Extreme Fixer Uppers: Castles That Have Been Flipped From Ruin

Monica Gray - October 20, 2023

A Castle In The Forest

Perched on top of a knoll, this castle gazes at the banks of the Ain. The river gushes down the Jura Mountains, and flows onto the plains, giving you fast access to the city of Lyon. The nearest village is only a few miles away, so you feel like you’re secluded but have enough access to groceries and restaurants so you don’t feel completely isolated (Castleist).

Bob Vila

Live The Life Of Irish Royalty

If you tend to err on the good side of luck, then you might want to invest in this gorgeous, derelict castle. Nothing screams medieval more than this castle, with its four bedrooms, two bathrooms, and Celtic architecture. No sound will penetrate its thick walls or oak ceiling beams. Wander up and down the stone staircase and worn flagstone floors to make it known that you’re royalty (Bobvila).

Bob Vila

This French Chateau With A Moat

If you want to go all in and spend 3.5 million euros, then this 16th-century dwelling is all yours. It’s as authentic as castles can get and has a centuries-old charm that emphasizes its architecture. Even though it needs quite a bit of renovation, at the very least, it’s set up for modern luxuries with its two-car garage and heated pool, all spread out across 5,000 square feet. This grand estate offers a remarkable opportunity to restore and transform a genuine historical gem into a luxurious modern residence, combining the best of both worlds for those seeking a unique and opulent lifestyle. (Bobvila).