Make a list of things you will need for your camping weekend and see if you can order some missing stuff online. Shutterstock.

What Are You Going To Make Your Tent From?

Before you head off to your campsite, you’ll want to make sure part of it is set up, and you might need to order some of these items online if you don’t already have them at home. All of these items are very affordable, and you won’t just use them for this indoor camping weekend, you can use them for several activities so that it won’t be a waste of money. 

Some important things to consider when setting up your DIY camping site is where you’ll sleep, what you will eat and what activities you want to partake in or organize. A tent is vital to camping indoors, and you don’t have to use an actual tent. If you have one, that’s great, but if you don’t – there are so many great DIY options that will be much fun to set up. Why not try out a sheet fort instead?