Brilliant Ways to Immediately Reinvent Bathroom Space

Trista - June 3, 2020

All this time at home may have given you the time you need to take a look at the rooms in your house. Maybe you’ve wanted to redecorate but just haven’t had the time, and now you do. So, where do you start? A room in the house that often gets forgotten in terms of getting a makeover is your bathroom. This space is easy to transform, and when working your DIY magic, you can get a great result from the work you put into it.

Simple changes to your bathroom can make a real difference, so you don’t need a full-on renovation. Shutterstock.

How Much Will It Cost?

You might think that redecorating a bathroom is going to cost you an arm and a leg, but these ideas are great for a small budget, which means you don’t have to break the bank having the “powder room” you’ve always wanted.

You can start with something straightforward. Just clean up the existing tiles in your bathroom. These rooms go through so much wear and tear due to it being a humid and damp space. So take the time to give the tiles and grout some TLC.

Tiles and grouting will naturally discolor overtime to make sure you maintain them. Shutterstock.

The Effort Will Be Worth It

The conditions in a bathroom can discolor your tiles and grouting with mold and mildew. How do you start to get rid of this? It may take you some time, but the effect will undoubtedly be worth it. Get your old toothbrush and some white vinegar.

Dip your toothbrush into the vinegar and scrub the tiles and the grouting. It may require quite a bit of elbow grease, so divide the room into sections and do a bit each day or if you have a partner willing to help, delegate some of the work to them.

Using a grout pen will give your bathroom tiles a fresher look without having to redo them. Shutterstock.

Try Out A Grout Pen

If the vinegar and toothbrush aren’t doing the trick, get a grout pen. That will help to brighten up the dull tile borders in your bathroom. This action alone will give it a much fresher appearance and is the perfect starting block.

Another thing in your bathroom that you may consider refreshing is your towels. Towels get used for years and years, and they also tend to lose their freshness and fluffiness. Towels are an excellent accessory for your bathroom and functional, too.

New towels in a bathroom can be a great way to add some new life to the room with a touch of color. Shutterstock.

Treat Yourself To New Towels

Towels also won’t break the bank, so treat yourself to a new set for your bathroom. Towels don’t have to be hidden away in a bathroom cupboard, and you can instead use them as a piece to display, which you’ll want to with lovely new towels.

If your bathroom is all white, you could use towels as your opportunity to insert a pop of color into the room. White towels are tricky to keep very clean, especially if you want them on display, so perhaps try a rich grey or an emerald green or blue.

Find a creative way to display your towels instead of hiding them away in a linen cupboard. Shutterstock.

Display Your Towels

If you don’t know where to display your towels, add hooks to the back of your bathroom door or fold them neatly on a table or stool you have in your bathroom. If you purchase color towels, make sure to follow the correct washing instructions to preserve the color.

Speaking of stools and ways to display your towels, stools are a great storage option for bathrooms. Many people have cabinets put into their bathrooms, but you might not have this budget available, so use a stool instead.

Find a stool in your home that isn’t being used and place it in your bathroom as extra storage space. Shutterstock.

Use An Old Stool

Find a small stool that you may have lying around your home that isn’t being used and put it in your bathroom. If your bathroom is small, it is excellent to use a stool as it won’t take up too much space but will add something extra to it.

You can use this as a space to store towels, bathroom necessities, or use it as a seat in your bathroom if you need it. This multi-functional item is a wonderful addition to spruce up your bathroom in many ways.

Pick out a statement bath mat instead of redoing the bathroom floor tiles. Shutterstock.

How To Revamp Your Floor

When looking at the floor of your bathroom, you might automatically think that you will need to redo the tiles to make any sort of statement on the flooring. Instead of doing this, pick out a new bath mat from the store to liven up the room.

It is so easy to pick a simple bath mat, but you could use this as the chance to make a design statement in your bathroom. Find one that has a bold color, pattern, or maybe a different shape to the typical rectangle.

Transform your bathroom into a relaxing space with the use of candlelight and not harsh bulb lights. Shutterstock.

Make Your Bathroom Relaxing

A bathroom is often a place where we go to relax. Capitalize on this and transform it into the most relaxing spot where you can go after a hard day. Bathroom lights are often very harsh because we like to see what we are doing in there.

If you don’t want to change the bulbs because you find the lighting necessary for doing makeup or grooming, buy some candles. Candles can add a wonderful decorative feeling to the bathroom even when you aren’t using them.

Use hurricane lanterns to add a luxurious feel to your bathroom floor or try out some LED candles around the edge of the bath. Shutterstock.

Light Up Your Bathroom

You could get a set of hurricane lanterns and position them on your floor, or you could use column candles on your bath edge and light these when you want to relax in the bath. There are also LED candles that are no fuss or hassle to use.

Another cost-effective way to create a calming and tranquil bathroom is to bring nature indoors. You can do this by purchasing just a few indoor plants and finding the perfect spot for them in your bathroom. This greenery could be on the windowsill or a table.

Bringing the outdoors inside really adds to a feeling of relaxation and is an affordable accessory. Shutterstock.

Get Creative With Greenery

You could get a bit more adventurous with your plants by hanging a few from the ceiling or placing them higher up. If you don’t want to use real plants because of maintenance, order some realistic-looking faux flowers or greenery.

If you’re short on space in your bathroom but want to add a bit of flair to the area, try out some baskets. Some incredibly textured baskets serve not only a decorative purpose but also a practical one.

Using storage as a design element will make your bathroom very stylish while also functional. Shutterstock.

Use Baskets As A Design Accent

You could use these baskets to help create storage space in your bathroom while also adding a charming accent. You could store toiletries, laundry, and cleaning products in these baskets. Find one that has a beautiful natural texture to add warmth.

Your laundry basket is another bathroom accessory that you can use to revamp the space. You don’t have to use the ordinary plastic box that serves only a functional purpose, try and find something to add to the aesthetic.

Matching storage units create a streamlined appearance to your bathroom, which is very chic and trendy. Shutterstock.

Coordinate Your Storage

Depending on what style you want to go for in your bathroom, research options available to you and within your bathroom budget. There are beautiful laundry baskets made of natural materials that are trendy.

You could match this to your storage baskets for a very coordinated and on-trend look in your bathroom. You probably realize more and more than just a few finishing touches and changes can reinvent your bathroom without construction.

Make sure all the accents in your bathroom match, including your toothbrush holder and your towels. Shutterstock.

Make Sure It Matches

Speaking of coordinating your bathroom accessories, this is something that will bring your bathroom decor to the next level. Choose matching bathroom accessories like soap dispensers and toothbrush holders to bring the look together.

You could also find storage jars and towels that all are in the same hue or color. Bathroom accessories often look more expensive than they are if you know how to use them cleverly in a bathroom, and a trick to this is matching colors.

A new set of blinds can bring new life into a room if they complement the space they are in. Shutterstock.

Choose A New Set Of Blinds

There is yet another way to reinvent your bathroom straight away without needing to get builders in. It’s as simple as picking a new set of blinds for your bathroom. Curtains get moldy in a bathroom, which makes blinds a better option.

Pick a polyester roller blind for your bathroom windows. This fabric allows the moisture from baths and showers to roll off of it. If your window is right next to the shower, pick a blind that is made from PVC since this is 100% waterproof.

Blinds are an affordable addition to your new bathroom and can be chosen to make a statement. Shutterstock.

Let Your Blinds Do The Talking

When picking your blinds set, make sure to choose curtains that are cohesive with the new look you are going for in your bathroom. Perhaps you could even make your shades the statement by picking a patterned print for them.

Blinds are easily installable by yourself if you have the measurements correct. If you need some additional help, you can always hire someone to come and install the blinds to make sure they are the perfect fit for your stylish new bathroom.

You might not have the budget to have the tiling redone, so pick up some peel and stick tiles instead. Shutterstock.

A Cost-Effective Way Of Tiling

There is a cost-effective way around it if you don’t have the budget or the availability to have new tiles installed in your bathroom. It might not be a lasting solution, but it is an immediately effective one and will give you a look you want for less.

You can buy peel and stick tiles that you can place over your existing tiles in the bathroom. You don’t have to use these all over the room to create a new look; you could add a decorative sink backsplash or above your bath instead.

Create a beautifully designed statement sink backsplash to add a point of interest in your bathroom. Shutterstock.

Adding A Taste Of Luxury

Choose a statement tile that will breathe some new life into the area. If it’s placed in the regions that aren’t getting a lot of wear and tear, like the sink backsplash, this cost-effective tile addition will last you quite a while.

This next addition to your bathroom will add a taste of luxury that you didn’t know you needed, and it will help your bathroom. We’re talking about the fantastic heated towel rail.

A heated towel rail is a bit of affordable luxury in your bathroom that serves a style and functional purpose. Shutterstock.

Your New Bathroom Essential

This item may never have been on your essential bathroom list, but once you have one, you’ll never be able to live without it again. Firstly, these provide lovely warm towels that are waiting for you once you get out of the shower, and this luxury adds to your bathroom’s appeal.

It will also help to try the towels in your bathroom as well as heating the room. The benefit of this is that it will help to eliminate any mold or damp in the bathroom. There’s nothing worse than a musty smell in a bathroom from wet towels.

A heated towel rail might be out of your budget, so get creative with the way you store your towels on a ladder instead. Shutterstock.

Alternative Options To Heated Towel Rails

This type of item might cost you a bit more than any of the other budget bathroom transformation hacks, but it will be a great addition. There are many options when it comes to heated towel rails, and you can pick a stylish finish that will complement your bathroom design.

There is another popular towel storage option that gives your towel a chance to try if you can’t afford this option. Get a stylish ladder and lean it up against a wall and secure it. You can use this to hang towels and bathrobes as well.

Using mirrors in a bathroom is a sure-fire way to create the illusion of space in a small room. Shutterstock.

The Illusion Of Space

This trick is one that you can’t go wrong with, and it really will reinvent your bathroom and make it feel so much bigger than it is. You don’t need to call in the builders to extend your bathroom; you just need to buy a mirror.

Go big or go home with this mirror. A large mirror in a small bathroom will add some space and dimension to the room. If you can, fill up one wall with a mirror or choose a large mirror with a border to make it look extra chic.

Try out a statement light feature in your bathroom to create an element of high-end luxury. Shutterstock.

Installing A Statement Light Feature

While you’re busy making your bathroom the chicest one ever, install a statement light feature. You may have never thought about adding a cool light to your bathroom, but this design trick isn’t just reserved for the dining room.

Go and search for a beautiful pendant lamp that adds a fascinating focal point to the room with its sculptural appeal. It will help to draw the eye upwards and add an exquisite design statement to the place that will elevate it.

Dispense all your bits and bots into glass storage jars to make them into a design feature in the bathroom. Shutterstock.

Create Beautiful Storage Jars

Think about the little things in your bathroom, as well. Do you just have your cotton buds and cotton wool sitting in the plastic containers you bought them in? Buy some glass storage jars and fill these up with them instead.

Make these items work in your bathroom as a feature. By filling up the transparent jars with them, you’ll create the sense of being in a luxury hotel bathroom instead of just being at home. Small design elements like this can contribute to your bathroom reinvention.

Mounting bottle dispensers in your shower will make you feel like you’re stepping into a hotel shower. Shutterstock.

Mount Bottle Dispensers

Just as you’re filling up transparent jars with your essential items, do this for the rest of your details in the bathroom. Clear up the clutter of your sink by picking out some matching dispensers, which will create a streamlined look.

You can also do this inside your shower to create a fancy feel for anyone who steps foot in there. Install wall-mounted bottles and transfer these liquids into cute containers that go with your chosen color scheme in the bathroom.

Updating your shower curtain is an affordable design revamp that can make the room feel a lot newer. Shutterstock.

Update Your Shower Curtain

If you have a shower that has a curtain and you can’t afford to have it redone with glass, pick out a new shower curtain. Shower curtains can make a place look cheap when they get old and moldy, so buy a new one.

It is an inexpensive way of redoing your bathroom. You can choose something monochrome to create a sleek moment in the bathroom or perhaps go for one that has a pattern or even in a bold color to make a statement with it instead.

The simple addition of a bath caddy will add an element of indulgence and relaxation to your bathroom. Shutterstock.

A Touch Of Luxury

A bath caddy is another small detail in your bathroom that can make the space feel indulgent. It will instantly make the area feel more luxurious and inviting when you place it over the bath. What should you fill your bath caddy with?

Pick out some beautiful candles, fill jars with bath salts, and some impressive looking soaps. This idea is a way for you to enjoy your bath time and experience some relaxation to the maximum. It’s also a design accent that won’t break the bank.

Updating old and outdated handles on bathroom furniture is an easy way to bring new life to these pieces. Shutterstock.

Choose Some New Handles

Now, move on to steps that require a little more effort than just buying a new mirror or dispensing your shower gel. You might have a piece of furniture in your bathroom that you love, but you think it needs to be refreshed.

It could be a bathroom cabinet, for instance. Instead of purchasing a new one, you could just get a new set of handles. If you want to keep things sleek, go for a metal design that will last the test of time with its classic, elegant feel.

A fresh coat of paint goes a long way in making a room feel updated and reinvented. Shutterstock.

Freshen Up The Paint

If you are going for a more bold bathroom, buy handles that are in a bright hue, or even have a fun pattern. This idea will give your cabinets a new lease on life while you are sprucing up your bathroom space.

A fresh coat of paint on the walls in your bathroom will go a long way and can truly transform a room. Before you paint, think about what you are trying to achieve with the place. If you want light to reflect around the room, go for softer shades.

Wallpaper is another great option if you want to make a statement in your bathroom. Shutterstock.

If You Don’t Want To Paint

These softer shades will help to create an illusion of space. If you want to go for a bolder color, it will turn the room into a real statement. There is also the option of ditching the paint and going for some wallpaper instead.

Wallpaper is often forgotten about when it comes to the bathroom, but there are so many moisture-resistant wallpapers that you can choose from. Wallpaper is a much cheaper option than replacing all the tiles as well.

Picking a feature wall in your bathroom will allow you some design freedom to experiment. Shutterstock.

Pick A Feature Wall

In your bathroom, you could just pick one wall that will be considered the feature wall and add the wallpaper to it. The other walls could be kept in a more neutral tone so that it keeps the spacious feeling you want to create.

Fake it till you make it in your bathroom and create a luxurious look. You might be dreaming of a bathroom that is just covered in stunning marble, but you know that it comes with a huge price tag that just isn’t in the budget.

Marble might seem out of your price range, but there are dupe tiles that you can use to create this look on a budget. Shutterstock.

Marble On A Budget

The good news is that you can still recreate this marble look on a budget. There are more affordable tiles that also have a marble-effect on them. Choose ones with a white gloss design to bring in the opulence to your bathroom.

Some of these fake marble tiles have a very realistic grain, which means that no one will ever know that it’s not the real deal and will create a beautiful look in your bathroom without having to spend thousands and thousands.

Using dark grouting against cheap white tiles will immediately make them seem chic. Shutterstock.

Making Low Budget Look High End

If you are going to re-tile your bathroom and have to pick up low budget tiles, there is a way to make these look a lot more expensive than they are. Choose a contrasting grout. People generally opt for white to blend in with the tiling.

However, you could transform your bathroom with some dark grey or black grouting instead. Use this in contrast to white tiles to create a trendy bathroom that will have everyone asking who designed it.

If you don’t have a clue when it comes to design, opt for a monochrome look in your bathroom. Shutterstock.

You Can’t Go Wrong With Monochrome

If you aren’t design-inclined but want to make your bathroom look smart and chic, start by removing the colorful clutter that is scattered around your bathroom. Make sure to match your storage items and wall cabinets.

By creating this monochrome look with blacks and whites, you immediately will have a streamlined feel in your bathroom that will be on-trend and a lot more fashionable than your previous mixture of random colors.

Changing your tap fixtures will instantly reinvent your bathroom and make it look modern and chic. Shutterstock.

Change Out Your Sink Fixtures

Just like we suggested you change your furniture handles, you can also change your taps. Everyone goes for the ordinary classic chrome taps, and you could choose a design route that is the opposite of this.

Pick out a tap that is matte black or maybe even a metallic-like copper, which will instantly add a modern touch to your bathroom. You can either replace your existing taps, or you can spray them using metal paint and primer.

Use a black grid mirror behind your basin to bring out the modern elements of the new tap fixtures. Shutterstock.

Finish Off The Look

If you do this, you can finish off the new look by mounting a black grid mirror behind the basin. This updated sink area is an ideal starting point to get you inspired for the rest of your bathroom, and it’s reinvention.

There is also the option of reclaimed fixtures. These are upcycled furniture items that can give your restroom character. You don’t have to go the new route; you could also reinvent the vintage wheel in this area!

Antique shopping may lead you to find a beautiful classic bathroom item that will elevate the elegance in the room. Shutterstock.

Go Antique Shopping

Go antique shopping and find a beautiful sink or even a bath that can help you create the essence of a Victorian bathhouse. You could also go for a more country look by putting a sink into a wooden vanity unit.

Transforming and reinventing your bathroom is a great DIY project and one that can be done on a budget. These simple tricks and ideas are an easy way to update an old room in your house. A bathroom should be enjoyed, and you can make sure you do with these tips.