it’s usually the area that many people feel a bit embarrassed about because it doesn’t have much excitement. It seems always to be a bit on the dirty side, but this doesn’t mean you can’t spruce it up a bit. The entryway of your home doesn’t have to be drab and boring. Spruce it up with some art pieces, such as paintings or a small fancy table where you can keep your keys. Lean some pictures against a nearby wall to achieve the “laidback gallery” style.

The entryway is another small area that can benefit from a refresh. Don’t forget to add a cute rug to bring in the other accent colors and tie in all your hard work. If you’re not a fan of the “gallery” style, try adding a console table or bench, or even try out a gallery wall by creating a collage of framed pieces on your entryway wall. It’s a great use of an underrated space, and it shows anyone who comes into your house what you prioritize — whether it’s family, friends, furbabies, or your favorite places.

A canopy bed is a statement piece for any sleeping area. fantasticfrank.com

47. Sleep in a Bed Canopy

Picture a canopy bed in your head. Are you thinking of a half canopy, a center canopy, or a full canopy? Canopy beds can be associated with grandness because their striking design gives them a very dignified feel. However, canopy beds are also sought after for the privacy and sense of romance they provide and the coziness they can bring to a room. Whether you want a massive, traditional wooden canopy bed that harkens back to the medieval era or a more modern, metal-frame canopy bed, the choices are endless.

It may surprise you to find out that it doesn’t take much to install a canopy bed. Choose fabrics that are light and thin to flow still when you try to get out of bed. It doesn’t matter if you are 6 or 60 years old; if you find the right canopy for you, you will love to show off your bedroom and enjoy your newly transformed space. You can follow so many ideas with this by building them into the wall to create a type of peek-a-boo print. You can convert platform beds, bunk beds, or any other bed type into a canopy bed!

You can instantly transform the look of a room thanks to a reupholster chair. angieslist.com

46. Reupholster your Furniture

Whether you inherited grandma’s favorite chair or you found a great deal at your local thrift store, upholstering furniture can change the style of a piece without breaking the bank. It can also make it unique and customized to fit whatever your style is. The fabric of sofas and chairs can wear down over time with use, giving them a less appealing look. Changing the material and replacing the stuffing can give your furniture new life and update your room’s look. Because upholstering furniture can be time-consuming and tedious, make sure you are working on high-quality furniture. You want to make sure your investment of time, effort, and money is worth it!

You’ll want to make sure you’re using the right fabric and tools. Head over to your favorite craft or fabric store and take a look at what they have. You can also look online, but feeling the fabric and seeing it in person before a purchase can give you the best idea of what is perfect for spicing up your room. Think about using colors and patterns that make you happy! There are many tutorials on how to reupholster furniture without taking it to a professional, though you should be prepared for lots of elbow grease!

There is a place for everything, and everything has a place. Just create one! mikaelcreative.com

45. Organize Everything

You’ve gotten so used to living in your home that you don’t realize the piles of stuff you create in each room. You go from thinking you will have space for everything and keeping it organized to creating piles of boxes to use as storage. Take the time to go through each room and put everything in its place. Put up some hooks for coats and scarves, and get an organizer for stray shoes. You can also purchase some floating shelves or build your window seat to help keep you organized. Just tidying up can show you just how much floor space you have.

The more often you use something, the more easily you’ll want to access it. Items you use frequently should be stored towards the front of whatever space you’re putting them in. Use vertical storage caddies or stacked boxes as organization and decor. Multi-functional items are great life hacks! However, you do want to be careful with this – do not overbuy organization products. You want to make sure that the organization products enhance your organization system instead of making you work harder to figure out where to store them. Most importantly: label everything!

If you have limited counterspace in your bathroom, a stool can help tremendously. annieschlechter.com

44. Bring a Bathroom Stool

There is usually one room in your home that doesn’t get a new look very often, and this is your bathroom. It’s a shame because the bathroom is where you start and end each day – we wash up, brush our teeth, shower, and decompress. Everybody needs extra storage in the bathroom, but instead of installing more shelves or counter space, a stool may be all you need. Keep it by the bath so that you can keep your glass of wine or your favorite book while you’re soaking in the tub.

You can also decide to put it in a corner and set up a little decorative look, such as towels that guests are afraid to touch because the display looks too nice. A shower seat is an excellent addition for elderly or disabled household members or guests also. If you spend a lot of time at the bathroom vanity, a chair could be a more comfortable solution than bending over at the counter to get closer to the mirror. No matter what the use for the spot is, make sure you are careful with the seat’s material. Leather, for example, would need a cover or proper ventilation, whereas wood would make a better option.

Wallpaper might seem like a hassle, but try one small area. You might fall in love with the results. catherinekwong.com

43. Add Accent Wallpaper

One of the best ways to transform your space and keep it individualized is to add an accent wall with wallpaper. Get a textured wallpaper to dress up a room and add some color. You don’t have to do the entire wall if that’s not your thing; pick one wall or a small section and add your chosen wallpaper. That may be all your room needs to feel new again. Of course, you might come up with another great idea once you start putting up the wallpaper, so keep your mind open to changing up your plan once you get started.

Wallpaper has been in and out of the trends, and it’s back in now. When you’re choosing your wallpaper, think about where it’s going. If you are going for just one accent wall, you can go big and bold. Bright colors can make a statement wall stand out, while softer colors can make the room more tranquil. You can even play with mood lighting depending on the color and tone you select! Larger patterns make spaces feel more intimate, while smaller patterns make the area feel more open. Make sure you love a design before plastering it on an entire wall!

Adding blocks of color can create the professional look you desire. studiodb.com

42. Try Color Blocking

Color blocking isn’t just a fashion term. Do you have a stark room that you dislike entering? Give it some character by color blocking one wall. This design makes blocks of color along your walls or your whole room — it’s really up to you. Color blocking usually involves pairing contrasting colors or geometric shapes, or even a combo of both. Use contrasting shades or go with neutral tones that will coordinate with any decor in the room. For instance, you can look at a color wheel and pick two to three shades that will go well. You can also experiment with different colors that many people think don’t go well together. Either way, the added color will make the room pop in a way it never did before.

If you need a little inspiration on how to color block, we have your back. One technique is to use a bright color against a white or neutral color halfway up or down the wall. You can even use a diagonal or patterned effect for a bigger pop or introduce those fun geometric patterns we mentioned earlier. For a more significant impact, consider color blocking your ceiling! Moreover, of course, no one said color blocking had to be limited to the walls. Try making your door a new focal point by coloring it a gorgeous color, or even two!

You can opt for faux fur if you prefer that style. Pinterest

41. Cozy Up with Sheepskin Throws

There’s no better way to make your home feel more comfortable than adding a few cozy throws onto stools. They’re warm, soft, and cushy, so your guests will enjoy sitting on them as well. These throws’ rugged look also has a cabin-like feel to them, which is excellent if you want a rustic look. Another benefit of these throws is that you can move them to another seat or area in your home if they’re not needed on the stools at that moment. It can help you feel that your home is transformed again after a few months.

Sheepskins help with a cozy, wintery vibe, and you can refresh your home after a while by putting them away until the next winter. Make sure, if you do go this route, that you buy sheepskins from reputable sources, as you want them to be ethically sourced and you don’t want them to stink up your house. Sheepskins do have to go through the proper processing before the sale! If you desire to make the whole house match, you can even buy similar pet beds for your four-legged family members, and they’ll love how warm they feel in their beds year-round.

Bring a pop of color into a space with a creative piece of art. studiodb.com

40. Hang Up Vibrant Artwork

Do your walls feel a bit blah and boring? Do you think you need to transform at least one of the walls in your living room, hallway, or dining room to give your house a unique look? Instead of painting walls or putting wallpaper up, adding statement art pieces to your space that will draw the eye can make just as big an effect. Choose large, colorful articles covering up most of a wall; make it the room’s focus so that people can’t help but look at it when they enter. You can also pick pieces that make your room look bigger or smaller, depending on your style.

Make sure you choose a piece that leaves six to twelve inches on each side if you want to take up most of the wall. You can also hang up a gallery of multiple images if you desire, though that can be less visually impactful. Don’t forget that wall art comes in many shapes, sizes, and types – it’s not just paintings. It can be tapestries, woven items, even plates – whatever you deem wall-worthy! Choose textural pieces that align with your style and decor instead of what you think should be hung up on your walls; you’re the one who has to look at it every day!

If you love the great outdoors then reflect that inside. Pinterest

39. Look to Nature

One of the most significant steps you need to take when it comes to transforming your home space is finding inspiration, but this can sometimes be difficult. If you’re having a hard time finding inspiration in decorating your home, why not look to nature? Try beautiful shades of wood, light cotton fabrics, or stone; it doesn’t matter what you choose. Bringing the elements into your home can make it feel more soothing and relaxing. You might find that setting up calming nature sounds in a room where you have warm blues like the sky or green like the grass makes you feel relaxed.

If you’re still stumped (get it?) on what to use from nature in your decor, we have some ideas for you. Using seashells in a coastal theme, especially around the spring or summer, can give a bathroom or guest bedroom a carefree, beachy vibe. Load a few shells of different sizes in a jar or two and set them on a desk, and voila! You have a cute new accessory for the room. If you’re looking for something a little more glam and glitzy, consider agate; it’s a significant, durable element with many colors while still managing to be elegant! 

You can use mirrors for a gallery wall instead of pictures if you want. annieschlechter.com

38.Create a Gallery Wall

If you have a creative mind, you will love this next idea. You might find that your creativity blooms once you get started with your gallery wall. The key is to do something that will make the wall stand out and make you feel comfortable or bring out your fun side. This wall can consist of paintings, antiques, mirrors, or just frames. Create a unique collection and go to thrift stores for unique pieces added to the wall. Don’t clutter the space too much, as your gallery wall could end up looking more like a hoarder’s collection.

We’ve briefly mentioned a gallery wall before, so it shouldn’t be an entirely foreign concept. If the “how-to” completely escapes you, you can find pre-made sets of frames for purchase in most decor and hobby stores. Some even come with ideas on arranging your frames for an effortless, “I did this myself” look! Think about your desired effect – whether you want a mismatched, rustic look or an identical frame for each of your hangings, you’ll want it to go with the rest of your aesthetic. It doesn’t have to be a wall of photos; it can be a wall of whatever accessories you deem fit!

There is nothing quite like a warm and fuzzy throw to soften a room. robsonrak.com.au

37.Get a New Blanket

You probably like to have an extra blanket lying around your home, especially during the cold winter months. You can toss this onto the bed or the couch, anywhere that needs a little splash of color. Try a throw with prints to make a room explode with style even more. Even if you prefer muted tones, a new comfortable or throw blanket might be just what you need to make the space look new. Not only will you keep yourself and your family warm when it’s chilly outside, but you can cozy up with a book, a cup of hot cocoa and transform a space in your home.

Change out your blankets according to the seasons. Grab a nice, plush fleece blanket during the cold winter season for extra coziness, then shelve that blanket for a few months and swap it for a lightly patterned cotton blanket during the summer months. Blankets can add a great touch of texture and color to a room, whether they act as a complementary accent or a bold pop of contrasting color. Grab a few extra blankets and store them in a woven basket for a functional and stylish touch, plus easy access!

The lighting can really make a room quite stunning. studioashby.com

36.Install New Lighting

Sometimes you need to think a bit outside of the box when you’re transforming space in your home. That might mean that you need to look outside or up at your ceiling. It’s not enough that you’ve got great decor in your place, but it’s not going to look any good with your old lighting. Change out your bulbs and go for a new style you’ve never tried before. Even ceiling fans come with decorative light kits attached these days, so you’ll have no excuses to change out your light fixtures! From sconces to pendulum lights, the possibilities are endless.

You can also take a trip outside and purchase motion lights to always get into your home safely. Some lights can be solar-powered, though you’ll want to be careful with your placement of those sensors. As for your backyard, you’ll want to consider installing small directional lights in your larger trees to create a “moonlight” effect and supplement them with smaller lights around the rest of your yard for a shimmering pattern – no wiring required! Another excellent option for outdoor lighting is overhead globe lights. It’ll feel like a festival every night!

It might take a little work, but the result is beautiful. catherinekwong.com

35. Paint the Ceiling

Paint is one of the first steps people take when they’re thinking of transforming their home, possibly because it’s easy and can give your room a whole new look. However, sometimes, instead of painting the walls, you should look up to the ceiling. Having a space in all the same colors looks dull, so add contrast. Black with white is classic. However, you can also choose complementary colors as a way to contrast. They are the shades opposite each other on the color wheel, such as blue and orange or red and green. Don’t be afraid to extend the color from your walls to the ceiling.

Though ceilings are often overlooked, there are so many ways to incorporate painting into your home decor! Painting your ceiling a bold color and then accenting the rest of the room with that same color can brighten a neutral setting. If you have a favorite color, consider painting the whole room – including the ceiling – that color, but make sure you use a softer color than a bold color, as that may be a bit overwhelming to live with! For a genuinely delicate look, try a large pattern stencil on the ceiling. You won’t regret it!

You don’t need a giant house to have a reading nook. studioashby.com

34. Build a Reading Nook

One of the most relaxing steps to take during the day (especially when it’s cold and rainy outside) is to curl up with a good book for many people. Reading in bed is excellent, but having a personal space where you can do all of your reading is even better. Add a bookcase to display all of your books, add a comfortable bench you can curl up on to read, and add a small table for your tea or coffee mug. You can build your spot by getting supplies to create a window seat at your favorite window.

The real trick is to think about what makes you happy and relaxed, then include those elements in your designated nook. Think about adding a soft blanket or throw, your favorite print off Etsy, or maybe a fresh bouquet. Perhaps you’re a plant person, and you want to be buried behind a jungle of ferns – this is where you should customize your space. Try to incorporate soft materials since reading is a relaxing activity. You don’t want to be shifting in your seat every five minutes to find the right spot!

Create a unique reading space to go with your book nook. studiodb.com

33. Plug in a Unique Lamp

Want a statement piece that will make your guests raise their eyebrows? A funky lamp in the corner of the room can transform a space. Try lights that are tall as your ceiling for even added height and more illumination. You can look on Amazon for lamps that will give you the glow of stars and the solar system if that’s your style. You can also get a lamp that will run pictures or different colors on your walls. Of course, some lights are inspired by the Victorian era and will bring a customized look to your living room.

Just like with overhead lighting, there is an endless array of floor lights that are out there! There are floor lamps that look like hanging chandeliers. There are tripod floor lamps – you name it, it’s out there. If you’re a storage-nut and need more shelves to display that antique frame you got from Aunt Edna, then there are lamps with tiers of storage. If you’d prefer something a bit more refined, glass orb lamps are available to you too! Think about what kind of lighting you want. Do you like bright lighting, or are you more into soft, ambient light? Figuring out what you’ll be doing in that area can help you determine what kind of light you may need.

The bench is practical and elegant at the same time; that’s a win-win. nicolefranzen.com

32. Use a Bench in the Bedroom

Do you feel that the space at the foot of your bed is a bit boring? Do you have room to add a little unique piece of furniture to your bedroom? Place a bench at your bed’s foot, giving you ample space to get ready in the morning. Set out your clothes for the day, or take a seat as you pull your socks on. It’s also a great place to sit and sip your coffee and read your newspaper instead of crawling back into bed. You can also use this bench as a decorative piece to add a unique touch to your bedroom.

Lots of benches now have a storage component in them, so it’s a bonus. Typically, it’s best to choose a seat that slightly differs from your bed’s design. Avoid blocky benches, as you want to keep the focus on the bed itself instead of making the room feel too heavy. Keep it shorter and narrower than the mattress itself. If your bed doesn’t have a footboard, consider getting a bench with a back since that could be a good substitute, but it’s not a must-have. Some people opt for two small square ottomans instead of a bench, and that can be a great alternative, especially if a bench feels like it’s not quite your style.

Just like the ceiling, look to the floor for a unique look. thomasloof.com

31.Paint your Floor

You’ve looked at your walls for painting and even took time to look up to your ceiling. Therefore, the next step is to look down. Painting your floors sounds like a strange idea, but more and more people turn to this idea to transform the look of their hallways and bathrooms. Paint for tiles makes it easy for you to convert your floor into the perfect complement for the rest of your decor. Pick your favorite color or if you’ve always wanted a yellow brick road, look for yellow paint to make a fun path to follow.

Painted wood floors are usually associated mostly with cottages, but you can also paint tile, concrete, plywood, and even linoleum! When you’re painting floors, make sure you use hardwearing paints; you can even use marine paints! Even when you’re painting the floor, the fun doesn’t have to stop there. You can customize the floor further by creating patterns with different colors, adding borders, or even painting “rugs.” You could even add stenciling to mimic a tile pattern! You might wonder why you’d ever do something like that, but floor painting is much more budget-friendly than laying new flooring down. It’s something to consider, though buyer beware: painted floors are nearly impossible to get back to their original state.

Switching your furniture layout once in a while can inspire new design concepts. nicolefranzen.com

30. Rearrange the Furniture

If you’ve been living in your home for some time, you might feel that it’s a bit crowded with all the furniture. Sometimes you don’t know how much space you have until you move things around. Do you need your couch up against the wall? Move your bed to the opposite side of the room or your dresser into the closet. A shuffling around your furniture could open up space more and make your room look even more put-together. From there, you might find yourself more organized and comfortable, at least until the next time it’s too crowded.

If you think you’re ready to rearrange some furniture, we have some tips for you! Before you even start thinking about moving, measure your space and the furniture you have. Now that you’ve done it do it again! Write it all down, and now you’re ready to plan. Whether you use an app, an online site, or a classic pen and paper, make sure you have it all mapped out accurately. Always start with the biggest piece of furniture first, as that will serve as the room’s focal point. Work your way down in size and place your smaller items as you go. Accent pieces go last!

A table cloth is practical and pleasing to the eye, so make sure you pick a good one. housebeautiful.com

29. Say It with a Statement Tablecloth

One way to set up your dining room and kitchen differently is to get a tablecloth that will make a statement or add some new colors into your room. Getting one that’s bright and full of patterns will make your dining room more eclectic in the long run. Pick one that incorporates some other colors from the place to go well together, despite the eccentric patterns. You can also get different tablecloths for the different holidays and seasons, so you’re always transforming that room throughout the year.

Even if you’re not a fan of a tablecloth, it can help protect your table from stains and scratches. If you still are not sold on the idea, consider a table runner. Think of them as a visual anchor for your table – they can change the setting from casual dining to more formal occasions with just a simple change, depending on the color and texture. If you’re feeling festive, you can add a themed table runner to celebrate a specific holiday. Runners come in standard widths and sizes, and you can choose to have them hang over your table ends or not. The only “rule” is that table runners cannot hang lower than your tablecloth if you’re layering them.

You might think black is too dark, but small blocks stand out beautifully. oldbrandnew.com

28. Use Black Paint

One shade of paint that most people don’t choose when transforming a space in their home is black — please don’t feel like black has to be scary. Add it to the bedroom if you have lots of natural light coming in to feel too imposing. Contrast the black with some white sheets and other light-colored decorations. You can also add a little black to a wall instead of focusing on the whole wall to give yourself more room for creativity throughout the year. Maybe you will use black to set up a painting as it will contrast nicely.

Black is a classic color, but it does need to be utilized carefully to avoid overwhelming the room. It can look sophisticated when used well, but it can make a room look uninviting if you don’t paint the right areas. If you don’t want to paint the whole room, consider painting an accent area first, like a wall, door, or even the floor or ceiling like we’ve mentioned previously. If you plan on painting one wall, paint the tallest one in the room to create a focal point without making the room feel smaller. If you go big and paint the whole room, make sure to paint the baseboards and trim a contrasting color like white or cream to create the necessary visual relief.

You can recreate your living room to look exactly like a magazine ad. elizabethroberts.com

27. Play with Proportion

If a space doesn’t have the right proportions, it may not feel right. Every room has a different layout. Some might have a couple more corners, while others will have a ceiling that is declining. Play around with the room’s shapes and angles, and add a mirror to continue this experimentation. Pair big pieces with small pieces and short with tall to create a playful silhouette of all the room’s parts. Don’t feel that when you set up your furniture, it needs to stay that way. Continue to be creative throughout the year to help keep your mind and creativity flowing.

If everything is too similar in size, the eye doesn’t have a focal point or an exciting path to follow. Similarly, if everything is also different, the room can feel jarring and disjointed. To achieve well-balanced proportions in a room, consider how you’ll position the largest pieces first. You can set a couch across from two armchairs, for example. They’ll take up approximately the same amount of space but vary enough in the composition that they make for an interesting setup. When you’re putting your room together, make sure you keep the room’s size in mind as well, as you don’t want to stuff a small room too full of items or make a large space feel too sparse.

You don’t need a bunch of items to have style. Say it with less. Pinterest

26. Make a Minimalist Appearance

If you feel that your home has become too crowded, it might be time to do some deep cleaning. Sometimes less is more. Stick with stark, contrasting colors and focus on simple geometric shapes to pull the room together. Your new minimalist look may even encourage you to get rid of some clutter from your room’s rest. You might then go further into your home. Another benefit is that a decluttered home will make your mind feel less cluttered as well. Plus, it makes everything feel cleaner and more organized.

Minimalism is great for decluttering and making your space feel larger and trendier, but you still need a place to store everything. If you’re trying to downsize or swing towards a more minimal style, your items will need to serve more than one purpose, so look for multi-functional furniture like storage beds or storage coffee tables. Furniture like that can also be eco-friendly, which is always a bonus. Look for clean lines and natural materials for the full minimalistic effect. Since the style tends to respect artisanal handiwork and local craftsmanship, try to find something local if possible!

Show off your hard work, time, and talent; you deserve it! Pinterest

25. Display your Collectibles

Are you a fan of model ships? Do you like pop culture figures? Maybe you adore a particular animal. Why not put them on display? Create high shelves around the room’s perimeter and line them up to add an element of nostalgia to the area. That will not only make you feel more relaxed because you enjoy having your collectibles on display, but it gives your guests something to admire. Plus, it’s always a good idea to use these items to get a conversation started, especially when you’re unsure what to talk about with guests.

Showing off your treasured collectibles doesn’t just make you feel truly at home; it can make your memories feel close at hand as well. If your collectibles are flat, like posters or postcards, create a home art gallery by displaying them on your walls with a dedicated gallery wall. If you collect vintage pieces, try creating a display shelf specifically for those pieces – and make sure you have room to grow that collection! It would look even better on a vintage bookshelf, or maybe you can line them up along the tops of your kitchen cabinets.

Dust off the hearth and set up some interesting pieces around your fireplace and its mantel. stylebyemilyhenderson.com

24. Decorate your Fireplace Display

It’s starting to get a bit colder in many parts of the world, and this means you’ll be turning to your fireplace within the next few weeks. Updating the display on your mantle and around your fireplace can make a difference. You store your logs and change them out for a stack of magazines that you can read while waiting for the kindling to ignite. You can also set up a few small collectibles on top of your fireplace if it’s possible. That will give it a different look.

To create a cozy living room, it makes sense that your fireplace would be the focal point. If you’re planning on a permanent decoration, consider painting your mantle. Depending on the rest of your home, you could paint it a subtle, neutral color or go all out with a prominent, bold color! Take the opportunity to display your favorite art pieces above the fireplace, or even create a feature wall by mounting antique china plates! For a more laid-back look, lean a mirror against the wall atop the mantle and match it with a patterned fireplace screen, and voila! Modern chic.

You can set the mood with a soft purple, blue, or even pink light. blacklacquerdesign.com

23. Brighten Up the Room with a Colorful Light Bulb

Mood lighting is all the rage, and the latest technology advances make it easy for you to change the light bulb’s color in the room with just your smartphone. This kind of lighting works best in small spaces and provides that “neon light” feel without spending much money on one. These lights can help bring different shades into your room or give a dark room a unique glow that suits your personality. You can also get colors that help support individual people in your life, from the military to first responders.

You can even decorate for specific events without having to change out lightbulbs with these smart bulbs – green and red for Christmas, or purple, green, and gold for Mardi Gras! We know that lighting can set the tone for any room, but the great thing about these lights is that you can establish a routine. Choose your wake-up time, and the lights will gradually get brighter to imitate natural sunlight. You can set routines to flow with your natural day — whether it’s bedtime reading or syncing the lights to your workout’s music!

You don’t need a giant sectional and a bunch of recliners to make your living room cozy. nicolefranzen.com

22. Sit on the Floor

Chairs are great, sure, but are they necessary? Have you considered putting fluffy cushions on the floor instead? These seats take up much less space. When it comes to storage, just stack them up against a wall. You can even place them in the corner and create a neat and comfortable little reading nook without making much of an effort. Fabric patterns can also be used as statement pieces and serve as the decor in your room. If you don’t want to buy all new pillows, look at repurposing them with new fabric.

In fact, in some cultures, floor seating is the norm. In some Middle Eastern and East Asian regions, it would be perfectly normal for you to walk into a home and sit on the floor. Floor seating makes the room look more spacious. There are so many options for floor seating that fit any style profile! Floor seating is typically paired with lower-profile tables if paired with a table at all. As the concept is slowly introduced to the West, it will be interesting to see the idea evolve more and more.

Whether you like plastic flowers or the real deal, you can display them all around your home. robsonrak.com.au

21. Decorate with Floral Arrangements

Bring plants and flowers into your home to spice the place up a bit with some beautiful color and a pleasant aroma if you’re lucky. The addition of plants can change the room’s atmosphere, but make sure that the plants are safe for them if you have any pets. Even if you don’t believe you have a green thumb, you can buy individual plants and flowers that don’t take much care or even fake flowers that are different arrangements. Then, all you need to worry about is dusting them off now and then.

If you decide to use real flowers, there are ways to prolong their life – even if you are the killer of all things green. Crush an aspirin and add it to the vase water. Believe it or not, adding a bit of carbonated soft drink into the water can also help keep your flowers alive longer! Whether you go with real or fake flowers, remember that larger flowers should be at the center, and use smaller flowers and foliage to fill the extra spaces. There is a lot of exciting information on the psychology of color and its impact on mood. For example, warmer colors are great for positivity. Usually, they are suited to rooms with fewer decorations, while cool colors are ideal for relaxation and are better suited for the home’s entrance or bedrooms.

Simply down at a special spot for coffee each morning can really jumpstart a great day. blacklacquerdesign.com

20. Make a Breakfast Nook

You may not want to eat breakfast in the formal dining room every day, nor do you want to have breakfast in front of the tv. Get away from the television and create a special nook where it can just be you with your breakfast and nature. Place a small table and chair in front of a window to watch the world pass before you have to get ready to go to work. It is a great way to bring your family together to eat a meal at the beginning of the day. It will help set the tone for everyone, giving everyone a better chance at having a better day. You can also spend quiet time after everyone else leaves.

A breakfast nook instantly brings to mind the thought of a cozy bench, but it doesn’t have to mean that specifically. Whether you make it a sizeable focal feature or keep it small and intimate, a breakfast nook is an ample, versatile space in a home. Any combination of banquettes, booths, chairs, tables, light fixtures, and throw pillows or storage benches can make up the perfect little area for memories from doing homework to candle-lit dinners! Even if you don’t have much space, nestle a small pedestal table and a banquette into a corner and call it a day!

Having white walls or accent items can make your house look crisp and clean. ahouseinthehills.com

19. Paint Something White

White is a clean color that can serve as a nice contrast for the rest of your room. Paint your ceiling, the trim of your windows, or a piece of furniture. Paint the wall across from your windows white to provide more reflected ambient light to the room. White can be similar to bringing a unique style in your room, just like another color could. Do something that will give a specific area in your place a little extra flair when adding a decorative piece to your wall.

White can bring extra lightness to a room where other colors might not. Starting with a white room can act as a blank slate, then you can bring in different colors – neutral or bright – to work as your accents. If you have a great view outside your room, bring those elements into the room and contrast them with your white backdrop to make them stand out even more. White and metal create a classic, timeless combination too, and you’ll notice that retro is coming back in style. You may be thinking white may get old, but it provides the perfect canvas for a changing landscape in your home!

You can make a noteworthy space inside your home. nicolefranzen.com

18. Rearrange your Bookshelves

Get rid of books you don’t want anymore — sell or donate — and use the new shelf space to display other things. Move your books around and arrange them by size or color. Just this simple change will upgrade the overall aesthetic of your room. You can organize your readers to follow the alphabet or even create your system, so you know directly where each book goes in the series. You can also keep a little space open to set up a few decorative pieces on each shelf.

There are lots of ways to make your bookshelves more aesthetically appealing. First off, take off all the dust jackets. Your naked books will look so much better without them! Now that that’s done, this may sound obvious, but adding plants mostly plants with hanging leaves can add a fresh touch of color to an otherwise stark wall. If you’re feeling fancy and have a tall bookshelf, think about adding a book ladder. Your inner Disney princess will do a happy dance! The ladder will frame your shelf, and it’ll look classier than you can imagine.

Play with patterns, textures, and prints — oh my! amberinteriordesign.com

17. Add Cozy Textures

One of the best steps is to find some warm colors to make your home feel comfortable. Add some patterned fabrics to your bedroom to provide a “traveled” feel. Bright prints from all over the world can genuinely give the room a sense of being on vacation, away from home. Be sure to invest in authentic artists, as their hard work will shine through much better than a machine-made piece. You can get your creative juices flowing with this tip by merely looking at warm or neon colors that will add uniqueness to your home.

Texture in a room isn’t just about the fabric. It’s also about the design of the piece. In a mostly neutral space, it can add an extra element of design. Choose your textiles and designs carefully to create a cozy, warm environment – combine rough and smooth, for example. It’s a great way to create sensory accents and draw attention to a specific part of a room without making it the main focal point. You can add texture in a room by choosing an embroidered rug or tapestry for the wall, choosing natural materials in your decor, or adding greenery in the room, for example.

Who needs another thing to whack your toe one anyway? nicolefranzen.com

16. Get Rid of the Base of your Coffee Table

Who needs legs when you can use books? Get rid of your coffee table’s base, throw some cushions on the floor, and add a Bohemian flair to your living room. Find pillows that are large and comfortable, so you’re not tempted to go back to using the table’s base. You can also set yourself up against the couch to give yourself a little back support. That also allows you to pick books that you were thinking of throwing away or were taking up space on your shelves.

We’ve already talked a bit about floor seating, so you shouldn’t be too surprised at the idea. If you’re still balking at the thought of floor seating, consider a tufted ottoman instead. They last forever, and they’re incredibly comfortable. They can provide extra seating but still don’t necessarily take up the space a coffee table would. If you need a hard, flat surface for a coffee cup or a tea mug, you can place a tray on top of it, so it still wouldn’t deprive you of the coffee table’s functionality, and it’s one less surface to clean!

Curtains aren’t just for windows, either. housebeautiful.com

15. Hang a Beautiful Curtain

One of the most significant statements you can have to show off in and outside your home is curtains. Curtains don’t only have to be on windows. Hang them on either side of an entryway for a dramatic feel. Pair it with an equally dramatic door frame, and your living room could start to feel like the royal presenting room in a castle. Include vibrant colors on your curtains so you can show them off through the window as well.

Curtains can also be used for optical illusions. To make your windows feel wider, extend the curtain rod between three to six inches beyond the existing window frame. It’ll trick the eye into thinking there’s more window beneath the curtains. The same trick can be used to make the room feel taller: mount your curtain rod about four to six inches above the window frame, and make sure to account for the new length in the curtain! It’ll make the room feel more prominent since the eye focuses on the curtain as the measurement.

Your dining room can be as cool as you wish. housebeautiful.com

14. Mismatch Chairs

One way to transform your space is to bring in chairs and other furniture pieces that don’t match. Not everything has to be uniform in your dining room. Add some colorful chairs to brighten up the room and mix things up a little. This design idea is especially significant if you want a casual atmosphere for your dining experience. It can also add a little uniqueness to your home because not everything feels like it’s the same.

Mismatched furniture is a trend that’s gaining momentum right now. The important trick is to make sure you have a common element amongst them all, whether it’s a silhouette, an era, or a color palette. The chairs should all complement each other even if they’re mismatched! For example, you can choose a similar fabric, or similar color, or all mid-century modern, but mixing industrial metal chairs with fuzzy boho chairs might not entirely mesh. If you’re going to mismatch, try to bring in additional accents that tie in the other elements and make them look more cohesive overall.

Yes, you can put rugs on carpet, or rugs on rugs! amberinteriordesign.com

13. Layer your Rugs

One of the most incredible ways to quickly and easily transform your space is to add some rugs, especially if they’re different colors, patterns, shapes, and styles. There’s no reason a room only has to add one carpet. Layer a rug over another for a fun geometric way that draws the eyes around the floor. You can use these rugs to designate and set spaces apart from each other, too, for a cozier feel. You might have one rug showcase a reading nook while another is for your children’s play area.

You may be lifting an eyebrow at this, but you can put a rug over the carpet! Try layering a patterned rug under a jute or natural fiber rug if you’re interested in this look. It’ll change the room’s appearance without needing to pull out the carpet and get mired down in that mess. Make sure it coordinates with the room’s existing colors because it can get overwhelming pretty quickly, in any case. Another option for layering is the ever-fun shag rug! We’re not talking floor to floor, 70’s style shag rug. A small accent shag rug will add a little coziness and warmth without breaking the bank – or creating an irresistible urge to wear bell-bottoms.

Make your space bigger by pushing that couch a few feet from the wall. amberinteriordesign.com

12. Move Furniture Away from the Walls

Don’t fret if you haven’t considered this. It’s a common decorating mistake, but we’re here to help! This design idea sounds counterintuitive if you want to maximize a room’s space, but by moving seating and furniture towards the middle, you’re creating an area of conversation. It’s also more comfortable to walk around the room and additional shelving and counter space that could be used for other things. Moving furniture away from the walls can also let you showcase pictures and artwork as you can hang items from the lower part of your wall to the higher position.

Clustering the furniture closer together allows you to arrange your furniture in a more practical way that works for you. It also provides for the creation of more than one sitting area. Creating a “conversation area” in the center or off to one side can free up more space in another place for a smaller sitting area, a reading nook, or a play area for the kiddos. It allows for a well-balanced room with exact proportions; you already know all about that at this point. You can also choose how to set up your seating to best take advantage of natural lighting, which you should always factor in when placing furniture.

Play with tones you never considered. housebeautiful.com

11. Say Hello to Metallic

The reflective nature of metal allows it to work with any color. Brass, silver, gold, and rose gold are just a few. No matter which you choose, the metallic shine will also reflect the decor of the room. Play around with colors and metals to see what works best together for your room. It can give your space something for guests to admire and maybe become inspired themselves. Metallic is often overlooked, but you can start to bring it back by adding it to a specific space in your home.

Once you choose the best tone for your home, try to bring it through the rest of the house with accent pieces and make it a consistent decor piece. Use your favorite metal tone as a hardware design element in the kitchen, the color of the lamps, the coffee table legs, the chandelier – anywhere you can think of metallic accents, splash a little shade of that tone in there! It doesn’t have to be limited to hardware, of course. Metallic throw pillows are definitely in too, so take advantage of that!

Create a beautiful wall collage of family photos. Shutterstock

10. Find a Place to Reminisce 

There are tons of walls in your home, and you can choose to decorate them in any way possible. One of the ideas that many people have is to hang up pictures of family members. While this is a great choice, you can also take it a step further and focus on reminiscing with the photos. You can find some of the oldest pictures you have or even print photographs online that focus on specific periods you remember. Get some frames and then hang up the images. You’ll be amazed at the great conversation starter you’ve created!

No one looks at thick albums anymore, so display your memories on the wall where you can see them all the time. You can even get a smart frame where photos will rotate on their own! Mix up the prints between black and white and colors to bring a little variety to the wall of memories, and leave some space for new memories as your family grows older. Consider placing your memory wall near your reading area or breakfast nook, so you can take a moment to center yourself at the end of a long day or the beginning of your day – either way, you can remind yourself what you work so hard for.

Show off your favorite guitar. Shutterstock

9. Hang Up a Guitar or Two 

If music is one of your most essential features, you will love this idea. Choose an area in your home and find a couple of guitars that you can hang up. They can be guitars that family members have played and handed down to you or ones that you felt you needed to purchase because of their look. You can also hang up a few of your favorite musicians to give the area a bit of a more significant boost. You might find a regular guitar and then focus on finding the perfect electric guitar to hang up right beside it.

There is a lot of music-themed art to find, so why not dedicate a little area in your home to music if it’s important enough? From guitar-shaped clocks to record wallpaper, there’s something out there for everyone. You can get a set of guitar art patent prints if you want a more vintage look, and for the more funky people out there, there are neon signs galore! Of course, a nice guitar wall hanger is a must, and you can find a range of classic to cutesy on the market, depending on your desired style.

Or pick two favorite colors if you just can’t decide. Shutterstock

8. Choose Your Favorite Color and Have Fun 

There are many colors that you can choose to add to your home. You can find a different color for every room in your home or even create a different theme. One of the first colors you will probably look at is your favorite color if you do this. Even if you feel it changes from time to time (hey, they often tend to do this for many people), you will think that this color is still perfect for your home office, kitchen, bathroom, or living room. Pick your favorite and get creative!

There is a catch to this. You think you know your favorite color, but you might be mistaken. You can figure out your favorite color with a few easy tricks. Look in your closet. What color do you have most items of? And which things do you gravitate to the most? Now, look around your home for clues. Which items did you just “have to have,” even if they didn’t necessarily go with your house? That might give you a better idea of what you gravitate to in design and decor.

Sit and look out the window. Shutterstock

7. Build a Window Seat 

Have you always wished your home came with a window seat? You can create a place into a neat reading nook or set your plants up to get enough sunlight during the colder months? Even if your home doesn’t have one now, you can quickly build one in front of nearly every window. All you need is some wood, a few tools, and paint to complete the project. You can even add drawers or shelves for extra storage. There are many places where you can get a step-by-step guide that makes the process easy.

A window seat can make for a great reading nook, a play area, a homework spot, or just a nice relaxing room. Here’s a not-well-kept secret: use pre-built wall cabinets to make a window seat fit anywhere in your home. It’ll make the installation a breeze, plus it’ll allow for easy storage and custom options! You’ll also be able to place a seat cushion on top and attach cute cabinet pulls to make it truly yours. If you’re putting it into a bay window, that may require extra MacGyvering on your part, but you already have a start!

Can you ever have too much glitter? Shutterstock

6. Add a Little Glitter 

You know that you can add an accent wall with paint or wallpaper. You could even paint a whole room a different color to bring a little change, but there is more than you can do when it comes to this step. You can add a little glitter to your paint or look for a pigment that already has glitter. You might not want to paint a whole room with glitter paint; you can paint a wall or half a wall and see how you like it because if you do, you can add more color to your walls.

Glitter is the gift that keeps giving – once it has entered your home, you will forever keep finding it in places you’ve never had it or used it. If you accept these terms and conditions, you may proceed with this idea. When mixing glitter into your paint, make sure you use glitter specifically made for paint application. Don’t use craft glitter, as it will chip off the wall! Mix them in small batches because the glitter will settle, and you’ll have to keep stirring. Once you’ve painted and you are satisfied, apply a finishing glaze to make the glitter pop. That will also make it easier to paint over when you’re done with the sparkle (if that ever happens).

Keep everything organized with a chalkboard. Shutterstock

5. Paint a Chalkboard on Your Wall 

One of the best inventions in the last several years has been chalkboard paint. It’s growing in popularity, not only for children but adults as well. It doesn’t matter if you want to have a space for your children to freely draw on their wall or a place where you can write out the schedule, shopping lists, or necessary messages because chalkboard paint has you covered. Painting a little square in your kitchen can help transform this space into your home. You can also look at adding some in another room, from your bedroom to the living room.

With a chalkboard paint wall, you no longer need hanging art because your wall is the art! Before you get starry-eyed, though, make sure you consider a few things. If your wall has any texture to it, that will need to be smoothed out as chalk won’t work as well on a textured surface. You’ll need at least two coats of paint, which can get costly, so make sure that’s within the budget. It’ll also need at least three days to dry, so make sure you avoid it and give it all the time it needs! And here’s the fun part: chalkboard paint can come in many colors, and you can even make it magnetic if you use a magnetic primer!

The game room can help you relax as you unwind for the day with some fun. Shutterstock

4. Set Up a Game Room or Space 

Do you like gaming but usually stick to the Xbox, Wii, Nintendo Switch, or another gaming counsel? If so, you should look at building a game space but think outside the box when it comes to games. For instance, if you stick to electronics, add some board and card games into your corner. You might also get the idea to use chalkboard paint to make a scoreboard on the wall so everyone can keep tabs on who is winning. Don’t forget to get a few classic games, such as Scrabble and Monopoly, and some new ones.

If gaming is a part of your life, then you should make space for that! It’ll be your very own grown-up arcade. Set up a projector or big screen tv on one of the walls in your home and set up a watching space for the rest of the players. Whether you’re all taking turns or rooting for each other, it turns into a fun hangout space. It is also an ample space to set up floor seating since board games are a great floor activity. Add some cool lighting strips, and you’re all set!

Play corner can help keep toys in a particular area. Shutterstock

3. Set Up a Play Corner for Your Children 

If you have small children, you probably see toys scattered around the home all the time. You probably step or trip over them more times than you want to admit. One way to change this and transform any area in your home (or at least limit the toys around your house) is to create a corner where the kids can have their own space. You can set down a rug and work on guiding them to learn this is where their toys stay. You might still find a few toys around the house, but it will help decrease the mess.

Try to give them a space that gives the kids some privacy but is not entirely out of sight, if possible. After you have a location in mind, even if it feels silly, get down on all fours like a kid (if that’s the age range) and explore as they would. That way, you can see if there are any hazards you might have missed. Look for electrical outlets, cords, or even just furniture with sharp edges or heavy items they can pull down. Add a few activity tables and a playpen and play mat, and you’re ready for some fun times!

Focus on your hobbies when it comes to decorating your home. Shutterstock

2. Look to Your Hobbies 

Do you have hobbies, such as sewing, painting, drawing, or building? Do you feel like you don’t have the right type of space to work on your hobbies? If this sounds like you, you can transform a little area in your home, specifically catered to your hobby. For example, if you’re an artist, set up your supplies in a particular corner and decorate them to have inspiration around you. Take time to set up projects you’ve completed to show off your talent with your friends and family. You might find you get more done with your new area.

Think about what you’ll be using this area for. If it’s something sound-related, think about whether or not the sound will carry to the rest of the house and whether it’ll affect the others. If you need to sound-proof a bit, try cork flooring or carpeting to buffer the sound. For arts-and-crafts, you’ll need proper ventilation from all the glue and paint fumes, for example, plus proper lighting for painting. In other projects, you want to consider storage, which may not be an issue initially but could be an issue down the line. Whatever you’re planning on, make sure you make the space work for you.

Design your unique space without worrying about other people’s opinions. Shutterstock

1. Make Sure the Space is For You 

One of the most critical steps in transforming space in your home is to make sure that it focuses on you and your family. If you’re redecorating your child’s room and want Spiderman or Doc McStuffins, add these features into their room. If you love books, set up books around your home. If you love the artwork, hang that up on your walls. Your home is your space, so don’t be shy about what you like and spread it around your home. Build a bookcase in your living room or paint a chalkboard in your kitchen.

Infuse the house with your favorite scents, fill it with plants (or faux plants if you’re not so green-thumbed), and find ways to relax at least a few minutes each day. It could be as simple as following a ritual each day like making a cup of tea or indulging in a 10-minute skincare routine, or more elaborate, like having a family dinner each night. Find what makes your home feel like a safe sanctuary and make a point to make it happen – no one will do it for you, and you work hard to put a roof over your head. You deserve to enjoy it!