Creative Ways To Transform Your Walk In Closet

Monica Gray - October 9, 2023

Who doesn’t dream of a walk-in closet? Picture this: you swing open the closet door, and voilà! You step into a treasure trove of fashion, a haven for your prized shoes and garments. It’s not just storage; it’s an invitation to indulge in your style fantasies. No more turning down that fabulous find because of cramped closet quarters! Walk-in closets, the unsung heroes of organization, are about to become your canvas for creativity, functionality, and sheer beauty. No need for a bottomless bank account or a mansion-sized closet; all it takes is a dash of imagination! Let’s turn that closet into a design masterpiece.

Neville Johnson

Organize the clothes in your walk-in closet by color. Hang your shoes on the wall, and use your jewelry as art. These are a few of the ways you can vamp up that space and make it your own. Besides, this is a personalized zone that’s made just for you. By boosting the interior design, it’ll vamp up your clothing style, so you’re feeling and looking your best. Whether you’re planning on hiring a professional to design your walk-in closet or planning to DIY is up to you. According to stylist Stephanie Gisondi-Little, she says you need to remember you’re ” designing it for the wardrobe and lifestyle you have, not a cookie-cutter version of a closet you think you should have.” As long as you feel good in your space, that’s all that matters.


Paint The Extra Wall

We’re not talking about a wall in the middle of your walk-in closet, we’re talking about the ceiling. If you paint your walk-in closet in a warm, soothing, monochromatic color, it will make it feel larger than it is. This is the perfect space to try out that bold new shade you’ve always wanted to try. Chances are, you’re the only one who will hang around in your walk-in closet, so you have plenty of liberties when it comes to choosing a color. Watercolors, reminiscent of the sea, are relaxing to look at. Bold or vibrant colors provide a pop of color that will make your ceiling look higher than it is (BHG).

Bienal Closets

Install Mirrored Cabinets

Ever stood in front of your closet, yearning for a full-length mirror but faced with the harsh reality of limited wall space? We’ve all been there! But behold, the mirrored cabinet, your style savior. It’s not just a mirror; it’s a closet magician. Not only will it help you perfect your look before stepping out, but it’ll also trick your closet into feeling grander with its dazzling reflections. It’s like having a touch of Hollywood glam right in your wardrobe. These gems are a breeze to install, making it a fab DIY project. Mirrors on the side, door, and back wall – your closet’s transformation begins.(Bienal Closets).

House on Long Wood Lane

Add A Rug

Usually, people reserve rugs for high-traffic areas, but introducing one to your walk-in closet is a game-changer. It infuses a sense of opulence and functionality, instantly elevating your closet’s personality. Imagine stepping onto plushness every morning as you plan your outfit—it’s the little touches that make a world of difference. And as we’re talking about dressing up your closet, why stop at just the rug? Complement the look with coordinating woven baskets, elegant brass knobs, and a charming wooden stool. Your closet will be a symphony of style and organization. (House on Long Wood Lane).

Real Simple

Use Velvet Hangers

Take your walk-in closet to the next level of chic with the addition of velvet hangers. It’s the tiny touches that pack the biggest punch, and velvet hangers are your secret weapon. As the renowned interior designer Farah Mehri wisely puts it, “Believe it or not, they will make a huge difference in the way your closet functions while also taking your closet from drab to fab.” These hangers are proof that even the smallest details can have a grand impact. After all, there’s nothing wrong with a little bit of velvet to indulge your closet’s inner diva! (Real Simple).

Architectural Designs

Open Shelving

By installing open shelving in your home, you’ll have easy access to items you frequently use. This makes it convenient to grab that pair of shoes or jewelry that’s usually hard to find and tucked away inside a drawer. It also makes your space look like it has more room, and is visually appealing to look at. There’s nothing better than being able to easily see and grab a jacket without having to sort through a cluttered closet (Architectural Designs).


Create A Floating Vanity

If you have a traditional vanity in your room, think about replacing it with a floating one to give your space a more modern, creative look. Because these vanities are mounted to the wall, they give the appearance they’re floating. This gives you more space beneath the vanity. To give it more personality, decorate it with glass jars and add your jewelry and makeup inside. Add a plush chair to make it a seating area to do your hair and makeup. If you don’t want a floating vanity, then a regular vanity will do! Include a lighted mirror to make it easier to put in makeup And with an extra drawer, you’ll have more storage space for tiny trinkets and pieces of jewelry (House Beautiful).

Decor Pad

Floral Wallpaper On An Accent Wall

Make a statement in your walk-in closet with bold, floral, artistic wallpaper. Use it on one wall to make it an accent wall that’s completely different from the rest of your home. This accent wall will make your space seem bigger than it is because our eyes are naturally drawn to colorful, bold things. This maximizes the illusion of space and adds a bit of personality to your walk-in closet (Ideal Home).


Turn It Into A Meditation Chamber

You could take it up a notch and make your walk-in closet a meditation room. Cover the walls in affirmations, keep a steady stock of palo santo and incense, and incorporate plush cushions and bean bags to give it a cozy, safe vibe. You could even add a yoga mat to help inspire you to slow down and quiet your mind. Give it a bit of life with hanging plants and succulents, and decorate your space with fairy lights for nighttime coziness (Pinterest).

The Spruce

Add A Chandelier Or Unique Lighting

By installing a fancy chandelier or unique lighting fixtures, like fairy lights or dimming lamps, you’ll add an elegant touch to your walk-in closet. Imagine opening your walk-in closet door and seeing a glistening chandelier hanging from the ceiling. Surely you’ll want to spend as much time as possible in there trying on all of your clothes! By using the chandelier as your main source of light, it will create a natural focal point by adding drama. You can also opt to add semi-flush lights and pendants (Lamps Expo).


Install Illuminated Shelves

By installing illuminated shelves in addition to a light source, you’re giving your walk-in closet a sophisticated, cozy ambiance. This provides a natural glow that illuminates your clothes and makes it easier to see them. Besides, there’s nothing better than walking into a glowing closet and seeing your favorite items underneath a warm light (Angi).

Art Jewelry Forum

Display Your Jewelry As Art

As we’ve mentioned before, you can use your jewelry as an art piece. Simply display your jewelry in glass jars around your walk-in closet, or hang them on the tops of cabinet spaces to act as a focal point. This is a great idea if your jewelry is usually a tangled mess that hangs around your room, causing a mess. Now, you’ll get to wear those gorgeous pieces instead of leaving them to collect dust on the bottom of your drawers (Pinterest).


Incorporate Baskets And Labels Into Your Closet

To keep your haven from turning into chaos, consider introducing a touch of organization magic to your closet. The secret weapon? Baskets and labels. Labeling those baskets isn’t just about knowing where things are; it’s about giving your closet a dash of character and flair. Think of it as adding a personal signature to your walk-in closet, making it uniquely yours. Woven baskets are both functional and visually pleasing, perfect for stashing away blankets, socks, and those little treasures you hold dear. So, let’s get labeling and weaving some charm into that closet space. (BHG).


Install One Oversized Mirror

If you want one accent piece in your walk-in closet, choose an oversized mirror. Not only will this be a focal point in your home, but it’ll give you enough space to check out your outfit before you walk out of your closet. If you have a window in your walk-in closet, this mirror will reflect the light and make your space seem even bigger. Now you can have a full viewing of your head-to-toe before you head out into the streets (Angi).


Display Shoe Wall

There’s a reason you probably buy so many shoes, and it’s to show them off! You can install custom shoe shelves or racks into your walk-in closet to help with organization. This will also double as an art piece and make it easier for you to select the perfect shoe to pair with your outfit. This is a fun DIY project that you can complete in the afternoon. Simply install the shelves on a wall in your closet and stack your shoes! You could even choose to hang them on a wall if you’d rather not install a shelf (Designing Idea).

NBC News

Personalize Your Space

Vamp up your interior space by adding personal accessories, decorations, and art on the walls of your walk-in closet. You can go vintage by framing covers of Vogue magazines, or hang old family film photos in picture frames on the walls. If you’re a traveler, you can display your travel souvenirs around your walk-in closet to make it a trip down memory lane. This will add a bit of personality to your walk-in closet and make it feel like a special space that’s yours (BHG).

My Domaine

Revamp Your Hallway

No walk-in closet in your home? No worries, because who needs a dedicated space when you can transform that tiny hallway between your master bedroom and ensuite bathroom into your very own walk-in wonderland? It’s all about making the most of what you’ve got. Install some shelves and racks to house your beloved garments and shoe collection. Illuminate the space with a touch of lighting, and sprinkle in some decorative pieces for that personal touch. Voilà! With a little DIY magic, you’ve just conjured up a closet that’s as stylish as it is practical. Small space? Big style! (My Domaine).

From Scratch Farmstead

Install A Ladder For High Shelves

Get a bit creative in your space with a decorative ladder. You can add this to access those hard-to-reach shelves and add a bit of a rustic, farmhouse look to your walk-in closet. You can install a DIY ladder with the proper tools and equipment, and make it your very own space. This is especially handy if you have tall shelves that are difficult to reach. It allows you to have extra storage space without having to worry about never being able to reach your items (From Scratch Farmstead).

The Home Depot

Install Floating Shelves

It’s easy to install floating shelves into your walk-in closet to give it extra storage space. You can place decorative items and handbags on the floating shelves to give your walk-in closet more of a personality. This is another DIY project that’ll give you a lot of leeway on how you want to decorate and transform your space. Add a few plants to your shelves and you’ll have a beautiful room (Sima Spaces).


Install Curtains Or Drapes

Give your walk-in closet drapes or curtains a touch of drama. If you have shelves you want to conceal but are unsure how to do it, use curtains for an easy fix that’ll make your space feel homely. All you need is a curtain rod, screws, and a curtain, and you’re all set (Homedit).

Organized Mama

Use Color Coordinated Organization

Honestly, there’s nothing better than walking into a spacious walk-in closet to see colored-coded clothes. This adds a unique appeal to your wardrobe and a certain aesthetic that’ll give you more liberties with your clothes. By organizing your room in similar shades, you’ll give your space a harmonious feeling. You’ll be able to walk into your home and decide which color you want to wear that evening, without having to think about it. Designer Meredith Goforth said, “When it comes to your clothes, you’re going for a coordinated look. Organizing your clothes by color is an easy way to visually line things up and know where something should be. For example, separate your long dresses from short ones, then organize each type by color.” This is an easy way to know exactly where your clothes are.

Or, you could take it a step further and organize it based on season. Designer Juliettes Thomas says, “I would recommend organizing your walk-in closet by season, so splitting it in two – one side for spring/summer and one side for fall/winter. I’d then group similar items such as dresses, sweaters, coats, etc and color coordinate them so they are easy to find. This way, you can find exactly what you need, fast.” Whichever you choose, you’ll have a unique space that’s your own (Martha Stewart).

The Spruce

Install A Closet Island

You probably have an island in your kitchen, but what about in your walk-in closet? By adding a stylish closet island, you’ll give yourself extra storage and a more luxurious, stylish feel. This is a unique addition to a walk-in closet that many people don’t typically have. You could even install a bench next to the island to provide more comfortable seating. To go a step quirkier, make your island an oval shape. They don’t need to be rectangular, any odd shape will do (The Spruce).

The Geek Pub

Install A Hidden Safe Or Storage

If you want to go full-on detective mode, incorporate hidden compartments or safes for valuables inside your walk-in closet. That way, if there’s ever a break-in, the robber won’t find your most prized possessions. It’s unlikely they’ll go straight for your walk-in closet anyway (Safe Options).

Maker Stations

Turn It Into A Mini Cloffice

If you work from home, your walk-in closet is your best chance at adding another office space to your home. You’ll have ample privacy and concentration you wouldn’t have anywhere else in your house. Your closet is your sanctuary, and since it’s small and closed off, it’s likely immune to noise. They’re lovingly called cloffices and are great for having extra work space or for those days you need to concentrate. You’ll need proper lighting, a desk, extra hooks for organization, and even a whiteboard (Makerstation).


Repurpose Old Furniture

One of the best ways to save money and revamp your walk-in closet is to repurpose old furniture. Head into your attic grab old tables and ottomans collecting dust, and restyle them for your walk-in closet. If you have vintage pieces, this is even better and will add a bit of personality to your walk-in closet. For example, if you have an old suitcase lying around, you can use it as decoration and storage in your walk-in closet by propping it open and filling it with shoes (Angi).

Good Housekeeping

Make It Visually Appealing

One way to make your closet visually appealing, in addition to full-on sophistication and sexy, then go neutral. This will give your walk-in closet that extra pizazz it’s missing. Instead of having it cluttered and full of mismatched items, give it a makeover and put all your neutral items out on display. Store everything neatly on your shelves, and use your drawers for extra storage space.

Stylist Stephanie Gisondi-Little says, “I encourage consideration of what your favorite things are to see when you walk into your closet. What are the categories that light you up with excitement to see the prime real estate of your closet? Highlight them and make them the crown jewels. Is it your handbag collection? Are you motivated by your collection of tracksuits to conquer your fitness goals first thing in the morning? Would doors (see-through or opaque) make for a more calming visual experience for you? Whatever your priorities are, build with them in mind so that you derive the most meaningful function from the organization your new closet gives as well as pleasure from the visual layout.” You’re the boss of your closet, so get started and organize it however you please (Good Housekeeping).