Easy and Inexpensive DIY Gift Ideas on a Budget

Shannon Quinn - May 15, 2022
These necklaces look like they were bought straight out of a boutique. Credit: The Lovely Drawer

7. Tube Bead Necklace

This next gift looks far more expensive than it actually is- a tube bead necklace. These are made out of fimo, which are baked in the oven to take their shape. A bit of gold spray paint on top makes it look as if it was actually dipped in gold. Your friends and family will seriously be impressed that you made these, because it looks like something straight out of a boutique. If you want to see the tutorial on how to make these, check out The Lovely Drawer.

This bag has everything your kids could need to make a fort at home. Credit: A Modern Homestead

6. Deluxe Fort Making Kit

When you were a kid, you probably made forts out of blankets and furniture around your parent’s house. This gift idea takes it to the next level. It’s a handmade “Deluxe Fort Making Kit” filled with sheets, suction cups, clothes pins, ropes, and even a flashlight to get ready for a perfect day of fort making. If you want to learn how to make this yourself, check out the tutorial on A Modern Homestead.

a variety of different cocktail mix options for your friends to try. Credit: Something Turquoise

5. Cocktail Party in a Jar

If you and your friends love to drink together, a great DIY idea is to give them a cocktail in a jar. This is exactly what it sounds like. Just grab a mason jar, add a can of their favorite soda, and attach a mini bottle of liquor. Once you buy a box of mason jars, you can make at least 10 of these to give away to friends. They cost an average of $10 each, depending on the prices of drinks in your local area. If you want to see a tutorial on how to make these, check out Something Turquoise.

These trendy macrame plant holders have been in style since the 1970’s, and they keep going strong. Credit: Hey Lila Hey

4. Macrame Plant Holders

Macrame is all the rage lately, and it looks great in almost any home. There are plenty of DIY kits online that help you make hangers, or you can buy supplies and follow a tutorial online, like this one by Hey Lila Hey. Whether your friend is a newbie plant parent or a seasoned expert, they should appreciate getting this. Bonus points if you include the pot, too. They need somewhere to put their new baby plant.

Once you learn how to etch, you can get it done on any glass surface. Credit: Etsy

3. Etched Wine Glasses

Want to give your friends something truly elegant? Etched wine glasses can be had for as much as $20 apiece, but it’s much more affordable if you learn how to do it yourself. This next project is only possible if you have a cutting machine at your disposal. But it’s actually a lot easier to make than you would imagine. Check out this tutorial from The Pinning Mama if you want to see how to make these on your own.

An adorable idea is to create a snow globe on top of a jar lid. Credit: Smart Schoolhouse

2. DIY Snow Globe Jars

Around the holiday season, it’s a good idea to give friends and family jars full of treats. This could be hot cocoa mix, candy, and so much more. But why not make the jar a bit more creative than your standard Mason jar with ribbon? This idea from Smart School House creates snow globes on top of the jar lids. These are an adorable gift that doubles as holiday decor, and your friends and reuse them year after year.


Adorable crystal wine stoppers are a great gift for your bestie. Credit: Creative Fashion Blog

1. Crystal Wine Stopper

Crystals are all the rage nowadays. So if you have a friend who loves to collect crystals and drink wine, this gift is for them. It’s actually really easy to make, too. All you need is a crystal, a cork wine stopper, and E6000 Adhesive glue. The end result looks like something you might find for sale in a high-end boutique. If you want to see the tutorial on how to make these, check out Creative Fashion Blog.