Celebrity Feuds That Will Go Down in the Hollywood History Books

Trista - June 28, 2022

The lifestyles of the rich and famous seemed to be filled with first-class celebrity styles and the finest luxuries in life. However, they are not always as glamorous as it seems on the silver screen. The spotlight can also bring about some scrutiny from other stars. While long-lasting fame is similar to a popularity game, some celebrities have found themselves in a war of words on their social media accounts with other A-listers. Whatever the reason or misunderstanding, their beef has been entertaining fodder for the gossip blogs and tabloids. Check out this list of the most historical and recent famous feuds that have ever made the headlines.


50. Taylor Swift and Nicki Minaj

Taylor Swift and Nicki Minaj could not seem any different but award season pitted these two ladies against each other. Swift is a country songwriter turned chart-topping pop queen. Minaj is an often provocative rapper known for her sharp lyric and animated delivery. In 2015, when MTV announced its finalists for Video of the Year, Taylor was a nominee for her video “Bad Blood,” but Nicki got the snub. The hip-hop artist had her biggest single to date, “Anaconda,” overlooked, and Minaj directed her disappointment at Taylor. Nicki tweeted that the video was left off to make room for “other girls” and slim bodies. Taylor retaliated, adding that she doesn’t think women should pit other women against each other and even offered to have Nicki join her on stage should she win. Swift ultimately apologized a few days later, and Nicki accepted.


49. Drake and Pusha-T

The rap genre is known for its feuds, but few are as personal as that between Drake and Pusha-T. Drake rose to fame by blending rhythm and blues with his own style of hip-hop. This long-standing verbal fight came to a head in 2019 when Pusha-T revealed that Drake fathered a secret child with a former adult film star and made fun of Drake’s slighter skin color in the video, claiming he wasn’t “black enough.” Drake later discussed his problem with Pusha-T and contended that his adversary used the conflict to build his career. No love is lost here, and they are still at odds.


48. Drake and Kanye West

Drake found himself disputing with another big-name rap artist Kanye West. The pair were friends for years, and Drake even considered Ye one of his mentors. In 2018, just as Drake’s feud with Pusha-T reached a fever pitch, Kanye released a song with some perceived digs at Drake. West denied that he was the one who revealed the secret son to Pusha-T. The Chicago rapper later tweeted that there couldn’t be a Drake “without a Kayne West.” 

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47. Vin Diesel and Dwayne Johnson

A couple of the biggest action stars in the world cannot stand each other, and this feud is not all about ego. Dwayne Johnson joined the “Fast & Furious” movies in 2016. The former wrestler took to social media at the end of filming one day and criticized one of his male co-stars with many of the same figures of speech he’d used in the WWE. It seemed Johnson was referring to Vin Diesel, who tried to downplay the tensions and even described the situation as “two alphas.” Diesel tried to extend an olive branch and invite the Rock back to the “Fast” franchise, but Johnson declined the offer and wished his former co-stars the best on their 10th installment.

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46. Holly Madison and Kendra Wilkinson

The two former Playboy Bunnies have had a rocky relationship since they lived in the Playboy mansion. Both Holly Madison and Kendra Wilkinson would become Hugh Hefner’s girlfriends shortly after they moved into the mansion. In 2005, they starred in the reality series “The Girls Next Door” with fellow girlfriend Bridget Marquardt. The show chronicled life on the estate, and everyone seemed to get along swimmingly. However, it didn’t take long for Holly and Kendra to not get along. Holly said in her memoir that Kendra felt competitive for not being special and called her the “fakest person” she had ever met. Kendra clapped back in some tweets, alluding to some of the more private scenes of being a girlfriend. The feud reignited in 2021 when Holly denounced Kendra’s claims that she never slept with Hefner. 


45. Katy Perry and Miley Cyrus

When pop stars Katy Perry and Miley Cyrus shared a smooch on stage while on tour, the “I Kissed A Girl” didn’t like it. Katy told a Sydney talk show that when she appeared on Miley’s Bangerz tour, Cyrus went all in for a deeper kiss when Perry was expecting a peck. “God knows where that tongue has been!” she remarked. The “We Can’t Stop” singer clapped back on Twitter, stating that if Katy was so worried about tongues, it is a good thing she is no longer with her ex because “we ALL know where THAT tongue [has] been,” referring to Perry’s ex and serial dater John Mayer. Now the singers seem to be on good terms and have put the beef behind them.

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44. Drake Bell and Josh Peck

They played best friends and stepbrothers on the small screen, but the former Nickelodeon stars of “Drake and Josh” are far from the close buds they portrayed on TV. The beef started in 2017 when Josh Peck did not invite Drake Bell to his wedding. Bell tweeted his hurt feelings and called out Peck’s lack of loyalty. While it appeared that the pretend brothers made up for an MTV appearance, Josh reiterated the non-friendship status, adding that in the decade since the show ended, they never really kept in touch. Plus, he was fine with letting that secret remain. 

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43. Tyrese and Dwayne Johnson

Dwayne Johnson has had bad blood with another actor from the “Fast & Furious” movies. Singer-turned-actor Tyrese did not take too kindly to The Rock’s social media post in 2016 calling out his cast mates as unprofessional “candy asses” and reportedly tried to talk to the former People’s Champion about it. A year later, Tyrese posted on Johnson’s timeline, begging him not to go forward with the spinoff movie and claiming The Rock was not returning his messages. Dwayne reprised his “Fast” role in “Hobbs and Shaw,” and Universal Studios pushed back the next “Fast” installment by a whole year, which Tyrese states was entirely Dwayne’s fault and called him selfish. These guys will never be each other’s ride or die and will have to drive in different lanes from now on.


42. Nicki Minaj and Miley Cyrus

Things seemed pretty chill between these two music divas. Miley dressed up as the rapper for Halloween in 2013, and Nicki crowned her the best “Nick Minaj impersonator” she had ever seen. There was some hope that they would record a song together. All that good faith fizzled in 2015 when Miley voiced her opinion about the beef between Minaj and Taylor Swift and called it very “Nicki Minaj” and “not polite.” Nicki held nothing back when she won the award for Best Hip-Hop Video at the Video Music Awards. She called out Cyrus on stage, saying: “Back to this b*tch that had a lot to say about me the other day in the press: Miley, what’s good?” Miley is reportedly still mad, and this fight continues.


41. Gabrielle Union and Simon Cowell

Some people just immediately don’t get along, such as when actress Gabrielle Union joined the reality talent show program America’s Got Talent. Furthermore, reports say she immediately clashed with show creator and fellow judge Simon Cowell. Union allegedly spoke about some of the interactions, which just fueled their tensions. Cowell allegedly said Union was “difficult” to work with. The “Bring It On” actress’s stint on the show lasted one season, and rumors state that she was fired from the series. Gabrielle later sued NBC over workplace toxicity and later settled.

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40. Demi Lovato and Selena Gomez

As both former Disney Channel stars turned famous pop artists, Demi Lovato and Selena Gomez have followed similar career paths. However, the pair recently hit a rocky road in their friendship when Lovato told Harper Bazaar that the actresses outgrew each other. They “weren’t really friends anymore” even though they had known each other since they worked on “Barney” together. Rumors swirled that Demi had created a fake Instagram account to badmouth Selena, and some anonymous sources allege that Gomez was not a good friend. It seems like they are no longer part of one big happy Mouse family.


39. Clinton Kelly and Stacy London

In the early 2000s, there was one reality show duo who would come to the rescue of the downtrodden in need of a makeover. “What Not To Wear” co-hosts Clinton Kelly and Stacy London seemed ready and willing to help the fashionably challenged. The show ran for ten seasons, and it uplifted many along the way. Years after the show ended, it seemed the pair split with not-so-amicable terms. In 2012, Stacy responded with no comment when asked if she visited Clinton. It all went south again in 2017 when Clinton claimed he was surprised to find that Stacy blocked him on Twitter. Maybe it was because of how Clinton portrayed his former co-host in his book. He said he either “adored her or despised her” and that they spent too much time together.

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38. Naya Rivera and Lea Michele

They played frenemies on their hit show, and many believe the animosity was also behind-the-scenes. “Glee” stars Naya Rivera and Lea Michele played two rivals in a high school glee club who both battled with the spotlight and more airtime on the show. Naya hinted that Lea was difficult to work with in her autobiography, saying they both were “strong-willed and competitive,” which often leads to “not a great mixture.” Lea denied any bad blood between her and Naya, saying it was another example of the media pitting women against each other. Unfortunately, Naya died in a drowning accident in 2020.


37. Isaiah Washington and Patrick Dempsey

These two actors were on the hottest prime-time show, but disagreements among the cast members led to a high profiling termination. Isaiah Washington and Patrick Dempsey co-starred in the first few seasons of “Grey’s Anatomy,” and everything seemed fine until a fight reportedly broke out on set. Washington allegedly felt disrespected and went after Dempsey. Eyewitnesses state that Washington used an insensitive slur, which removed him from the show. Dempsey said in a book that the “explosion” between him and Isaiah “healed the show.” 

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36. Tyra Banks and Naomi Campbell

There is a specific list in mind when you think of supermodels. Tyra Banks and Naomi Campbell have been trailblazers on the runway, paving the way for other women of color to be featured in high-profile campaigns and magazine covers. Nevertheless, the beef between these beauties goes back to the first days. Tyra states that Naomi “bullied” her during her first real modeling job in Paris, causing her to cry her eyes out because she “really looked up to her.” Both models would state that they believed the press liked to pit them against each other and fuel their feud in headlines. Both would later bury the hatchet, with Naomi saying that she was proud of Tyra.

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35. Martha Stewart and Gwenyth Paltrow

Martha Stewart built her reputation as the go-to expert in all things for the home. Oscar-winning actress Gwenyth Paltrow stepped into the advice game with her own brand, Goop, in 2013. Stewart was asked at the launch about her opinion of the brand, and her passive-aggressive answer called into question whether Paltrow was being “authentic.” Paltrow would later answer that she was taken back by Stewart’s comments but was “flattered” that Martha found them to be competition. It seems Martha has remained steadfast in her hatred of Goop, making reference to Paltrow’s divorce in a 2014 article and that she doesn’t follow even as of 2021.

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34. Bella Thorne and Whoopi Goldberg

Arguably one of the oddest pairings of celebrity feuds, actress and comedian Whoopi Goldberg was at a war of words on social media with former Disney star Bella Thorne in 2019. After Thorne reportedly leaked her own nudes after a hacker threatened to expose them as a power move, Whoopi criticized the move saying that Bella put herself in that provocative situation. The “Shake It Up” star shot back, calling the behavior of blaming girls for taking the photo in the forest place as “sick and honestly disgusting.”


33. Nicki Minaj and Mariah Carey

Nicki Minaj and Mariah Carey successfully collaborated on their hit song “Up Out My Face.” However, the two artists became locked in a heated fight in 2013 while they were judges on the hit reality talent show “American Idol.” The taping seemed to be going smoothly before Minaj erupted in a profanity-laced tirade against Carey, who supposedly did not like the way Nicki sings. Minaj allegedly said that she would shoot Mariah if she had a gun after walking off stage. Everything seemed to blow over, and everyone reported to a photo shoot the next day to promote the season.

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32. Ciara and Rhianna

Ciara and Rhianna have emerged as incredible voices on the pop and R&B scene, but these two have been in battle in a public feud for the better part of a decade. In 2011, Ciara said in an interview that she ran into Rhianna and found her to “not be the nicest.” The “Umbrella” singer blasted Ciara on Twitter, asking her if she “forgot to tip” her. The pair exchanged further swipes over the next couple of years, with Rhianna posting a watch party of a Ciara video, which the “Goodies” singer didn’t take too kindly. All is good now, as both have since patched it up in 2018.


31. Justin Bieber and Orlando Bloom

The start of the feud between Justin Bieber and Orlando Bloom appears to be a clash of the titans. In 2014, Bloom reportedly had dinner with several other A-list stars in Ibiza when the crooner came to the establishment and allegedly called the actor a “b*tch.” Rumors had spread that Bloom’s ex Miranda Kerr had an affair with the “Sorry” singer. This, along with the comment, led to Orlando punching Bieber in the face. The altercation provoked Bieber to post a “crying” photo of Orlando and a bikini-clad image of his ex on his social media page.

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30. Alison Roman and Chrissy Teigen 

Alison Roman is a famous food columnist who found herself in the news after throwing shade on TV personality Chrissy Teigen. Roman called out Chrissy for “selling out” by capitalizing on a cookbook and other items to specifically market a lifestyle brand. She added that she would be “horrified” to have her business run by a “content farm.” Teigen was reportedly hurt by the comments, adding that she had followed Roman’s recipes, cookbooks, and other advice for years. Roman later issued a lengthy apology, and Chrissy accepted. 

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29. Debbie Reynold and Elizabeth Taylor

Debbie Reynolds and Elizabeth Taylor were both icons of Old Hollywood. They started as friends and would support each other in their respective careers. When Taylor’s husband Mike Todd died in a sudden plane crash, she looked to Debbie’s husband Eddie Fisher for comfort. They started an affair, and Reynolds told the Daily Mail that she could hear Taylor whispering while she was on the phone with Eddie, and that was when she knew they were together. The romance between Taylor and Fisher didn’t last, as Elizabeth took up with Richard Burton while filming “Cleopatra.” Both Debbie and Elizabeth didn’t speak for a long time but eventually rekindled their friendship in 1966 after accidentally booking the same cruise line trip!


28. Dionne Warwick and Aretha Franklin

One of the oldest feuds in music history is between two powerhouse voices. Dionne Warwick and Aretha Franklin both got their starts in the 1960s, seeing various successes along the way. The first spark of a fight happened when Aretha covered Dionne’s song “I Say A Little Prayer For You,” with Warwick’s own aunt as a backup. The song later would become a top-10 smash single. Warwick says the long-standing feud all boils down to Aretha’s diva behavior and need for the spotlight. Aretha has called Dionne a “liar.”

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27. George Clooney and David O. Russell

Few stars pack the power like George Clooney. Nevertheless, the actor is a known prankster, and one of his experiences did not bode well on set. David O. Russell, a visionary filmmaker, had hired Clooney for the “Three Kings.” During a press tour, the actor called Russell “a genius” and later, in the same interview, that working with him was “the worst experience of his life.” He said he had gotten into a fight with the director to defend an extra, and Russell started to attack him. Russell claims Clooney attacked him first. Both have also reiterated their hatred in the press, adding that it’s another fight on sight if the two should ever cross paths again.

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26. Taylor Swift, Scott Borchetta, Scooter Braun, and Big Machine

Many famous feuds are about personal problems and people in the industry. However, this one is about the art itself. When she signed to Big Machine Records, Taylor Swift was a budding singer and songwriter. In 2018, she signed with Universal as a free agent. However, her former record label claimed ownership of her back catalog. Scooter Braun bought Big Machine in 2019 for $300 million, and Taylor voiced her concerns on Tumblr, stating that she begged for an opportunity to own her music. The deal reminded her of Braun’s “bullying” over the years. Braun denied Swift’s claims. The “Look What You Made Me Do” singer has found a way around the deal. Swift, who owns her performance copyright, is in the process of re-recording her old albums.

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25. Elton John and Madonna

They have traded barbs for years, but the epic feud between Sir Elton John and Madonna was fired after the “Material Girl” singer spoke her mind about Lady Gaga. Madonna called Gaga’s song “Born This Way” reductive and pointed out that it was too similar to her song “Express Yourself.” John sounded off on the comment, stating that veteran singers should support younger artists and not kick them at the “start of their career.” Things got even nastier when he called Madonna a “nightmare” and “fairground stripper.” 


24. Taylor Swift and Katy Perry

Taylor Swift and Katy Perry were both up and comers in the industry. They tagged each other in posts, and even joined each other on stage and promised to make music together. All that changed in 2013 when some dancers on Swift’s tour reportedly quit. They joined Perry’s tour. Taylor released the song Bad Blood. She told Rolling Stone that it was about a female musical artist who “tried to sabotage” her tour by hiring her staff. Swift said she thought they were friends but now know they are straight-up enemies. Katy sent a cryptic Tweet soon after. She warned of the “Regina George in sheep’s clothing.” In 2017, Perry released her own diss track. Remember that song Swish Swish? The singers eventually made up. Perry even appeared in Swift’s music video “You Need To Calm Down.”

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23. James Franco and Tyrese

Personalities can clash on set, and there have been multiple rumors of some actors who can not simply get along with each other. This was the case with James Franco and Tyrese, who were cast to play Navy rivals poised to box each other on the “Annapolis” set. It was a physically demanding role for each role. Because Franco was a method actor, he never wanted to let up on his part, which rubbed Tyrese the wrong way. Things got so heated that Tyrese said he never wanted to work with Franco ever again.

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22. Heidi Montag and Lauren Conrad

When MTV looked to capitalize on its successful reality show “Laguna Beach,” Lauren Conrad brought in Heidi Montag, and they were the best of friends when they starred in its spinoff “The Hills.” However, a rift began over Montag’s then-boyfriend Spencer Pratt, and when Heidi revealed that she would be moving in with her beau, Lauren took offense and added that her friend made her choice. Conrad has since become an entrepreneur and designer, and mom, while Montag married Pratt and started a family.

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21. Lady Gaga and Perez Hilton

As celebrity blogger Perez Hilton’s site grew, he became friends with a lot of his subjects, including a then-up-and-coming pop star, Lady Gaga. It didn’t take long for Gaga’s star power to outshine Hilton’s, and their relationship began to deteriorate. Gaga said that when Perez, who is famous for his snarky take-down pieces on stars, interviewed her in 2013, he “asked terrible questions.” Plus, Perez said negative things about her song “Born This Way.” Later that year, she also accused him of stalking. Perez said of the falling out: “Fame can be toxic, depending on what kind of person you are.”

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20. Jimmy Kimmel and Marjorie Taylor Greene

The late-night talk show host Jimmy Kimmel has often criticized Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene for her pro-gun stance and other right-wing policies. Kimmel called out Greene for being tone-deaf. He offered a gun raffle for her political campaign following mass shootings in the US. He also says that she gets rich off of political grandstanding instead of representing the people in her state of Georgia. The host even called her a “super villain.” Greene has fired back at the comedian’s jabs and referred him to the Capitol Police. 

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19. Lucy Liu and Billy Murray

Another example of a clash on set, actors Lucy Liu and Bill Murray sparred on the set of “Charlie’s Angels.” The film’s cast was working on a scene, Murray reportedly started hurling insults, and Liu said she believed they were directed at her. He then said that Liu couldn’t act, and the actress felt she needed to stand up for herself. She then allegedly started throwing punches. They had to be physically torn apart. Liu recently said she met Murray years later, and they were nice to each other.


18. 50 Cent and Wendy Williams

Rapper 50 Cent has had a long-standing feud with TV personality Wendy Williams. They have clashed over social media posts and interviews for the last several years. When Williams had a fainting spell, 50 Cent insinuated on Instagram that it was “fake acting.” Williams then questioned the “In Da Club” rapper’s sexuality in an interview a year later. You know a beef’s bad when one goes out of their way to keep them from a party. However, when 50 Cent reportedly blocked Williams from his pool party, she supposedly found a way in anyway.

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17. Eminem and Nick Cannon

The history of tension between the hip-hop mogul and the comedian has been brewing for a while. The beef stems from their respective relationship with pop queen Mariah Carey. Em has released several diss tracks about Cannon and his short-lived fling with Carey over the years. Cannon spoke up about each song, saying “The Real Slim Shady” rapper was disrespecting his wife. In 2019, Eminem spit a few more bars on a Fat Joe track, calling Nick “neutered” and “whipped.” Cannon took to Twitter and, tongue-in-cheek, congratulated Joe for his new album. Moreover, for the “charity work” that involved him digging up Eminem’s career, referring to his rival as “Grandpa Marshall.”

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16. Kim Cattrall and Sarah Jessica Parker

Sure, they played best friends on the small screen. However, one-half of the famous “Sex and the City” quartet does not get along. A few years after the long-running and successful HBO series came to an end, the four actresses came to reprise their roles for a movie. Kim Cattrall decided to hang up her stilettos and the character Sam for good after the second sequel movie. Sarah Jessica Parker reached out an olive branch a couple of times. She even asked Cattrall to come aboard the rebooted television series in 2021. There was also a spinoff series titled “And Just Like That.” Nevertheless, Kim has confirmed she is done with the show. Why? Because she wants no part of Parker. She also reportedly stated that she was never friends with the other actresses.

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15. 50 Cent and Floyd Mayweather

Hip-hop star 50 Cent and boxing champion Floyd Mayweather used to be inseparable, but the falling out can pinpoint to a social media challenge gone awry. 50 Cent mocked his former friend by stating that if Mayweather could read an entire page of a Harry Potter novel, he would donate $750,000 to charity. Mayweather responded by posting two photos of checks totaling $72 million, flexing that he makes a whole lot more coin. 

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14. Steven Spielberg and Julia Roberts

Two of the biggest names in Hollywood will reportedly never work together again. Steven Spielberg brought Julia Roberts to play Tinker Bell in his live-action Peter Pan film “Hook.” Roberts was just off her star-making turn in “Pretty Woman.” Roberts reportedly was difficult to work with, exhibiting behavior that earned her the nickname “Tinker Hell.” Spielberg commented that he is not likely to ever work with her again. 

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13. Katherine Heigl and Shonda Rhimes

Katherine Heigel was part of the “Grey’s Anatomy” ensemble cast,” which was created by Shonda Rhimes. Heigl had even won an Emmy for her role as Dr. Izzie Stevens, and she infamously took herself out of the running for the next year because she felt she had not gotten the right material. However, tensions were mounting on set, and Heigl started speaking out against the working conditions and late nights on the show. A former studio exec revealed that Rhimes wanted Heigl off the show, and the actress left after a very public dispute.

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12. Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie

“The Simple Life” stars and socialites were perceived as the best of friends for several years. Growing up together, Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie were constantly seen together. Nevertheless, in 2005, Paris addressed the falling out, saying she and Nicole were “no longer friends” and that Richie “knows what she did.” A year later, Nicole stated that they “just grew apart.” Although they seemed to have reconciled for the fifth season of their show, Paris was noticeably absent from Nicole’s wedding. In recent years, these besties have put the past behind them, showing nothing but love in interviews and online posts. 


11. Kylie Jenner and Jordyn Woods

Another example of the best friendship gone sour is the feud between Kylie Jenner and Jordyn Woods. It seems to be over a cheating scandal. Jenner unfollowed her former friend after Jordyn was seen cozying up to NBA player Tristan Thompson, who also used to date and has a daughter with Kylie’s sister Khloe Kardashian. Jordyn reportedly wants to reconcile, but Kylie is not having it, allegedly saying she wants to live as “drama-free” as possible.

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10. Donald Trump and Rosie O’Donnell

Before he was president, Donald Trump developed an arch-nemesis that he would often spar with on social media well into his time in the Oval Office. Back in 2006, “The View” co-host Rosie O’Donnell criticized Trump’s decision not to fire a Miss USA over misconduct. She called him a “snake-oil salesman.” Such would begin a slew of social media insults over the years. Trump often would call Rosie a “loser.” Not much has changed.

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9. Kim Kardashian and Chloe Grace Moretz

Socialite, entrepreneur, and reality TV personality Kim Kardashian began feuding with actress Chloe Grace Moretz. It all started shortly after Kim posted a nude photo of herself online. Sure, the post was supposed to be a joke. However, Moretz took offense to Kardashian’s status as a role model, offering that women have much more to offer than their bodies. Kim accused Chloe of “sl*t shaming.” 

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8. Monica and Brandy

The R&B singers topped the charts for 13 weeks with their song “The Boy Is Mine.” Monica and Brandy have also been embroiled in a war of words outside their song. Nevertheless, it wasn’t a boy they were feuding over – it was all about career. The Grammy-winning song had to have both singers record their respective parts separately. Brandy was reportedly angry that Monica named her LP album, which was scheduled to be released before her own, after their song. The rivalry would go on for more than two decades. The two singers of the best-selling female duet of all time have now patched things up and even performed together in 2020.

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7. Jim Carrey and Tommy Lee Jones

The set for what has been deemed the worst “Batman” film n the franchise was also a battleground for one of the longest feuds in Hollywood. Actors Jim Carrey and Tommy Lee Jones portrayed two of the Dark Knight’s infamous fosse, The Riddler and Two-Face. Carrey claimed Jones was “hard to work with,” and reports stated that Jones had problems with the comedian coming on board the film when he heard the “Batman Forever” casting. The two have not and reportedly will not work together again.


6. Will Smith and Janet Hubert

Here is one of the biggest sitcom feuds of all time. The clashing of the titular royalty and the actress who played one of his guardians was tabloid fodder for nearly three decades. Janet Hubert portrayed Aunt Viv on “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air” for three seasons. But then, she left over “a bad deal” and some personal problems in her abusive marriage. However, felt she had to go, saying, “I lost everything” in the process. With his words regarding the show’s recast of the character, Will Smith, who played the Fresh Prince, admitted he was young at the time. He perceived everything as a “threat.” The two made amends on a reunion special.

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5. Nicollette Sheridan and Marc Cherry 

The drama-filled “Desperate Housewives” had some real-life tea when one of its stars sued the show creator. Nicollette Sheridan portrayed nosy neighbor Edie after she was fired for reporting an incident on the show. Creator Marc Cherry reportedly wrote Nicollette out of the show after she blew the whistle when Cherry struck her in the head. The case was thrown out, and Sheridan appealed the decision.

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4. Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan

Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan have been off-and-on friends for over a decade. They were regulars on the party scene before things started getting sour. The fight reportedly began after Lohan was linked to dating Paris’ ex Starvos Niarchos. After those reports, Paris was caught laughing by the paparazzi when her friend started hurling insults about Lindsay. When asked about the tape, Lindsay claimed she hadn’t seen it but then took a jab at Hilton’s adult tape scandal when she said: “Obviously, she’s comfortable making videos.” Both Hilton and Lohan repaired their friendship in 2021 after Paris saw a social media post that Lindsay was engaged.

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3. Alyssa Milano and Shannen Doherty

There was a lot of tension on the original “Charmed” set. The wickedness began with harsh words and mean-girl behavior between stars Alyssa Milano and Shannen Doherty. Milano denied giving showrunners the ultimatum to fire Shannen, but in 2001, Doherty left the show, stating that she no longer had time for “drama in her life.” The tensions continued until Shannen was diagnosed with breast cancer, and Milano reached out to her former co-star to make amends.


2. Mariah Carey and Jennifer Lopez

Two of the biggest names in music date back to the nineties. Pop stars Mariah Carey and Jennifer Lopez were just coming into their respective careers. Carey alluded to the feud with Lopez in her memoir that her ex-husband Tony Mottola, head of Sony Music, rushed to make a single out of a sample Mariah wanted for a song. Lopez would go on and record the song. Carey would throw further shade at J Lo in 2016. Did you see the famous TMZ video where she doesn’t recall who the fellow singer and actress is? “I don’t know her,” Carey said. Lopez has said on multiple occasions that she sees no feud because “they don’t know each other.”

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1. Taylor Swift and Kanye West

It was a moment that will live on in VMA infamy. In 2019, Taylor Swift, approached the stage to accept her trophy for best female video. Before grabbing her Moon Man, she is interrupted by rapper Kanye West. He proceeds to tell the audience that Beyonce should have won. That moment started a bizarre beef between the two musicians. Everything seemed on the up until West released the song “Famous,” which name drops Taylor and claims that West made that “b*tch” famous in the chorus. Kanye claimed to have had Swift’s permission for the song, but Taylor denies agreeing to that specific lyric.