A Gallery of the World’s Most Beautiful Swimming Pool Designs

Trista - March 30, 2022

Are you looking for your next vacation destination and long to have an epic hotel swimming pool? Alternatively, maybe you have some ideas for renovating your own backyard. Get ready for a marriage between nature and architecture in the most stunning swimming pools in the world. Whether you are jet-setting the world for a fantastic holiday or just want some swimming pool inspiration, check out 40 of the most beautiful swimming pool designs worldwide.

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40. Hotel Du Cap-Eden-Roc, French Riviera

The first on this home decor list is a pool design that is nothing short of amazing. The pool design here in the French Riviera nests right into the rocky cliffs next to the hotel. Sure, the surrounding landscape may seem rough around the edges. However, the calm blue waters of the pool are inviting and create a sense of calm while you are swimming or lounging poolside. Next to the pool is a custom patio deck with a ladder walking you down to the seaside. There is a balcony to bring boats up to the hotel for a nautical paradise.


39. Anantara Golden Triangle Elephant Camp Resort, Chiang Rai, Thailand

This resort in Thailand is full of thoughtful details. It has one of the best pool designs in the world. The location of the pool is gently resting on the edge of the lush, green countryside. Plus, the mosaic tile design inside the pool is stunning. You are sure to feel like you are getting a top-notch experience at this hotel pool. The tile in the pool is dark green, with water lily buds seeming to flow with the breeze along the bottom. Blue umbrellas line the poolside with loungers. It allows you to lay back and relax, rest and recharge like you want to on a getaway vacation.

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38. Acuatico Beach Resort, Laiya Batangas, Philippines

The view from this world-renowned infinity pool is breathtaking. The crystal-clear waters from the pool flow effortlessly out toward the bright blue ocean waters around it. It is hard not to be in a joyful mood after soaking in the sun! You need to see the view from this luxury resort pool. One unique feature of this Philippines hotel pool is the floating bar. It offers cold drinks to cool you from the heat and sunshine, which is almost a daily welcoming feature of the Philippines. Walking decks and chairs with umbrellas round out this cleverly designed infinity pool that you will enjoy.

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37. Infinity Pool at Intercontinental Hotel, Dubai Festival City, United Arab Emirates

If you are of the daredevil type, this resort pool experience is for you. Not only is this an infinity pool on the edge of a skyscraper, but it hangs off the side of the building! This pool experience is not for the faint of heart or those seeking a “relaxing” swim. The plexiglass sidewalls of the enclosure allow for a breathtaking view of the Dubai skyline, while the wall opposite the hotel is an infinity-style water feature. This resort pool is four stories off the ground. Those who have jumped in with both feet get a feeling of swimming in the sky! This pool design is perfect for people seeking an adventure.


36. Cave Pools, Santorini, Greece

The designers of these pools in Greece let the natural landscape be their guide when creating this fantastic, must-see hotel destination. Each cave pool is unique because it shapes naturally from the Earth and the designers work around it. Many pools have infinity features flowing to the outside wall of the cave, where you can swim right up and just feel immersed entirely with the natural landscape around you. The views from here are indeed one of a kind. The classic aqua blue color to the pool waters is a stunning contrast to the bright white walls surrounding it. This resort pool experience is truly one that you will never forget.

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35. Amorita Resort Bohol, Philippines

This resort in the Philippines has undergone some changes over the years, and for the better, to say the least! The infinity pool creates the illusion that it is just melting right into the ocean waters in front of it. There are wooden decks that seem to float on the water. Pair that with comfortable chaise lounges to relax and take in the view. This swimming space is another excellent example of a pool design that blends so well with nature. The still waters that are the infinity pool invite a feeling of peace and calmness that allow you to unwind and enjoy your restful stay.


34. Munduk Moding Plantation Nature Resort and Spa, Munduk, Indonesia

The view from this Indonesian resort pool is breathtaking. The infinity pool is a two-tier design, with one flowing into the other, and it then seems to flow right off into the hillside and down to the surrounding greenscape below. The design of this poolside resort is inviting and creates a feeling of calmness. Indonesia is known for having these beautiful landscape views, and you are sure to enjoy the view from this height. Another great feature of a top-notch resort pool is the intricate design work on the tile surrounding the pool area.

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33. Huvafen Fushi Resort, Maldives

The infinity pools here in the Maldives are another stunning example of blending the land with the oceanside beautifully. Another genius design feature of this resort pool is the inlet areas that come right up to your hotel room patio. The decks are wooden planks with a riverbed of rock lining the water’s edge. This hotel is a true spa-like, calming, re-energizing experience for one to enjoy alone or with someone special. The nighttime views are just as stunning as daytime as the perfectly placed lighting in the pools paints a starry night picture for you to enjoy.

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32. Caesar Augustus, Capri, Italy

Capri is known for its beautiful countryside and stunning ocean views, and Caesar Augustus hotel is no exception here. Two infinity pools make up this design, and they are carved right into the countryside as they seem to flow effortlessly downward toward the ocean. The class aqua blue color contrasts the deeper ocean blues below. Furthermore, the sunny skies and ocean views are almost unmatched from the sears of the lounge chairs facing the water.

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31. Amangiri, Canyon Point, Utah, United States

This designer pool at this Utah hotel is in the natural landscape rock in Utah. They cleverly laid out the swimming pool, as it is almost flush with the rocky landscape behind it. Furthermore, the statement piece of this beautiful pool has to be the rock formation jutting out the far end of right into the pool. It’s a beautiful sight when you come out of the hotel, and it would help if you had a moment to take it all in. This swimming pool design is another excellent example of architecture and nature becoming one across the eye-catching landscape. The blue-green water and lighting around the pool make for a relaxing, calming vibe at night.


30. The Cambrian Hotel, Adelboden, Switzerland

Switzerland is home to many unique building designs and is known for its beautiful landscape views. This Switzerland hotel has cleverly designed outdoor heated pools to allow guests to surround themselves with the captivating scenes of the surrounding snowy Alps while staying warm and comfortable in the relaxing water of the pool. The infinity pool design allows guests to fully immerse themselves in an outdoor water experience right from the comfort of their hotel room. Keep reading for more epic swimming pool designs from five-star hotels worldwide.

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29. Grand Hotel Tremezzo, Lake Como, Italy

The pool design at Grand Hotel Tremezzo proves that impressive things can come in small packages. The design of this pool is a rectangular area situated right in the center of the surrounding waters of Lake Como. There is a nice walking deck out to the pool, and when you arrive poolside, one of the most beautiful sites welcomes you. You will adore the ocean surrounded by the most majestic mountain views you could ask for.


28. Pamukkale Thermal Pools, Turkey

The Thermal Pools located in this Turkey hotel are one unique experience on any must-do list for the adventurous traveler. These hot springs are naturally occurring, and the water flow has created something called travertine terraces. These naturally occurring pools are a sight to behold. The best time to visit this destination is during the winter months when pools are at some of their hottest temperatures, and visitors can enjoy long, hot dips in the pools. The views from these heights are breathtaking as well.

Marina Bay Sands

27. Marina Bay Sands, Singapore

Eat, drink, and be merry 57 stories above the ground at this epic Singapore hotel pool. The Marina Bay Sands offers 360-degree views from their pool in the sky. You can swim in the infinity pool overlooking the amazing sights and then lounge in a luxurious poolside lounger or relax under a palm tree for relaxing shade. The onsite hotel boutique has swimsuits and other gear if you need it. Keep reading for more gorgeous hotel pool designs around the world.


26. San Alfonso Del Mar Resort, Algarrobo, Chile

This hotel boasts an absolutely beautifully designed pool. The seamless integration of the poolside to the seaside is clever in this aquatic paradise. The design of this hotel pool area allows for a perfect-sized section of sand between pool water and ocean water. Because of this feature, visitors can enjoy the pool or choose to venture further out and dip their toes in the ocean. Another unique feature of this poolside design is the greenhouse-like, pyramid-shaped glass enclosure around a section of the pool. It is a great design choice as it allows visitors to enjoy the pool no matter what the weather.


25. Perivolas, Oia, Greece

Here is another unique swimming pool design for a high-quality hotel experience that will make you not want to leave this tropical paradise. The Greece hotel pool follows the curves of the natural landscape. However, the designer highlighted it beautifully with the black and white tile border surrounding the pool. It seems as though it is made to blend somewhat with its surroundings but makes a statement simultaneously but using these visually contrasting colors. The classic aqua blue water in the pool is also a great contrast statement against the dark blue waters of the surrounding sea.

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24. Hanging Gardens of Bali, Indonesia

This Bali resort pool is an absolute stunner as the designer injected it into the lush tropical landscape expertly. The beautiful scenery in Bali is hard to miss, and the design of this pool allows you to lose yourself in the experience as you enjoy the infinity pool here. The pool itself flows directly out from the building. However, there is also a forest backdrop with a river flowing naturally in this location. It just really creates a total sensory immersion experience from start to finish.

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23. Cabela Pedregal, Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Another excellent hotel pool to make this list is Cabela Pedregal. This pool is another infinity pool with ingenious designs, complete with chaise lounges set right in the water at the edge of the pool. This resort pool creates a calm, relaxing vibe while staying here and enjoying the amenities. Infinity pools are hugely popular, and this one does well in maintaining its uniqueness by letting the curve of the pool mimic the beautiful ocean shoreline that it overlooks.

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22. The Oberoi Udaivilas, Udaipur, India

The view of the pool and hotel in India is straight out of a postcard! The pool runs along the side of the hotel leading your eye right out to the surrounding beautiful blue ocean and green rolling hillsides. You can’t help but feel a calmness come over you while visiting this five-star hotel. The pool design is also very cleverly done, with an infinity style side on the far end and each room having its own walkout patio to the pool area they can use. There is a feeling of intimacy here and seclusion as you enjoy the pool and get well-deserved rest and relaxation.

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21. Katikies, Santorini, Greece

If you are thinking of heading to a Greece hotel, look no further than a stay at Katkies, with a stunning view of the surrounding ocean from inside their pristine infinity pool. This cleverly designed pool is another example of creating beauty while integrating nature and architecture. The hotel is a stark white color, and this provides the perfect contrast to make a statement with the infinity pool, a classic bright aqua color, which stands out against the backdrop of the bold, deep, dark blue sea around it.


20. Domus Civita, Civita di Bagnoregio, Italy

The hilly region of Italy seems to come alive as the hotel and surrounding buildings are carved right into the landscape in a breathtaking location. The pool design at this hotel is imaginative as it is carved directly out of a cave, ceilings intact. At this five-star hotel, they preserve history in the design of this pool location, as it is still truly one with the hills surrounding it. The pool is minimalist in design, allowing visitors to appreciate the cavernous aspect of this antiquated location. As other pool designs around the world afford visitors spectacular outer landscape views, this pool invites you to come inside and enjoy a much cozier, more intimate experience.


19. Caruso, A Belmond Hotel, Amalfi Coast, Ravello, Italy

Another infinity pool that does not disappoint is the one at Belmond Hotel. This smoothly-designed pool seems to flow right into the beautiful, green mountain landscape you can’t help but stare out into as you enjoy the water. The pool design is another stunning example of the beautiful views achieved when architecture and nature seem to become one. The sunsets are a sight to behold as the glass-like reflection of the pool lends itself to imitating the beautiful sunsets here in Italy.


18. Daylight Beach Club, Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas, Nevada, United States

As the name of this beach club suggests, it is the spot to be and be seen at. The design of this Vegas hotel pool boasts upper-class luxuries and creates a circular design with chairs/tables and cabanas for rent to allow you to socialize in comfort and style. The literal size of the pool is something to brag about as well, coming in at a massive 4,400 square feet. The size of the parties held here is true to the Vegas mindset! There is plenty of room here for you and all your friends, and the design of the pool area lends itself to an almost nightclub atmosphere, creating a bit of seclusion from the outside world while allowing you to freely roam and socialize during your “party” time here.


17. Sheraton Waikiki, Honolulu, Hawaii, United States

The edge infinity pool at this Sheraton Marriott hotel in Hawaii is a sight to behold. The cleverly designed pool, with its complete stillness on top of the water, allows it to blend into the breathtaking skies on the horizon seamlessly. Views of this pool looking out on the ocean are picture-perfect. The calm water lends itself to a look of the most serene, beautiful sunset each night. The genius design creates a luxurious yet calm and inviting atmosphere as you lounge on chairs that seem to be floating right on top of the water. This unique design is truly one of a kind to experience yourself!


16. W Miami, Miami, Florida, United States

Another absolutely showstopping Marriott hotel resides in West Miami. You can truly appreciate this epic view by looking down below at the splendid swimming pool design. Guests can easily do that because the hotel’s design allows for a pool space in the center of two literal hotel skyscrapers. The pool is rectangular in shape, allowing it to take up almost the entire space in between these two lofty hotel room towers. Cabanas, classic beach chairs, and loungers line either side of the pool, and a generous amount of green foliage helps give a natural, relaxing vibe to the overall atmosphere.

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15. Kitsilano Pool, Vancouver, Canada

North America’s longest pool belongs to this Canada hotel, which the locals call “Kit’s Pool.” It is three times the length of an Olympic pool. Kitsilano Pool is ideally situated right along the English Bay and affords the lucky visitors a spectacular view of mountains in the distance. Again, the thoughtful design of this pool makes it seem almost like one with the ocean around it. It is a family-oriented destination, partly because of this top-notch pool design feature. Its clever design, which includes three different depths, allows for swimmers of all ages and skill levels to enjoy the pool at their comfort level.


14. Bondi Icebergs Club, Bondi Beach, Australia

This pool design truly integrates nature with man. The architecture and placement make it an extension of the sea. This Icebergs hotel pool is designed along Olympic lines in that it has several lanes carved out for swimmers to complete laps while in the pool. The outer wall of the pool is right up against the crashing sea, and there will be numerous times in the pool that you will witness the waves crashing right into it. The thoughtful design put into this pool has allowed for a unique experience while also getting a tremendous aquatic workout!

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13. The Oasis at Death Valley Spa, California, United States

This spring-fed pool is gorgeous to take in during your stay at this hotel in . You can feel the low-key, relaxing vibe from the California hotel experience in the scenery around the pool. The architectural design creates a five-star ambiance. The colors of the pool and surrounding areas imitate the muted sandy landscape beyond, creating a feeling of nestling right into peace and tranquility while you visit. While the surrounding color scheme has muted tones, it creates an opportunity to make an eye-catching statement in the form of green palm leaves tiled into the bright blue pool floor design.

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12. Neptune Pool at San Simeon, Hearst Castle, California, United States

The design of this beautifully crafted outdoor pool area is straight out a page of Roman mythology. So many artistically beautiful yet stunningly crafted design features are literal works of art as much as they provide function to the space. The cathedral-like columns help to enclose the area and give it a more intimate feel. At the same time, the fountains surrounding the pool feature white cherubs assisting the flow of water into the pool, down to the entry assists into the pool being scrollwork-design handrails. This California hotel pool is truly a work of art all on its own. The pool area flows into the countryside, which nestles up to the ocean views surrounding it.


11. Aura SKYPOOL, Palm Tower skyscraper, Dubai, United Emirates

“Water meets sky at the world’s highest wrap-around infinity pool.” Dubai is not one to disappoint and will go to any lengths or heights to be the biggest and best attraction in the world. There is nothing quite like the experience at SKYPOOL, as architecture integrates with luxury in this world-class pool design. The classic blue tile mosaic design for this infinity pool is a work of art. Furthermore, don’t worry that this pool is located up so high in a skyscraper, seemingly far removed from the foliage-filled landscape around it. The designers took much care to bring the outdoor landscape up to this level with thoughtfully designed structural rock features as well as plenty of plants to create a very serene, green feel throughout the pool area.


10. St. Leon 10 Residence, Bantry Bay, Capetown, Western Cape, South Africa

The seamless architecture of this luxury hotel in the cliffside does not stop with the pool design. They designed this hotel to allow full integration into the stunning landscape. The design is somewhat minimalist in that it allows for full appreciation of the surrounding views. Plus, they thoughtfully designed this infinity pool to create a seamless transition towards the ocean in front of it. The clean lines and muted colors allow patrons to digest and appreciate the beautiful views that Capetown offers. This hotel pool does not disappoint in creating a luxurious, comfortable experience for guests.

Hard Rock Hotels

9. Hard Rock Hotel, Orlando, Florida

This gorgeous hotel’s stunning, concert-like pool area shows the larger-than-life Hard Rock theme. The beautifully designed pool is circular, with palm trees lining the entire space. Chaise lounges and umbrellas are available for guests, but the most stunning view of this pool is at nighttime. The lights create a concert-like party atmosphere for fun-loving visitors to enjoy!


8. Hotel South Beach, Miami Beach, Florida, United States

Miami, Florida, is home to many beautiful beaches and hotel pools, and this oceanside hotel is right up there with the best of them. Hotel South Beach boasts two separate uniquely designed pools, each with its own architecturally beautiful characteristics. The oceanside pool has a unique design with pathways and sitting areas spread out throughout the pool area, each pool is a slightly different shape and size, but when combined, the entire area is squared off in shape to make a cohesive look. The second pool is the gem of the hotel, as it sits upon a balcony, lending itself to the stunning ocean views that surround it.


7. Luxury Infinity Pool, Careyes, Jalisco, Mexico

Stunning, beautiful, luxurious — oh my! These are just a few words that can only begin to describe this actual work of art in Mexico. This infinity pool is almost beyond imagination. The gentle curves on the one side of the pool and the complete jutting out of the far side into the surrounding tropical landscape make it seamlessly fall into the landscape of design at this tropical paradise. The edges of the infinity pool are a true design achievement, as they seem like they could flow right over onto the ground at any moment. This hotel pool is the true definition of luxury.

Montage Hotels

6. Montage Hotel, Laguna Beach, California, United States

This California Montage Hotel does not need a gigantic pool next to the ocean. This fantastic pool design is a stunning example of how a smaller pool can make a statement with a few artistic touches. This hotel pool boasts a beautiful mosaic tile sun on the pool floor and flows up the sidewalls to create a massive yet elegant-looking image of the sun. This tile design creates a feeling of upper-scale luxury while playing off the sunny California vibe that many love.

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5. Amankila, Bali, Indonesia

Tile design is a significant component in lending itself to the understated grandeur of this hotel pool and the stunning ocean views that surround it. This gorgeous pool design at Amankila has three multi-tier infinity pools, each on its own deck for guest enjoyment. This design gives the illusion that each pool seems to flow seamlessly into the oceanside below. The simple, understated design becomes a grand statement when viewed as a whole. The chosen mosaic tile for the pool surround adds beauty but does not detract from the stunning Indonesian views surrounding it.

The Pinnacle List

4. Piscine Molitor, Paris, France

Paris is a leader in fashion and design for decades. This pool design is nothing short of perfect. The Piscine Molitor has become a cultural icon since its creation. The pool’s massive tile design boasts of a luxurious ambiance with its azure waters and rows of iconic white chairs. The pool design allows guests to see and be seen. Many celebrities are often brushing shoulders with regular people visiting the pool. A massive restoration was done on this pool at one point, with groups of people protesting the demolition of the iconic place. The pool itself is a statement piece, and the surrounding rows of white fence-lined walkways allowed everyone to take in the scenery equally.


3. The Library Koh Sumai, Chaweng Beach, Thailand

Red makes a beautiful statement at this Thailand resort. The intricate mosaic design of the tile of the pool floor, in reds, yellows, and oranges, creates an effect of red water inside the pool itself. This pool is another top-of-the-line example of functional work of art. The views from this pool do not disappoint, but the bright red pop of color creates an eye-catching view against the blues of the ocean behind it.

Enchantment Resort

2. Enchantment Resort, Sedona, Arizona, United States

You can enjoy this beautiful hotel, its southwest landscape, and its beauty from many vantage points. Moreover, the pool design is not one to disappoint. This outdoor pool design is nestled right into the red rock landscape, boasting impressive views from every angle. The pool itself at Enchantment Resort has connecting two rectangles, with an easy access point of walk-in stairs at one end. The massive shape of this pool design lends itself to the grandeur of the landscape and almost seems to fit right in with the surrounding landscape views.

Four Seasons

1. Four Seasons Safari Lodge, Serengeti

You can experience Africa’s breathtaking scenery and views right outside the back door of this beautiful hotel. If you stay at the Four Seasons, you can enjoy this infinity pool year-round and overlooks an “active, animal water hole” for your viewing pleasure. The design of this pool is so clever as it seems to just melt into the surrounding landscape, an accurate measure of design as a work of art for you to enjoy.