Easy Ways to Save that Home Decor Retailers Don’t Want You to Know

Trista - November 9, 2021

2. Use Target’s Wedding Registry (Even If You’re Not Getting Married)

Some people may not like this, but you can make a wedding registry, or any kind of registry for that matter, and get cashback. It is not like the company will search every application for a wedding registry. They are just happy that they have the chance of getting another purchase, whether that be in-store or through a wedding registry. 

Once your wedding registry is closed, the company will usually send the happy couple a 15% off coupon. Now there typically are some restrictions that apply. For example, the coupon doesn’t work on only one item. You have to purchase the entire registry to get the 15% off coupon. If you are going to do this, make sure everything in your car is what you want, and you could use the coupon. 


1. More Ways to Save at Target- and Be Green!

Did you know that Target will pay you to use your plastic bags? That’s right. You will earn 0.05 for every bag that you bring in on your own. You can purchase bags at Target still, but most retailers have pushed to remove plastic bags altogether. Some stores have achieved this and only use paper bags or have gone completely paperless. You have probably seen signs around Target for “Buy Two And Save A Dollar!” or at least something similar. Well, the truth is, for most of these buy two items, you don’t have to purchase two items. If you look at the individual labels, you will notice that there should be a price change on them. 

Last but certainly not least is the advice to purchase toys in July, December and January. Target holds big toy sales usually in these months, so it is good to prepare and have a mental note of what you want to get. January is the obvious one as it is after Christmas, and items will be marked down. Right before Christmas, there is often decent sales on toys, and finally, Christmas in July is a large sale that many stores participate in, but Target is usually the biggest.