50 Unique Curtain Ideas for Elegant Living Rooms

Trista - April 27, 2019

One of the first things you notice when you walk into a room is how well everything works together, and you can really tell a lot about a place just by looking at the windows. Dressing up the windows in your home can make a difference in your home. There can be a lot of creativity and personality that comes to play. Curtains come in several colors, materials, and styles, so knowing what’s available will help you make the best choices. Whether you desire an elegant living room or a rustic den, you create these unique curtain ideas all on your own.

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50. Wraparound curtains are fun and functional.

Are you trying to figure out how to hang your curtains? If your room has a unique shape, you can taper your curtain rods to wraparound the entire. This design is a beautiful choice for tall windows, as these simple curtains can give the whole room a cabana feel. Another great thing about wraparound curtains is that they are also functional. They can mitigate drafts that sneak in from a drafty window. These stylish curtains end up reducing the rate of heat that transfers from your room and the outside.

This type of colorful curtains is a trendy way to incorporate more than one color.https://www.wayfair.com

49. Ombre curtains are a stylish way to use color.

Ombre is a fun and funky color scheme that allows you to play with color uniquely. If you consider adding a “wow” factor to your room or can’t decide between colors, consider this playful option. Semi-sheer curtains with a gradient effect can add a touch of class and add an exciting element that draws the eye. Try different combinations of shades to see what goes with your decor. The important thing is to remember to have fun with your designs.


48. Tassel-edged curtains can be easily fastened.

Fabric patterns can do well enough to add character to a room, but curtains that also have tassels along the edge will add even more texture. Draw the eyes toward your windows with these tiny details. While custom curtains can be expensive, you can fix that problem with a little ingenuity. If you want to save a little cash, you can always line your own curtains with edging tassels you get at the fabric store. All you would need is premade curtain panels, tassel trim of your choosing, straight pins, and a sewing machine. You can go from drab to fab in a flash.

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47. Yellow curtains add an absolute brightness to an otherwise dull room.

Add a bright pop of yellow to a dark or neutral living room for a perfect contrast. It will add a beautiful glow to the rest of the room too. If you always open the curtains to let the sunshine in, then having yellow blinds will brighten up a cloudy day. You can coordinate with the sunny furniture, rug, or throw pillows in the room or use the bright hue as an accent with mostly neutral colors. Your room will instantly feel warmer and more cheerful thanks to the color yellow.

Asymmetrical objects give off a feeling of immediate interest. https://decoratingden.com/

46. Asymmetry puts the focus on your windows.

If you want your curtains to look different from the rest, add a bit of asymmetry to them. Having a valance at the top creates a skirt-like feel to the entire look. The tasseled edge makes a reflective sparkle to the overall design. An asymmetrical window display may cause a sense of tension or interest. If you are into this sort of look, you will want to cover the window’s widest portion to have the most pleasing effect; however, others would beg to differ so make sure you do what you really enjoy.


45. Deep wine ombre curtains will get people talking.

If you want to create a statement piece that will be the toast of the town, you may need to look no further than your wine cellar. These curtains will look like you soaked them in wine for a few days. There’s no need to worry about stains! However, these tones’ vibrancy is perfect for wine connoisseurs or those who just really like the color red. Your guests will be floored when you pour them a drink and let them know your ingenious home decor detail.

Florals add a beautiful charm and an instant smile. https://www.elledecor.com

44. Cheery floral patterns bring a smile and charm.

You do not need a vase to display these kinds of flowers. Add a little whimsy to a neutral-toned room. The flowers aren’t only for outdoors, so bring a little nature inside. The trick is to find similar colors that complement each other. The green and pink work well together to add some cheerful color and mirror the cushions’ floral patterns. You can find some great curtains that play up the brightness of your living space without overwhelming the rest of the room decor.

Bring out the romance with an interwoven curtain set for your windows. https://pinterest.com/

43. Interweave two curtains together for one unique look.

Can’t decide on which curtain will look best in your room? Why not use both! For a romantic style, try putting two shades together and crossing them together into a beautiful look. Your eyes won’t help but follow all the curves and lines, and the added floral-shaped curtain hooks at the top pull the entire look together. The beautiful fabrics featured here bring out a unique style that feels both modern and regal. You should really give this unique curtain idea a try.

Another whimsical way to use patterns is to select from the fruit bowl. https://www.alechemer.com/

42. Fruit-flavored curtains are more than just sweet.

Fruits are not only familiar; they also conjure up sweet images! Choose tones that reflect your favorite citrus fruit to create a playful brightness to your living room or kitchen. You can opt for bright oranges or reds or more muted pastels, like those found in melons. The colors can go well with most of the rest of the decor. You can get curtains that come in thicker fabrics, so they’re great for blocking powerful ultraviolet rays. They are a great way to play up with color in the not so obvious pattern.

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41. Gold curtains are immediately elegant.

Here is a stunning shade that creates the look you desire. You don’t have to be royalty or an Olympic medalist to appreciate this tasteful accent. Your windows are the perfect place for either a hint of gold or draped in the extravagant hue. If you desire to create an ambiance, adding some gold curtains will make the room look even more luxurious. Go with sheer material, and the entire room will be cast in a warm glow. They also work well at night if you have lights on or lit candles inside the room.

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40. Red, red wine curtains add drama without overwhelming.

If you are looking for a way to accessorize your room without causing too much friction, consider a dramatic red wine-colored curtain. It is an easy way to bring in some extra elegance. Add red wine curtains to a white or cream room for a romantic look that anyone can drink it all in. There is a sense of warmth about the color that does not overwhelm the space. Excellent color for wine lovers too — and placed in a kitchen, red is used to inspire hunger.

The thicker the curtain, the more at peace a room can fill. http://stephenkentjohnson.com/

39. Thick curtains make the room feel quieter.

These thick curtains come in a wide arrange of silky colors that will compliment any decor in your home. The curtains’ added layer can also help cancel out noise reduction because of the dense material, which is a must-buy if you live near a busy highway. Your choice color depends on your personal preference, but you should keep in mind what colors on the color wheel work better with others. You might initially turn away from the idea of mustard yellow. However, it goes well with the blue couch, and the neutral grey of the walls calms the tone of these bright colors overall.

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38. Crossing over curtains is a graceful and breezy way to catch the eye.

We’re not talking about the pearly gates; crossing sheer curtains over each other to the other side of the window is a truly magnificent look. The large curtain hooks are also quite bold and contrast nicely with the airy feel of these gauzy curtains. The overlapping sheer curtains can be a graceful way to tie the room together that is both put-together and instantly classic. All you would need to do to achieve this look is to lay a couple of curtain panels on top of each other, connect clip the curtain rings to the curtain rod and sweep each panel to the side before securing them in place.

Using layers of curtains creates an elegant touch for any room. https://www.pinterest.com/

37. Layers are both beneficial and stylish.

This unique curtain design is a real delight. You can layer heavy curtains of different colors over each other. Match them with your furniture or go bold and pick colors that don’t match at all. Either way, your windows will definitely be the center of attention. That is an easy decorating hack that adds color and depth to your windows. It can also enhance and beautify your living space while adding another sense of privacy. This curtain option is totally a win-win.

If your space does not have any windows to dress or are dying to try something different, consider these no-window alternatives. https://www.pinterest.com/

36. Get creative with no window treatment.

Curtains are not just made for windows; these gorgeous fabrics can be displayed in many different ways all around the house. Instead of placing curtains around your windows, put them around your door frame instead. This look is the epitome of fancy, so relish in the romantic feel of this design hack. It will feel like you’re stealing away into a secret boudoir to sip expensive wine and relax on a daybed without anyone knowing. The possibilities are endless so let your imagination run wild.

This unique window treatment is a great way to tie up extra fabric from your floor. https://www.pinterest.com/

35. Adding knots is a style trend you should try.

You do not need a tailor to fix the lengthy curtain problem. If you have curtains that are too long for your windows, add some large knots to the tops to shorten them up. It will look intentional but elegant at the same time. The textured knots break up the straight lines of the curtains themselves. This whole other dimension provides another interesting interior design element, and no one will be the wiser to what you had to do to find a stylish solution.

Consider reaching upward for this curtain trend. https://www.architecturaldigest.com

34. Curtains from the ceiling add new heights.

If you are struggling to decorate the space between the top of your window and the ceiling or crown molding, you can try this trick that immediately draws the eyes upward. Integrate your curtains into the molding near your ceiling, so it looks like they’re practically dripping down around your windows. Place them near glass doorways that lead out to your deck or porch to frame them better, and can be drawn closed when you need some privacy. You will want to hang the rod over the window and opt for a curtain that will cover the entire area with at least 3 to 5 inches to spare.

The extra space provided with this trend works great for window seats. https://homedecoriez.com

33. A curved curtain rod is a space saver.

Not just for the shower, these options can be great options for some living spaces. Instead of having your curtains flush against the window when they’re closed, a curved curtain rod will give them more volume. This window treatment works well if you have a window seat installed so that the curtains aren’t draping over it. Interior design experts say curved shower curtain rods provide more room. The form and function provided by the curtain rod can also be used in adding more storage options.

These patterns provide a touch of modern elegance to your room. https://www.christiesrealestate.com/eng

32. Geometric patterns are great shape-shifting options.

If you are looking to add a bit of interest to your room, you should consider a geometric pattern panel that can help your room feel sophisticated. Thick black lines with a pop of color have that retro feel that many people appreciate it. Transform your windows into your own gallery space. If you have an art appreciation, you can channel your inner Roy Lichtenstein or Andy Warhol all within your living room curtains. The finishing touches can fit in about any room in the house.

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31. Pastels bring out a calm reflection in the room.

This color scheme may be reminiscent of springtime and Easter, but it can also be the gorgeous in-between hue you need to tie everything together. Using some soft pastel colors for your curtains will add a beautiful glow to the room. Look to nature for a color scheme and incorporate it through the rest of the room for a whimsical appearance that is both effortless and romantic. You might think this looks too plain — and maybe for your personality it is — but give it a try and you might be pleasantly surprised at the peaceful nature.

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30. Blue and white are an instant classic color combination.

Though often thought of together as nautical, these two colors pack a powerful punch together no matter what the rest of the room looks like. Set sail with blue and white patterns that are flattering for your living space. These patterns resemble some fine china, which will make any living room look regal. Your does not necessarily need to be blue and white for these curtains to enhance your decor. However, you might want to add some extra blue accessories to the room to tie the entire look together.

Color coordinate the same color as your furniture to create a uniform look. http://www.jamesmerrell.co.uk/

29. Match the furniture with similar curtain treatments.

Are you familiar with the color wheel? Choosing a complementary color can be difficult, so it’s better to match your curtains to your furniture instead. It will create one cohesive color scheme that looks clean and professional. The prim and proper stance will be something you can appreciate for a more classic design arc. You can’t go wrong, staying in the same color family. The more uniform look can then be contrasted with other kinds of accent designs on your shelves, rugs, or throw pillows.

Another way to add some romance to your window treatment is to dip it in white and gold fabric. https://www.wayfair.com

28. White and gold treatments are warm and welcoming.

Here are two shades that always go together and reflect a sophisticated look. These thick curtains come with a valance that adds even more gold to the room. It is the kind of classic combination that never goes out of style. Mix the calming effect of white with the warm charm of gold, and you have a color duo that is easy to work with and gorgeous to coordinate. These colors are also trendy as part of the return to glamor movement that has been seen in home design in the last few years.

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27. Curtains can work as a room divider.

You can conceal and keep interest in a room with this brilliant idea. Walls between rooms can make a home feel small. Use a curtain to separate rooms instead; it adds an airy feel and allows a smooth transition from one place to the next. Curtains can integrate a space without the presence of sold walls. All you need is a simple white curtain to act as a divider between the two areas you want to keep separate, either a sleeping area or a closet. This curtain idea is great for studio apartments and roommates.

You’ll know where to find the hard-to-miss interest utilized by these stripes. http://www.simonupton.com/

26. Red-striped curtains strike an intriguing balance in your room.

Keep it light and linear with this red and white-striped idea. If you are trying to decide what kind of intrigue you want to create your room, then consider something that adds an element of pomp and circumstance while still complementing the rest of your decor. These jovial curtains are both neutral and bright at the same time, providing you with a balance you can appreciate in your living room. Put them up during Christmas time, and they reflect the stripes of a candy cane.

This curtain style is an excellent idea for any home that has a farmhouse design feel. https://www.douglasfriedman.net/

25. Rustic plaid curtains make a wintery day feel cozy.

The ever-trendy farm decor can also be applied to your window treatment. For a cabin-in-the-woods feel, some plaid curtains can add much character to a room with plenty of bare wood. It’s the right amount of color and pattern for a place that works well with very little at all. This down-home-country feel is something that is welcoming the moment you lay eyes on it, no matter the time of year. The color combination and rustic decor are perfect for a family room.

Don’t snooze on this color as an option for your windows. https://www.wplusb.dk/

24. Grey curtains are the optimal neutral for any room.

If you want to find a shade that matches nearly any decor, look no further than grey. You cannot go wrong with this hue because it is just as neutral of color like beige, meaning these monochromatic curtains can be used with any colors in your home. Their neutral palette reflects well off the rest of your decor, or you can pair it with black and white accessories for a more neutral look overall. Whether it is in solids or prints, the fabrics can be made to be a focal point or a way to blend into the walls.

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23. Accordion folds can be tucked away to the perfect size.

Here is a classic blind that maybe you forgot about — accordion folds. They really do look like the lively instrument, and your room can benefit from this smart style. Curtains that fold this way take up a lot less space, as they fold up towards the curtain rod instead of sideways. They’re neatly kept away, providing you with more windows to look out of. When installed, they provide top quality temporary protection with easy folding and storing when you no longer need them.

A visibly popular option is to dress your windows in sheer curtains. https://www.juliesoefer.com/

22. Light and sheer bring in the bright sunlight.

If you love natural light, you will want to consider light and sheer curtains for your windows. Thin curtains are great for a room with that much sunlight. White is even better, as you won’t have faded curtains if you went with color. Add them to white space for even better lighting, as the ambient light will bounce off the walls. Even though they are seemingly see-through, there is still a way to maintain privacy. These curtains are also made of polyester and are very budget-friendly.


21. Long, beige curtains are a way to tie the whole room together.

You might want something bold, but look around the room to see what your curtains will be competing with in terms of balance. You can easily get swept away in redecorating your windows with long beige curtains. Give your shades some depth by trailing a long curtain over the rod multiple times. They can act as a blank canvas, with a neutral tone balancing out the rest of the room. The hanging loops are a nice contrast to the straight lines of the rod and hanging curtains, and the beige color is a friendly neutral tone that practically goes with any room decor.

It is so easy to go green with this natural hue for your curtains. https://www.ericpiasecki.com/

20. Leafy greens bring new life to your living space.

Fall for a curtain pattern that matches or compliments the other earth tones in your room. Bring some nature into your home by including curtains patterned with leaves and branches. These thick curtains are also capable of blocking light. They’re a great way to bring some green into your home if you don’t have the room for potted plants. From a dark, cool teal and glossy emerald to lime green accents and a warm olive, you can find ways to bring out the best of your room.

Lace curtains are a vintage way to dress up your windows. https://www.wayfair.com

19. Lace curtains exude precious elegance.

There is an instant romantic vibe when it comes to lace, and it is time that this timeless trend makes a huge comeback. The decorative openwork web was first developed in Europe in the sixteenth century, and both men and women wore lace from the time it was created. Sheer lace curtains have a romantic touch, even if your living room is simple. They’re straightforward to clean and allow a soft glow of light into the room. Pair them with some other curtains as well for a layered look in a gorgeous and more effortless way.

Look for neutral-toned curtains to keep things more cohesive. http://www.simonupton.com/

18. Neutral tones can help you fill in the blanks.

If you have a lot going on in your room don’t worry about going neutral when it comes to the curtains. Neutral tones are vital in helping colors pop, and you can opt for your curtains to fade into the background. Adding more vibrant colors to an already-bright room can be a sensory overload. Calm things down with neutral curtains that don’t provide too much distraction for the eyes. The clean neutral curtains are also great at withstanding the test of time and are ready if you want to change up the room decor again.

Stripes are often known as the neutral of the design world. https://www.infarrantlycreative.net

17. Large stripes are perfect rustic curtains.

If you are a fan of the rustic farmhouse look, stripes can be your best friend if used well. White stripes alternating with any other color will make a room look taller. Hang them higher than your windows to make the room stretch even more. If you want a place to look broader, go for vertical stripes instead. You can match the paint of your walls or find a color to complement. You will want to make sure you avoid colors that clash and instead stick to a similar design aesthetic with the rest of the room.

The chevron curtains have a unique pattern that is a stylish and playful accessory in any room. https://thayergowdy.com/

16. Chevron curtains for the win.

Chevron is an inverted V pattern that includes each side meeting at the same point without interruption. The classic design has been around since the 14th century when the print was given an official name. Play with shapes by adding the zigzag patterns in the shade similar to the walls of your living room. The zigzags can easily tie in with other elements in the room because it is so versatile. It’s fun yet traditional, keeps the eyes moving with its busy design, and can hold up well with most decor. The unique pattern can go on and on for helping your room seem seamless.

Seriously, sea green curtains give off a fun beachy vibe for any room. https://www.ericpiasecki.com/

15. Sea green curtains are casually cool.

It may not be a color that you think of right away, but when it works, a sea-green can be the effortless curtain color you would be glad you took a chance on. Like mustard yellow, sea green is probably not a go-to color for much of anything, including curtains. However, if you have a coastal room with beachy vibes, this color will look great with a soft blue. You’ll get a sense of the seaside and feel much calmer when spending time in this room. The casual coolness that the color exudes can have a pleasing effect, especially when paired with other relaxing decors.

If you want to create a new dramatic look, dark grey patterns can be just the thing you need. https://www.giorgiopossenti.com/

14. Dark grey patterns provide instant drama.

These storm-inspired shades achieve a dark, modern vibe that works well with the rest of the room’s grey decor. Moreover, the patterns of the white and dull gold mirror the wall adornment. With a modern retro feel, you’ll enjoy these curtains framing your windows. The sense of drama and contrast that they create is not only elegant but also very inviting. Dark curtains are also great about not showing dirt and dust like other light-colored curtains, perfect for areas that have much traffic.

Try this trendy curtain idea to create the perfect color balance. https://www.davidaland.com/

13. Bordered color curtains make the perfect frame.

Feeling adventurous and wanting to play with color? Invest in neutral curtains that are bordered with a color contrasting with the rest of your room. These curtains have the best of both worlds with a solid color and more vibrant ends. It will frame your windows nicely, bringing attention to them. Add a few accessories that bear the same color to unite the rest of the room. The gorgeous way they dress up the window can be used to match or contrast with your other decor.

Whether it is an accent or a dominant hue, you can’t go wrong with adding some dark blue. http://www.andrewmboyd.com/

12. Dark blue curtains can stand up with other bold colors.

Having a statement wallpaper doesn’t mean that your curtains will feel left out. Dark blue curtains can make a room feel more regal and sophisticated, whether paired with light or dark colors. This versatile color can pair beautifully with white for a nautical vibe or as an accent with brighter or neon hues. Navy is also a mostly light-blocking color, providing you with some privacy when you need it. Use your imagination and be playful with this color.

Here is a shade that is a rich, royal color; purple is a proper decision in curtain choice. https://www.joshuamchugh.com/

11. Purple curtains bring out the vibrancy of a room.

Maybe you think this shade is only for little girls, but you would be dead wrong. There is hardly a color that is more magical than purple. It combines the calmness of blue and the vibrant energy of red for a powerful punch. Whether you choose to go with a creamy eggplant or a light purple, your room will look better for it. Purple is also one of those regal colors that add an air of sophistication to any room. It can be blended with other colors. Try different hues, but the darker shades will make your living room royally majestic.

This elegant curtain option mixes romance and privacy in one great dressing. Walmart

10. Go for something different with balloon shades.

Balloon shades are decorative curtains that feature the fabric at the bottom of the shade, and then it drapes in the material with loose, puffy scallops. At least a couple of the points are held together at the bottom edge of the window treatment. This trendy curtain option adds drama and elegance to your living room. It can allow privacy while hanging the fabric in an aesthetically attractive way. Because living rooms are often the focal point of any house, these curtains accent the space with style.

Bold orange patterns are a real show stopper for any living room. Shutterstock

9. Vibrant orange liven up the living room space.

Orange is the kind of color that is usually used to stimulate activity. But this bright color can be versatile. The social color can be used as a bright pop of color or as a more muted color to warm up your living room softly. It can be set against turquoise for a lush and tropical feel, and it can add another contemporary feel when used with lucite or lacquered objects. It is also a color that can complement leather upholstery in armchairs or ottomans. Pair with matching throw pillows to punctuate your room’s cheery demeanor.

Plants can liven up your living room with an element of patterned elegance. Shutterstock

8. Get wild with botanical patterned curtains.

You don’t need to have a green thumb to enjoy gorgeous green shades and lively patterns. Plant specimens don’t have just to be plotted near your furniture. Your windows can let the outside in with these gorgeous botanicals. Choose a big, bold botanical to dress up your windows in an eye-catching way. Whether it is leafy greens or tropical florals, these curtains work beautifully in neutral rooms or those in need of a pop of color. You can also create an alternative to gallery walls with prints in monochromatic tones.

Diamonds are a great way to add a proper design to your living room. Shutterstock

7. A diamond pattern has the ritzy glamor you are looking for.

Diamonds can be your living space’s new best friends when you give your living room the royal treatment it deserves with unique pattern curtains. When you are dressing up a room with neutral walls, it can be tricky to find something that works well with your room. You will want to choose patterns and prints that combine great details to the room while complementing your other decor. Opt for images that are secondary so that the diamonds shine as the primary style.

This curtain design idea can help make a smaller space seem bigger. Wayfair

6. Match your room with two-toned latticed materials.

If you are wondering what could be done with your smaller sized living room but don’t want to overwhelm the space with a large print, you can go for a more matching toned option. Two-toned lattice curtains are great, especially when working with a neutral or monochrome palette. The structure of a diagonal pattern with the opened spaces helps make a room feel larger and more relaxing. Plus, there is just enough detail to keep it interesting without looking too busy.

Gingham can be more than just seasonal, as evident in these gorgeous curtain treatments. Wayfair

5. Use Gingham to freshen up a classic style

Gingham is the kind of fabric that is showcased mostly in the summer, but the trend has proved its staying power in decor. If your living room has cathedral ceilings, you may want a curtain style that properly styles your window. Look no further than the classic and straightforward gingham pattern in a soft and neutral color. With these subdued tones, you will add an elegant simplicity that is second to none! Look for this design the next time you need to upgrade your curtains!

Your living room will be a dream come true with this romantic treatment. Shutterstock

4. Flirt with flutter-style sheers for a dreamy day look.

One of the tricks in interior design is to keep a room exciting yet also comfortable. Flutter style sheer curtains are romantic and modern, with the option to dress up the rest of the space in the same breezy decor. The cascade of the curtain pieces that are nearly like petals is woven into a sheer backdrop. They play beautifully with both the lights and the texture that are around the room. Choose a soft wash of color to keep the ambiance light and airy.

If you are unsure of what color to select, go for a multi-hued option that is easy to style. Shutterstock

3. Choose more than one colored curtain.

Deciding on the curtain color can make a drastic challenge, so if you are on the fence on what colors to choose, go for them both! The colorful loose curtains can feel both modern and laidback for your living room space. Make sure to choose two colors that complement each other and the rest of the room and project the message you want the room to convey. The first thing that anyone notices when they walk into a place is the colors dominating the space. For example, turquoise is a hue that helps achieve inner harmony and contributes to calming feelings. This color can work with a gray in a room where you want to instantly relax after a hard day’s work.

Finding cohesion between a couple of different curtain patterns can add an element of intrigue to your living room. Shutterstock

2. Pick out different patterns that work together.

You can go against the grain and use two different patterns for a look that catches the eye. Create this wow-factor of a room by using two small designs that can be easily matched with the other wallpaper and furniture. The gorgeous cohesion you have created provides a backdrop that you can not only live in but enjoy it as well. Put in some throw pillows to add just enough contrast to keep it interesting. Try to work with the color wheel and pick shades that are opposite each other; they are complimentary colors.

Another unconventional way to use curtains is to find new ways to frame the fabric in your living room. Shutterstock

1. Figure out your own kind of frames.

You can get creative with your window treatment by thinking outside the box with different frames throughout the room. Stretch your colorful curtains to the rafters with a design that not only frames the windows but also keeps the eye moving up to the gorgeous ceiling. The drapery also does not crowd the space too much, but yet can still make the living room feel traditional and formal. If you want a more casual look, hang your curtains in an unconventional oasis in the corner of the room.