Amazing 3D Floors that Make a House More Exciting

Trista - July 6, 2020
You can now enjoy the incredible effect that 3D epoxy flooring has brought into your home. Shutterstock.

Time To Enjoy Your Beautiful Floors

Applying this layer takes much attention to detail as it will be ruined if there is any bit of dirt or hair trapped inside of it. Lastly, a top coat protective sealer will be applied. You now have a beautiful 3D epoxy floor that will wow everyone in your home. 

This flooring lets you create a whole new world in your home, depending on what you decide to put underneath the epoxy. Perhaps you are obsessed with the ocean but don’t live by the sea; you can bring the seaside to you with this flooring. 

Bring the ocean into your home with images of dolphins, rolling waves, and the appearance of sand beneath your feet. Shutterstock.

Have The Ocean In Your Home

You can easily choose an image of dolphins playing in the ocean and have it put into your bathroom. You might also love the look of the sand and the waves gently washing onto the shore; you can bring this alive in your home as well with 3D epoxy flooring. 

3D floors bring a whole new dimension to a room that pictures on the wall just can’t achieve. It makes a space feel magical. You can take your home from beautiful to something extraordinary with this type of floor. 

2D images are taken to a whole new level with this clever manipulation of flooring that creates something that looks 3-dimensional. Shutterstock.

Turning 2D Into 3D

Even though the floors aren’t 3D, they are so cleverly done that a 2D image takes on a whole new dimension. This visual trick is such a genius creation, and maybe one of these ideas will take your fancy, and you’ll be installing it soon enough. 

We know that some type of water image is the obvious choice for a bathroom. The room lends itself to this concept. You don’t have to choose the ocean, though, but it would be beautiful to feel like you have thousands of fish swimming beneath your feet in the bathroom. 

You could have a 3D pond in your bathroom or kitchen that will make your home feel tranquil and relaxing. Shutterstock.

Make Your Bathroom A Tranquil Space

There are other water feature options. These include stepping stones across the surface of a pond or a river. It creates a beautiful flow that comes with water images but creates a different type of feel than an ocean image would. 

If you’d prefer to steer clear of the water idea, another excellent design for a bathroom is using an image of pebbles. Bathrooms are a wonderful place to relax, and pebbles are something that is associated with feeling more peaceful and zen. 

Bring the forest floor into your kitchen and then decorate the room with plants and wood to accentuate the look of the floor. Shutterstock.

Bring The Forest Into Your Kitchen

If you want 3D flooring done in your kitchen, you might want to opt for something like the floor of a forest. It could be covered in beautiful greenery, and there are small paths of pebbles or wood that are laid out on the floor design. 

This concept is on trend with the idea of bringing the outside in. Another option that is becoming popular in places like bedrooms is the image and illusion of floating on the clouds. It is so spectacular and makes the room incredibly tranquil. 

Go for something a bit less statement with pebbles or a beautiful marbled pattern that makes a room look exquisite. Shutterstock.

Try Out A Beautiful Pattern

If the more gimmicky look isn’t for you when it comes to 3D epoxy flooring, you can choose something more reasonable but still gives the room the depth that it is missing. It could include a beautiful pattern or perhaps even some paving stones. 

You could even have a beautiful marbled design that would make a bathroom or kitchen look incredibly expensive and fancy. It gives the illusion of depth, but you don’t need dolphins swimming around the room to achieve this look.

Instead of an actual image, you could create an optical illusion with the floors to bring something different to a room. Shutterstock.

Bringing New Design Dimensions Into A Home

If you want to have a bit of fun with your 3D floor but are stuck in between a basic pattern and the ocean, you could look at doing something that creates an optical illusion. Some fantastic ones combine a bit of fun with a more sophisticated feel. 

Floors are taking on a whole new dimension in design thanks to techniques like 3D epoxy flooring. It is exciting to see the endless options for creating a home that is different and exciting to explore.