DIY Country Furniture for a Rustic Dream Home

Trista - June 22, 2020
Use an old chopping board to create a rustic serving tray and use an old and forgotten kitchen item, so it doesn’t go to waste. Shutterstock.

Create A Rustic Serving Tray

You could also make a stunning rustic farmhouse coffee tray that you can serve your guests on or just leave it in your kitchen as a piece of decor. For this, you can use an old cutting board, or if you don’t have a wooden one, you can buy one and distress it.

You’ll need to buy some rustic looking handles to secure at either end of the chopping board, and then you’re ready to have your guests over in your beautiful country-styled home. You could also use this tray in a bathroom or bedroom for jewelry or perfume.

For this DIY project, you won’t need to spend any money, and it will look incredible anyway. Shutterstock.

The Most Stunning DIY Twig Frame

This last DIY idea for your country inspired home is pretty much free as long as you have some trees in your garden. You’ll need to collect a whole pile of twigs to create a beautiful rustic twig frame. You’ll also need glue or a glue gun to get it all together.

Use a frame as a base and stick the twigs onto the frame. You can make it any shape or size and add as many sprigs as you like. Putting a few of these up in your home or adding them to your gallery wall will be the perfect finishing touch you’ve been looking for.