DIY Country Furniture for a Rustic Dream Home

Trista - June 22, 2020

Farmhouses are one of the most amazing inspirations for our homes these days. There is nothing quite as beautiful as walking into a country styled home that brings in stunning accents of both country and modern decor.

You might be looking through the pages of a fancy decor magazine and thinking to yourself that there is no way you can afford to transform your home into something so beautiful and relaxing. With a little bit of effort and DIY, you can build your dream farmhouse inside your home.

The farmhouse style is simple, elegant, and classic. It is a style that will never date and will keep your home looking lovely forever. Shutterstock.

Bring In Warmth And Style

These are some charming ways to bring the farmhouse style into your home and warm up the space. From the bathroom to the bedroom, these ideas are inexpensive and can start to build up your home into something you’ve been dreaming of.

Why does everyone love the farmhouse look so much? It’s because it is so simple but still warm. You can use fantastic fabrics and tones to bring your house to life. If you love simple style with a touch of coziness, this is for you.

Creating a message board for your kitchen using chicken wire and pallet wood will instantly bring in a farmhouse feel. Shutterstock.

Create A Farmhouse Inspired Message Board

This first DIY idea is not only a great decor addition to your home, but it’s also practical. It is a great way to stay on top of everyone’s schedules if you have a family. It’s the DIY farmhouse message board that would look wonderful in your kitchen.

This DIY is easy to make and would be an excellent idea for a weekend project at home. All you need is pallet wood and chicken wire. It will only take you a few hours to construct the finished product, and afterward, you can clip on messages with wooden clothespins.

Repurposing cheaper items and making them look more expensive is a great way to improve your home style. Shutterstock.

Repurpose A Cheap Mirror

If you aren’t so much the build-it kind of person, but you don’t mind getting your hands dirty, try making this DIY wood framed mirror. This type of decor accessory can be used anywhere in your home. You could try it out in the hallway or even the bathroom.

You’ll need to buy yourself a cheap mirror that you can get just about anywhere like Wal-Mart or try finding one at the Dollar Store. You’ll then need to get some wooden picket fence boards too. Attach the picket fence boards around the mirror, and you’ll instantly have a worthy farmhouse mirror.

Upcycling is one of the best trends ever in interior design, and creating this pallet coffee station shows why it is so popular. Shutterstock.

Upcycle Your Old Wooden Pallets

Old pallets have become the latest trend and embody upcycling. People are making everything from coffee tables to dining room tables from old pallets. So, here’s an idea for you to make – a pallet coffee station.

You’ll use the wood strips from an old pallet that you might have lying around and paint a color that suits your style. You’ll then attach hooks to these strips of wood and hand this up on the wall. It is a convenient way to store all your mugs and to display them, too, instead of hiding them away in a cupboard.

Create a centerpiece using old wood and some mason jars to add a farmhouse accessory to the room of your choice. Shutterstock.

Creating A Rustic Centerpiece

If you have some leftover wood or even pieces from a wooden pallet – you should make this DIY rustic crate centerpiece. You’ll need to assemble a rectangular box and nail this together, or glue it – depending on the type and thickness of the wood you are using.

You’ll then need some lovely mason jars to place into the box. It can act as a centerpiece when filling it with beautiful and seasonal flowers on a dining room table or kitchen island, or perhaps even as a storage unit in your bathroom, and fill the mason jars with things like cotton balls or swabs.

You can give your shelves an update by turning them into barn wood shelves to complement your new farmhouse style. Shutterstock.

Update Your Home’s Storage Systems

Storage is essential in a home, and there are ways to make it a lot trendier than you currently have. You should make these DIY Barn Wood shelves that will add to your country inspired home. They can be placed in any room or all of your rooms!

You will need some wooden brackets that you will be able to purchase from any home improvement store. You will then paint the brackets and distress them slightly to bring out that old country style. Once you’ve attached them to the wall safely, you’ll add a strip of old barn wood to create the shelf.

Create a dreamy bedroom by using wooden beams and curtains to create a four-poster style bed in line with your new country-chic aesthetic. Shutterstock.

Creating A Dreamy Farmhouse Bedroom

There are so many amazing things that you can do with leftover pieces of wood instead of just leaving them outside to rot. This next idea is beautiful for a bedroom. Attach a wooden beam to your ceiling and then hang curtains from it.

It doesn’t have to be against your window. You could even do this around your bed and hang lovely light curtains to create an exquisite, country-chic style in this room. You could also do this as a backdrop headboard in a guestroom to give the room something extra in terms of design aesthetics.

Adding a wooden frame to a simple chalkboard is a great idea for bringing the farmhouse style into your kitchen. Shutterstock.

A Farmhouse Kitchen Chalkboard

Another great idea is to make a farmhouse rustic wood frame, and this would work well in a kitchen. You can add a chalkboard to the frame so that you can write grocery lists or chores that need to be done around the house.

Having the chalkboard in this rustic wooden frame will take it from just being a novelty to something stylish. It’s an easy project and will be done before you know it. You could also add something like this to your children’s bedrooms to help them stay organized and responsible.

Revamp an old side table you have and turn it into something worthy of being in your farmhouse. Shutterstock.

Update An Old Side Table To Match Your Style

Do you have a side table lying around that you don’t like or one you think could do with a bit of TLC? You could be doing your next DIY project – the farmhouse accent table. This table would add that farmhouse touch you want to a bedroom or a living room.

Take the table and sand it down a bit to distress it slightly; you might need to sand it quite a lot if it has varnish on it. Then get some white paint and paint over in a dry brush style. You can even write something on it with stencils if you are feeling extra creative.

Make your entry hall an inviting space to walk into by creating a gallery wall that will wow all of your guests. Shutterstock.

Make A Beautiful Gallery Wall

Entry halls to a home are often neglected when it comes to decorating. It should be the opposite, though, because this is the starting point of your home and can make it so inviting to walk inside. Start with a gallery entry wall as this is such an easy and affordable project.

Find some old signs and frames at a flea market or online at various antique stores. Add some of your favorite photos in between and put them in distressed or wooden frames. Creating this beautiful accent wall will build on your farmhouse aesthetic from the front of your home.

Create your own artwork using old wood and some white paint to fill empty spaces in rooms around your home. Shutterstock.

Make Your Own Farmhouse Artwork

If you feel like a room in your house needs a piece of artwork, but you don’t want to go spending money on it, see if you have some wood pieces lying around from an old pallet. Attach the pieces at the back and make a wooden “canvas” for yourself.

You can then use a white paint market or just a paintbrush to paint on an arrow design. If you just Google this, you’ll find a fantastic variety of designs to inspire you. It’s such an easy project and can fill up a space in a room.

It is a tough DIY challenge, but it could result in a beautiful and affordable dining room table for your farmhouse-inspired home. Shutterstock.

A DIY Dining Room Table Challenge

If you’re up for a serious DIY challenge, this farmhouse kitchen table is for you. You can make this a project that you work on over a few weekends, and you’ll be creating a stunning table for less than $100, and it will be a piece of bespoke furniture.

Farmhouse tables are incredibly expensive to purchase. You’ll need nails, a drill, enough wood to create the table, some sandpaper, and some paint. You can choose the finish of your table to suit your home – varnish or paint, and then have a beautiful meal around the table with your family when it is complete.

Chicken wire accents around your home will show the farmhouse inspiration. Shutterstock

Chicken Wire Is Your New Best Friend

Chicken wire gives you all the farmhouse inspiration, so why not create a chicken wire lampshade? If you don’t have any chicken wire lying around, it will only cost you in the region of $30, depending on what size you want to make it.

Create a dome shape using the chicken wire and attach it to a hanging lamp from the ceiling. It will look very rustic and add a point of interest in a room. This DIY project could look beautiful hanging over the farmhouse dining room table you’ve hopefully made.

Create your own cabinet for your bathroom using an old wooden crate and some chicken wire. Shutterstock.

Update Your Bathroom Cabinet

Want a new bathroom cabinet? This farmhouse-inspired cabinet would look amazing. All you need is an old wooden crate, and these are very cheap to buy if you don’t already have one at your house. What else will you need for this project?

Some chicken wire, of course! Create a frame that you attach to the crate and staple the chicken wire across it. Pick a nice wooden handle and then attach the frame to the box using some hinges. You’ll then need to mount it onto the wall, and you have your farmhouse cabinet ready to use.

Cutting boards can be more than just functional; they can be beautiful decor accessories in your kitchen too. Shutterstock.

Put Your Cutting Board On Display

Cutting boards are something that we usually put away in the cupboard, but with farmhouse inspiration, you should make one that you want everyone to see and display all the time. If you don’t already have a wooden chopping board, you can create one.

If you have a wooden crate, you can use the boards from the container. If you don’t feel like shaping and sanding it, you can hunt at a flea market and find one that suits this more rustic style and bring it home to decorate your kitchen.

Add a touch of color to your pot plants to bring in warmer tones of color to your country-styled house. Shutterstock.

Bring Color Into A Room With Pot Plants

Plants bring in a beautiful dynamic to any home. In particular, succulents. Succulents are fantastic house plants because they don’t require a lot of attention, so they look good. Bring your succulents to life in your country home with these pots.

If you have a plain pot with a succulent in it, it’s time to update it and make it more suited to your farmhouse aesthetic. You can do this by painting the pot in an aqua color that will bring some life into a space with this warm and vibrant tone. These look lovely on a windowsill in a bathroom.

Create a staircase gallery to use underutilized spaces and make your home look complete. Shutterstock.

Create A Staircase Gallery Wall

We’ve already told you about the entryway gallery wall, but what about doing this in other empty spaces in your home? Have you ever looked at the wall by your staircase and thought it lacked style? This area is the perfect spot to add another gallery wall!

You can find many beautiful items to hang up on the wall, such as signs or pieces of wood. Interestingly assemble them, and you’ll have created an authentic piece of art that you’ll get to experience every time you go upstairs.

Throw pillows are a great accent to any room, and you can make them yourself! Shutterstock.

Create Your Own Farmhouse Inspired Scatter Cushions

If you feel like your living room needs a touch of farmhouse style, you can do this with pillowcases. Throw pillows are an affordable way to update any room and evolve with your style as it changes. Get yourself some sack fabric, and you’re ready to go.

Sew yourself a pillowcase that will fit the current pillow fillings you already have in your living room. Once you’ve done this, order or buy some letter stencils. You can then use the stencils to paint on words or designs onto the pillow. These will add a beautiful rustic touch to your living room.

Wreaths are a beautiful addition to any home, but especially farmhouses, as it brings out the best of each season. Shutterstock.

Change Your Wreath With The Seasons

Wreaths are a quintessential part of a farmhouse. Hang them all around your home and change them out depending on the season. It is such a fun way to insert a bit of personality around your home and to celebrate the different seasons of the year.

You can create your own apple wreath using plastic apples and a wooden circle frame. Glue the apples to the frame and finish it off by adding a burlap ribbon so that you can hang it from your front door. You could do this with any plastic fruit or flowers that take your fancy.

Mason jars are great for many DIY projects, and you can turn them into stunning pieces of decor around your home. Shutterstock.

Mason Jars Are Essential

You can do a lot with mason jars when it comes to farmhouse style. You’ll find a lot of these in an actual farmhouse. Instead of just placing them on a surface as decoration or using them for storage – turn them into a little something more.

Attach the mason jars to wooden sconces, and you can even make the wooden sconces if you want to! You can make the inside of the hanging mason jar beautiful by adding in some pebbles and a tealight candle.

Turn your old lamp into a country styled light with just some rope and a burlap lampshade. Shutterstock.

Revamp Your Old Lamp

If you have a lamp in your house that looks a little worse for wear, all you need is some rope, and we can have that fixed up in no time. The base of your lamp goes through quite a bit of wear and tear, so wrap this all up in rope.

This DIY is also a great idea for a more beach-inspired home but also works well with the farmhouse aesthetic. You can go one step further by making a burlap lampshade that will truly complete this country home inspired DIY lamp.

Chicken feeders can be turned into a planter that can add the farmhouse feel to your porch or garden. Shutterstock.

Turn A Chicken Feeder Into A Piece Of Decor

Chicken feeders can be turned into a wonderful outdoor decor piece. You can probably find one at a flea market, or if you want a new one, you’ll be able to pick one up at a farm supply store. How do you transform this into something more than just a chicken feeder?

You can distress it and turn it into a planter. You can paint it, sand it, or let it sit outside and be weathered naturally. Place a beautiful plant inside of it, and you can even decorate the base of it with pebbles or some stunning succulents to finish this off.

Old paint cans don’t need to go to waste; you can use them as a flower holder on your front porch instead. Shutterstock.

One Man’s Trash…

Old paint cans can be beautiful too! As the saying goes, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. Old rusted paint can be turned into a stunning flower holder for your new farmhouse-inspired home and would look perfect on your front porch.

You’ll need to sand the can down a bit and then let it hang from a rustic hanger on your porch. This DIY project kills two birds with one stone – you get rid of trash hanging around your home, and you get a lovely new piece of decor at the front of your house.

Create storage and decorative unit with old metal mugs and a piece of old wood that you have at home. Shutterstock.

Metal Mugs Are Coming Back In Fashion

Metal mugs are something that reminds a lot of us of our childhoods and our grandparent’s homes. These metal mugs are a lovely accessory to a farmhouse style. They are also great for organizing things but keeping it in line with your home’s style at the same time.

You could attach them using glue or screws (you’ll need a drill for this) to a piece of wood and connect this to the wall. You can also use stick-on chalkboard labels to help you keep things in the right place. It’s a great clean up solution for a room like a kitchen or a study.

Make your rustic ladder to add as a side table in a room or a storage unit in your living room. Shutterstock.

Going Up The Country Style Ladder

Ladders are not just functional these days – they also work well as part of a decor design. You could make something like this rustic ladder to use as a side table in your bedroom or perhaps even as a storage unit in a living room or home office.

You can make it with old wood lying around your house and then give it accents with twine or rope to bring it all together. It is very in line with the farmhouse trend and will be a great DIY project to get stuck into. You can also just use an old wooden ladder and prop it up against a wall and hang blankets on it in the living room.

Instead of throwing away old and broken light bulbs, repurpose them into pieces of decor for your home. Shutterstock.

We Had A Lightbulb Decor Moment

This next DIY project is genius and helps to upcycle random items too. You can make these stunning twine pears if you have some old lightbulbs that no longer work. Bulbs aren’t the best thing to throw out, so instead, you can repurpose them into a piece of decor.

Get a lot of twine and all your old lightbulbs and get ready to DIY. Wrap the string around the light bulbs and secure it in place with some glue. Bulbs are the perfect shape to make it look like a pear, and you can add a little stick at the top to make it look like a stalk.

Create a necklace holder with just driftwood and some drawer knobs for a practical and decorative solution. Shutterstock.

A Beautiful Wooden Necklace Holder

If you have a piece of driftwood or just some old wood from outside, you can make yourself a beautiful necklace holder that has that stunning rustic country appeal about it. It will make your dressing table area look beautiful and give you a great place to hang your jewelry.

You’ll need to attach some knobs to it as well to hang your necklaces from. You can find bits and bobs around the house, go to a homeware store and pick out some beautiful drawer knobs to attach to the piece of wood.

Create your own Pottery Barn inspired candles with some birchwood, tea lights, and a drill. Shutterstock.

Warm Up A Room With Some Candlelight

Candles are such a beautiful addition to any space, but they can be quite expensive, especially when you want the stunning ones that they sell at places like Pottery Barn. But, the great news is that you can make similar ones by yourself for much less.

If you have some birchwood in your garden, cut down a few branches and get to work. You’ll need a drill for this to cut out the holes to set your tea lights into. You can secure your tealight by putting a little bit of superglue at the bottom of it.

Mason jars are versatile in any home, but especially in one that has a farmhouse’s inspiration running through it. Shutterstock

We Are Obsessed With Mason Jars

We know that we keep going on about mason jars, but this item is just so versatile when it comes to DIY projects, and it works beautifully with the farmhouse inspiration you are trying to create and bring to life in your home.

Instead of just filling your mason jar and leaving it clear, you could paint it instead. This DIY project creates a new and unique look for the mason jars – especially when you distress them a bit using some sandpaper. Place these on a coffee table with some pampas grass, and you’re good to go.

This easy DIY project is the finishing touch you need on your dining room table to tie in your country chic style. Shutterstock.

A Beautiful Burlap Table Runner

This simple idea is so effective and easy. To complement your dining room table and make it feel more country chic, you can add this farmhouse DIY table runner. You’ll need some burlap and some creativity to create this beautiful piece.

Measure out how much burlap you’ll need for the table runner to hang over the edges of your table and purchase it. You can then even use stencils and paint to make it look like an old feed sack or just leave it plain. You can also make tassels and add it to the ends of the runner.

Use an old chopping board to create a rustic serving tray and use an old and forgotten kitchen item, so it doesn’t go to waste. Shutterstock.

Create A Rustic Serving Tray

You could also make a stunning rustic farmhouse coffee tray that you can serve your guests on or just leave it in your kitchen as a piece of decor. For this, you can use an old cutting board, or if you don’t have a wooden one, you can buy one and distress it.

You’ll need to buy some rustic looking handles to secure at either end of the chopping board, and then you’re ready to have your guests over in your beautiful country-styled home. You could also use this tray in a bathroom or bedroom for jewelry or perfume.

For this DIY project, you won’t need to spend any money, and it will look incredible anyway. Shutterstock.

The Most Stunning DIY Twig Frame

This last DIY idea for your country inspired home is pretty much free as long as you have some trees in your garden. You’ll need to collect a whole pile of twigs to create a beautiful rustic twig frame. You’ll also need glue or a glue gun to get it all together.

Use a frame as a base and stick the twigs onto the frame. You can make it any shape or size and add as many sprigs as you like. Putting a few of these up in your home or adding them to your gallery wall will be the perfect finishing touch you’ve been looking for.