Best Treehouse Escapes on Airbnb 

Trista - March 15, 2022

According to Statista, the number of Americans using Airbnb rental continues to rise, with over 44.5 million renters in 2021 alone. When you book with Airbnb, you can enjoy unique vacation rentals like beach houses, cabins, and even one-of-a-kind treehouses. Skip a standard hotel room the next time you go on vacation and opt for a unique experience in a treehouse instead. You’ll enjoy distinctive accommodations high above nature paired with stunning views and unique amenities. Check out the best treehouse escapes on Airbnb. Some have upscale services, while others offer off-the-grid living. From Montana to Panama, discover the perfect one for your next vacation.

The Treehouse on Lake Travis in Lakeway, Texas

This family-friendly hotel isn’t just a regular vacation spot – it’s a magical hideaway among the trees. If you thought a treehouse on Lake Travis with a pool, a spa tub, and a grill was just a dream vacation, think again. You can take in the scenery on the wrap-around porch or lounge in front of the warm fireplace at this Texas treehouse rental. Minutes from Lake Travis, the Colorado River, and the Lakeway Country Club, you’ll love sitting in the heart of nature. There are many dining options nearby, so you can even forego cooking if you want to on this vacation.

Stepping inside the rental, you can easily see that it quite luxurious despite being a treehouse. You can enjoy modern amenities like an open floor plane with a kitchen, living room, and dining setting. There is a fireplace as well as fans, so you are always comfortable. Like most Airbnb rentals, The Treehouse on Travis Lake in Lakeway, Texas, is more of a house than a hotel. This property is just one of many enchanting locations with rustic concepts and nature views, but lavish amenities so you can still feel like you’re on vacation.

The Elham Treehouse Retreat in Elham, England

The Elham Treehouse is perfect for a quiet getaway in the UK. Live out your queen-like fantasies on this gorgeous countryside escape. Whether you choose to picnic out in the open fields, mix with the locals at the pubs, or unwind after a lazy day of taking in the sights, you’ll feel like the main character in your own Victorian novel. The treehouse sits 20 feet up between three sturdy oaks. You can even see the trunk of one peek through the cabin! However, travelers beware; there aren’t as many modern features at this place as others. But maybe you like it that way?

There is only shower available is in the main house next door so that you won’t be taking any long, luxurious baths in this cabin. However, you can see stepping inside this treehouse that nature is precious. They didn’t remove any trees to build this getaway. Instead, they let the nature stay put, and created rooms around it. This rental features a tree right in the middle of the room, which many people love. The rave reviews certainly say so anyway! Staying at the Elham Treehouse Retreat in Elham, England means complete rest and relaxation — just what you need. Besides, the owner lives on the property and bakes fresh bread every morning, which may make up for any inconveniences – especially if you love carbs.

The Willow Treehouse in Catskills, New York,

The Willow Treehouse is perfect for a getaway, whether you’re a couple looking to cozy up to each other or a solo adventurer looking to explore the area. It is a tiny, private abode with a swimming pond next to it, and it is a treehouse with a view. The treehouse hangs right over the pond, and the bedroom has beautiful windows overlooking the pond below. There is a hot tub next to the pond as well, and it also comes with a cute dining nook, a living room with a wood fireplace, and a gorgeous patio that sits right under where the house is. It’s a calm, serene, and very open experience, perfect for those who want a treehouse Airbnb that makes them feel truly one with nature in a calming, tranquil location.

Besides the striking outdoor features, you can see the interior is also a work of art. The designer took a lot of thoughtful care into creating these gorgeous treehouses. From excellent use of the small space to creating practical yet modern amenities, the Willow Treehouse in Catskills, New York offers just what you want to get away from the busy city. After all, New York has more to offer than bright lights and Broadway shows as that is just in NYC — one little slice of the vast state.

The Klickitat Treehouse in White Salmon, Washington

This treehouse getaway is near the Columbia River Gorge and is the perfect nature getaway. The Klickitat Treehouse hotel involves 16 different treehouse ventures, all of which bring you to the great outdoors and really into nature. The airbnb treehouses on this property are all scattered throughout white Douglas trees, situated with a beautiful canopy. It lets you take the treehouse experience with you, no matter where you go. These unique treehouses sit about 20 feet above the ground so that you can have a gorgeous, exciting treehouse experience right here. This rental is a cozy and unique getaway that everyone can enjoy.

Besides sitting high above it all, this rental has modern features and luxury touches. You aren’t living much of a rugged lifestyle in this updated rental. However, the design still emulates rustic, so you aren’t exactly in a fancy hotel, either. The Klickitat Treehouse in White Salmon, Washington, is truly the best of both worlds for your next vacation. Not too basic but not overly luxe. Keep reading to find more gorgeous Airbnb treehouse rentals in the United States and around the world.

Treehouse De Valentine in Central Visayas, Philippines

This unique treehouse overlooks a gorgeous river in the Philippines. The Treehouse De Valentine is situated in the middle of a jungle, creating a truly peaceful experience for users. You can bathe in the river, soak in the wooden tub provided, or rest in the hammock provided on the property. This magical space is perfect for those who want a jungle getaway in a treehouse.

This airbnb treehouse has some fantastic features, including a pullout bed and a king-sized, along with a large, ample kitchen. You’ll enjoy the privacy and astonishing views, as your room lets you experience the beauty of the jungle right there. It’s a unique rental with space for up to eight guests. Get your friends or family together for a new, fun adventure at this treehouse rental.

The Meadowlark Treehouse in Columbia Falls, Montana

Now that is the picture of one of the most majestic treehouses in the world. Located in good ole Montana, the Meadowlark Treehouse is a gorgeous treehouse rental with basic conveniences and leaves you right in the middle of nature. This famous airbnb treehouse is in magazines and design shows like Time, HGTV, and more! It sleeps two people comfortably and is the perfect option for a romantic getaway. Guests can enjoy a reliable wifi hotspot, along with games, a TV, and other family-fun activities.

This property also has a charming kitchen and a spiral staircase that takes you up to the loft that houses a comfortable Tempur-Pedic mattress. However, the gorgeous views of the Montana forest make this a one-of-a-kind vacation rental. For those who want a getaway submerged in nature, with only the essential modern conveniences in a gorgeous place, this is the perfect one to choose. And yes, going during the winter is an ideal time of the year. Although most people think of a tropic beach for their vacation, this is your dream come true.

Secret Jungle Treehouse by the Sea in Isla Colon, Bocas del Toro, Panama

Here it is: that island treehouse resort for those who love the sun and sand. The Secret Jungle Treehouse by the Sea is a natural escape from the norm. Right from the start, you have to cross a rope bridge. Although this action might be for the faint of heart, it does offer captivating views that are well worth it. This space is incredibly bright, with several modern accommodations that you can enjoy, including a kitchen, a bathroom, and two king beds. However, like many other treehouse rentals, the beautiful views really make this airbnb far better than a traditional hotel in the city.

The rustic treehouse is totally off the grid, so there isn’t wifi or electricity, making it a unique experience for those who want to be close to nature. Nevertheless, who needs electricity or wifi at the beach? The Secret Jungle Treehouse is just a few minutes from a relaxing spot. This rental is the perfect getaway for those who want a treehouse vacation that takes you off the grid and puts you in the jungle by the beach. If you want tropical treehouse experience you should visit Isla Colon in Bocos del Toro for a stay at the Secret Jungle Treehouse by the Sea.

Wanderlust Treehouse in Crane Hill, Alabama

Situated on 40 acres in complete seclusion is one of the best treehouses in America. You can already see the intricate detail of this modern treehouse. Wanderlust in Crane Hill, Alabama, has scenic nature trails, a two-acre lake, and endless forest views. Whether you want to explore or unwind, you will have endless opportunities within nature to reconnect with your partner, friends, or family. Like many other Airbnb treehouse rentals, you’ll have chance to see deer and other forest animals during your stay.

Whether you want to have your morning coffee watching the sunrise on the sprawling deck, or sleep in until noon, you’ll feel at peace here. Wanderlust Treehouse has a charming design with wooden floating shelve and shiplap in the kitchen. The rental will have everything you need so you can arrive and never want to leave. Although you’ll love the fire pit, private patio with furniture, BBQ grill, bikes, and lake access, the air conditioning inside can be a refreshing welcome,

Raven’s Nest Treehouse in Columbia Falls, Montana

Apparently, the famous location for popular treehouses is in Columbia Falls. Another excellent airbnb rental is the Raven’s Nest Treehouse. The Raven’s Nest is a genuinely luxurious mountain experience as it offers two stories of pure mountain experience. This hotel-like space sits up to four people comfortably. But it comes with two queen beds in one room, two pullout sofas, and a king bed so that you can bring your friends to this mountain getaway. The rental features a smart TV with all the essentials you want for a fun treehouse living experience.

As much as you will love wooden features and the A-frame style of this treehouse, Columbia Falls offers fun outdoor activities, too. The Raven’s Nest is just minutes from various attractions, including Whitefish Mountain Ski Resort and Glacier Park Airport. Are you looking for something private enough to feel alone in the woods, but with the modern amenities and fun attractions? This Montana treehouse rental is ideal because it has trees right in the middle of the room as well as modern lighting and applicances.

TreeLoft at BaseCamp in Perryville, Missouri

Situated on 120 acres of farmland, this offers the perfect experience. The TreeLoft at Basecamp is the ultimate treehouse escape for those looking for a beautiful yet private vacation. This treehouse Airbnb is the perfect mix of rustic experiences with modern amenities, from a fantastic hot tub to its rain shower and fire pit. Aside from having complete privacy, the coolest part is that there’s no wifi out there. However, it is not a completely off-grid experience. Why? Because there are solar panels, you still have the modern convenience of electricity.

Kaci and Waylon Richardet created the idea of a private treehouse from their experiences out west, citing memorable experiences. They hoped to bring this directly to the people who stay at their Airbnb. The charming site is perfect for couples who want a treehouse getaway and enjoy an adventure in the great outdoors. It’s close enough that the conveniences of wine country are available, but also far enough away so you can appreciate a private experience in peace.

Canopy Treehouse in Sanford, Maine

The Canopy Treehouse is small, but that’s what makes it extraordinary. At only 350 square feet, this tiny treehouse delivers gorgeous views in a quaint location. It features everything you need to have the best experience outdoors in a beautiful treehouse location. People love this treehouse airbnb because of its amenities, including a hot tub to soak in after a long day and gorgeous views. And let’s be honest, could you even tell it was that small from the gorgeous pictures? You can’t wait to climb that spiral staircase up to your suite.

Even better, this airbnb rental is an eco-friendly treehouse, and the owners want you to cherish a sustainable experience. Of course, that doesn’t mean going without conveniences, including running water. It has a gorgeous granite bathroom and enough seating to offer a fun experience. This unique experience is a great one to have if you’ve ever wanted to experience a tiny home in the middle of nowhere, as it delivers on that and so much more as well.

Treehouses of Serenity in Asheville, North Carolina

Treehouses of Serenity offers a genuinely peaceful experience while living the treehouse life in a beautiful location. However, you aren’t entirely roughing it at this Airbnb. Guests take an elevator to the top of the airbnb, giving them panoramic views of the mountains. Besides, there are large windows so you can take in the gorgeous sights from the inside, too. Another prominent spot at Treehouses of Serenity comes with a gorgeous fire pit. With so many different choices for treehouses to stay at, including wheelchair-friendly treehouses, this property certainly offers a unique experience for everything.

Looking at this magnificent treehouse shows you how luxurious your rental can be. Just because you are staying in a treehouse doesn’t mean you are living like a squirrel. Treehouse of Serenity in Asheville, North Carolina, offers a truly stunning experience in a multi-level building high above the rest of the world. Even though wood coves the walls, floors, and other features like built-in bars, everything looks stylish and ready for you to sit and relax. The furnishings are comfortable yet elegant for a vacation home away from home.

Peaceful Treehouse View in Aptos, California

The Peaceful Treehouse brings a unique view to the California treehouse experience. It is a few minutes away from Santa Cruz and modern city life. However, staying at this airbnb rental feels like a perfect vacation because of the seclusion and spacious features. The Peaceful Treehouse comfortably fits up to six people, with three bedrooms and one bathroom. With over 1.5 acres of property for you to explore, you’ll love everything about this charming setting. The sturdy bridge is a welcoming site for many before entering the beautiful abode.

In true Cali fashion, you can see this rental is far from rustic or plain. This treehouse Airbnb features ample natural light and high ceilings so that guests can enjoy a comfortable, cozy adventure. Visitors love the spa-like feeling of the bedrooms, with the gorgeous ocean views. Exploring the entire property means endless possibilities for photo opportunities and memorable moments. You can feel right at home with nature, which surrounds you completely at this private treehouse rental.

Osprey Treehouse in Columbia River Gorge, Washington

The Osprey Treehouse is an incredible treehouse Airbnb because of its extraordinary heights. It sits atop a Douglas fir tree about 42 feet in the air. Guests enjoy a bird’s eye view of the location and have panoramic sights to photograph. This off-grid treehouse lets you spend time alone in nature, surrounded by beautiful trees without wifi or other connections. This Airbnb features natural resources, including hand-cut wood. In fact, everything about the design is from nature. Relax in the private bath and sink in the attached bathroom. If you want to be alone in the wilderness, this rental in Washington is beyond remarkable.

When we say this rental sits atop a tree, we mean it. This property really combines the terms tree and house together for an authentic experience high above the woods. The tree literally takes center stage in the living room, which is a favorite feature among guests. The Osprey Treehouse in Columbia River Gorge, Washington, is truly a sight to see!

Secluded Intown Treehouse in Atlanta, Georgia

Here is another Atlanta favorite among vacation lovers, and you can already tell why by the enchanting bridge. The Secluded Intown Treehouse is a truly hidden gem in Atlanta, and it makes the treehouse experience something incredible. Situated in the trees, it features three different rooms, each interconnected by bridges. The most remarkable thing about this treehouse is that it’s in the middle of nature and offers a serene experience while still technically being in the Atlanta city limits.

Besides crossing various bridges to get to the treehouse rooms, there are true Robin Crusoe-like elements in each space. Each room has distinctive elements, like a cozy living room with comfortable furnishings. The bedroom is ideal for two people, with a balcony overlooking the majestic forest. A spacious deck has two hammocks so you can immerse yourself in greenery and enjoy the natural, rustic ambiance. Keep reading to discover more epic treehouse rentals that you didn’t even exsisted.

A Auge Treehouse in Norway

If you plan on visiting Norway anytime soon, consider a unique experience in a treehouse rental instead of the crowded hotels. The A Auge Treehouse is the perfect airbnb rental for those who want something inspirational. Situated near Hardangervidda National Park, this spot sits in the middle of the forest. It is completely off the grid, too, creating a natural stay for those who want a treehouse getaway without the modern conveniences. Besides, you can tell just by looking at the structure that everything is handcrafted and a work of art.

The space features a covered terrace with picture-perfect views of Norway. Of course, you can still soak in plenty of sun from the inside since the majority of the walls have floor-to-ceiling windows. There is an all-gas kitchen with everything you need to cook, while the bedroom features sheepskin linens and duvets for those cold nights. If you want to escape into the wild and experience luxury in nature, then this is the Airbnb vacation for you. Keep reading to find the most popular treehouses around the world. You can stay at them and experience the mystery for yourself.

Pelangi Joglo in Gianyar, Bali

Pelangi Joglo is a wooden house that sits atop the rice fields. And that is just the beginning of this over-the-top (literally!) treehouse. clearing you can already see one huge different about this Airbnb rental that others don’t have: the elevated pool! In the gorgeous country of Indonesia is a city called Gianyar in Bali. The Pelangi Joglo is a one-of-a-kind destination in this country, which is most famous for it’s overwater bungalows. Instead of enjoying the water, hang out in the trees!

It’s a treehouse rental that’s exotic and offers a memorable stay for those who want something different from the norm. The treehouse space is stunning and diverse, allowing you to experience a one-of-a-kind destination. Although the reclaimed wood dates back over a century, you can still enjoy modern amenities. The Airbnb treehouse has a plethora of unique features, like a hot tub overlooking splendid Bali rice fields and melting skies. Located in the countryside, you can enjoy a secluded vacation for those who desire it.

The Carolina Treehouse in Charlotte, North Carolina

The Carolina Treehouse is a anything but simple with stunning lake views. with a wall of windows and an expansive, wrap-around deck, you will love this indoor/outdoor ambiance. With everything being nestled high in the trees, it will maximize your experience that much more! Beyond Instagram-worthy sights, this property has wifi and other conveniences. You might even say it feels like a hotel rather than just a room in the middle of nowhere. That way, you can vacation in a dreamlike area without going to the big city at this rustic treehouse airbnb. From the rustic design to the jaw-dropping views, guests treasure this as one of the best treehouse rentals.

The two-story treehouse has a lovely queen bed in the spacious sleeping space and has a beautiful wooden kitchen. There is a partially private backyard, along with other everyday conveniences. This rental is ideal for those looking for a more rustic adventure in North Carolina. Check out the Carolina Treehouse the next time you want to vacation in Charolette. After all, it is not exactly a rough experience in the woods, but more of a magical experience you won’t find anywhere else!

Atlanta Alpaca Hotel in Atlanta, Georgia

Petting alpacas and hanging out high above the trees? Yes, please! How is this dream vacation possible? The Atlanta Alpaca Hotel has all of your favorites in one place. This airbnb treehouse sits high above the forest floor, with panoramic views of the beautiful bamboo trees. Besides the bamboo forest, you’ll have the best of guests: alpacas and llamas. The owners of Atlanta Alpaca Hotel have these furry friends for you to pet and feed apples if you want. This treehouse has beautiful antiques, luxurious beds guests rave about in reviews, and a marble bath for an elevated treehouse experience — no pun intended.

You might’ve seen this elegant Airbnb treehouse on different shows, including Treehouse Masters and the Netflix hit “Love is Blind.” Recently, the friendly owners gave Billie Elish a tour of the treehouse. If you decide to visit, you are in for a unique and fun venture. That means, when you stay at the Atlanta Alpaca Hotel, you are practically royalty, or part of the family (or something like that). Basically, you will be able to stay in the same rooms as some of your favorites.

The Extraordinary Treehouse in Dallas, Texas

The Extraordinary Treehouse is, well, extraordinary! Why? Because this Airbnb helps those escape from the craziness of the nearby city. This private property overlooks beautiful maples with Bauhaus contemporary vibes. The spectacular architecture features rustic tones blended with the interior design, giving this treehouse adventure a fun, unique feeling. This airbnb is rustic and features wood floors and a gorgeous window overlooking the Japanese maples. Right from the start, you’ll adore the wooden ladder. A small pond and statue welcome you and create a picturesque experience. This airbnb rental is one of the best treehouses for those visiting Dallas.

Even this airbnb is a single property, it looks like a hotel lobby with rustic charm. Instead, it is your own personal space for a tranquil trip. you won’t need another vacation from this vacation. Instead, you can actually get some much-needed rest and relaxation at the Extraordinary Treehouse in Dallas, Texas. Who knew the Lone Star State would have some many great treehouses, and with several in Dallas, nonetheless? Well, they do say everything is better in Texas — or is it bigger? Either way, enjoy planning for your next treehouse vacation.