Country Club Workers Tell All & Reveal How the Top Percent Lives

Monica Gray - August 23, 2023

We all know the top percent live a very different life than we normal folk do. Their lives remain a mystery, and they seem to strive with their ability to be elusive and mysterious. But we can get a glimpse into their life by simply working for them, or speaking to people who do. We’ve curated a list of Reddit users who worked at country clubs where the top percent loved to hang out, and who spilled all of the juicy details. These rich people certainly have some strange habits and juicy secrets.


The Picky Eater

Kids are notorious for being picky eaters. Usually, they grow out of the habit of disliking their vegetables or wanting the color of their food to look a certain way. But that doesn’t mean they always grow out of it. This country club worker admitted he met an adult picky eater, who would order the same breakfast every day. If the color was slightly off, he would send it back. That means those over-easy eggs weren’t that easy to make! One time, he sent the order back eight times. Not only is that a waste of food, but it’s a waste of everyone’s time. We’d gladly eat those slightly discolored eggs (Reddit).


Watch “This” For Me

Parents have to look after their kids. That’s part of the unwritten contract of being a parent. Unless you’re part of the top percent. This woman placed her three-year-old child on the counter and asked this Reddit user to watch “it.” For some reason, she figured using the correct pronoun was not needed. They had to play bartender and babysitter, with no additional pay. Someone should report that woman (Reddit).


Had To Let A Maid Go Because AC Bill Was Too High… In BOTH Their Fancy Homes

We understand wanting to keep your home cool during those hot summer months. That’s the point of having an air conditioner. But when you have to start cutting costs around your home because the air conditioning bill is too high, then there’s a problem. This Reddit user reported that this family had to fire their maid so they could keep the air conditioning. She said, “We’ve even had to start turning the air up to 70 at the lake house when we’re not there to save money.” Some hardworking woman lost her job thanks to an air conditioner. She’s better off working for someone else (Reddit).


Too Comfortable In The Pool

When we hear something absurd, we might not believe it at first. After all, it’s not every day you hear outlandish things that don’t make any sense. When this Reddit user heard a strange complaint from an old woman, they froze in their tracks. They couldn’t believe their ears and thought they misunderstood the woman. It turns out the old lady’s complaint wasn’t a lie. Someone was doing something extremely inappropriate underwater so no one could see. Couldn’t this guy wait until he was at home? Or at least until he got to the locker room bathroom? There are so many other places to commit this dirty deed other than the public pool. They had to call the cops and get the guy arrested. This makes us reconsider ever swimming in the pool again (Reddit).


Sneaky Cheaters

If someone cheats on their partner, that’s a huge red flag that something isn’t right in the relationship. You’d think a couple would get help or get a divorce if one of them was cheating. It sounds like the country club attracts cheaters. This Reddit user, who’s a caddy at the country club, told us how often people not only cheated on their wives, but bragged about it as if it were a game. They were morally bankrupt, to say the least. Let’s hope their marriages failed and their wives met someone deserving of their attention (Reddit).


Rejecting OJ Simpson

It’s not every day a celebrity hits on you. And if they did, most of us would probably melt and hope the flirting went somewhere. This Reddit user admitted their mom used to get hit on by OJ Simpson at their country club. But because their mom refused his advances, he refused to tip her. He just sounds like a sore loser who has nothing better to do with his time. Refusing OJ Simpson is a better story than accepting his flirtatious nature and seeing where the relationship went, which was probably nowhere (Reddit).


Instead Of Getting Fired, Get A Restraining Order

It turns out that country club workers aren’t always the most honest. Not only did this Reddit user’s coworkers steal, but they were also using drugs. But it sounds like they were great at abusing the system since they couldn’t get fired. If only the top percent knew what was going on behind closed doors. At the very least, they got restraining orders, though that probably won’t teach them their lesson for very long (Reddit).


The Son Of A Rich Person

Rich people have a bad reputation. They’re usually rude and cold, and never give us normal people the time of day. Their children are usually even worse, considering they watch their parent’s behavior day in and day out. They follow in their parent’s footsteps and wear expensive jeans, sunglasses, and designer handbags. This Reddit user told us how they had to deal with bratty kids day in and day out while they worked at the country club. There are way better jobs out there that don’t involve interactions with annoying kids (Reddit).


An Honest Mistake

Country club workers usually have to wear their hair tied back, black button down shirts, and dress pants. So it comes as no surprise that people might mistake a woman for being a man, especially if she’s wearing more masculine clothes. Though, while a regular person might make more effort with their server, the top percent might not look at the person long enough to care, and make an assumption. Either way, we feel sorry for them (Whisper).

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Drop A Log

Teens love making jokes, whether at their own expense or the expense of others. Being a teenager isn’t easy, especially with all those hormones flying around. This Reddit user confessed they have to shut down the pool about four times a year because someone poops in it. One of those times involved a group of teens, who thought it would be funny to poop in the pool. We’re not sure what sort of thirteen-year-old would do that, but let’s hope no one made fun of him after the fact (Reddit)


This Guy Got $1,000 In Tips In A Single Night

One Reddit user seemed to have scored the jackpot. They worked as a part-time bartender for two years nearly two decades ago. Every single day, they racked in nearly two-hundred dollars, and even more on holidays. They made the big bucks when they bartended a wedding, making over $1,000 in cash. It only takes a little bit of effort to make it big with the top percent, and as this Reddit user admits, if you treat them right, they’ll take care of you. Most of us have been doing it wrong our whole life (Reddit)


Worker Urinating Right At Door

Sometimes, we can’t hold out pee any longer. We sprint to the bathroom in the hopes of making it before we pee ourselves. If you’re a part of the top percent, bathrooms don’t apply to you, and you can pee anywhere you’d like. This Reddit user shared their experience about a worker at their country club peeing next to the entrance where other staff members walk. We’re not sure if he was trying to make a joke or offend people, but it worked. Needless to say, he was immediately fired (Reddit).


Pretend It Never Happened

People make mistakes. We drop and spill things daily. When this country club worker accidentally spilled wine on a member’s coat, they didn’t take the blame. Instead, they pretended like it never happened and walked away. Rest assured, that person can probably afford to buy a new coat, especially if they can afford to pay a hefty annual membership fee at the club (Whisper).


The Stench Was Too Much

Have people ever heard of a toilet? This Reddit user admits to their bad behavior when they were seven years old. They went against the rules of the country club and decided to pee on the sauna rocks. They probably found it funny, since the stench was immediate and everyone had to evacuate the fitness center. We’re wondering if they were ever caught, and how the staff dealt with the cleanup, especially surrounded by a horrible stench. It seems like working for a country club is more trouble than it’s worth, especially if kids are peeing on the hot sauna rocks (Reddit).


It’s Still A Mystery

Some things in life will forever remain a mystery. One story, in particular, takes place at this country club, where someone inappropriately went to the bathroom in a cup on Par 3. The mystery cup user made it a ritual, where every single year, it happens on the same day. We’re not sure why July 1st is so special, but no one has been able to identify the person. Surprisingly, they haven’t set someone up to watch the hole on that day to catch the mystery man (Reddit).

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The Rich Have Sneaky Tactics To Get Out Of Paying

When we order something we don’t like, we usually deal with it. Unless you’re part of the top percent who think they’re above everyone else and try and get out of it. It’s on you if you order a dish and end up disliking the taste. But according to this Reddit user, people at country clubs often tried to claim it “wasn’t what they ordered” and try not to pay for services. Other people would go a step further and try to steal things that weren’t theirs. People who paid for those items are the ones that suffer, and most people wouldn’t survive working there very long (Reddit).


The Summer Of Affairs

It comes as no surprise that people fall in love with each other at country clubs. But at this country club in particular, where tons of company CEO’s liked to hang out, there seemed to be relationships between most people. One story, in particular, involves a very old man and a young, pregnant girl. One Reddit user told us how the pregnant girl walked up to the table with the old man and his wife and said, “I think we need to talk about child support.” Without saying a word, she left and quit. That’s the best sort of revenge. We’re sure that woman was waiting for a while before she had a chance to drop the mic and have the last word. At least she got some money out of it (Reddit).


The Hefty Joining Fee

Some people make $50,000 per year, while others make millions of dollars per year. Those who can afford to join a country club are at the higher end of the range. This country club employee admitted the joining fee was $50,000 per year. That’s more than they make in an entire year of working. We can’t imagine how much the members must make if they can afford to spend tens of thousands of dollars on an annual member fee (Whisper).


A Bologna Sandwich Or Abalone Sandwich?

Waitresses are humans too. They make mistakes. This is why, when this young girl named Fritz, made an honest mistake. She confused one sandwich for another. These two sandwiches sound the same, so it comes as no surprise that she mixed them up. But these top percent of people think otherwise, which is why they felt angry at her for mixing up sandwiches as if they were wasting her time. They seriously need a reality check (Reddit).


Not What She Thought

It’s normal to ask your server how salty something is. Servers are usually happy to answer any questions about the food. That’s their job, after all. But when this elitist asked how salty the soup was, and their server brought them a sample to try, they complained. This Reddit user confessed, “so I bring her a sample with some broth and one mushroom, and when I set it down, she immediately asked for my manager and complained about how I put a mushroom in the broth.” They asked for the mushroom soup, why would they feel angry if there was a mushroom inside the broth? What did she expect? We’re starting to believe these people need a reality check (Reddit).


The Special Secret To Surviving Country Clubs

There seems to be one way, and one way only, that will make anyone survive working at the country club. That’s to work for people you develop relationships with. This Reddit user has worked in the same dining room for over 12 years, with the same people. They’ve managed to develop great relationships where their members request them, and they take care of each other, like a symbiotic relationship (Reddit).


Old Money Members

When people come from old money, they seem to treat people better. One Reddit user confessed how “old money members tend to be a lot nicer than new money members, and are much better tippers. They have less to prove.” It might be because they have experience with handling money, or understand how it works better than new money members. Either way, this is something to keep in mind if you’re considering getting a job at a country club. Go for the ones that seem like old-money members, since you’ll probably get a better tip (Reddit).


Too Much Work, Too Little Pay

Sometimes, caddies seem to have the worst job in the world. Not only do they have to work for spoiled rich men, but they have to follow them around, carrying their heavy things. This caddy had to carry around two heavy bags weighing over 100 pounds. To top it all off, they don’t make nearly enough money for how much work they’re doing (Reddit).


Wrong Temperature

We understand feeling frustrated if you get hot coffee served in a cold cup. It’ll make the coffee cold. But these top percents get angry for the most ridiculous things, and that’s getting a room-temperature cup included. The server should have warmed the cup with hot water first, before serving it to her. Other people use the “I’m a member, don’t you know who I am” tactic to get what they want. And others would plant their purses on purpose and accuse servers of stealing their things. This Reddit user seems to have the worst experiences at the country club out of anyone on this list (Reddit).


Living Above Their Means

If you’re behind on your bank payments, the bank will let you know. But if you’re thousands of dollars behind on your country club payments, that’s an entirely different story. This Reddit user happened to see someone’s overdue payments, which was $10,000. Unfortunately, they’re not the only ones trying to impress the rest of them, and it seems like almost half the people at country clubs are only there to impress, even if it doesn’t fit their budget. Unfortunately, these people put so much weight on their outward appearances (Reddit).


Going For A Ride

Classic cars are hard to come by, which is why people usually stop when they see one on the road to take a picture. It’s not surprising to hear that the top percent own some of these cars. When this old man, who worked at the country club, saw a classic card, he jumped into it and backed it up. The owner heard it and ran over, obviously angry. For some reason, the country club didn’t fire the old man, though they likely gave him a stern warning (Reddit).

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Without The Tip

America has a tipping culture. If you don’t tip your server or bartender, you’re considered incredibly rude. It’s how servers make a living since their paycheck usually only covers tax. If you’re part of the top percent and are a member of a country club, you have enough money to afford to tip your server. But according to this Reddit user, a majority of guests don’t tip. They’re led to believe it’s included in their membership dues, which is false. Only the generous ones seem to tip (Reddit).


Karma Doesn’t Exist

As this country club caddy found out, karma does not exist. They watched a golfer openly cheat during a match when they were looking for a “lost ball.” Not only did he cheat, but he ended up winning the match, thanks to his lies and deceit. Let’s hope he didn’t win another match, or someone caught him in the end. It’s probably not the first, or last time, that’s happened (Reddit).



It might sound surprising, especially because it’s the twenty-first century, but there’s still inequality in country clubs. This Reddit user had the unfortunate experience to work for an unequal country club. People marry into each other’s families. It’s incredibly exclusive since you have to already know three members of elite status before you’re considered to enter the country club. None of that sounds fair, or like a place anyone would want to be (Reddit).

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He Pooped His Pants

Working during peak hours at a restaurant is hard enough, especially when you have to serve several tables at once. As we’ve learned, working at a country club isn’t easy. As this Reddit user shared, not only did they have a special event where every club member sits down at the same time, but someone pooped his pants. He refused to clean himself up and they had to throw the chair away. It sounds more like a summer camp than anything else (Reddit).


Famous People In Disguise

You never know who you’re talking to, which is why it’s so important to be kind to strangers. When this country club worker spoke to a member at the gym, he thought it was a casual, normal conversation. After further investigation, it turned out that the guy he was talking to was incredibly wealthy. This is a great reminder that not all wealthy people are rude, and most of them are the same as your normal person (Reddit).


Not On The Menu

Elite members usually expect people to drop everything and serve them. That’s exactly what happened to this worker, who met a rude man. Even though grilled cheese wasn’t on the menu, he got angry that the kitchen wouldn’t make it for him. You would never go to a restaurant and demand a dish that wasn’t on the menu, so why should he think any differently? If he wants grilled cheese, he should join a country club that serves grilled cheese (Reddit).


Sharing Too Much

Talking about your affairs is normal at the country club. It sounds like members of these clubs around the world all openly discuss their infidelity, with too much pride. This worker had to deal with constantly hearing about extramarital affairs. They could seriously ruin some marriages if they wanted to, they have enough evidence (Reddit).