Become An At-Home Chef With These 20 Small Kitchen Appliances

Trista - July 11, 2020

Cooking shows are one of the greatest things to watch, but then they leave us feeling so hungry — and incapable of recreating making delicious meals. It all boils down to making sure you have the equipment. You need the tools to become an at-home master chef! Kitchen appliances and gadgets will transform the way you cook and help you enjoy it.

Kitchen technology is evolving, and we need to make sure that our kitchens are keeping up with the trends to get the most out of them. Equipping yourself in your kitchen will help you to bake spectacular dishes for you, your family, and your dinner party guests. All you need are these affordable small kitchen appliances, which you can purchase online.

This hand mixer comes with a storage compartment for all attachments, so you’ll never lose them again. Credit: Hamilton Beach

Hamilton Beach 6-Speed Electric Hand Mixer with Snap-On Storage Case

You probably already have a hand mixer somewhere in your kitchen. But, most likely, you’ve lost the beaters that go with it. That’s why you need this hand mixer from Hamilton beach. The best part about it is the snap-on storage case that you keep the variety of beaters inside. This handy feature keeps this appliance neat and tidy in your kitchen.

Aside from this fantastic feature, it has six speeds and is very easy to handle. It also has a useful bowl rest feature. The groove on the mixer will let you rest over a bowl instead of having your batter spilling onto your countertop. It comes with easy to clean whisks and beaters. Liz Zélandais says, “This gadget is awesome; it motivates me to learn to bake.”

Buy the fantastic Hamilton Beach 6-Speed Electric Hand Mixer with Whisk, Traditional Beaters, Snap-On Storage Case,... $21.99

Enjoy fried food without the mess or the extra and unwanted oil when you invest in an air fryer for your kitchen. Credit: Ultrean

Ultrean Air Fryer, 4.2 Quart (4 Liter) Electric Hot Air Fryers

There’s nothing like fried food – we all love it, but unfortunately, it isn’t the best thing for our health. That’s why you need an air fryer in your kitchen right now. It allows you to enjoy fried food with less oil and fat, which means it’s a lot better for you. An air fryer gives you so many options when it comes to cooking. You can also use it to recreate your favorite fried dishes, but you can also use it for grilling, roasting, and even baking.

You don’t need to be worried about dealing with hot oil and that mess it creates ever again. Utilize the high-tech buttons and an auto switch-off timer. It also has a heat range between 180°f-400°f. You’ll enjoy it’s easy to clean nature with a non-stick pan. This small kitchen appliance has an LCD and even a recipe book to help you with your new air fryer journey with great ideas for snacks and fried food.

Get the Ultrean Air Fryer, 4.2 Quart Electric Hot Airfryer Oven Oilless Cooker with LCD Digital Screen and... $69.99

Save yourself a lot of time and effort in the kitchen with this vegetable slicer and be safe while you’re doing it. Credit: Fullstar

Fullstar Mandoline Slicer Spiralizer Vegetable Slicer

This vegetable slicer is going to make your time in the kitchen so much faster and easier. This device comes with six interchangeable blades that you can change according to your needs. You can slice, you can grate, and you even have the option to spiralize vegetables. This feature means you can create delicious zoodles and beautiful garnishes to impress your dinner guests. Slicing vegetables with a knife can be very time consuming, and it can be dangerous when you are trying to get beautiful and thin slices.

With this device, you have a fingerguard and protective glove that ensure that you are protected when using it. It comes with a catch tray so that you don’t have to worry about cleaning up a mess after you’ve cooked. TAZ says, “I have always wanted a slicer, and this one is nice. It came with the safety glove, which I was happy it did. It has so many different slice heads that can have a lot of fun.”

Buy the beneficial Fullstar Mandoline Slicer for Kitchen, Cheese Grater Vegetable Spiralizer and Veggie Slicer for... $22.99

Blend delicious drinks, soups, and sauces with this incredible blender that gets the job done. Credit: Ninja

Ninja Professional 72oz Countertop Blender

This small appliance is the ninja of the kitchen! Not only does it look sleek in its design, but it also has an impressive performance. It has incredible crushing blades to help create the smoothest blend of whatever you put inside. You can use it to make incredible crushed ice drinks in just seconds. Its capacity gives you the chance to make a large batch to share with someone or if you’re making a large number of cocktails. You can also use it to create amazing and smooth purees to add to delicious dishes that you are cooking.

This kitchen device is fast and easy to use. RBoz says, “I’ve had my Ninja for nearly four years, and it’s still going strong. My average use is about three times/week. It still blends great; I’ve never had the plastic break, and the blades have never cut me. Handle it with care, and you’ll get your money’s worth out of this investment.”

Purchase the fantastic and powerful Fullstar Mandoline Slicer for Kitchen, Cheese Grater Vegetable Spiralizer and Veggie Slicer for... $22.99

Create tasty purees and emulsions with this must-have kitchen appliance – the food processor. Credit: Hamilton Beach

Hamilton Beach 10-Cup Food Processor & Vegetable Chopper with Bowl Scraper

This kitchen appliance is a must-have. It comes in handy for so many different types of recipes. It’s size also allows for a large amount of food without needing to do it in batches. Thanks to its large feed chute you can also fit large foods like zucchini and cheese into it for easy and quick processing. It gives you the option to process foods or chop them. You can create amazing mixes and purees with this appliance. It has two speeds and a pulse option. Another bonus of this specific product is that it has a bowl scraper attachment, which means that you won’t need to manually use a spatula to integrate the mixture closer towards the blades.

Drccs10 says, “This far exceeded my expectations. It sounds and operates like a real professional of much higher quality. I haven’t had any need to use the side scraper as it does just fine without it. I have made everything from guacamole to energy bites with very sticky dates and crunchy hazelnuts to work with. This machine is fantastic. I love it! There is no need to buy a much more expensive device as this one does a great job by itself.”

Get yourself the Hamilton Beach Food Processor & Vegetable Chopper for Slicing, Shredding, Mincing, and Puree, 10... $54.99

Enjoy scrumptious meals that you can make in just one pot and without the effort in this crock-pot. Credit: Crock-Pot

Crock-pot 8-Quart Multi-Use XL Express Crock Programmable Slow Cooker

A crock-pot is now an essential part of any and every kitchen. This slow cooker helps to create some of the most amazing dishes. Thanks to its 8-quart size, you can feed about ten people with the meal you create in this appliance. It’s perfect for large families or if you love to entertain. This appliance has it all. It has many functions such as pressure cooking, slow cooking, browning, sauté, steam, and even a boil and simmer function. You can completely customize the cook with the timer and choose the pressure. This appliance will help you create so many one-pot dinners. Not only will it save you time from washing a bunch of dishes, but the pot will bring out the flavor from all the ingredients.

This crock-pot also comes with a recipe book to get you inspired, a steaming rack, and also a serving spoon. Leigh Ann Ross says, “This is one of the smartest purchases we’ve ever made. My husband and I are always busy, and trying to get dinner fixed at a reasonable hour can be difficult. We use it as a pressure cooker, and it cooks a roast in 38 minutes.”

Your family will love the Crock-Pot 8-Quart Multi-Use XL Express Crock Programmable Slow Cooker and Pressure Cooker with... $149.99

Who doesn’t want some ice cream on a hot summer day? With this appliance, you don’t have to worry about chasing down the ice cream truck. Credit: Classic Cuisine

Classic Cuisine Ice Cream Maker

If you are an ice cream lover, you need to order one of these right away. Imagine making your own creamy and smooth ice cream at home! You can try out so many incredible flavors that you won’t find in-store from the comfort of your own home. If you have children, you could even use this appliance to make some frozen yogurt. It helps you to prepare frozen desserts like ice cream, sorbet, and frozen yogurt in no time at all.

This appliance uses a double insulated bowl that needs to be pre-frozen. You’ll then pour your mixture into the pot and turn the machine on for 15-30 minutes. You will then have your ice cream or chosen frozen dessert. It makes 1 quart of ice cream. You’ll also get some great recipes with this purchase to start you on your homemade ice cream journey. Homemade ice-cream is the perfect accompaniment to a dinner party dessert.

Buy the Ice Cream Maker- Also Makes Sorbet, Frozen Yogurt Dessert, 1 Quart Capacity Machine with Included... $42.14

Create the creamiest consistency in your pot dishes without having to stand and stir for hours on end thanks to this device. Credit: StirMATE

StirMATE Smart Pot Stirrer

This next item might seem a little bit indulgent, but when you lead a busy life, this device might be the best thing you’ve ever bought. It’s an automatic pot-stirrer. In all fairness, some dishes require a constant stirring or a frequent one. Some of us are just not prepared to stand in the kitchen for an hour doing this, and perhaps this is preventing you from creating some of the best dinners ever. The StireMATE will help to stir your soups and stews and help shape the most incredible consistency.

You can also adjust the product to fit the size of your pot – it can go from 6 to 12 inches in diameter, and you can also change the depth to up to 9 inches. This small kitchen appliance can stir continuously for 13 hours with one charge of 30 minutes. Clip it onto your pot and let this wonderful invention go to work, and you can enjoy dinner without any of the hard work. Laura N says, “I recently purchased a StirMate automatic pot-stirrer and couldn’t be happier with its performance. The quality and functionality of StirMate make it well worth the purchase price.”

Stir things up in your kitchen when you buy the StirMATE Automatic Pot Stirrer GEN 3- Variable Speed, Self-Adjusting, Powerful, Quiet, Cordless $76.65

Bring the authentic taste of Italy into your home with this pasta machine that is absolute quality. Credit: Marcato Design

Marcato Design Atlas 150 Pasta Machine

This product is known as the Ferrari of pasta machines, so you know it will work wonders in your kitchen and let you bring a little bit of Italy into your home. This pasta machine rolls and cuts pasta dough for traditional lasagna, fettuccine, and more. This product is designed in Italy, so you know that it is quality. It can roll sheets of dough to 150 millimeters wide at a thickness of 0.6 to 4.8 millimeters. You can buy an assortment of pasta cutting accessories that are sold separately to create your favorite type of pasta. Once you get on the homemade pasta train, you will never get off. It’s incredible to be able to create your own pasta, and it will be so fresh and delicious.

James Laabs says, “Looking at pasta makers, I was deciding between an automatic pasta maker and a manual model. I couldn’t be happier with this unit. It is extremely well made, a breeze to clean, and it makes amazing pasta. We’ve already made linguini, thick noodles, spaghetti, and lasagna pasta with it, and all came out looking and tasting wonderful.”

Invest in the MARCATO 150 Pasta device $94.65

Make sure your meat is the perfect cook thanks to this meat thermometer that will give you a fast and accurate reading. Credit: Habor

No products found.

This little gadget is something you probably thought was unnecessary to have, but once you have it, you won’t be able to cook without it. This meat thermometer is so handy to be able to test the temperature of your food. It will help you achieve the perfect cook on your cuts of meat and not worry about it being over or under done. It provides a read-on temperature in just four to six seconds and eliminates any guesswork about whether your steak is done. It also has a very long probe, so you don’t have to worry about burning yourself on a bigger piece of meat like turkey.

You can also use it for the temperature measuring of caramel or hot milk. You just need to insert the thermometer probe into the food or liquid, and your temperature will pop up. This device doesn’t cost much, and it will change the way you cook. AG&AU says, “If you’re going to be serving $80 worth of great meat, invest a few bucks to help you determine when it’s perfectly done. This thing is right on the mark. Flat out impressive. I show it to people when they come in the house.”

Always get an accurate temperature with the No products found. No products found.

Whip up the most amazing confections with this affordable and powerful stand mixer. Credit: Kuppet

Kuppet Stand Mixer

If you’re an avid baker, you are missing out if you don’t own one of these stand mixers. A stand mixer comes in so handy when you are making something like meringues that needs constant mixing. A handheld mixer can do the job, but why not let this stand mixer do the work instead? This device has eight different speeds and will help you whip together the most amazing desserts with ease. It has a tilt-head design to allow easy access to the mixing bowl.

The small kitchen appliance comes with a wire whip, dough hook and flat beater that makes this device so versatile. It also has a splash guard with an access hatch, so you don’t need to worry about making a mess when you want to add ingredients into the mix. Kortney D. says, “Great Great mixer! Nice and big! Similar to a kitchen aid as far as quality but much lighter!”

You’ll fall in love with the KUPPET Stand Mixer, 8-Speed Tilt-Head Electric Food Stand Mixer with Dough Hook, Wire Whip & Beater,...

You can have perfect poached eggs every Sunday morning for breakfast, thanks to this kitchen device. Credit: Modern Innovations

Stainless Steel Poached Egg Cooker

The best part of brunch on a Sunday is the beautifully poached egg on your avocado toast. But, how can you recreate this at home and make it worthy of an Instagram post? Poached eggs are notoriously difficult, and they tend to be a failure more than a success. Some clever company has gone on to create a device to help us create picture-perfect poached eggs every time.

This small kitchen appliance is a two-in-one product. It is a 4-cup egg poacher that comes set into a stainless steel pan with a glass lid. Not only that, but it also comes with a silicone spatula. The stainless steel pan will house the water, and the eggs will cook in their cups. Gently crack your eggs into the cups and let the poacher do the rest.

Buy the Modern Innovations Egg Poacher Pan for Perfect Poached Eggs, Nonstick Cups Poached Egg Maker Pan,... $29.38

Start your juicing journey today with this incredible addition to your kitchen appliances. Credit: Hamilton Beach

Hamilton Beach Juicer Machine

If you love freshly made juices, you can save yourself much money by investing in a juicer from Hamilton Beach. You can make these juices at home and have them whenever you want. It is so healthy that you’ll be able to see all the ingredients that are going into this health drink. You can use a variety of fruit and vegetables to make a delicious drink. It is also straightforward to assemble and comes with an extra-large pulp bin. It also has an extra-large feed chute so that you can use whole fruits and vegetables. You’ll be able to juice an entire apple in there without having to slice it up beforehand.

Without all the pre-cutting, you’ll save so much time, and it will be worth your while. Becca Rose says, “This juicer is exactly what I wanted and needed. I use it every day to make some fresh vegetable and fruit juice, and I’m having a lot of fun trying different combinations. The product provides a cleaning brush with very stiff bristles, and it is very helpful in removing the pulp from the strainer.”

Purchase the handy Hamilton Beach Juicer Machine, Big Mouth Large 3” Feed Chute for Whole Fruits and Vegetables, Easy... $69.85

Start making dumplings without having to press the edges down with a fork. Credit: KAYCROWN

Stainless Steel Ravioli Mold

This dumpling and ravioli maker comes in three different sizes: small, medium, and large. This feature allows you to create your dumplings or ravioli in whichever dimension is best suited to your recipe. You can make so many things with this mold, including turnovers, pot stickers, and more. All you need to do is lay your sheet of pasta or dough on it and then add your filling to the center. You’ll then close it and press down to seal and crimp the edges.

It will then be perfect and ready to be cooked and served. This handy little gadget will save you much time when making these delightful dough dishes. Soriena says, “Finally! Something that works! This tool is perfect for pressing empanadas! No more manual labor with the fork. It’s so easy to use; I ordered two more!”

Order the Best Utensils Stainless Steel Ravioli Mold Pierogi Dumpling Maker Wrapper Pastry Dough Cutter... $13.99

Cook everything at once and keep it hot on this electric griddle from Presto. Credit: Presto

Presto 07061 22-inch Electric Griddle With Removable Handles

Are you struggling to make breakfast for everyone at the same time? You need this Presto electric griddle! It has an extra-large cooking surface so you can make enough for everyone at the same time. The small appliance has removable handles, which makes it so much easier to clean and even better to store. It has a non-stick surface that is so easy to clean and use. It has a master heat control that automatically maintains the desired cooking temperature that you want.

This kitchen device also has a convenient slide-out drip tray that you can remove and clean off easily. You can cook so much on this griddle pan like eggs, steak, and, of course, pancakes. Leonard F. Bell says, “There is a reason this griddle is the Amazon top seller and has so many positive reviews. This device is the real deal, and I could not be happier with this purchase.”

Buy the Presto 07061 22-inch Electric Griddle With Removable Handles, Black, 22-inch $59.72

Add a digital kitchen scale to your kitchen to easily weigh out ingredients for cooking. Credit: Greater Goods

GreaterGoods Digital Food Kitchen Scale

If you love baking, you need a kitchen scale. Baking is all about precise measurements, and it doesn’t get more accurate than with this scale. It is so prevalent online because of its high accuracy and simple design. This small kitchen appliance is so easy to weigh your ingredients using this digital scale. It has three precision weighing sensors, which is what makes it so accurate. You’ll be able to see the weight on the LCD screen. This scale also shuts off automatically and does an automatic calibration too.

Thanks to its smooth plastic surface, this device is easy to clean, so you don’t have to worry about hygiene. You can also easily switch between a variety of measurements: grams, pounds, fluid ounces, and milliliters. Stacie says, “I love this scale. Amazon recommended it. I almost purchased a different one; I’m so glad I chose this one. It is so slim, lightweight compact! It’s easy to store and easy to use. I can choose between lbs and oz, grams, and even fluid oz and ml.”

Your diet will adore the Greater Goods Digital Kitchen Scale - Cooking, Baking, Meal and Food Prep Scale, Weighs in Grams,... $9.99

It’s time for taco Tuesday or maybe taco every day when you buy this kitchen gadget. Credit: Alpha Living

Alpha Living Tortilla Press and Pataconera 7.5 Inch Cast Iron Heavy Gauge Flour Corn Press

If you love tacos and Mexican cuisine, you have to buy one of these to add to your kitchen gadget collection. This kitchen appliance is a heavyweight tortilla press that you can use for pressing your tortillas as well as empanadas, dumplings, mini pie shells, and many more. It has a wide diameter of 7.5 inches and creates a lovely uniform and flat press.

Gadgets like this can change your cooking experience and make your food taste so much better. Earth’s Own Bath & Body says, “5 Stars all the way. Excellent craftsmanship and very sturdy and heavy duty. Love that it’s cast iron and so simple to use! Just be easy on the handle! No need for excessive force! It makes any thickness; I like with my Keto flatbreads, Keto wraps, etc… I wouldn’t go back to using a rolling pin…. ever! Highly recommended!”

Purchase the ALPHA LIVING Tortilla Press and Pataconera 7.5 Inch Cast Iron Heavy Gauge Flour Corn Press 50421

You will have the sharpest knives in no time with this electric knife sharpener. Credit: Presto

Presto 08800 EverSharp Electric Knife Sharpener

There’s nothing worse than trying to cook and prepare your ingredients than with a blunt knife. It also can be quite time consuming to try and sharpen your knife. That’s where this electric knife sharpener comes in handy. This sharpener is so easy to use, and the precision blade helps guide the position of the knife, so it is at the ideal sharpening angle to ensure perfect results. The device creates the sharp edges on the knife with the sapphirite sharpening wheels, which are also used in professional shops.

You won’t regret this purchase, and it will make your cooking experience so much easier. Imagine slicing easily through meat and produce! Vargr says, “I picked this up because I was simply looking for something better than the manual sharpeners, it’s amazing. It sharpened my butcher’s knife so much that it cut through my hoodie when I reflexively wiped it on my side after a rinse while cooking.”

Sharpen your knives the safe way thanks to the Presto EverSharp, 2-Stage System Electric Knife Sharpener, No Size, Black $39.99

Cut down your marinating time with this handy piece of kitchen equipment. Credit: Tomorrow’s Kitchen

Tomorrow's Kitchen 44 fl. oz. Instant Marinater with pump

Marinating meats, poultry, and fish are among the best ways to infuse delectable flavors into the protein. For this process, we usually put it in a bowl and let it sit for a while. This kitchen appliance works when marinating your food. It creates a vacuum inside the device when you seal it off with the marinade and meat inside. The feature helps to open up the meat’s pores, allowing the marinade to soak into it. It comes in two different sizes: medium and large. When you close the lid, you will pump it with the vacuum handle to create the seal.

The best part about this device is that it cuts down your marinating time. Usually, you have to remember the day before to do this process, but this device will have it ready for you in minutes. Tattman says, “Great as a meat tenderizer but great as a flavor infuser. Just put meat in and the flavorings a bit of liquid and vacuum the flavor in. I love this product.”

Purchase the Tomorrow's Kitchen 44 fl. oz. Instant Marinater with pump

Change out your old rolling pin for this amazing new rolling pin with adjustable thickness. Credit: Lomanda

Lomanda Adjustable Rolling Pin

This rolling pin is genius – it allows you to adjust the thickness you want with four adjustable and detachable rings. It comes in 2mm, 3mm, 6mm, and 10mm. They can be interchanged easily and will help you when you are rolling out dough. It can also be easily cleaned thanks to being stainless steel.

If you are tired of having a mixture that is too thick in some places and to think in others, you need to buy this right now. It’s a handy device to have in your kitchen, and you’ll use it so often. Karenp says, “I love this rolling pin. I love that it is stainless steel, cleanup is a breeze, the cookies are all very uniform. I just love it and cannot say enough good about it.”

Buy the Lomanda Rolling Pin and Baking Pastry Mat Set ,Stainless Steel Dough Roller with 4 Adjustable...

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