Affordable DIY Projects Just in Time for Spring

Trista - April 10, 2019
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Cabbage Centerpiece

Do you like growing veggies in the garden? Are you looking for some unique uses of your vegetables? Take a look at your dinner plate one evening, and you could be inspired to fasten together with a centerpiece that is like no other item found in retail stores. Nothing quite says spring more than bringing the outdoors into your home. Instead of the usual vase or planter, a cabbage can do all of the work for you. It does not have to be expensive to look like a million bucks.

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You may not realize how lucky it could be to use what you have right in front of you. The leaves of the cabbage are close enough together to hold up your bouquet sturdily. Also, when you’re done, just wash it and prepare it for dinner tomorrow! Now that is using your head (of cabbage)! Your friends and family will adore your thoughtful idea. Keep reading to uncover more ways to liven up your living space just in time for spring to arrive.

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Napkin Holders

Check out these perfect napkin holders for springtime. Another easy trick to follow that could elevate the way you fine dine uses materials you would otherwise throw in the trash bin. Would you believe these napkin holders are just made of a toilet roll and some string? These creative napkin holders are just the thing your dinner table needs to become a much more elegant place to eat with loved ones. Whether it is a regular dinner night or a more elaborate affair, the added flair will be a welcomed addition to any meal.

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It is simple to make your napkin holders once you have collected the items you need. Cut your toilet roll into 2 or 3 even pieces, and start wrapping each one with a cotton cord. Add glue at intervals to keep the cord in place, and glue the cord’s end to the inside of the tube. You’ve never seen a more straightforward project. If you need more ideas for your spring DIY projects, keep reading to see how else you can improve your home this season.

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Drippy Wall Art

You do not have to be an artist to make art. Lots of projects can be a masterpiece with a few tricks of the trade. Drippy wall art adds a particular wow factor to any room, and it can be accomplished with minimal effort. It looks like modern art, yet it won’t take you more than an hour to create this wonder. Get a blank canvas and different spray paints of your choice. Choose colors that complement each other and the area where the art will be displayed.

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After assembling your art projects, it is time to get to work with the new artwork. Spray random spots on your canvas and prop it up vertically. Spray the entire canvas liberally with much water so that the color starts to run. Add whatever smaller details you like and allow to dry. Marvel at your masterpiece by placing it in a highly trafficked area of your home. Your guests will not believe that not only are you the artist but that you were able to create it in just an afternoon.

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Whimsical Book Ends

Readers can acquire various books over the years, and you could use a boring bookshelf. Alternatively, you could add some charm to your collection. Whimsical bookends are the best ways to show off your literary favorites. While it is true that there are lots of great items on the market, you could also equip the shelf with things you already have lying around the house or in a drawer somewhere.

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You could donate your kids’ old toys, or you could save them and turn them into fancy bookends for their rooms. Simply glue the old toys to some blocks of wood and spray paint them one color. Then voila! A new way to display your reading materials. Definitely a great way to add some character to the bookshelves and an even better way to add personality to any living space. Check out more ways to bring out the best in your home this spring.

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Geometric Coasters

Fasten together some shapes for another great idea to protect your precious furniture from the elements. This DIY spring project is a fun way to dress up any table and stop the heat and moisture from damaging your coffee table. With a couple of items from the arts and craft aisle at your local store, you can assemble art so cool you almost do not want to hide with your drink. Almost.

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All you need is some corkboard and paint. Cut up your corkboard into whatever shapes you like, but ones that fit together works best. Paint in wonderfully bright colors, and you’ll have coasters that will pop against your tablecloth. Choose colors that either creatively contrast with your tablecloth and furniture or complement other elements in the room. The shapes will help you add charm to your room. Find more ways to implement new ideas into your living space on this list.

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Bundle Bedroom Blooms

Do you want to bring some of your outdoor blooms inside? They don’t have to sit in a pot in the kitchen window, either! The garden does not have to be limited to just your backyard. Flowers can make any room seem more cheerful and bright, and your bedroom can be the perfect place to add some more beauty. Take the floral features of tulips or other favorite flowers and put them in vintage milk glass for a gorgeous display perfect in front of your bedroom vanity.

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Spring flowers are great items to decorate because they make any space they live in more natural and living. Whether they are alive or fake, they create spaces that feel freer and inviting. With a few simple materials, your shelf will be transformed into a living area that catches the eye immediately. You can also add candles for a more romantic look.


Let the Sunshine in with Yellow Accents

What is your favorite color? Doesn’t springtime just scream pastels shades like soft green or lavender? Few colors have a warm and cheery appeal than yellow. You can provide your room with instant positive vibes with a few yellow accents, like a slipcover over your sofa or in your curtains. If you would prefer to go full-on, you can adopt a sunny backdrop with a bright and beautiful hue.

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Another great DIY paint project is to freshen up your lighting fixtures.
As the days get longer, your rooms can reflect the brightness from the outside on the inside. Be sure to include more muted colors to help the yellow highlights stand out that much more. Using it as an accent color, teal and red could be other colors to add dimensions to the room. Want to know more? Read on to find other ideas to use this spring.


Two-Toned Cabinets

Spruce up your boring kitchen by adding not just one color but two. The popular two-toned trend can be easily adapted to your eating area by creating a lovely focal point that commands attention to anyone walking in the room. Pick two hues that complement each other. The option can work particularly well in kitchens for those looking for a traditional space that oodles with personality.

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Red, teal, black, and grey are great color options for trying out this paint project. Two-tone kitchen cabinets create intrigue and visual interest, and they can also make a small kitchen seem much more spacious than it is. It is bold and beautiful, and you will be glad you made the plunge. Read on to spruce up your space this spring with these other affordable ideas. You’ll like these fast and easy DIY projects that require minimal time and money.


DIY Rope Mirror

Don’t be tied down by something so dull. Mirrors are wonderful additions to rooms, and if you can, create one that reflects intrigue on and off the wall. Rope may not seem like a glamorous detail, but with a few tweaks, you can make something that will become a gorgeous statement piece in any room you choose to hang it up in. Keep in mind that rope mirrors are available in retailers, but you can design your style in a matter of different ways.

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Rope mirrors are all about texture. If you opt for a nautical design, you can intertwine the rope so that it looks like it came from a shipwreck. You can also fasten intricate designs for another DIY project. With some hot glue and rope, the possibilities of this clever design are endless. The only thing you need to decide is how you want it to look and where you would like to place the finished project. For another look, consider painting the rope to match the other items in the room.


Twiggy Floral Vase

All of those beautiful flowers need a home! Why not put them in a unique DIY vase? If you are a fan of the rustic look, you can easily incorporate other DIY projects that speak to this aesthetic. A twig vase uniquely displays your flowers, and if your yard is filled with trees, you can collect the items you need very easily. After a recent spring cleaning afternoon at your home, you are halfway in materials for making this art project a reality.

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After collecting the stray twigs and selecting the pot or vase that you want to decorate, attach a cloth or ribbon that you would like to use. Saw the twigs to be all the same size as the vase and then fasten them together. Use hot glue to place the twigs on the vase. After dried, you will be able to use your vase in whatever fashion you fancy. Keep reading to learn how you can quickly update your kitchen this spring.


Brighten Up the Kitchen Island

Create a bold and beautiful kitchen island with a fresh paint of color that puts the wow in any room. A striking red hue creates drama and intrigue, and it can be easily distinguished among other neutral colors. Teal is also a great color to use if you want a more subdued hue but still want to brighten up your eating area.

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Color is the best way to fall in love with your living space all over again. The kitchen is the center point of many important moments. You will want the room to keep up with the times. Other possible fresh ideas include updating the backdrop, putting up artwork on the walls, and setting up accents that all draw attention to the room’s center. Want to know more? Keep reading to find out other ideas for your home.

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Bountiful Baskets for Storage Options

You can never have enough storage options! Easter is right around the corner, but the bountiful baskets are not just for collecting eggs. You can set your storage options in strategic places that are prone to clutter. It is a great way to cut down on the number of materials that collect around the area. A woven basket can store anything from throw blankets, toys, stuffed animals, and school paperwork.

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Baskets are chic and stylish. They are versatile enough to complement any kind of decor. Whether it is farmhouse, beach, modern or traditional, you can find one that will go with whatever you want it to. Place them on a shelf or near your seating areas to keep what you need right within reach. Read on for other ideas to include in your spring theme upgrade. Then, you can share these great ideas with your friends and family. They will thank you for it!

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Repaint the Bookcase

Here is an easy DIY upgrade for your house. If you love books, you need a proper place to put them all. You can quickly resuscitate a boring built-in bookcase by freshening up the paint job with a new invigorating color that screams spring. Bright colors bring fun and quirky elements to whatever items you want them to be. Books are full of adventure, and their shelf homes should be just as visually impressive. Use it for accents or paint the entire case for more intrigue.

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What you read deserves a good place. If you do not have a bookcase on hand, you can easily pick up one on the cheap at a local thrift store. The theme you want to choose is entirely up to you. A chalk-finish paint is perfect for a coastal concept. You can also add multiple colors if you should choose. The sky’ s the limit, so let your imagination run wild. More ideas for this spring season are coming up, so keep reading to find out what else could be done in your living rooms.

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A Bright Stairwell

Another simple DIY project that you can complete with a can of paint. The problem with most hallways and stairways is that they are too narrow to include any accent furniture or other decorative items. Often during room upgrades, they are ignored for the sake of convenience. You can find more ways to animate the transition places that could present your home’s unique personality. Whether it is a leopard-print runner, a floral wallpaper, or even a bright new fresh coat of paint, you can breathe new life into the forgotten space.

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A staircase can be the first thing that guests notice when they are welcomed into your home. The right paint colors can play up the architecture and draw eyes to other areas of the house. Find a way to set the tone for the rest of the visit. You can also add a photo gallery or mirrors to continue the motion upward. Keep reading for another amazing DIY project that you can create this weekend on a budget.

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Colorful Doorway

Are you in love with these affordable DIY projects just in time for the spring? Another place to keep your eye out for an upgrade is your doorways in something other than different shades of white. Choose a seasonal pastel hue that freshens things up just enough to make a difference. Pastels like lavender, light pink, and baby blue are synonymous with spring, and the inspiration is the perfect opportunity to liven up the entire room right before you enter into it.

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The colors work well with greys. Accessorize the space with black and white frames and a few pops of color, like flowers on the mantel or the bookshelf. It will be the breath of fresh air that you can enjoy throughout the year, not just in the springtime. You will glad you upgraded the style beyond the traditional and kept it creative enough to express your personality. Your home will be the envy of the neighborhood.