Easy and Transformative Bathroom Decor Ideas

Trista - May 26, 2019

The bathroom can be one of the most challenging places in your home to decorate. There’s not a lot of space to work with, and you don’t want it to feel more cluttered than it already is. Thankfully, these bathroom decor ideas will help you sort out the mess and provide more storage spaces while still looking great. Here are some of the best decorations you can use for your bathroom, whether you are in there for one minute or one hour. Check out this epic list of DIY bathroom projects that you can complete this weekend. You will love the upgrades and wonder why you waited so long to make the simple hacks and renovations.

Doesn’t this picture look like a simple yet practical bathroom hack that will come in handy? Photo Credit: Hgtv

50. Adding Baskets

Simple wire baskets can do a great job of keeping your counter space clear of items you don’t use daily. They’re a great way to keep your towels and other items off of the vanity, back of the toilet, or even your bathtub as you can always place a basket in your shower. More space for more toiletries means you can stay better organized and won’t randomly have things falling into your toilet. Plus, you can choose specific colored baskets or even paint the ones you find, so they match your bathroom style.

You can display all of your bathroom essentials in a designer-like way. Photo Credit: New Africa/Shutterstock

49. Rolled Towels

Like many people, you’ve probably been folding your towels for years because that is the way you were taught. Plus, you’ve probably also been shoving them in a closet because that’s what is “normal” right? There’s no reason you have to fold up your towels and hide them in a linen closet. Put them on display and make your bathroom feel more like a spa by rolling them up instead of folding them. This bathroom design idea makes it easier to get to them when you need an extra towel without having to drip water to your linen closet.

Even though the place is private, you can make it feel welcoming. Photo Credit: Digital Trends

48. Plumage for the Throne

There are many parts of your bathroom that you can look to help improve your decor, such as around your bathtub, toilet, and vanity. Your toilet may be the smelliest part of your bathroom, but that doesn’t mean it has to be the ugliest. Add a flowering potted plant to the top of the tank and dress it up a little. The pop of color is a great way to spiff up a neutral-toned bathroom. You can also add some fish or even a silly sign that can make people smile when they’re about to use the facilities.

Inside of using the wall, you could install handles on the back of the door instead. Photo Credit: Apartment Therapy

47. Door Racks

There are many spaces in your bathroom that you won’t think of using because it’s never jumped out at you before, such as the bathroom door or even any linen closet doors. Utilizing every space in your bathroom will make it feel much more significant than it is. Add some towel racks to the back of your bathroom door so that you have a great place to hang them up that also keeps them out of the way. You can even add a few hooks so you can hang up your robe or pajamas and not worry about them making your bathroom seem cluttered.

You can install some shelves and you will be amazed at the difference. Photo Credit: Regalraum

46. Sturdy Wooden Shelves

One of the best ideas people use when it comes to their bathroom, especially a smaller one, is getting shelves to hang up on the wall. These can be floating shelves or sturdy wood ones that you make yourself to save some money. Some shelving works great for any bathroom because that means you’ll have more space on your counters. The wood’s natural grain goes with just about any decor and will add a refined finish to any aesthetic. Plus, you can not only keep your toiletries on the shelves but also a few decorative items, like shells.

Even if your bathroom is outdated, upgrade the colors using a neutral or light palette. Photo Credit: ImageFlow/Shutterstock

45. Light Colors

Before you start thinking about how to redecorate your bathroom, think about what you want to do with it. Ask yourself what you want to think and feel as you walk into the room. If you love fish, think of painting fish on the walls. If the bathroom is the place where you want to relax, go with lighter colors for a sense of peace. They are calmer and more pleasing to the eye, allowing you to unwind after a day of hard work. Experiment with different shades to see how it looks in your bathroom at other times of the day.

Whether you are going for an antique farmhouse design or a modern twist, you will like this decor duo. Photo Credit: Home Decor Bliss

44. Rustic + Gold

Before you start looking at different colors for your bathroom, you want to think of all the colors. Many colors tend to be pushed to the sidelines, such as gold. These rich tones will add sophistication to any room without going overboard. The exposed, unstained wood elements contrast nicely with the polish of gold (or any metal, for that matter) to create a warm atmosphere you’ll enjoy. Plus, it can give you the sensation that you’re living in luxury. Who wouldn’t want some gold in their home, even if it’s just paint?

How easy would it be to hang up one of these racks over the weekend? Photo Credit: Liz Marie Blog

43. Mason Jar Storage

It’s amazing what you can do with certain items you feel are “taking up space” or just thinking about throwing because you don’t need them anymore. Let’s face it; we all have a few mason jars around the home. Some keep in nails or screws, while others are not used at all. Do you want a neat way to add some rustic flair to your bathroom? Save those old pasta jars and attach them to a 2×4 on your bathroom wall. You now have a handy way to store those smaller toiletries like cotton balls and makeup brushes — a place for everything and everything in its place.

If you are searching for a bathroom theme, try the beach. Photo Credit: Living Impressive

42. Take your Bathroom to the Beach

Now more than ever, you’ve probably dreamed about going to the beach. It might be because it’s starting to get colder, or you still feel like you’re stuck at home due to the current crisis, even if you’re starting to go back to the office and kids are in school, at least half the time. Decorate your bathroom with a beautiful beach theme that will make you believe you’re there. Go with light blues and browns, and don’t be afraid to add some sea stars and artificial corals to your decor for an authentic feel. You’ll never want to leave.

If your bathroom is a small space, just include things that are essential. Photo Credit: ImageFlow/Shutterstock

41. Minimalist Furniture

If you want to add some furniture to your bathroom, make sure that it’s the wireframe. This way, they don’t take up much space, aren’t very heavy, and are very easy to move when you need to clean. Form and function don’t have to amount to bulkiness, so look for the right pieces with this feature. You can even paint the wire furniture if you have a specific color in mind. You can set up a little table and add a plant or find a stand that will hold the toilet paper. You might find a shelving unit that will keep your towels and a few other items.

Don’t be afraid to show off your favorite shade in the bathroom, even if it is on the bright side of the rainbow. Photo Credit: LEKSTOCK 3D/Shutterstock

40. Colorful Accents

One thing about colors is it can make a room in your home pop. The smaller the room, the easier it is to find something that will give it an accent. If you have a bathroom that’s mostly greys or other neutral tones, you can add some excitement with some colorful accents. Towels, hand towels, and other small decorations provide a nice contrast to these muted tones and make your bathroom a little more exciting. Maybe you’ve been to the beach lately and picked up seashells. Look at painting them specific colors and setting them on the back of your toilet.

Keeping with the beach theme, these crate shelves are great for trinkets. Photo Credit: Pinterest

39. Crate Shelves

If you have crates lying around your home, especially ones that are a bit older or you can paint to make them rustic, you will enjoy this decor idea. The rustic style can look quite good if it’s done right. Turning some old crates into useful shelves is one of those ways, and upscales an item that would have been thrown tossed in the trash. Sand them down, add a muted stain, or leave them as is; all you have to do is add another shelf inside the crate to increase your storage further. Then, it’s time to add the little decor from tiny trees to trinkets.

Setting up a tray can keep things organized and make it look more professional. Photo Credit: united photo studio/Shutterstock

38. Spa Treatment

This idea will come in handy if you’re ever stuck at home because of a crisis or just for those tough days where you know you need to unwind. With all of the new storage options at your disposal, you can use your bathroom counters for some much-needed treatment. A silver tray with some candles and face towels will transform your bathroom into a spa. Add some essential oils for your bath and maybe even a glass of wine you can sip on while you soak. You will find that this spa is similar (or perhaps even better) than any other resort you’ve been to in the past.

You can create a handy shelf thanks to this easy DIY bathroom hack. Photo Credit: Pinterest

37. Roll Holder Shelf

One of the most stringent decor ideas in your bathroom is what you will do with your toilet paper holder. You might have a bathroom where the holder seems feet away from the toilet, and this just doesn’t work, especially if you have smaller children. Keeping the toilet paper handy and close by is a must in the bathroom; however, you also need somewhere to store your phone and other small things while you’re doing your business. Just adding a small shelf on your wall close to the toilet serves as a great storage option for your phone, wallet, and loose change you have in your pockets.

Do you have a green thumb? Don’t forget to move the plants to the bathroom, too. Photo Credit: Photographee.eu/Shutterstock

36. Large House Plant

One of the best ideas, especially when you have a larger bathroom, is to fill a corner with a friendly and large house plant. Don’t worry; if you don’t have a green thumb, you can easily find a fake plant. Bring nature into your bathroom with a large house plant. It will add some color and a soothing, natural element you may be looking for in your home. Moreover, by keeping it in your bathroom, you won’t have to water it as often with the higher humidity levels after a hot shower or bath.

If you love blue, don’t be shy with adding bright hues like cobalt. Photo Credit: Houzz

35. Cobalt Blue Glass

If your favorite color is blue, you will love this next idea. Even if you don’t care too much for this color, you’ll still fall in love with it. Make your bathroom shine like a jewel in the morning sun with these beautiful blue walls. You’ll feel like you’re inside a beautiful blue bottle as you soak in a hot bath, the perfect view for your troubles to melt away. Add some other jewel-toned accessories and toiletries to complete the look. Not only does it give your bathroom a beautiful look, but you also have a unique bathroom that will make your friends a bit jealous.

A rug can keep your feet cozy and the bathroom dry as well as appeal to design. Photo Credit: Decoist

34. Add a Colorful Rug

Maybe you don’t have the time to paint your bathroom walls but still want to bring some color to the room. You can add something as small as a colorful area rug to bring some character to the bathroom. You can choose to go with tones that already exist in your bathroom or go outside the box and select a completely different rug. It’s really up to you. You might find a rug that is only two or three different colors. You might find one that is similar to a rainbow or unique with a variety of colors.

Full length mirrors vertically or horizontally are ideal for bathrooms. Photo Credit: Eden Builders

33. Full Mirrors

If you have a tiny bathroom, you can open the space up by adding a sink-to-ceiling mirror on your wall. You’ll fall for the illusion that your room is a lot bigger than it is, and you’ll be able to see more of your outfit when you’re getting ready than you would with a small face mirror. It doesn’t matter if you don’t want to see your face or body everywhere you turn in the bathroom; you can get creative and hang them higher up as they’re specifically for decoration and maybe make your small bathroom seem a bit bigger.

It’s okay to use a plastic piece of foliage in your bathroom; just remember to dust it instead of water. Photo Credit: Architectural Digest

32. Go For Artificial

Not all bathrooms are conducive for real plants, so don’t feel ashamed if you spring for artificial plants instead. Only you will know, and they will still add a nice element to the area of your bathroom that needs it the most — no more worrying about watering it every day either. You can find artificial plants (and flowers) in nearly every store. Do you want a specific type or size? Then, you want to look toward online stores like Amazon. You can even search for different artificial plants and possibly find one you know your friends have never seen before.

And by half, we mean from top to bottom, not a block wall accent. Photo Credit: Ideal Home

31. Wallpaper Half the Walls

Another idea is to add an accent – or maybe just half – of an accent wall. Look at all your bathroom walls and then think of what type of wallpaper you can add to a particular part of your bathroom. Adding wallpaper to any bathroom is a real risk. It’s expensive to cover that much square footage and can make your bathroom look more imposing if the pattern isn’t right. Save yourself the hassle and the money by only doing the upper half. This bathroom decor will keep your wallpaper out of splash range so that it will last much longer and won’t need replacing.

A ladder can save your wall space for other decor like artwork. Photo Credit: Futon Company

30. Lean a Ladder

Have you ever looked at certain home magazines and thought, “now, why didn’t I think of that?” Well, this is precisely the question you’re going to ask yourself when you read about this next bathroom decor idea. Instead of installing a towel rack onto your walls, a handy ladder will do the same job. Just lean it up against one wall, and you have an instant place for your towels to hang and dry when they’re not in use. All you need to do is find a wooden ladder that you either like the way it is or decide to paint a specific color.

Decorate a single wall in a playful wallpaper pattern and you will adore the outcome. Photo Credit: The Interiors Addict

29. Accent Walls

You know that you can add wallpaper to half of your bathroom to help you create a striking accent area, such as two walls or even a half of a wall. Your bathroom can stand out without many accessories. Create an accent wall with paint or wallpaper to add some interesting perspective to your bathroom. If you choose the wall near a room, your room will feel twice as big and twice as busy with the mirrored pattern. Experiment to see what works well with your decor. You never know what you will like, so get as creative as you want.

Chances are good your bathroom has a shower curtain, so why not make it a statement? Photo Credit: Artazum/Shutterstock

28. Colorful Shower Curtains

Plain white can get boring when it’s covering your entire bathroom. Celebrate with a pop of color or some interesting shapes by selecting an attractive shower curtain. One solid color will do the trick, or you can go for something with geometric shapes or an intriguing pattern. One nice benefit of making your shower curtain pop is that it’s usually one of the first items a person sees, so you can make sure the color brings out the best of your bathroom. Of course, you can also bring out your child’s side and purchase your favorite Disney movie on a shower curtain.

You can complement a wall quickly with a pair of scones. Photo Credit: Pinterest

27. Wall Sconces

Overhead lights get the job done in the bathroom, but you may need more lighting for those moments when you’re putting on makeup or when you don’t want to wake up everyone else in the middle of the night. Adding a wall sconce provides that extra illumination or just enough when it’s after midnight so that you can see what you’re doing, no matter the time of day. Plus, it will add a little exciting look to your bathroom because some people don’t know what a wall sconce is, but they will want one of their own once they learn.

Reading is essential, and in the bathroom it is a given. Put up a magazine rack that matches the decor. Photo Credit: Home Bnc

26. Magazine Holders

Let’s face it – there are moments you spend more time in the bathroom than you want to admit. Don’t worry; everyone has those days. The key is to make sure you have something to read. Whether this is in your main bathroom or a guest bathroom, having a magazine holder is excellent for providing reading material for those who just need a little extra time. A great way to recycle your old magazines after you’re done reading them, and you can rotate them as required monthly, depending on how often the company comes over.

Brick and tile are great, but don’t be afraid to take a paintbrush across some of it. Photo Credit: The Diy Playbook

25. Painted Floors

One step that you can take most people don’t think about is painting floors. Yes, you can do more with the paint than what is put on the walls and ceiling. Are you sick of dull, tiled floors? Add some paint! Go hog wild with it, even. You can go for a mosaic pattern painting each tile, or you can freehand the whole thing to create shapes and images that will add some class to your bathroom. It would be best if you planned out what you want to paint beforehand so that you’re not making any mistakes.

Who doesn’t want a tub like this in the bathroom? Add a couple of stools and you are all set. Photo Credit: PlusONE/Shutterstock

24. Repurpose Old Items

An old stool can become a lovely side table for your bathtub to hold your glass of wine, your towel, or the book you’ve been reading. It’s minimal, easy to keep out of the way, and recycles old furniture you were about to throw in the garbage. All you need to do for the items is to get a few supplies, which might be paint or new fabric, and get to work. You will find that repurposing is a lot easier than most people think. The key is to look at how it’s done, from following DIY steps online to talking to professionals.

You can use fun patterns and bright colors for your unique bathroom design. Photo Credit: Vanity Hall

23. Be Bold!

Don’t be afraid to create an entire theme for your bathroom! Step outside the box and go for a unique style that no one else has. You may have some doubts about the idea you have going on, but if your heart’s set on it, why not bring it to fruition? Maybe you will find that you have a fish theme or decide on a purple theme because it is your favorite color. You might even choose to paint each wall a different color. Don’t be afraid to let your creativity shine.

A small section does the trick in this creative bathroom. Photo Credit: Walpaper List

22. Vertical Wallpapers

Do you feel that your bathroom is a bit on the shower side, or you just think it’s time to look at little tricks to make your bathroom look a bit bigger? If your bathroom is incredibly small, you can make it look much taller by adding vertical-patterned wallpaper. It will bring the ceiling up and make the space feel much bigger than it is. There are many vertical wallpaper patterns, from trees to stripes. Take your time looking for the best design for your bathroom.

Say goodbye to those old cabinets and install something spectacular in your bathroom. Photo Credit: Josu Ozkaritz/Shutterstock

21. Unique Sinks

There are many essentials for a bathroom, such as a shower curtain (providing you have a shower), bathtub, and sink. This idea allows you to have a little fun when it comes to changing up your bathroom. Make your bathroom stand out with a unique sink that takes up less space. Sinks that attach directly to the wall are the best choice, as that leaves you with more wall space to add sinks to store your toiletries. Of course, if you find a vanity that you can’t live without, you might need to focus on a specific sink that will fit the vanity.

You could even include this element in a walk-in shower, if you have enough room. Photo Credit: The Spruce

20. Hanging Planters

It was suggested earlier in the article that you add a large house plant to your bathroom, but some people just may not have the space for it. You can solve that problem by using a hanging planter instead. Use small plants such as succulents that will thrive in the bathroom atmosphere and won’t require much care. Again, if you’re not comfortable with real plants because of your black thumb then you can look for some fake plants to hang up. While you don’t need to worry about watering the plants, you will need to think of dirt.

Find space in a small bathroom by hanging shelves wherever you can – like above the toilet. Photo Credit: Your Haute Couture

19. Shelves Above the Toilet

Have you ever looked above your toilet and noticed how much space you have? For many people. There might be empty space – more than you realize – even if you have several items you are trying to store on the top of their toilet. It’s an ample space that’s underutilized in the bathroom. Adding some small shelves will give you that extra storage, or you can add small pictures of decorative items to dress up your bathroom a little more. You can store your different shampoo bottles or even toilet paper.

If you have a tiny bathroom consider putting the faucet off to the side instead of in the front. Photo Credit: David Papazian/Shutterstock

18. Skinny Sinks

If you have a small bathroom, you might ask yourself what changes you can make. You don’t feel that painting or wallpaper is your best choice. Instead, you want to do something different. Not all bathrooms have to have huge counters with sinks in the middle. Choosing to go with a skinny sink won’t afford you the luxury of having all of your toiletries at hand, but that maximizes the space on your walls to add extra shelving. Make your sink look more authentic by placing it on top of an antique painted table.

Do you have a pedestal sink? Double its purpose in this easy manner. Photo Credit: Standard

17. Laundry Storage

If you have a smaller bathroom, you’ve wondered about laundry storage. Living in a little place doesn’t afford you many storage options for all of your necessities, like your laundry basket, for example. Make the most of what you have by storing your laundry basket in the corner of your bathroom. This bathroom decor feature keeps everything out of the way and makes it easier for you to dump your dirty clothes instead of leaving it strewn across the floor. If the corner doesn’t work, it’s time to get a little creative, such as looking under the sink.

Usually bathrooms have one overhead light, but give tracked lighting a try. Photo Credit: Hurst Homes

16. Tracked Lighting

You can switch your overhead lighting to track lighting over your mirror for a more romantic, old-movie feel. You’ll illuminate precisely what you want, and the lights can be moved and adjusted to create different lighting effects around your bathroom. You can even think outside the box and add some different colored light bulbs to your tracked lighting. You might also feel that it gives your bathroom more of a modern feel than your previous light above the mirror.

If your bathroom window doesn’t have stained glass, you should put up a decorative curtain that also offers privacy. Photo Credit: Diy Network

15. Curtained Windows

If you have a bathroom with a window, dress it up with some windows for a more homey feel. Attach the curtain rod higher than the window itself, too, so that the room feels taller, and the window appears larger. Even if your bathroom doesn’t have a window, you might be able to add one without too much of a hassle; you will just need to speak to a contractor or professional to make sure the window is added in the right spot on the wall. You can also get a stained or frosted glass for the window.

Photo Credit: Schappels Carpet Cleaning

14. Dark or Colored Grout

It never fails, you have to clean your bathroom, so it is sparkling clean. This idea is usually the goal when it comes to spring cleaning. Unfortunately, there is a challenging area for this room, and that is the grout. Are you tired of having to scrub at the grout of your tiles to get it white again? Ditch the toothbrush and go for colored grout instead. It can bring a unique look to your bathroom, and darker grout doesn’t have to be cleaned as often. You’ll save time on cleaning in the future.

Set up a little bouquet stand for a nice aroma and a pretty style. Photo Credit: Real Estate

13. Small Bouquets

One of the most incredible decor ideas to add a little something special to your space is to bring in some flowers. Bathrooms can be the ideal places to have large bouquets that smell wonderful and make your bathroom feel like a spa. The lack of space, however, can make this difficult. That doesn’t mean you have to give up on the idea, however. A simple mason jar and some wildflowers from outside will do the trick well enough. If you have fake flowers for your bouquet, consider adding some glass stones and marbles into the mason jar to give it a unique look.

If you don’t want a pure white bathroom, try a darker shade. Photo Credit: PlusONE/Shutterstock

12. Going Dark

You have probably been told that dark colors are not the way to go because it can be unwelcoming. However, darker colors can also make the room feel cozy, especially when you have lighter towels or decorations in the room. There’s nothing wrong with having dark walls in a bathroom. It can look quite sophisticated. Just don’t make it too dark and add some lighter elements to the room, such as shower curtains and white towels.

You can keep the rest of your bathroom plain with a floor pattern like this one. Photo Credit: Walls And Floors

11. Geometric Floors

Split up the lines of all those tiles by adding some geometric tiles to your floors. It will add some depth and give the eyes something fascinating to look at as you move around the room. Some geometric shapes can even act as optical illusions to make your bathroom look much more substantial. However, you will also want to make sure that you want your floor to give you an optical illusion, so you don’t start to feel like you need to step up while walking on your floor.

Don’t knock the brighter colors until you try them. Shutterstock.

10. Go Bright

You know about the dark colors. Most people like to focus on the darker or neutral tone colors, such as gray, blue, and white, when doing something different from the bathroom. But have you ever thought of going a bit brighter instead of darker? This idea might make you raise an eyebrow, but there was a period when people loved to paint their bathroom yellow. If you’re not sure about the whole bathroom as this color, then you can look at painting an accent wall now and think about painting the rest of the room the same color later.

You might find the perfect addition to your bathroom is a dresser. Shutterstock.

9. Think Big

This idea is strictly for someone who likes the larger or bulky furniture – and probably someone who doesn’t have a smaller bathroom. Instead of getting the regular smaller pieces of furniture, such as a couple of shelves to hang on the wall or a small plant table, look for larger furniture pieces. You might only have space for a chest to hold your towels or a bookcase, but it will give your bathroom a different look than the average. You can also use this time to look at how you will redecorate your bathroom, such as the items you hang on the wall.

When it comes to your bathroom, you really can’t have enough candles. Shutterstock.

8. Candle Section

You might have thought about all the candles you should include in your bathroom when you read about having your spa right at home. But you can also take this idea a bit further and decorate your space with some great candles. You can buy different sizes and shapes from ones that will sit on a floor stand to others that will sit on your toilet’s back. You might even have a couple sitting on your vanity. You don’t need to light all of these candles at once.

You might find that folding clothes in the bathroom ensures that this job gets done every week. Shutterstock.

7. Folding Clothes

You already put your dirty clothes in your bathroom. Hopefully, your family knows how to make sure they’re thrown in the hamper. Have you ever looked at a space to fold the clothes in your bathroom? Think about it – it might be one room in your home that isn’t bothered by many people very often, so you’re more likely to be left alone. You can always light candles or even take a bath to relax after you’ve finished one of your least favorite chores. Don’t knock it until you try it because you never know what you will like and what you won’t until you try.

Check out the different sea themes you can create online. Shutterstock.

6. A Sea Theme

What better room to have a sea theme than your bathroom? You can purchase a shower curtain that has fish or is the color blue. Next time you are at the beach, you can find seashells and place them all over your bathroom. Alternatively, you might even find some glass decor items that you can place around the room. You might even paint particular sea creatures on the wall, such as starfish, mermaids, and seahorses. Of course, if you have young children or Disney yourself, you can also look towards having items associated with Finding Nemo or The Little Mermaid.

Glitter can add a special touch to your bathroom. Photo Credit: Tile Home Guide

5. Don’t Forget About the Glitter

Along with the gold, bright, and dark colors, you want to also look at how you can add glitter to your bathroom. You might do this by painting your toilet seat and adding glitter into the paint. You might also purchase glitter paint for your walls or even your floor. Glitter can give your bathroom a unique look and even an addition regarding decoration because you will get a sparkle from the paint. Don’t overdo it, though, because the reflection might be overbearing depending how it hits the mirror and reflects throughout the room.

You can look for antiques to liven up your bathroom. Shutterstock.

4. Look for Antiques

No, you don’t need to buy real antique decor unless you want to or already have some packed away in your home. All you need to do is go on Amazon or other stores to find items made to look like antiques but aren’t authentic. This idea can give your bathroom a unique look that not many people have or even think about creating. For instance, you might find some treasures at a flea market or local dealer. Keep your open for things like a claw-foot bathtub, a rolling cart, and handheld mirror that reminds you of “Gone with the Wind.”

Check out what toilet seat you can purchase. Shutterstock.

3. Get a New Toilet Seat

You might have seen a toilet seat with a little funny saying or one that looks like it is wood. There are also toilet seats cushioned, which makes for one comfortable spot to sit and check Facebook or complete some “paperwork.” You might even find a toilet seat that you can paint. That’s right; it is possible to paint the cover of the seat. You can also look for a color that will match your walls or any other possibilities. You never really know what is out there for you until you take a trip to the store – or a few.

Artwork can liven up your bathroom. Shutterstock.

2. Add Some Artwork

You might wonder what type of artwork you could find for your bathroom. It’s easy for the hallway, kitchen, or living room because this type of artwork is easier to spot. For instance, you’ll have a lady in the kitchen or a chef hanging in your kitchen. When it comes to pictures in your bathroom, you want to think about fish, an old outhouse, or anything else with the bathroom theme. You could even look to artwork about birds or create a jungle theme for your space.

Know what you like before you start redecorating your bathroom. Shutterstock.

1. Just Do What You Want

You probably look through several magazines to see what you think is best for your bathroom. Yet, you feel that something is missing when you start to collect the supplies to create the “perfect” bathroom. When it comes to using decor to change up your bathroom at a price that fits within your budget, you need to do what is best for you. Maybe you want to have a Despicable Me theme, or you might want to go all pink. Don’t be shy about what you want for your bathroom.