Easy Ways to Save that Home Decor Retailers Don’t Want You to Know

Trista - November 9, 2021

9. What about deals at specific stores? Let’s Start With HomeGoods

Next, we will go into things to look our for at specific retailers. All of the information listed earlier is great and is a general guideline for most retailers. Some of our favorite home decor stores, including HomeGoods, Target, Hobby Lobby, and Overstock, all have unique saving incentives to look out for the next time you are shopping!

Firstly, when you shop at HomeGoods, you should be using a HomeGoods gift card! You can get gift cards from websites like Swagbucks! Swagbucks is a free app where you can complete tasks to earn points that you can then use to get gift cards! Learn more about how to get 100 free SB points here. HomeGoods gift cards are great because you can use them at all of their sister stores as well: TJ Maxx and Marshalls


8. Ask about Rae Dunn Items and Download the HomeGoods App!

Rae Dunn has blown up in the past several years, and for good reason. Her line of home decor items is unique and classy. You can get items that will fit any season, and you can also get seasonal items. Some of her merchandise also have a little sass if you are into that! The only problem with Rae Dunn merchandise is that it sells out FAST! You have to be on top of your game! Know when to shop and where to look to get the best deals in-store. If the item you are looking for is seasonal, you can ask associates if the Rae Dunn merchandise comes out at the same time as their other seasonal items. Then ask when the seasonal stock comes out. By being one of the first people to know when the items are coming out, you will find yourself getting the items before they become out of stock. Another great thing about Rae Dunn items is that they have a great resale value

If you download the HomeGoods app, you can be the first to know when new stock is coming out! If you start to see the seasonal items posted on their app, you will see that they are also beginning to stock them in-store. Also, if items are being marked clearance, you will be the first to know! You can then be the first to search through the items in the store that are marked down heavily after a holiday or season. This is the time to get the best deals!


7. Deals at Hobby Lobby

Hobby Lobby is one of the stores on our list today that has a specific markdown schedule. This makes things easier for you as you don’t have to keep asking when items will be marked down. The website House Beautiful says, “Every three weeks, explore your creative side with art supplies, yarn, jewelry-making supplies, and activity kits on sale. Every two weeks, get your frames, floral, stickers, and ribbon.” You can read more about Hobby Lobby on their website here.

Along with their markdown schedules, make sure you are signed up for Hobby Lobby’s newsletter because they often send out 40% off coupons. This is one of the best coupons that you can get from a retailer! You won’t use it on sale items, but it is usually a better deal at 40% off. Most products don’t even get marked down that much. While it isn’t ideal to skip out on the sales, it is wise to use the coupons on items you know don’t get marked down often. And don’t forget to save your receipt, as they usually have a coupon printed at the bottom!


6. The top two Hobby Lobby secrets that save you money!

There are two rules when it comes to Hobby Lobby that, no matter what, will save or earn you money every time. The first rule is to buy your tissue paper from Hobby Lobby. Almost 99% of the time, it is the best deal, even compared to other dollar and discount stores. Also, it is the best price at full price! Often the tissue paper goes on sale, so when it does, make sure you stock up! You can get their tissue paper in many fun colors and patterns, so you are sure to find something you can use for any occasion. 

The other rule is to use the Hobby Lobby Visa card. If you are a Hobby Lobby lover, it could be well worth it to get a Hobby Lobby Visa. Or, if you are an art and crafts YouTuber, TikTok creator, or Etsy shop owner, it can save you considerable time to use this cashback card. At 5% money back, you are earning money by spending money you would have spent anyway! This is like a free 5% back with no effort! You can also use this card at other regular retailers as well and still earn 1% cashback.


5. Ways to Save with Overstock Deals

At Overstock, you can save big when you sign up for their Club O memberships. You can learn more about the ‘Club O’ perks here. While there is an annual fee for Club O, It is well worth it if you shop there often. Also, make sure to check out their exclusive product on their website. The product online is only available and not in store. If you want the most unique home decor, this is the place to shop! Overstock carries exclusive brands like Carson Carrington Home that you can’t find anywhere else. Overstock also has an excellent app that you can shop from and has been ranked one of the best apps for home decor goods! You can also virtually see how decor items will fit and look in your space with their 3-D models.

Also, when you are shopping at Overstock, don’t forget to check out their pet supplies! A portion of the sales from their pet supplies goes towards the Best Friends Animal Society. You can shop their pet supplies feeling great, knowing that a part of your purchase is helping out animals in need. Although Overstock sounds like it will be items that have not sold and are “overstocked,” this is not always the case. With trendy brands and great deals, you can rest easy knowing that you are getting a stylish deal from Overstock. They have many styles to choose from for any home decor items you are looking for! With the ‘Club O’ membership on top of this, you can save big on your next furniture purchase!


4. Use the Target Mark Down Schedule to Save

Target has specific days when items get marked down at most stores. The schedule, according to Yahoo!, is usually as follows: Monday: Electronics, accessories, kids’ clothing, books, baby, stationery. Tuesday: Domestic goods, women’s clothing, pets, market (food items). Wednesday: Men’s clothing, health & beauty, diapers, lawn & garden, furniture. Thursday: Houseware, lingerie, shoes, toys, sporting goods, decor & luggage. Friday: Auto, cosmetics, hardware, jewelry.

When shopping at Target, it is excellent to know this information, but you should also pay attention to the numbers at the end of the prices. These codes mean something, so when you pay attention to them, you can save even more! If you see a price that ends in a .04, take note. Why? That means that it is at the end of its clearance life. That will be the lowest price you see for that item, which usually means it is discontinued. When products are marked down, it usually goes in a sequence – starting at 15% off then going all the way to 70% off. Depending on how long the product has been there, the longer it sits, the deeper the discount. This is the same for Holiday items, so if you can hold out for a while after the holiday or season, you will get a much better deal. 


3. Stack Coupons at Target to Save More!

One great thing about Target is the coupons that you can use! Couponing was once a trendy thing to do – it was a thrill to see how much stuff you could get, and sometimes the cashier would owe you money in the end. Networks dedicated TV series to this behavior, and everyone loved it! Many of the people couponing were mothers, so it was so inspirational to see how they overcame whatever struggle, and because of the couponing, they were doing so much better. 

If you want to use coupons at Target, the good news is that it is still easy to do! You can get coupons from multiple places, and the best part is that Target lets you stack your coupons. That is right – if you have more than one coupon and it doesn’t have an official statement on it for how it can be used, you can use multiple vouchers for one transaction. Sometimes Target will even let you use the ones that have rules on them. You can also use manufacturers’ coupons in your coupon stack. All you have to do is show it to the cashier; it’s that easy. Target will allow these coupons even if they state that they can only be used at certain stores. So, save your coupons(many people use a binder with cards inserts that are 9 to a page), put them in a binder, and get out there!


2. Use Target’s Wedding Registry (Even If You’re Not Getting Married)

Some people may not like this, but you can make a wedding registry, or any kind of registry for that matter, and get cashback. It is not like the company will search every application for a wedding registry. They are just happy that they have the chance of getting another purchase, whether that be in-store or through a wedding registry. 

Once your wedding registry is closed, the company will usually send the happy couple a 15% off coupon. Now there typically are some restrictions that apply. For example, the coupon doesn’t work on only one item. You have to purchase the entire registry to get the 15% off coupon. If you are going to do this, make sure everything in your car is what you want, and you could use the coupon. 


1. More Ways to Save at Target- and Be Green!

Did you know that Target will pay you to use your plastic bags? That’s right. You will earn 0.05 for every bag that you bring in on your own. You can purchase bags at Target still, but most retailers have pushed to remove plastic bags altogether. Some stores have achieved this and only use paper bags or have gone completely paperless. You have probably seen signs around Target for “Buy Two And Save A Dollar!” or at least something similar. Well, the truth is, for most of these buy two items, you don’t have to purchase two items. If you look at the individual labels, you will notice that there should be a price change on them. 

Last but certainly not least is the advice to purchase toys in July, December and January. Target holds big toy sales usually in these months, so it is good to prepare and have a mental note of what you want to get. January is the obvious one as it is after Christmas, and items will be marked down. Right before Christmas, there is often decent sales on toys, and finally, Christmas in July is a large sale that many stores participate in, but Target is usually the biggest.