Plant Mom 101: Clever Ways to Style Plants at Home

Trista - September 20, 2022

Everywhere You Look is Plants, Plants, Plants!

This plant idea is an indoor garden that’s a feast for the eyes. It’s simple: you take a neutral space, and then fill it with plants of all kinds. This design will have you practically frothing at the mouth to make it your own! You can use plants of all kinds. While this one shows off a variety of cacti, there are tons that you can use, putting them all around and proudly displaying them in all sorts of ways from the ceiling to the wall and floor. Having your plants up high can protect them from pets. You’ll see that this designer also opted to use stools, plant stands, shelves, and ledges to make plants stand out. If they were all just pots on the floor, it would not be nearly as visually interesting.