Affordable DIY Projects Just in Time for Spring

Trista - April 10, 2019

Winter is gone, and the months are getting warmer. If you want a way to liven up your living space, consider a fresh new take on your home for the season of new beginnings. Getting that brain of yours active again isn’t easy, nor is sprucing up your home for spring. Giving your home a touch of whimsy can brighten up the room, and it doesn’t hurt to get your kids involved too. It is easy to get inspired by these gorgeous ideas. With these easy and affordable home upgrades, you’ll be able to fill the days with fun and creativity.

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Homemade Birdseed Rings

One of the best parts about spring is the return of birds that had previously flown the coop for the winter. Many birds start to come back once the weather begins to break, and you can welcome them back in style with a birdseed ring. Bringing your favorite backyard birds closer to your home is a real treat for the children, and many senior citizens enjoy them too. Help them learn the differences between birds by making this easy bird ring. This simple and creative project can help your loved ones become budding birdwatchers right from your backyard.

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The birdseed ring requires only a few items for assembly. All you need is a bag of birdseed, some prepared unflavored gelatin, and some twine to hang them. Be sure to choose a place in your yard where you can watch your hungry visitors feed on the ring. You and your children or your elderly loved one or neighbor will enjoy watching your feathered friends fly up to the window to eat the treat. Since it was such an easy project to put together, it can be repeated for more bird-watching entertainment.

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Magnetic Spice Rack

When you want to make something in the kitchen, something as simple as not having the right spice can ruin a meal. Searching for all those spices in your cupboard can be a hassle, so why not put them out on display? If you love to cook, you want to have all of your spices and secret ingredients all within a hand’s reach. Many homeowners who are short on counter space have a clever hack to hang their spices. All you need is a piece of magnetic sheet metal and some small tins to store your herbs to make cooking at home that much handier.

Photo Credit: Blukat Kraft

After finding the perfect place to put your hanging spice rack, you would need to follow a few steps. Just attach your strip to the inside of your cupboard or on your wall. You’ll have a handy place to keep your spices in reach. This trick can be repurposed in any other room in the house. Your bathroom, closet, and pantry can also be adapted to place what you need in a way that is easy to identify. Now, this is an idea that you will surely be able to stick to.

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New Blinds

There is a bright world about, to begin with, the new spring season. If you are looking at your blinds and are unsure when or if you have ever changed them, it might be time to ditch them for an upgrade. Your window dressing can say a lot about your home. If they’re starting to look dusty and grimy, then it’s time to throw them away. Other signs that you need new blinds include discoloration, breaking or bending, difficulty lifting, and worn cords. You would hate for guests to get the wrong idea when they look at your windows.

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The same mistreatment could also apply to your curtains. You should take care of your dressings as soon as they start to show wear and tear signs. You can either buy a new curtain or at least put them through the wash. In the meantime, you can dress up your windows with some simple cotton fabric blinds painted with some stencils. Get creative with it and use a color that compliments your room. You may just like the simple upgrade you did and want to find other ways to spruce things up.

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Fruit Slice Welcome Mat

The warmer days call for more opportunities to entertain. Bring your favorite fruit to life by creating a welcome mat to reflect your choice! This simple spring DIY project just needs a half-circle welcome mat and some paint. The whimsical design is something that can bring an instant warm and welcoming atmosphere to any outdoor space. It is also on-trend right now. Fruits like watermelon, cherries, and lemons have been popular home designs for several years now, and there is no proof that this juicy option in home decor is going anywhere soon.

Photo Credit: Fermer Doch

Assemble the items you need and choose a nice dry area to work with. Spray paint the cloth completely white; then get out those acrylics and paper to make stencils. After it is dry, place it where you plan to throw your backyard parties. Do not be surprised if you find yourself looking for the next fruity mat to make. You’ll have so much fun that you’ll want to make more. How sweet it is to be welcomed by a whole patch of sliced watermelon, a bushel of cherries, or even a bowl of lemons — tasty!

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Washi Tape Picture Frames

Do you have some boring white frames lying around? If you want to add some new color but don’t want the commitment that paint provides, look no further than your local store’s arts section. Brighten those bland spaces with a gorgeous pop of color or make them have a personality all its own. The versatile tape is all the rage in arts and crafts because it could be used for many different purposes. What sets it apart from other tapes is that it is thin and made out of paper. Because it comes in such a variety of colors, styles, and aesthetics, you can set your living space apart from the bring one-note colors of the past.

Photo Credit: Cutout And Keep

One of the best qualities of using washi tape for those picture frames is how convenient the project can be. You can dress them up quickly with some washi tape. This easy-to-use paper tape comes in a wide range of designs, patterns, and colors. It would be difficult for you to mess this DIY project up since all you’re doing is putting some tape on some frames. Your style can be reflected in the things you created. You can also display them either on shelves or in a gallery on the walls for an instant delight each time you walk into the room.

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Coffee Sack Curtains

Is coffee a necessary stimulant to get you motivated in the morning? Are you also interested in giving your kitchen a rustic look? If you answered yes to both of these questions, then there is a spring project solution to help you with the unconventional window treatment. That’s easy to achieve with a few coffee bags. You don’t even need a needle and thread for this project. The coffee sacks are made of such durable material that you will hang them with ease. The nod to neutral colors can also go with just about any color scheme you have in your kitchen.

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Once you have decided on the kind of coffee sack that you want to hang, the next thing you would need to do is examine it for imperfections. Pick a part of your burlap sack with patterns or designs on it, and fray the sides by pulling on a few threads. Glue the top edge to a dowel rod or attach curtain hooks to your burlap. Voila, an instant valance for your kitchen windows. The rustic look is all the rage in home decor circles so that you can continue this look in other house areas. Is there anything that coffee (and its containers) can’t do?

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Fabric Covered Bulletin Board

Everyone has a to-do list that is likely a mile long, or there are several photos from vacations and family outings that you would love to have on display. Or both. One idea for a home office or bedroom is to use a corkboard. Even though it is functional, though, it is not always flattering. A plain brown corkboard is boring; spice it up with some fun fabrics. Your local fabric store will have several pieces either in the scrap bin or by the yard that you can mix and match for your own unique way to show off the things most important to you.

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After you have picked up your corkboard and a few fabric pieces that complement each other, you are ready to get to work on the fabric-covered bulletin board. Just pop the corkboard out of its frame, wrap it in some material, and pop it back in place. Make sure the ends are tight and secure, or else your corkboard is going to be tough to use. Finally, you can fasten your photos in a way that you find the most appealing. The significant part about this project is how it draws the eyes immediately to the wall. Put everything you love (and have to do) all in one gorgeous place with this fantastic DIY project.

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Ombre Planters

There is something about ombre that has allowed it to stay in fashion for decades. Ombre fades one color into the other with different shades until the deepest hue is at the bottom. Now the popular color treatment shows up in home decor, and you will love how this will play up your plants and greenery. Add some glorious color to your living room with these unique planters. Get a few simple terra cotta planters and paint them white. You can use it to brighten up some shelves or go wild with a whole lively color motif. You can’t go wrong with ombre.

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Once you have acquired all the necessary materials, you are ready to create your ombre planter. Using a tie-dye solution, mix according to the instructions. Once you are done, lower your planter in the solution and hold it there until you see some color. Remove and dip again, except not so deep or as long this time. You want to create layers of paint along your planter to get that gradient effect. This beautiful and straightforward trick can work wherever you need some shade. Keep reading for more ideas to spruce up your home for the springtime.

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Solar Lights

Want to find an environmentally safe way to illuminate your outdoor walkways that are as stylish as it is functional? Look no further than installing solar lights. The solar lights are all the rage right now in outdoor home decor. They are great for entertaining guests during a barbecue or just to have some extra help when you are walking from your vehicle to the front door. This bright idea is whatever you need it to be. As an added plus, solar lights can be one of the ways to reduce your carbon footprint. What a bright idea!

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Solar bulbs come in a variety of different styles, and they are easy to install. Having solar lights along your path can brighten up a walk, but they can degrade over time. If you find your bulbs are slightly on the dull side, consider a little TLC to get them working as they should. Instead of throwing them out, all they need is a little fixing. Clean up the plastic over your solar panels with a damp washcloth, then apply some clear nail polish over the solar panel to protect it. Your lights will last much longer.

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Chandelier Planter

Elaborate lighting fixtures from the ceiling do not have to be just for the indoors. It does not even have to emit any light! You can find a new purpose for a discarded chandelier by looking toward the outside. Chandeliers have become more outdated, but throwing away all of that metal and wiring can clog up landfills. The recycled material can be painted and given a new lease on life thanks to this ingenious idea that elevates your backyard. It will just about wow anyone who walks by. It will be a fancy sight to be seen!

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Think green and gut your chandelier entirely and give it a new coat of paint. If you do not have a chandelier in mind, look through ads or visit your local thrift shop to see if you can get some inspiration. Add some planters and soil where the bulbs would be, and you have a new hanging planter. The environment and future generations thank you kindly, and your new lawn piece will be the toast of the town. How fancy and frugal you are depends on who else you would like to know the secret.

Reduce Cupboard Clutter

It seems like it happens overnight, but the truth of the matter is that our cupboards’ organization can turn away from us rather quickly. No homeowner enjoys spending precious minutes looking for their favorite pan or the top lid for the crockpot. Everyone is busy, and sometimes it is easier to place items inside than keep them neat and tidy. Since spring cleaning will be right around the corner, consider investing and adopting a few tricks of the trade to get your cupboards back under control.

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Getting some organizers for your cupboards will free up space you might be needing. Add plate racks and a tension rod with some hooks to hang your mugs. No more moving things around to get your hands on what you need. Whenever things have their proper place, you will begin to feel better about your kitchen situation. You will feel more in control because you know where everything is. If it seems like a daunting task, take your kitchen by sections and reorganize and restructure as you go. Before long, you will have gorgeous cupboards on the inside and outside.

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Plant Markers

One of the best parts about spring is getting the chance to see everything come alive again. Another idea for spring structure and reorganization is to create whimsical markers for all of your spring garden items. These adorable designs are a callback to kitchens in the past, and it could be a handy way to keep track of all of the different produce you have planted. If you’re the kind of person to keep a vegetable garden, then you can add even more color to your garden by making hand-painted plant markers. With a few materials, you can recreate this cute sigh for your home.

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What to use for your hand-painted markers depends on what you have available. Most surfaces should do the trick. You may not even need to make a memorable trip to the store for supplies. You can use stones, small wooden stakes, or even just wooden spoons to mark out your garden. Then use some paints or Sharpies to draw or write on them. Decorate them however you like. Just be sure that they are marking the right crop. The possibilities of this trend are endless. Read on to find out more items to include in your home this spring.

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Typography Throw Pillow

Couches can be great investments, but there are times when the main seating area can be kind of a snooze fest. Figure out a way to make your sofa new again by offering a throw pillow that makes a statement. Your couch can look a little bland, so why not give it a bold friend? It can say a lot or nothing depending on your preferences. Some speak to fandoms like Harry Potter and Star Wars while others can highlight a particular hobby, like reading. You can also find quotes from famous people. It is all up to you.

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Decorate a plain throw pillow with some sizeable bold text in a font of your choice. Print out your favorite short phrase and create a stencil, cut it out, and slap some paint on it. You’ll have a unique pillow that’s your very own. Let it showcase your personality and permit your guests to have a chance to get to know you by what is written on a pillow. These words will give them a glimpse into what makes you and your loving home special.

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Terra Cotta Table

You can also show off your love for all plant things by creating your own terracotta table. These kinds of tables are proven to be very trendy at the moment, with many couples also considering the idea for weddings. The design idea can bring a subtle touch of bohemian aesthetic to any living space. Show your guests the free spirit that you are with this nontraditional take on a porch table.

Photo Credit: Lets drink Coffee Darling

The project starts with a trip to the local hardware or big-box retail store. Buy the biggest planter you can, along with a planter dish that fits just on top. Decorate them both with acrylic paints or anything you have on hand. Just turn the planter upside down, place your tray on top, and you have a fancy table that’s an excellent fit for a patio or deck. Terracotta tables are the kind of things you need to have on hand as the days get longer and the opportunity to spend more time with loved ones outdoors becomes at sunset more available.

Melted Crayon Art

Crayons are seemingly a part of every childhood. If you think that crayons are only good for passing the time in elementary school, you have not seen the quirky and creative ways some artists have used the medium in home decor. Melted crayon art is easy to accomplish and eye-catching. It is a great way to pass some time and finish an item on your to-do list. Are you and the kids stuck inside due to rain or bad weather? Consider brightening up your day with some melted crayon art project. You will be so glad you did.

Photo Credit: Paging Fun Mums

To assemble this project, you would need to gather a few materials. All you need is some glue, wax crayons, paper, and a hairdryer. Glue the crayons to the top of the paper with the ends facing down. Once the glue is dry, turn your hairdryer on to the hottest setting, and watch the wax start to melt. Feel free to fold and twist the paper to create some exciting designs. Your project will be one of a kind. Put it on full display in your children’s bedroom or playroom, and let the whimsical charm and inspire the rest of your decor that features all the color in the rainbow.

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Wool Coasters

The chilly nights can offer the ultimate comfort. There is nothing better than snuggling up with a good old cup of cocoa on a cold winter’s night. However, you will want to protect your precious wooden furniture from repeated heat treatments, especially if you live in an area that is prone to inclement weather each winter. Look no further than your closet. If you have a sweater that’s just not holding up anymore or is covered in stains, you may want to rethink throwing it away. Its second life could be a charming addition to your cocoa night.

Photo Credit: Konmari

After you select the sweater to create your coaster, be sure that it is clean enough to begin the project. Wash your wool sweaters in some hot water and then dry them on high heat. The process will create a kind of felt that you can cut out into discs to use as coasters for your hot drinks. You can either fasten it to the discs with thread, glue, or staples, whatever you have available. Not only is this is a great way to repurpose a clothing item that previously had worn out its usefulness. It is a way to tie in a more comfortable theme throughout your living room.

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Potato-Stamped Table Runner

Potatoes are a fantastic vegetable. They are used to create some of the best culinary creations, and when they are fermented, they make vodka. But they could be more than consumed. They could be used in art. Remember when you were a kid, and you used to make stamps out of potatoes? The elementary school project can become a grown-up weekend project with a gorgeous take on a table runner. You can create different kinds of designs that go with the rest of your dining room decor.

Photo Credit: Pinterest

This DIY project is no different from those same art projects, and it can be a great way to save some cash on your eating area upgrade. Instead of going out and buying some expensive stamps, just carve out your own. Pull out the acrylic paint and a blank table runner, and start going to town. You’ll have a lovely decoration for your kitchen table that is uniquely yours. You will be so amazed at the end product you will be asking yourself: is there anything that potatoes can’t do?

Photo Credit: The 36th Avenue

Raindrop Bench

They say that April showers bring May flowers, but the tiny drops of spring precipitation can also be the inspiration behind an adorable seating arrangement on your patio. If you have something that needs an upgrade, consider this treatment. Perhaps you have an outdoor bench that’s on its last legs. Dress it up with a new coat of paint and an exciting raindrop stencil. Line up your favorite planters along with it, or throw a few cushions on as a seating arrangement to complete the look.

Photo Credit: The 36th Avenue

Just because a rain cloud inspires it does not mean it has to be depressing and gloomy. One of the great things about this project is how versatile it can be. You can line up the drops in a parallel line, like the picture above, or you could place them strategically throughout the seat. Choose a color that goes with the rest of the outdoor entertainment area. A great pop of yellow and blue is one of the color schemes you can go with for the raindrop bench. Have some fun because bright shiny days are just around the corner.

Decorative Fabric Wall Art

Not everyone can be artists with canvases and paint, but that does not mean you do not know what looks good when you see it. You can let the professionals have all the fun. Leave the fancy work to the professionals and create your own wall art with just fabric. Picking out the right material to use may require some time to match the aesthetic you are looking for. Select something that speaks to you and will complement the rest of the room decor and wall color.

Photo Credit: Present Company

Lots of fabric choices are also floral, which could be a great nod to the springtime. Once you have selected the fabric material that you want to hang, you would just need to follow a few more directions to complete the project. Cut out some rigid foam, wrap them in your material of choice, and staple it to the back. Hang up your masterpiece and get ready for the compliments. You can complete the gallery by selecting a few more fabric choices, family photos, and other framed items to make more of a statement.

Photo Credit: Manatee Bags

Reusable Produce Bag

Getting groceries is a given no matter who you are. You need to buy food and other items for your household, but plastic bags are awful for the environment. If you cannot stand the idea of the bags polluting the land and waterways, there is something you can do. Many earth-conscience shoppers have opted to bring their reusable totes and purses to help Mother Nature and lower their impact on the world around them. Having your canvas bag at the grocery store is all the new rave. The only problem that these bags present is the absence of personality, but a few artistic tricks can change everything!

Photo Credit: Sister Works

You need to carry these canvas bags; however, they can tend to be a bit boring. With a few simple tricks, you can put some zing back in the bag. Pull out some acrylic paints or print out some patterns on heat transfer paper. Lay them out on your bag, apply a heated iron to the back, and your designs will transfer onto the fabric. Every time you go to the store to get fresh fruits and veggies, you should take your reusable bag to save on wasteful plastic bags! It’s all on the outside of the tote.

Photo Credit: 2beesinapod

Table Makeover

Life happens all around us. One of the most critical items in your home is your dining room table. It is the place for family dinners, homework sessions, board game nights, essential conversations, and other daily family occurrences. With all of that happening in one place, it is no surprise that the test of time can start to take its toll. Your dining room table can see a lot of wear and tear over the years and may need a little makeover to make it shine again. Luckily the process is a simple one to take on.

Photo Credit: At Charlottes House

A few tricks of the trade can help your dining table have a second life. All it will take is a weekend free and a few tools that you may already have on hand. To start this simple project, sand down any trouble areas you see and dust your table off before you start. You can add a fresh coat of paint or a new stain to the wood to help your table feel like new again. Life goes on, and now it can happen in an area that is fresh and ready for whatever you and your family have going.

Painted Rug

Rugs are incredible to tie the room together. They can provide color, drama, intrigue, and a host of other emotions that you are going for. Sometimes, though, it can be challenging to find something in the retail stores you are looking for. You can comb the aisles, but there is nothing that entirely speaks to what you are wanting. But if you can’t find what you are wanting, the answer is simple. Create your own painted rug and bring out the best of your room with your artistic talent.

Photo Credit: Pinterest

This DIY spring project is a neat trick you can pull off in almost any room, and it doesn’t require a lot of time. Plan out where you want your fake rug to be, and sketch out a design on paper. Tape off the area and paint the room white to provide a clean backdrop for your colors. Once that paint is dry, start painting in your design, and don’t forget to add some little tassels to the end of your “rug” for an authentic look. It will also be a sense of pride when you tell people that you were the artist behind the gorgeous rug under their feet.

Photo Credit: Pinterest

Jellybean Door Monogram

Spring is the time for new beginnings and one of the first holidays to welcome outdoor events after a long cold winter. It may be unconventional, but you can find inspiration for your front door this spring in the seasonal candy aisle at your local grocer. Jellybeans are a great alternative to rocks in home decor. An excellent look for Easter, this door monogram can also be used inside to specialize your kids’ bedroom doors with a letter to match their first names. After you are finished, you will have a charming way to welcome visitors this season.

Photo Credit: Pinterest

Choose a letter of the alphabet that you want to decorate. Buy at least two large bags of jellybeans so that you have all the colors you want. With a rainbow represented in each pack, it should be easy to select your choosing color. Create a template out of cardboard and cut out the letter you want. Paint the cardboard in a matching color as your jellybeans, and once that’s dry, hot glue the jellybeans to the template. It is not advised for outdoor use if you don’t want ants.

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Water Blob

Long summer days are meant to be surrounded by water activities. If you are not one of the lucky households to have a pool to dive into, you can still create some lasting water memories with a simple project known as the water blob. You may be asking yourself what a water blob is. It’s an excellent way for your kids to cool off in the summer, especially if you don’t have a watering hole all your own, and it’s an easy contraption you can make with some affordable items. When you are done, you will have a nice dry, cool place for your children to play in.

Photo Credit: Beattie Gang

Get some painter’s plastic and fold it in half on itself. Seal the ends together with an iron, as this will melt the plastic to each other. Be sure to leave an opening for your hose. Just fill with water and use some duct tape to close the gap. Add some blue food coloring and even some plastic fish for an even cuter blob. Many summers can be had this season, and the water blob can be one way to find some quality family fun.

Photo Credit: Youtube

Rake Tool Hanger

You may see a recurring theme on this list about repurposing broken items or have seemingly lost their usefulness. You could indeed discard, buy something new and continue to work on your projects as they come up. However, creativity comes to play again in this unique way to display your garden tools. If you’ve got an old rake that doesn’t work as well as it used to, you can use the head of it to hang your handy tools.

Photo Credit: Adman Steel Sheds

With a few steps, you will have something new. Just remove the head of the rake and nail it to your wall. The prongs of the rake will do all the work of holding everything in place. The great thing about this project is that it solves two problems at once. You get to reuse an old tool after it has finished its first life as a rake. The second solution is the ability to display the items in a new and exciting way creatively. All of your tools will be right on hand, waiting for the next gardening task that needs attending.

Photo Credit: Goodness On The Go

Beaded Wind Chimes

There is something about being outside. With the spring comes new opportunities to enjoy the warmer weather and the things around us. You can become reacquainted with your porch and backyard with this beautiful beaded wind chime that you can enjoy in the evenings to come. With a few materials, your wind chime will sing the sounds of the season and shine brightly through your windowpane.

Photo Credit: Goodness On The Go

Add some color and music to your porch with this whimsical wind chime. Find a sizable tree branch that’s already fallen in your hand and cut it down to a manageable piece. Drill some holes through it and, using some fishing line, start stringing up some beads and metal objects. Don’t forget the holes to add your twine so that you can hang it. This upgrade can be great to have hanging outside your kitchen or bedroom window.

Photo Credit: At Charlottes House

Cement Planters

If your garden is looking for an upgrade, you can accidentally spend an arm and a leg to get it to where you need to be if you choose to go the retail route. Going out and buying new planters can get pricey if you’re overhauling your garden this year. Nevertheless, that does not have to be the only thing you have to do to give your plants a new home. Instead, invest in creating your own planters that will withstand the tests of time and nature. Your cement planters can be made easy with a few materials.

Photo Credit: Artsy Pretty Plants

Collect a few items from around the house or hit up your local dollar store for inexpensive materials. Use old bowls you don’t want anymore to create molds, and then pour your cement into them. Once it’s hardened, remove and sand the outside down for a smooth finish. The cement planters can then be strategically placed throughout the garden. The neutral gray will help the greenery stand out.

Photo Credit: Geek Buying

Floral Lights

Are you searching for the perfect lights? Spring is synonymous with flowers, and you can find new and innovative ways to decorate with their beautiful sights in mind. You can create a spectacle to illuminate your porch, sunroom, or another entertaining outdoor area with a floral string of lights. It is the perfect backdrop for having people over when the weather becomes consistently lovely and warm.

Photo Credit: Pinterest

A string of lights can be beautiful on their own, by why not add some romance to them? This simple project can be accomplished with a few items. Buy some small silk flowers, but remove the flowers and stems. Slide the bulbs through into the middle of the petals. Add a little hot glue to keep everything in place, and voila! You will have an attractive way to line your pool deck, patio, bedroom, and anywhere else you think needs the fantasy floral treatment.

Photo Credit: Eidikidiapaidagogisi

Garden Tic-Tac-Toe

Not all games have to be played inside, and the spring and summertime is a great way to shake off those inside activities and bring them to the backyard. The game tic-tac-toe is one of those games that can receive outdoor treatment. Because it is such a simple game, you would only need a few materials to create a board game. If you have an old tree stump, you can use that as the board. You can also find other materials to use at your local arts and craft or big box retail store. Just paint four intersecting lines, and you have your board!

Photo Credit: Run Wild My Child

Take this childhood favorite outside by painting some stones to differentiate between X’s and O’s. Then buy nine paving stones to use as your tic-tac-toe board, and you’re ready to go. Above you see, the rocks have been painted to resemble bees and ladybugs for a cute picture, but you could choose other designs depending on your children’s interests. Let the games begin!

Photo Credit: Food 52

Mason Jar Soap Dispenser

The Mason jar is the must-have for any room getting the farmhouse makeover. However, you do not have to purchase new items to go full-on in this popular trend. Don’t throw out those old and empty jars of pasta. Repurpose them with a pump and adding some liquid soap. It is the perfect addition to any bathroom or kitchen that pays homage to the country chic style. You could also use a different color of liquid soap to help make the piece stand out. It is a simple touch that can make all the difference.

Photo Credit: Farm And Fleet

Mason jars are handy in many different ways. This simple DIY spring project will give your kitchen or bathroom a rustic touch simply by upcycling things you had lying around the house. The soap jar dispenser is also unique. You may see jars in other ways but rarely in this particular function. Soap is such a necessary item in both of these rooms. Details make all the difference in home decor, and this dispenser detail is as charming as it is functional.

Photo Credit: Eco Lawn Sb

Lawn Pavers

Spruce up your backyard with a welcoming and whimsical lawn paver, and you will be glad you added such a gorgeous walkway leading to wherever you want them to go. An outdoor space with patio pavers can stylishly withstand heavy foot traffic. These pavers are easy to install and can come in a variety of different patterns and colors. All you would need to do is figure out what kind of material you would like to use.

Photo Credit: Luxe Blades

Having a lovely footpath to step on can be attractive, but you don’t have to stick with that drag grey color of your paving stones. Add some unique brilliance with stencils and acrylic paint. You can make them all match or let your family members make their own! It can also be an excellent choice for your pool deck, patio, or other outdoor space. You can’t go wrong with a decorative piece that also protects your grass from repeated damage.

Photo Credit: Order And Bliss

Tidy Up your Crafts

Are you a craft person? Probably so since you are checking out these amazing DIY projects. You have been cooped up indoors for months, and your sewing projects could probably use some organization. Spring is the perfect time to get it all together in a creative way. Are you always losing your threads and bobbins? Keep them together in this handy garland that keeps everything together. All of your items will be nicely and neatly until you are ready to begin your next project.

Photo Credit: The Spruce Crafts

With a few materials, you can find a way to accomplish just that. Just thread a long ribbon or some embroidery thread through the holes of your spools, interspersed with some wooden beads. Now you have all your sewing materials in one place that you can take with you. You will be glad you took the time to tidy up the sewing crafts that you may want to find other ways to motivate. Keep reading to discover different affordable ways to upgrade your livings space this season.

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Dinnglehoppers for the Curtains

Calling all Disney fans! Isn’t this idea just the cutest? Utensils are not meant to last forever, and your silverware drawer can become overrun if you are not too careful. Forks can get dingy and lose their shape over time. They can also become bent and broken after too much use. However, do not discard those “Little Mermaid” dinglehoppers too quickly. There may be new life in them yet! If you still have a few broken ones handy, you can transform them into unique curtain holders.

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Just use a pair of pliers to bend your form into the shape of a C. Drill a hole into the handle so that it can be connected to the wall, and you can easily tuck your curtains to the side when you want to look out your windows. They can be a great detail in any kitchen, no matter what the decor. Now that is a great way to upcycle something that might have ended up in a landfill before. Find out about more ways to spruce up your home this season with more ideas on this list.

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Hanging Flower Chandelier

Springtime is the perfect time for flowers to bloom. Also, for you to put them on display in the most creative ways possible. We have already given you one idea regarding an outdoor chandelier. You can also use the unique display to showcase your favorite floral arrangements. Why not display some of the beautiful flowers from your garden indoors? This hanging chandelier is easy to make and can make an attractive centerpiece over your dining room table while your family’s gathered around for a meal.

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After finding a design either at a thrift store or a recent overhead indoor project, you can repurpose the light bulbs for floral bulbs. If you are not gifted with a green thumb, you can then use fake flowers for a similar effect. The beautiful arrangement is a welcome addition to any patio, deck, or other outdoor space. You can add similar centerpieces on tables to match the gorgeous theme you have. What else could you do? Read on for more DIY ways to spruce things up this spring.

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Holographic Planter

Do you like this unique planter? All that glitters does not have to be gold. While shiny items are always popular in interior design, it does not have to be expensive to be glamorous. Please don’t throw your money away on those sparkly items you want to add to your home when you can make them yourself. Get a glass you’re no longer used and spray paint it white. The white will act as a primer for the material you will be adding later.

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Using holographic vinyl film, cut it just a little bigger than your glass’s height and circumference and remove the backing. Carefully add it to your glass, making sure to rub away any bubbles that might have formed for a smooth and clean surface when you’re finished. You will have a gorgeous planter to display your equally beautiful plants in a new and exciting way, all from inexpensive materials! Now that is something to shine on about! Keep reading for more affordable DIY projects!

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Cabbage Centerpiece

Do you like growing veggies in the garden? Are you looking for some unique uses of your vegetables? Take a look at your dinner plate one evening, and you could be inspired to fasten together with a centerpiece that is like no other item found in retail stores. Nothing quite says spring more than bringing the outdoors into your home. Instead of the usual vase or planter, a cabbage can do all of the work for you. It does not have to be expensive to look like a million bucks.

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You may not realize how lucky it could be to use what you have right in front of you. The leaves of the cabbage are close enough together to hold up your bouquet sturdily. Also, when you’re done, just wash it and prepare it for dinner tomorrow! Now that is using your head (of cabbage)! Your friends and family will adore your thoughtful idea. Keep reading to uncover more ways to liven up your living space just in time for spring to arrive.

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Napkin Holders

Check out these perfect napkin holders for springtime. Another easy trick to follow that could elevate the way you fine dine uses materials you would otherwise throw in the trash bin. Would you believe these napkin holders are just made of a toilet roll and some string? These creative napkin holders are just the thing your dinner table needs to become a much more elegant place to eat with loved ones. Whether it is a regular dinner night or a more elaborate affair, the added flair will be a welcomed addition to any meal.

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It is simple to make your napkin holders once you have collected the items you need. Cut your toilet roll into 2 or 3 even pieces, and start wrapping each one with a cotton cord. Add glue at intervals to keep the cord in place, and glue the cord’s end to the inside of the tube. You’ve never seen a more straightforward project. If you need more ideas for your spring DIY projects, keep reading to see how else you can improve your home this season.

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Drippy Wall Art

You do not have to be an artist to make art. Lots of projects can be a masterpiece with a few tricks of the trade. Drippy wall art adds a particular wow factor to any room, and it can be accomplished with minimal effort. It looks like modern art, yet it won’t take you more than an hour to create this wonder. Get a blank canvas and different spray paints of your choice. Choose colors that complement each other and the area where the art will be displayed.

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After assembling your art projects, it is time to get to work with the new artwork. Spray random spots on your canvas and prop it up vertically. Spray the entire canvas liberally with much water so that the color starts to run. Add whatever smaller details you like and allow to dry. Marvel at your masterpiece by placing it in a highly trafficked area of your home. Your guests will not believe that not only are you the artist but that you were able to create it in just an afternoon.

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Whimsical Book Ends

Readers can acquire various books over the years, and you could use a boring bookshelf. Alternatively, you could add some charm to your collection. Whimsical bookends are the best ways to show off your literary favorites. While it is true that there are lots of great items on the market, you could also equip the shelf with things you already have lying around the house or in a drawer somewhere.

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You could donate your kids’ old toys, or you could save them and turn them into fancy bookends for their rooms. Simply glue the old toys to some blocks of wood and spray paint them one color. Then voila! A new way to display your reading materials. Definitely a great way to add some character to the bookshelves and an even better way to add personality to any living space. Check out more ways to bring out the best in your home this spring.

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Geometric Coasters

Fasten together some shapes for another great idea to protect your precious furniture from the elements. This DIY spring project is a fun way to dress up any table and stop the heat and moisture from damaging your coffee table. With a couple of items from the arts and craft aisle at your local store, you can assemble art so cool you almost do not want to hide with your drink. Almost.

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All you need is some corkboard and paint. Cut up your corkboard into whatever shapes you like, but ones that fit together works best. Paint in wonderfully bright colors, and you’ll have coasters that will pop against your tablecloth. Choose colors that either creatively contrast with your tablecloth and furniture or complement other elements in the room. The shapes will help you add charm to your room. Find more ways to implement new ideas into your living space on this list.

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Bundle Bedroom Blooms

Do you want to bring some of your outdoor blooms inside? They don’t have to sit in a pot in the kitchen window, either! The garden does not have to be limited to just your backyard. Flowers can make any room seem more cheerful and bright, and your bedroom can be the perfect place to add some more beauty. Take the floral features of tulips or other favorite flowers and put them in vintage milk glass for a gorgeous display perfect in front of your bedroom vanity.

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Spring flowers are great items to decorate because they make any space they live in more natural and living. Whether they are alive or fake, they create spaces that feel freer and inviting. With a few simple materials, your shelf will be transformed into a living area that catches the eye immediately. You can also add candles for a more romantic look.


Let the Sunshine in with Yellow Accents

What is your favorite color? Doesn’t springtime just scream pastels shades like soft green or lavender? Few colors have a warm and cheery appeal than yellow. You can provide your room with instant positive vibes with a few yellow accents, like a slipcover over your sofa or in your curtains. If you would prefer to go full-on, you can adopt a sunny backdrop with a bright and beautiful hue.

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Another great DIY paint project is to freshen up your lighting fixtures.
As the days get longer, your rooms can reflect the brightness from the outside on the inside. Be sure to include more muted colors to help the yellow highlights stand out that much more. Using it as an accent color, teal and red could be other colors to add dimensions to the room. Want to know more? Read on to find other ideas to use this spring.


Two-Toned Cabinets

Spruce up your boring kitchen by adding not just one color but two. The popular two-toned trend can be easily adapted to your eating area by creating a lovely focal point that commands attention to anyone walking in the room. Pick two hues that complement each other. The option can work particularly well in kitchens for those looking for a traditional space that oodles with personality.

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Red, teal, black, and grey are great color options for trying out this paint project. Two-tone kitchen cabinets create intrigue and visual interest, and they can also make a small kitchen seem much more spacious than it is. It is bold and beautiful, and you will be glad you made the plunge. Read on to spruce up your space this spring with these other affordable ideas. You’ll like these fast and easy DIY projects that require minimal time and money.


DIY Rope Mirror

Don’t be tied down by something so dull. Mirrors are wonderful additions to rooms, and if you can, create one that reflects intrigue on and off the wall. Rope may not seem like a glamorous detail, but with a few tweaks, you can make something that will become a gorgeous statement piece in any room you choose to hang it up in. Keep in mind that rope mirrors are available in retailers, but you can design your style in a matter of different ways.

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Rope mirrors are all about texture. If you opt for a nautical design, you can intertwine the rope so that it looks like it came from a shipwreck. You can also fasten intricate designs for another DIY project. With some hot glue and rope, the possibilities of this clever design are endless. The only thing you need to decide is how you want it to look and where you would like to place the finished project. For another look, consider painting the rope to match the other items in the room.


Twiggy Floral Vase

All of those beautiful flowers need a home! Why not put them in a unique DIY vase? If you are a fan of the rustic look, you can easily incorporate other DIY projects that speak to this aesthetic. A twig vase uniquely displays your flowers, and if your yard is filled with trees, you can collect the items you need very easily. After a recent spring cleaning afternoon at your home, you are halfway in materials for making this art project a reality.

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After collecting the stray twigs and selecting the pot or vase that you want to decorate, attach a cloth or ribbon that you would like to use. Saw the twigs to be all the same size as the vase and then fasten them together. Use hot glue to place the twigs on the vase. After dried, you will be able to use your vase in whatever fashion you fancy. Keep reading to learn how you can quickly update your kitchen this spring.


Brighten Up the Kitchen Island

Create a bold and beautiful kitchen island with a fresh paint of color that puts the wow in any room. A striking red hue creates drama and intrigue, and it can be easily distinguished among other neutral colors. Teal is also a great color to use if you want a more subdued hue but still want to brighten up your eating area.

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Color is the best way to fall in love with your living space all over again. The kitchen is the center point of many important moments. You will want the room to keep up with the times. Other possible fresh ideas include updating the backdrop, putting up artwork on the walls, and setting up accents that all draw attention to the room’s center. Want to know more? Keep reading to find out other ideas for your home.

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Bountiful Baskets for Storage Options

You can never have enough storage options! Easter is right around the corner, but the bountiful baskets are not just for collecting eggs. You can set your storage options in strategic places that are prone to clutter. It is a great way to cut down on the number of materials that collect around the area. A woven basket can store anything from throw blankets, toys, stuffed animals, and school paperwork.

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Baskets are chic and stylish. They are versatile enough to complement any kind of decor. Whether it is farmhouse, beach, modern or traditional, you can find one that will go with whatever you want it to. Place them on a shelf or near your seating areas to keep what you need right within reach. Read on for other ideas to include in your spring theme upgrade. Then, you can share these great ideas with your friends and family. They will thank you for it!

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Repaint the Bookcase

Here is an easy DIY upgrade for your house. If you love books, you need a proper place to put them all. You can quickly resuscitate a boring built-in bookcase by freshening up the paint job with a new invigorating color that screams spring. Bright colors bring fun and quirky elements to whatever items you want them to be. Books are full of adventure, and their shelf homes should be just as visually impressive. Use it for accents or paint the entire case for more intrigue.

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What you read deserves a good place. If you do not have a bookcase on hand, you can easily pick up one on the cheap at a local thrift store. The theme you want to choose is entirely up to you. A chalk-finish paint is perfect for a coastal concept. You can also add multiple colors if you should choose. The sky’ s the limit, so let your imagination run wild. More ideas for this spring season are coming up, so keep reading to find out what else could be done in your living rooms.

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A Bright Stairwell

Another simple DIY project that you can complete with a can of paint. The problem with most hallways and stairways is that they are too narrow to include any accent furniture or other decorative items. Often during room upgrades, they are ignored for the sake of convenience. You can find more ways to animate the transition places that could present your home’s unique personality. Whether it is a leopard-print runner, a floral wallpaper, or even a bright new fresh coat of paint, you can breathe new life into the forgotten space.

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A staircase can be the first thing that guests notice when they are welcomed into your home. The right paint colors can play up the architecture and draw eyes to other areas of the house. Find a way to set the tone for the rest of the visit. You can also add a photo gallery or mirrors to continue the motion upward. Keep reading for another amazing DIY project that you can create this weekend on a budget.

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Colorful Doorway

Are you in love with these affordable DIY projects just in time for the spring? Another place to keep your eye out for an upgrade is your doorways in something other than different shades of white. Choose a seasonal pastel hue that freshens things up just enough to make a difference. Pastels like lavender, light pink, and baby blue are synonymous with spring, and the inspiration is the perfect opportunity to liven up the entire room right before you enter into it.

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The colors work well with greys. Accessorize the space with black and white frames and a few pops of color, like flowers on the mantel or the bookshelf. It will be the breath of fresh air that you can enjoy throughout the year, not just in the springtime. You will glad you upgraded the style beyond the traditional and kept it creative enough to express your personality. Your home will be the envy of the neighborhood.