55 Rules of Etiquette to Start Using

By Shannon
55 Rules of Etiquette to Start Using

When most people hear the word “etiquette”, they imagine taking classes where you have to learn how to identify various fancy cutlery. In reality, most dignified and “gentle” society is really just about being kind to others, and acting like an overall decent human being. Here are 50 vital tips to proper etiquette that everyone should follow in everyday life.

People truly appreciate when you say please and thank you. Credit: Shutterstock

55. Say “Please and Thank You”

Everyone has been taught to say “please” and “thank you” since they were a child. Unfortunately, some adults forget to do this when they become adults. People truly do appreciate it, especially if the work in the service industry. You just might get better service from a waiter or waitress if you tack on “please” to the end of your order.