DIY Fireplace Mantels That Will Make a Statement

By Trista
DIY Fireplace Mantels That Will Make a Statement

There is something about a fireplace that really ties a living room together. Nothing says comfy and cozy than a beautiful and functional fireplace on cold winter nights. Even if your place does not have a fireplace that works, you can still find a way to make sure the mantle works for the room. After all, the fireplace should be the focal point of the space. 

Several do-it-yourself projects will transform a typical spot into your favorite place to relax. Many do not require you to break the bank either. You can warm up to any one of these ideas and create a DIY fireplace mantel that will be a conversation piece.

Mantels have been used in homes for a long time. Pinterest

What Makes A Mantel Special

The mantelpiece is often known as a chimney piece, and its origins date back to medieval times. Fireplaces were equipped with a hood over a fire grate as a way to catch the smoke. It has only been since modern times that a decorative framework has been incorporated.

Up until the 1900s, fires were made in the middle of a home. Whenever the heat source was moved to the walls of the house, it opened up a wealth of warming up opportunities. Architects can use the design and incorporate rich details in the new focal point, and homeowners can add their own personal touch to their rooms.