Spring Break Staycation Ideas for Kids

By Trista
Spring Break Staycation Ideas for Kids

The current crisis leaves people all over the world at home with their families. While this is a great time to get more “family time” instead of your usual busy days, it seems that most kids are becoming bored with what is around the home. If it’s not electronic, they don’t want much to do with it. Of course, as parents, you know that sitting in front of electronics all day long is not ideal. 

Unfortunately, like so many other parents around the world, you’re running out of ideas to keep your children busy. On top of this, you’re also finding yourself getting bored, which doesn’t help the situation. You’re wondering what to do? Let this article be your guide on helping you develop 35 ideas for a staycation with your kids. 

Gather your family around and teach your children how to play board games. Shutterstock.

Bring Out The Old Board Games

You might need to explain to your children that they’re board games and not boring games, but you’ll find that your kids enjoy them more than they think. It doesn’t matter if they’re back in your closet and filled with dust, bring out the game of Monopoly, Yahtzee, Uno, Life, or whatever you have and watch them become more interested in the board games instead of their electronics. 

It’s true, you might need to persuade your teens a little more than younger children, but they will all have more fun than you imagined. You might even create a nightly board game night after the current crisis is over!