Easy and Inexpensive DIY Gift Ideas on a Budget

Shannon Quinn - May 15, 2022
An adorable idea is to create a snow globe on top of a jar lid. Credit: Smart Schoolhouse

2. DIY Snow Globe Jars

Around the holiday season, it’s a good idea to give friends and family jars full of treats. This could be hot cocoa mix, candy, and so much more. But why not make the jar a bit more creative than your standard Mason jar with ribbon? This idea from Smart School House creates snow globes on top of the jar lids. These are an adorable gift that doubles as holiday decor, and your friends and reuse them year after year.


Adorable crystal wine stoppers are a great gift for your bestie. Credit: Creative Fashion Blog

1. Crystal Wine Stopper

Crystals are all the rage nowadays. So if you have a friend who loves to collect crystals and drink wine, this gift is for them. It’s actually really easy to make, too. All you need is a crystal, a cork wine stopper, and E6000 Adhesive glue. The end result looks like something you might find for sale in a high-end boutique. If you want to see the tutorial on how to make these, check out Creative Fashion Blog.